Blonde has missionary fuck on bed

Blonde has missionary fuck on bed
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ntroduction: Well, my first story attempt - this is a true story so I've left the names out I took a few liberties with the timing of events only, to keep the pace. I hope you enjoy it I did ;) I still remember the first time I saw her. It was a small bar in what seemed an even smaller town - familiar territory for me, but it felt like a foreign land. I was numb - just out of a relationship, see?

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All the cliché things that Hollywood throws at you - a dramatic discovery, a fight, rushed packing, the awkward wave as a U-Haul sputters life. I was in my early 30's at the time.

I was and am still a military man, with one kid that I missed sorely. Despite the chips being down, I'd put most of my anguish right back into work, so my ethic was there for the most part - I hit the gym, kept myself mentally strapped in at work.but my house was now an empty shell.

So, here I was, rescued from months of bathrobes and lonesome dinners. My buddy had good-naturedly thrown me back into the night light with full gusto.


I wasn't really feeling it, but he had made sure I at least damn-well dressed the part. "Let's go shoot pool, have a little Jack, see what's going on next door" he said. We were clowns - it wasn't hard for him to break my solemn grimace. "Are you going to wear the monocle or eye patch tonight?" he asked matter-of-factly, catching my eye in the mirror to make sure he'd gotten a laugh.

So, I kind of shrugged and thought 'what the hell.' We meandered next door to the bar, dressed to murder. I spotted her right away. I'd barely gotten situated at the pool table (I play about as good as a fish works a keyboard) and was on the way to the bar to tell the bartender to open my tab.

Being a regular, we shot the shit for a bit, and then I turned around.


I'm hoping I didn't gawk.2 drinks in hand, but the seconds stretched into what felt like hours. She was a petite caramel beauty, with gloss-black hair pulled back as though having just left work. She was with friends - had a genuine feminine laugh.not a coy giggle, but a womanly purr that seemed to lift the table's spirit every time she smiled. Her legs looked silky, even in the darkness of the bar.

It didn't help matters much that the dress she had on hugged curves that spoke of a woman that took care of herself. She was smiling with the party, and her little fingertips were wrapped around a straw that she played with, pearly whites flashing in conversation.

Comfortable, her work flats were kicked off to the side of her barstool, and I could just make out some freshly-pedicured feet, red polishing catching the light. I wanted her. I barely remember gathering the nerve to approach her, but I was told later I'd offered the table a round and promised not to steal away their friend - we all hit it off and seeming a good guy, they told her as much.

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Before we knew it, the number of bar patrons dwindled down, my friend nowhere to be seen. I wanted a kiss before the night was over, and asked her for as much, not wanting to steal it - but both of us realized we'd had more than a few to drink. Instead, I called her a cab and saw her off - she beamed at the gallantry, and I looked down after the glow from the cab got smaller to realized I was holding a small paper with her phone number.

We ended up chatting a few times by phone, and about a week later she insisted I stop by her place for dinner. She seemed a little embarrassed at being in a trailer, but there was no need - like me, we realized in conversation we'd just come through some hard knocks and she was now on her own, an independent woman trying to rebuild herself.

I was attracted to her strength and frankness. "Look at the time; can I get you a drink? Dinner is still going to be about another 20 minutes" she said as she headed to the kitchen.


"I'd love one" I replied. I was reflecting on how comfortable I was, and the aroma from the oven was intoxicating. However, all thoughts of food were immediately put on halt once I truly realized what she was wearing.

After turning around to walk off, I admired a form-fitting pair of boy shorts that really showed off her amazing ass, her curves flexing in the cotton every time she walked back and forth. The light grey material contrasted marvelously with her warm natural tan, and looking at her feet and hands again, I was struck at how she seemed a perfect balance of petite femininity and curves. "Your drink?" she prompted, in front of me.

"Aw thanks." I took it and didn't try to hide my admiration - I was sure she'd already caught me. Yet, being a lady, it didn't feel like she'd put on a show to tease me, nor was it mentioned during dinner.

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However, dinner was far from awkward - we had an amazing home-style dish, kept the drinks flowing and before we knew it, were nestled up so close on the sofa that the palpable tension of want broke. All it took was a pregnant pause, a flick of our eyes, and we began to kiss. Her mouth was a perfect form.

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We kissed slowly, exploring one another, as our lips tugged and our tongues occasionally darted. She tasted of freshly sipped red wine, and I licked it from her, holding her gently by the neck as she exhaled. She playfully nibbled at my bottom lip, and I could hear light moans as her legs worked slow kneads into the sofa, like a content cat. I looked her in the eyes with strong intent, before breaking into a smile and grasping her diminutive waist.

