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I didn't want to go to school. I wanted to stay in my bed and not move. My head was filled with images of Chris and I fucking on the football field, in the middle of the night, less than six hours ago. I thought about the way Chris had kissed me, how he had licked my body with his warm moist tongue, how he rammed his thick, eleven inch dick into my ass and fucked me until my nut exploded all over the grass, and his nut exploded in my ass.

Even now, hours later, my asshole was still sore from Chris fucking me. Slowly, my dick started to grow inside my pajama shorts, but for some reason I didn't feel like jacking off. I waited until my dick went down before I finally got out of bed and got ready for school. As I was in the shower, I thought about how angry Chris had gotten when I told him that I didn't have to go to detention anymore.

He started yelling and cursing at me as though it was my fault that he still had detention, telling me that he better see me in detention tomorrow or else. And then he peeled off down the street, leaving me lookin like a fuckin idiot. I didn't like how Chris disrespected me like that, and I really didn't want to see him in school today--but as usual, at the same time I did want to see him.

I really hadn't decided whether I was going to go to detention or not--I mean I didn't have to, and I didn't want Chris to think he had that much control over me and my actions. Usually, in all the classes that we share together, Chris sits in the desks right beside mine or right behind me. Today, he did neither. During our Physics class, Chris sat way across the classroom in the back row, and he didn't even look in my direction off. In our Literature class, Chris continued to ignore me; he looked at me once, a quick glance, with anger still burning in his sharp brown eyes, and then he quickly looked away in another direction.

It was really annoying and confusing to me why he was so upset with me. I'd rather Chris talk shit about me than to pretend I wasn't even there. It's stupid to me. The night before was probably one of the best nights I ever had with a dude, and all of a sudden, this same person, who only twelve hours ago was kissing me and making me feel so good, was now being an asshole. The other class Chris and I didn't have together was AP History. Partly that was good because I didn't have to see him, but it also was kinda bad, because Chris' friend, Billy Anderson, a tall, good-looking jock who I had fucked in the gym only days before, shared that class with.

I really didn't want to see him either. I sat in a seat behind Jason Coleman, a really good-looking boy with really smooth, tan skin and sparkling hazel-colored eyes.

For most of the class period, I stared at the back of Jason's neck, his neatly-trimmed ink-black hair, and his naked, muscular, slightly hairy calves and ankles. I wasn't paying one bit of attention to what my teacher was talking about because I hated history with a fuckin fiery passion. Almost as if he had sensed me staring at the back of his head, Jason turned around and looked at me. Quickly I looked down at my paper, but then I lifted my eyes up slowly; Jason was still looking at me, and he was smiling.

That boy had a beautiful set of lips, and he had the whitest, straightest teeth I'd ever seen on a person. When Jason smiled at me, my heart skipped several beats, and then I finally got myself together and smiled back at him. "You got a pen I could borrow, Brandon?" Jason asked. I was amazed that Jason knew my name; we had never really talked before in just about four whole years. I didn't even know that Jason knew I existed on this planet. "Yeah, I do," I said. Reaching into my backpack, I handed Jason one of my favorite pens.

As he took it, our fingers brushed up against each other, and I felt sort of a tingle that ran up along my arm. "Thanks," Jason said. He continued to smile at me for a couple of seconds before he turned back around and resumed to listen to the teacher's lecture.

At that moment, I remembered that Billy Anderson was sitting in one of the desks behind me. Slowly, I turned around and saw Billy watching me, with this broad, cocky grin on his face. It was the same grin that he had given me when he caught Chris and I fucking in the bathroom the other day.

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It was a grin that let me know that Billy had caught me doing something I shouldn't have been doing. Chris' face came up in my mind again, and flashbacks of him on top of me, his hot, sweaty body grinding against mine, his massive dick driving all the way deep up my ass, the sensation of his scalding cum flooding my insides, that brief moment afterward, where Chris just laid on top of me, catching his breath, me wiping the sweat off his smooth, muscular back and his tight ass, all those images ran through my imagination.

