Magic Porn Girls Getting Hard

Magic Porn Girls Getting Hard
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The next day I sat on the log and watched the river lazily roll by while I waited for Jane. Knowing that Lorlei and Sandy where somewhere in the distance made me excited.

As I watched the river, I got lost in my own thoughts and was startled when I heard a soft "Hi." from directly over my right shoulder. I jumped a bit and looked up into Jane's beautiful smiling face. "Sorry Michael.

I didn't mean to scare you" she giggled. Jane wore a pair of stretch shorts and a halter top. I noted that none of the halter buttons were done up and that she wasn't wearing a bra. She carried her sandals and a small beach bag which she put down beside her as she sat beside me. We both stared out at the river silently. I waited for her to say something. I really didn't know how to start this rendezvous.

I mean, how did I begin this? We were meeting so I could take her virginity for gosh sake. We had never even been alone together. Just as I was about to get nervous about the silence, she turned, looked at me and quietly began to talk. "Michael, I need to tell you I'm quite scared. I didn't think I would be.

I mean, I know I come across as a know it all and everything, but I really don't, and this is different. I mean god&'re the first boy I've seen naked&hellip. and I let you do all those things to me! " "Jane, we don't have to do anything at all if you don't want. We can just sit here and talk or yell for Sandy and Lorlei, or even go for a walk or a swim.

I don't want to do this if you don't…really" Jane stared at me for a minute, kind of pondering over the situation.


With a deep breath in, she stood up in front of me. Looking directly into my eyes, she pulled off her halter and wriggled out of her shorts. I looked her over and saw her nipples harden in the breeze, and then noted that her vagina was pouty and glistening.

She had no time to wait

Jane noticed me looking at her vagina and began to color. "God Michael, can you see how wet I am? I can't help it…it just happens. Let's go for a swim" she said as she reached out her hand. I stood up and as I started to take my shirt off she put her hand on mine "Let me." She whispered.

Gently she undid each button and removed my shirt. She then knelt down in the sand, and looking straight up into my eyes, she unbuttoned my shorts and lowered my zipper. Nature had taken its course and I had a raging erection that required her to kind of work around, and as she pulled my shorts down, she had to lean in and reach around me to work them over my butt.

Doing this brought her face into contact with my penis, and I could see her smile as it grazed her cheek. She looked up at me with bedroom eyes and engulfed my penis with her mouth. She continued to look at me as she swirled her tongue around the head, bobbed up and down a few times and then released me. " I do love your hardon Michael" she grinned.

She ran her fingers along her vagina making them wet with her juice and then she moved them up to my mouth. "Taste me" she said.

I slowly put her fingers in my mouth and licked them clean making sounds of appreciation as I did. She giggled again and jumped up.

"Let's go" as she ran to the water". We splashed in up to our waists and held hands looking out on the river. Letting go of my hand, Jane turned to me and cupped her breasts in her hands rubbing her already hard nipples. Moaning, she looked down at my penis and then into my eyes. "Cum for me" she whispered. I spit on my hand and slowly started to jack. As I progressed, she placed a hand on my shoulder for support and started to rub her clit for me.

It didn't take long before I could feel my balls begin to roll and the familiar feeling of orgasm begin to take over. Jane could tell and as she moved close and pushed her vagina out towards my penis she whispered "Shoot all over my vagima hair." That did it. I groaned and aimed my penis directly at her patch and blasted my first shot. A powerful stream drilled her pubic region and with the follow-up two or three squirts, she was coated nicely with my seed.

Giggling, she bent forward and licked my penis clean. She then squatted down and washed herself off.


Pinching her hard taut nipples, she stared directly into my eyes and licked her lips. "Let's go sit for awhile" she whispered. Sated from our recent orgasms, we relaxed on the blanket. My penis was still hard but the urgency for relief wasn't as strong.

Jane would trade looks from the water to my penis as I did the same with her breasts and vagina. I was nice to just look and appreciate without any expectations. After a few minutes Jane scooted over and settled in with her hip squeezed against mine.

Still staring at the water, she placed her hand around my erection and just kind of fiddled with it. "Could we just kiss for awhile Michael? I looked at her and reached over to gently turn her face to mine. She had moisture in her eyes and a look on her face that spoke of a mixture of passion and innocence.

She was breathing heavily as she parted her lips and moved in. One of her hands moves to grasp my neck as the other holds my member. We kiss urgently and I start fingering her moist tight vagina. Both of our hearts are racing as she pulls me down on the blanket and parts her legs so my fingers have better access.

She cant get sufficiently of it

She rubs my penis in a steady motion as I finger her hard with two and sometimes three fingers. She gasps and groans at the intrusion and roughness but her constant pushing against my hand tells me she likes what I'm doing. Her hand leaves my penis to grab my wrist as I plunge and wiggle my fingers in her wetness. "Oh God…oh. oh I'm gonna…Michael,MMichael oh jesus.mmmmm" She is pushing up with every thrust of my fingers and with one final grunt, she holds my wrist tight, stops thrusting and stares wide eyed at me as her vagina spasms and spasms.

As she calms down she starts giggling and kisses me passionately. She spread her legs, pulled me forward. I positioned myself, and eased towards her.

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We stopped kissing, and she grabbed my shoulders and tossed her head back, as the tip of my penis entered her. I got about halfway inside her and noticed she had no barrier.

I looked at her questioningly. " I lost it when I was 12. I was climbing a fence at my cousins and fell hard on one of the boards. She answered my look quietly. " I'm still a virgin." she said in a mildly cautious way. I guess she was worried that I might be so callous that I'd think she wasn't. " Oh God Jane, I know you are! I was just happy that you're not going to go through the bleeding and pain that would be a part of this." I spoke with truth and she relaxed.