I nuzzled her chest, slowly kissing my way around the ridges of her ribs, until her back arched as though in plea to undress her. Reading my mind, she began to pull off her top, slowly revealing a taut butterscotch torso, with a bra encasing two firm globes, which occasionally shuddered as I continued to devour her. I saw her reach behind and grab the armrest with both hands, stretching so I could continue my adoration. Her soft skin was warm and smelled of vanilla, and I savored each kiss as I explored her.

By this point, I was firm and my pants were not yielding, so I guided her hands to my belt and then began to unclasp her bra.

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With a wicked grin, she pushed me back and took my top off without much ceremony. I kicked my shoes and socks off to the side, while she continued to help me with my trousers dilemma.

In acknowledgment of the bulge, she cooed and grasped my member softly through the fabric. Feeling her little fingers nearly encircling my length was amazing, and only fueled my desire to taste more of her.

Her perky natural breasts had small firm nipples - I began to tease them with my tongue.

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She released her hold on me to run her fingers through my hair, pulling my head close and encouraging me. Her small areolas were pressed into my mouth by her jutting chest, and the sight of this compounded with the fact that she was now straddling me made me even harder.

I pulled her close, and began to appreciate her neck and the ringlets at the base of her hairline while she gyrated slowly atop my imprisoned friend. Appreciating my predicament, we once again looked eye-to-eye before she flashed a grin and began to dismount. She eased down the length of my lap slowly, and began to unbuckle me and pull my trousers to the floor.

I grew even harder still, seeing this lovely Princess mere inches from my throbbing cock, which occasionally twitched. She looked at the bulge straining against my red boxer briefs, and seemed to marvel at the area of precum that had saturated them near the tip.

She leaned over, and stuck out her tongue on this pool, and I let out a gasp. Looking up, she smiled, and began to nibble and lick this area with her tongue and lips, before running the contours of her cheek and chin against my firmness.

Stopping for a moment she looked up. "May I?" she asked. I nodded enthusiastically, and with a devilish grin she pulled my briefs off and worked them away from my ankles. "It looks heavenly!" She wrapped her fingers around my shaft lightly, and eased her palm until her hand encircled it fully, squeezing gently until she milked a glob of precum to the tip.

Looking at it, she eased her head down and licked it off, leaving a small pearly strand of saliva extending from her tongue to my cock as she backed away. "Do you like to watch?" she asked. "I do." I replied, enjoying this playful banter. This made her smile again, and she took my member and began to slowly rub the length of my cock along her face.

My hips began to flex involuntarily, as I enjoyed her worship. She didn't seem to mind one bit, and her moans indicated that she enjoyed giving pleasure as much as she did receiving. Seeing the thin trails of glistening precum on her face was almost more than I could bear. After several minutes of this, I nudged her chin gently with my fingers.

"I want to feel your mouth" I said. She looked at me, and in response moaned softly before slowly working the wetness of her tight mouth down my cockhead. The warmth was electrifying.

Her dark curls on either side of her temples tickled my inner thighs, and she continue to relish me slowly, turning her head side-to-side as she occasionally caught my helmet in her cheek, giving me a show as I bulged in her mouth.

This continue, her small fingers with polished short nails working my shaft, while she eased me out occasionally to lick the length of my cock with her tongue. "Do you like that?" she asked.

I nodded, unable to focus on talk by this point, and again she took me in, working me closer to the confines of her mouth as I disappeared in her inch-by-inch. This slow attach with her mouth and tongue was like torture in heaven. As she continued to glance up and notice my admiration, she eased her hands behind my hips and pulled my cock ever so slightly deeper toward her throat.

Feeling my cock, hard as oak, throbbing in her velvety mouth was simply amazing. Her dark pink lips were stretched taut around my girth, strained tight as they struggled to encompass my width. She seemed focused on easing her mouth up and down my glistening member, and I could feel my balls begin to tighten after several minutes of this treatment.

"I'm going to cum soon" I let out in gasps. With this, she took me out slowly, began to rub the sheen of saliva up and down my cock, and smiled, rubbing my tip along her closed lips.

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The sight of this cock worship was too much for any mortal to bear. No doubt feeling the tell-tale pulsing in her hands as my breathing quickened, she began to milk my shaft firmly, placing the widest part of her tongue along the base of my helmet, looking at me with a shit-eating grin as my ropes began to volcano out.

Three or four pearled streams of cum lobbed across her cheek, the last landing in her mouth.

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Though still seated, my knees were buckling and my calves were tight - but I'd never felt more relaxed. With spunk still slowly ebbing toward her chin, she stood and began to work off her boy shorts, revealing first a classic pair of V.S.

briefs and next a taut bald set of moist petals. She glanced back at me, and with a flick of her hair and a mischievous grin asked, "Care for dessert?"