I wanted to do those things with Chris again. My dick had fully gotten hard in my jeans again and it was throbbing wildly. Precum was starting to drip along my inner thighs. Again, I turned around to see Billy Anderson watching me, with that same expression on his face. He gave me a coy little wink and grabbed his crotch beneath his desk. I typically sit by myself for lunch.

As I was eating a nasty-ass peanut butter and jelly sandwich under a large oak tree, I saw Jason Coleman approaching me. "Can I sit with you?" he asked. Once again, my heart was starting to beat fast. "Yeah, if you want to." I didn't understand why Jason wanted to sit next to me. I mean, I wanted him to, but I was still kind of bewildered. "I didn't bring a lunch," Jason told me, "and I don't have money." He sat directly next to me, so close that our shoulders were brushing up against each other.

Jason had a sweat scent; it kinda reminded me of chocolate mixed with his natural body odor, which I found really nice. I handed Jason the other half of my sandwich. He took it and said, "thanks." I felt kinda awkward sitting next to Jason and I didn't know what to say. I don't think he really knew what to say either, so we just kinda sat there, eating our gross sandwiches.

Finally, Jason said, "Have you studied for the history test?" "Kinda," I told him. "None of it makes sense to me. I'll probably get another C minus on the next test like I usually do." "If you want to, I can study with you," Jason said. I looked at him and he smiled; every time I saw him smile, my whole body tingled. Jason had the most beautiful eyes I'd seen. "Yeah, that would be cool." "We can study in the library after school," Jason said.

"Nobody goes to the library after school." Jason stared at me intensely, gazing deeply into my eyes and then my mouth, and he finally looked away. I was beginning to feel less awkward and more intrigued by him. I was about to say OK, but then I remembered Chris.

"I can't study with you today," I told Jason. "I got detention after school for like an hour." Disappointment covered Jason's beautiful face. "Oh. Well maybe some other time." "What are you doin' later on today?" I asked.

"Maybe we can get together later tonight." "I gotta go to work like a four o'clock," Jason said. "I don't get off until eight-thirty." "Maybe you can come by my place after you got off work," I suggested. "I mean, if you want to." Jason smiled. "Yeah, I can do that." I smiled back. "Good." We kinda just gazed at each other for a little while, and then Jason reached out and rubbed his thumb against the corner of my mouth.

"You had a little jelly on your mouth," Jason said. He licked his thumb. I could feel my blood start to heat up a little, and my dick was starting to twitch within my jeans. Part of me just wanted to reach over and kiss him, but I contained myself. All of a sudden, I felt a chill on the back of my neck. When I looked past Jason, I saw Chris watching us. Well, he wasn't really watching Jason, he was mostly just staring at me. He had the most angry, hateful look in his eyes.

Chris didn't say anything, he was just muggin at me really, really hard. Finally he walked away and the chill on the back of my neck went away. Jason saw me watch Chris stalk away and he asked me, "What's wrong?" I just shook my head.

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"Nothin'. Don't worry about it." Chris sat behind me in Spanish class like he usually. I felt a bit nervous, but of course I wasn't gonna let Chris know that he was makin me sweat.

I pretended like I wasn't even bothered by him, even though I could feel his eyes burning on the back of my head. After a while, I turned around in my seat to see Chris still glaring at me hatefully.

"Why are you lookin at me like that?" "Turn the fuck around and don't say shit to me." He said it quiet enough so that Ms. Navarro didn't hear it, but loud enough for it to resonate over and over in my head. I didn't say anything back to him, I just turned around, mad as fuck, and tried to concentrate on the lesson, but I couldn't.

After the period was over, Chris and I were the only two people left in the classroom. I was about to leave, when Chris asked Ms. Navarro, "How come Brandon don't gotta stay for detention and I do?" I froze where I stood. Ms. Navarro gave me a sharp look, which I took as 'Why did you tell him that?' Chris continued talking, "Me and Brandon got in trouble for the same thing. If he gets out of detention early, then so should I." There was an awkward silence in the classroom that lasted for about a good minute.