Eyes locked, both staring at each other in total ecstasy, I pushed myself inside her completely. She let out a louder whimper and then stared back at me. "Michael just because my hymen is gone doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. Please go slow." I was ashamed that I hadn't though of that and quickly pulled out. Our eyes meet, and I kiss her passionately. She rubbed her hands through my hair and over my back.

I inched in her again letting her adjust bit by bit Once I was all the way in I told her that I'm going to start moving. She nodded quickly. I pulled almost all the way out and plunged into her. As I did, she let out a loud groan and moved her hands to my bum. We found our rhythm and were soon fucking rapidly. She began moaning and asking for me to go faster and harder.

I felt a familiar boiling in my groin and knew I was going to cum soon. "Jane, I'm gonna finish soon." I gasped out. "Where do you want my sperm to go?" Jane responded by smiling up at me and grabbing my butt harder. I nodded and reached under to hold her but in a vice grip against me as I groaned and began spewing out my stuff deep into her.

Her eyes went wide and she groaned loudly. "Oh my God Michael.

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Yes.yes. I can feel you pulsing in me." After I exploded and came down from my reverie a bit, I stayed inside her and collapsed on top of her. She nuzzled into my neck and ran her hands up and down my back. "Thank you Michael." she whispered. "I feel kind of complete and loved." When I finally pulled out of her, she began leaking and like the other girls she giggled. "Wow, you squirted a lot!

I need to wipe off a bit." I passed her a towel and watched her wipe herself. She in turn watched me watching her and smiled. "Was I ok Michael?" "First, I should be thanking you Jane. I'm honored that you let me be your first. Second, you were beautiful and I loved your body and your feeling. You were absolutely great!" "Well, the girls and I did have a lot of talks about this and after you did it with them they just gushed about it.

They talked about everything and of course you already know that we watched each other do it with you." I sat up and looked around. Sure enough, I spotted Lorlei and Sandy duck beneath a log. "They're peeking now." I told Jane. "Yeh, I expected they would." She remarked with calm.

"Listen Michael, I wonder if we could maybe do it again, but this time like you did with Sandy…you know.from behind? Sandy said she liked it best." I helped her turn over onto her hands and knees and guided her into position. "Arch your back and kind of push your bum in the air like you're showing off a bit" She giggled as she did this "God Michael, I feel like a slut doing this." I knelt behind her and pushed gently into her opening.

She gasped at the intrusion and pushed back until I was totally implanted.

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I leaned across her back without moving my penis and started playing with her nipples. This eliced groans of appreciation fromYou can go faster now Michael. Do it harder like you did with Sandy." With this encouragement, I began thrusting in earnest. She was soaking wet and we could her the squishing sounds common with this position.

My hands wandered near the top of her buttocks and I used them to spread her more open. I couldn't help noticing her little puckered brown butt hole and since Lorlei had liked it when I put my finger in her bum, I wet my thumb in her juices and began rubbing her anus as I fucked her. When I did this, she gasped in surprise and turned to look at me with questioning eyes.

"Wha.what are…what are you doing to my bum?" I stopped right away. "No…ddd.don't stop" she pleaded, It feels gggood." I resumed my action of her butt hole and slowly let my thumb push on her opening.

She grunted at the attempted intrusion but instead of pulling away, she pushed back until my thumb was completely inserted.

"Ohhh Jeeeze!" she gasped."Leave it there Michael. I feel so full down there. It feels so good." I left my thumb in her ass and began to thrust even harder. She threw her head back and met my thrusts with her own. We were lost in pleasure and didn't need to talk.

The pure sex of the moment was so intense. My finger in her bum and my penis in her vagina was just so base. I could feel my penis getting ready to explode. "Jane, I'm gonna squirt soon!" She quickly pulled off of me and turned on her knees to face me. She grabbed my penis put her mouth over it and began to suck me off in earnest. Within seconds I was unloading in her mouth and could see her throat move as she gulped down my sperm.

Finally, with a few final twitches I began to soften and she let me flop out of her lips. Jane was smiling up at me, proud of herself. "That was soooo nice Michael.

I love that you let go in my mouth." She giggled "A lot less messy too!" She then sat and hugged her knees as I sat beside her. I threw my arm around her shoulder and she leaned into me.

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We stared out over the river and just kind of relaxed in the comfort of each other. "You put your finger in my bum…why?" I was a bit surprised by this but answered as best as I could. "It just kind of happened really. I didn't plan that part, but you were so wet and as I was stroking you I noticed that you would breath in every time I went over your bum hole. I thought it felt good for you so I just let things go further. Are you mad?" "No, not at all. Lorlei told us you did that with her, but I just feel kind of embarrassed.

I liked it a lot but I also think it was kind of wrong for me to like it. I mean it was my bum hole. I don't think I'm supposed to like that." "We thought it was sooo cool." Lorlei's voice came from just behind us. Her and Sandy had quietly walked over from their hiding place and stood naked.

They were so gorgeous just standing there. Jane waved them over and all four of us now sat on the blanket.

The girls talked about Jane and I and how our love making had been so sexy. They had masturbated while watching and both had orgasms. Jane commented that her vagina was sore now and the Sandy giggled and said hers was sore after too.

After an hour or so, we all went for a swim and washed ourselves. We got dressed and made our way home. I was leaving the next day and there were many tears and statements of love.

Promises of seeing each other soon were abundant promises of the next summer held our bond tight. Authors Note: If you liked this story and would like to hear about my next summer and how Lorlei and I fared, let me know.