Finally, Ms. Navarro shook her head, as though she were defeated, and said, "Fine. Both of you get out of here. Now." I looked at Chris and he looked at me. He didn't look satisfied, he still had that intense expression of anger on his incredibly good-looking face.

I pushed open the door and walked outside into the hallway. I heard Chris walking behind me; he didn't say anything to me as I exited the building, and I was glad, because I really didn't want him to say anything to me.

"Where are you goin' B?" Chris asked as I walked out of the main gates off campus. I didn't answer him, I just continued walking as though I hadn't heard him at all. Chris ran up in front of me and blocked me from going any further. "Get the fuck outta my way, Chris." "Tell me where you're goin," Chris said.

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"I'm goin' home, like I always fuckin do." I bumped past him and continued on my way. "I'll drive you there," Chris said. "No. I rather take the bus." Chris grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back toward him. "Stop actin' like a little bitch, B." I angrily shook his hand free from my arm. "Don't fuckin' talk to me about fuckin actin like a bitch. You're the fuckin one that had the fuckin attitude all fuckin day.

Not me." Again, I walked away, but Chris caught up with me again. "I don't really want to talk or look at you right now, Chris." "Who was that punk ass pretty boy you was talkin to at lunch?" Chris demanded.

"Don't worry about it. It's none of your business." "Are you fuckin' him too?" Chris asked bluntly. "NO! I don't even know that boy. I just started talkin to him today.


And even if I was fuckin him, what were you gonna do about it? Why don't you just go home and fuck your friend Billy and leave me the fuck alone!" "I don't fuck Billy," Chris said. "The only person I'm fuckin is you, B." Rolling my eyes, I said, "Bullshit.

Like I'm really supposed to believe that shit. You're probably fuckin everything in this school with arms and legs." "Believe it if you want to," Chris answered.

"I'm not lyin' to you. Billy is just my friend." A part of me wanted to believe that what Chris was saying was true. And maybe he was telling me the truth, but either way I really didn't care at that point.

Chris had his shot with me, and he fuckin killed it. I didn't want to see his ass for a long fuckin time. "Well, why don't you go talk to your friend and leave me the fuck alone," I screamed and walked away. That time, Chris didn't run after me or call for me to come back.

That kinda disappointed me. It only took half an hour for me to get home by bus. I walked up my street, hungry, tired, and annoyed--when I saw Chris' white truck parked up in my driveway. I was beyond surprised. For a quick minute, I thought I was imagining the truck, but then the door opened and Chris stepped out, closing the door behind him, leaning against the truck with his muscular arms crossed over his chest.

I walked up to him calmly and started screaming my ass off: "What the fuck are you doin' here, Chris?" "Came to see your ass. I wasn't bout to just let you walk off and leave me like that." "Well you left me like that last night." There was actual remorse in Chris' eyes.

"I didn't mean to do that, B. I'm sorry." "Yeah, I know you're sorry." I walked away from him and headed toward my front door. "I think it's bout time for you to leave now, Chris." "I'm not goin' nowhere," Chris said. He started to advance toward me, up the porch stairs. Opening the front door, I stepped partially inside and turned around to look at Chris. "I'm not lettin' you come in, Chris.

So you might as well just hop back into your little truck and take your ass home." I stepped inside and closed the door partway, but Chris pressed his hand against the door, keeping me from closing it all the way.

"Don't fuckin be like that, B. Let me in." "First you're cursin me out like a fuckin dog, and then the next moment you act like I'm supposed to be all happy and glad to see you now.

Get off the fuckin door, Chris." "I told you I was sorry, B." "And I'm tellin you that I don't fuckin care, Chris." "You're hella shady, B," Chris said, backing away from the door. "I come all the way out here and you won't fuckin let me in." "That's what happens when you fuck me over." I shoved the door closed as hard as I could, causing Chris to stumble backward. The door shut closed and I quickly locked it before Chris could open it again.

Seconds later, Chris was bangin on the door like he was the fuckin police or somethin'. "Open up the goddamn door, B!" He screamed. Chris continued to pound on the door for another two minutes or so. I finally relented because he was driving me inside and opened the door. Chris busted right into my living room and plopped on my couch. He was breathing hard as though he had just gotten finished outrunning a tiger.

"Bout fuckin time you open the door." "I really don't want you in my house right now, Chris." "Come here," Chris said, beckoning to me with his large hand. I refused to come over to him, so Chris got up and started to amble toward me. I could already feel my dick start to grow in my pants, because I knew what was coming next. Chris grabbed me by the waist forcibly, and shoved me against his chest and crotch. He stared at me deeply, not saying a word, and then he covered my lips with his.

I was waiting for his hands to slide down my hips and grab my ass like he usually did whenever we kissed, but Chris didn't do that this time, he just grabbed me roughly by the back of my head and shoved his tongue into my mouth, hard and deep. His big dick was extra hard and poking against my thigh. He ground his hips softly onto my crotch as we kissed and my dick grew to its full eight inches. I didn't even try to fight Chris anymore; the more I fought, the most I fell victim to him. I didn't want to fight and yell at him anymore though, I was tired of fighting, tired of screaming.

I just wanted things to be like the way they were at that moment. I wanted Chris to be kissing me like he was now. I wanted him to fuck me. Chris lifted my shirt halfway up and found one of my nipples with his teeth.

He bit one of them gently, and my whole body started to quiver. Chris licked the other nipple quickly, roughly, and vigorously. My dick was twitching major hard and precum was just leaking out of my dick like a leaky faucet. I wanted to get out of my clothes as soon as possible. I wanted to get Chris out of his clothes as soon as possible.

Breaking free from our embrace, I walked toward the hallway. "Where you goin?" Chris asked. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful, gigantic eleven inch dick. "Let's go to my room," I said, with my eyes glued on his dick. Chris stepped out of his pants and followed me to my bedroom. As soon as we got inside, Chris pushed me roughly on the bed and slammed the door shut. He jumped on top of me, and began to savagely rip off my clothes, nearly tearing my shirt as he yanked it over my head.

It only took him seconds to pull off my jeans, my socks, and shoes. I was fully naked, my dick as hard as its ever been in my life, standing straight up, waiting for him. Chris pulled off his oversized shirt, and I marveled at the amazing sight of his tight six-pack, his bulging, rounded pecs, his shredded arms, the thick dick sticking straight toward me. I could never get over how beautiful Chris' body was; every time I saw his body, it felt like I was seeing it for the first time.

Chris flattened his body against mine, our big hard dicks grinding against each other, our precum juices rubbing up against each other.

Chris licked the side of my neck and then he started to munch on it roughly, sending wave after wave of pleasure sweeping over every inch of my body. He nibbled on my nipples again and continued downward, flicking my flat stomach with the tip of his wet tongue. Chris buried his face in my pubes, sniffing their odor, licking them. He took my legs and spread them apart as far as they would go, which hurt a little, but still felt good.

Chris gripped my dick tightly, causing more precum to spill out and run down the side of the shaft. Chris gathered some of my ooze on his fingers and stuck those fingers into his mouth. He continued to squeeze my dick, lubricating my own shaft up with my own precum. Slowly, he started to jack me off, pumping his hand down to the base of my cock, all the way to the head. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

His hot breath covered my dick, and my toes and fingers curled all at once. With one easy motion, Chris stuffed my whole eight inch dick into his mouth and started fuckin suckin me off like a fuckin crazy man. I gripped my bedpost as tight as I could and held on, gritting my teeth at the same time. Chris' lips slid up and down my down my dick at rapid speed. His spit felt so good and hot as it cleaned my dick.

The inside of Chris' mouth felt so fucking warm, and I loved the way he lashed at the head of my dick with his tongue, licking up all the precum that spilled freely from the slit of my dick.

Chris kept suckin my dick faster and faster, taking me deeper and deeper into his throat like a fuckin pro. He had my whole body ready to burst at any second. We repositioned ourselves, so that we could fit each other's dicks in our mouths at the same time.

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I took a good look at Chris' throbbing pole, wiping the sticky wet juices seeping out of the slit and placing my fingers in my mouth, loving his thick, salty flavor. I took about six inches of Chris' dick between my lips, in my mouth, and down my throat at once.

I felt Chris' body tighten and relax as he adjusted quickly to the sensation of my mouth on his hot cock. I loved having Chris' dick in my mouth; I loved his salty taste, the hotness of his skin against my tongue, the way he jerked his hips forward, deep-throating me. I loved the way his sweaty pubes smelled, the way his nutsack tightened whenever I touched it or licked it. Taking more and more of Chris' dick into my mouth, Chris began to moan very loudly and he started sweating.

He gripped my ass hard and shoved my dick all the way into his mouth again. I took his dick out of my mouth and began to suck on his nuts and lick his inner thighs. Reaching between his legs, I brought my hand back to the thin split of Chris' tight, bubble ass. I spit on my fingers, found his crack again, and dug inside.

Chris' super tight hole was waiting for me, when I found it and pushed inward against it. His asshole was wet enough for me to stick my finger inside. "Roll over," I told Chris. Chris had this apprehensive look on his face. "What are you `bout to do?" "The same thing that you do to me." I rolled Chris over on his stomach. He arched his back slightly, making his gorgeous ass rise a little bit. I was just mesmerized by the sight of Chris' ass. It was just so tight, muscular, and round.

Except for perhaps Billy Anderson, and not even by all that much, I had never seen an ass that was beautiful as Chris'. I spread his tight ass open with both hands, exposing the small, tightly closed asshole that was still glistening from my spit. Taking another few seconds just to look at Chris' ass, I dug my face in and started to eat his asshole like I was fuckin possessed.

"Oh fuckin shit," Chris screamed. He grabbed hold of the bedpost and hung on for dear life as I began to tear his asshole up with my tongue. Chris arched his back more, pressing his hot, musky ass deeper onto my face. I made tornado circles around the rim of Chris' hole, licking up and down his buttcrack furiously, making his asshole moist enough so that it would open up for me.

"I can't believe this shit feels this good," Chris groaned. I spent another three minutes or so, eating Chris' sweaty, hot ass. His hole was ready, waiting for something to be stuck inside of it. I licked my index finger a couple of times and then ran it up and down Chris' buttcrack, making fast little circles around his asshole with the tip of my finger. "What are you bout to do?" he asked me, groaning some more.

I answered him by shoving my finger deep and hard into his asshole. Chris howled, not in pain, but in ecstasy. His whole body spasmed and then relaxed.

I kept my finger inside of his warm tight asshole for a couple of seconds, and then yanked it out. Chris groaned and buried his face on my pillow. I licked his asshole a couple of more times, causing Chris ass to relax a little bit more.

When I sure that he was ready, I got my finger ready again, this time my middle finger. I wet it with my tongue, tapped it against Chris' eager asshole, counted to three in my head, and then shoved it in as far as it would go. Once again, Chris bellowed very loudly, almost causing the walls in my room to vibrate. I started to work my finger in and out of his asshole, faster and faster each time.

"Oh shit, B," Chris murmured. "You're fuckin me up." I shoved my finger in deeper, moving it around inside of me. Chris' ass tightened around my finger and his whole body shuddered. I kept my finger inside of his ass, moving it around his asshole quickly. "Fuck, this shit feels so fuckin good," Chris said. My dick was leaking all over Chris' muscular hamstrings. I tugged on it a few times, taking the precum that was oozing from the head and wiping it on Chris' ass.

"I'm about to fuck you," I told him. "Don't tell me," Chris said. "Just ram that fuckin dick right in my ass." Snatching my finger out of his asshole, I got on top of him, my stomach pressing against his back.

I slid my hot, wet dick up and down Chris' slender asscrack. I was so fuckin horny and ready to just plow his tight ass with my cock. "Stick that shit in, B," Chris begged. "I want you to fuck me now." But I continued to tease Chris, rubbing my dick around his ass, poking at his asshole with the tip of my dick.

He lifted his hips up, pressing his hot ass harder against my crotch. "Rip me out, B." Chris said again. Grabbing onto his shoulders, I worked my dick into his asscrack, found the hole with the head of my dick.


I closed my eyes, bit my bottom lip, and with a great thrust, I jammed my dick into Chris' ass. The inside of his butt felt so warm and moist. Chris' ass gripped my cock like Chinese handcuffs and wouldn't let go.

Chris growled, lifting his head all the way up and then allowing it to drop back down onto the pillow. I took my dick all the way out of his ass while Chris struggled to breathe; I waited about fifteen seconds, and then without warning, I drove all eight inches of my dick right back into Chris' ass again. "GODDAMN!" Chris yelled. "Of my fuckin god, B. Yeah.keep stickin that shit in my ass." I worked his ass like a fuckin machine.

I fucked Chris' asshole so fuckin hard and deep, and he just swallowed my dick every time, loving the feeling of my dick ripping him open, rubbing up against his spot. I fucked him for a good ten to fifteen minutes; my bedroom was just filled with the sounds our moaning and groaning, and most of it came from Chris, who was takin my dick like a fuckin champ, like my cock was the best thing that ever happened to his ass.

And then I felt myself starting to cum. A tingle started at my toes, traveled up my calves, up my thighs, and trembled in my crotch. I continued to drill into Chris' ass as hard as I could. My balls started to vibrate and I knew the cum was about to come squirting any second. "Chris, I'm bout to cum in your ass." "Fuck yeah," Chris said. "Dump your load in my ass, B. Don't take your fuckin dick out into you got shoot every last drop." The cum busted out of the slit of my dick, traveling up Chris' hot asshole.

I went through a few convulsions, my dick still leaking cum into Chris' butt. I did what he asked and didn't take my dick out until every last drop had been drained.

And then finally, I slipped my cock out of his ass. Chris groaned and rolled over on his back. He jerked his dick off really hard and I knew he was ready to cum. I moved his hand aside and put my mouth of the head of his dick. Chris' body tightened up again, and his hot cum hit the roof of my mouth, fell on my tongue, and made its way to my throat.

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I swallowed every drop of Chris' hot, thick, salty cum, and licked his dick clean. Afterward, we just lied on my bed without saying a word. When I looked over at the clock on my nightstand, it read: five fourteen. I looked over at Chris, who had his eyes closed. He was asleep. I looked at his handsome, serene face, rubbing his lips with my thumb, rubbing his muscular chest with my hands. I placed my head on his chest and closed my eyes, listening to the sound of his heart beating. When I woke up, the clock read: ten: nineteen.

I jolted up in bed and looked around. Chris was still asleep right next to me. I suddenly remembered that I had asked Jason Coleman to come over my house at nine o' clock. Hopping out of bed, I pulled on my jeans and shirt and headed out into the living room. I don't know what I was expecting to find there. I was surprised to find that the front door was still slightly ajar. I don't remember either Chris or me locking it. When I opened the door, I have expected Jason Coleman to be outside, waiting for me.

He wasn't. But there was an envelope on the porch ground in front of me. I picked it up and read that it was addressed from Jason. Closing the door, and locking it, I tore open the envelope and read the short letter inside: Hey, Brandon, This is Jason.

Came by your house around nine-fifteen but nobody answered when I rang the doorbell. The door was open, but I didn't know if it was okay for me to come inside.

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I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get to spend time with you tonight. Oh well, maybe some other time. Hope detention wasn't too bad today. See you tomorrow in school -- Jason. I read the letter a couple of times and I felt a bit bad.

I stuffed the letter into my back packet and went back into my bedroom. Chris was still sleeping peacefully. He looked really beautiful when he was asleep. For a couple of minutes, I just leaned against the doorway, watching Chris sleep. I thought about tomorrow, if Chris and I would fight again and then end up in the same situation; I wondered if he was gonna still like me in the morning.

I wondered if I was gonna still like him in the morning. I hoped that the answer to all three of those questions was yes. I took off my clothes, climbed under the covers with him and turned off the light.