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I now found myself in the kind of situation that I had desperately tried to avoid after my first encounter with the torture nurses. In this case, however, the pain inflicted on me was for the purpose of producing unique chemicals in my semen greatly valued by the owners of Journey's End. I had flashbacks of my ordeal of the day before while trying to sleep.and I was very stressed and terrorized by the thought of more such treatments.

I was secured to my bed now, and had to ring for the guards to release me to go to the bathroom. They always watched me as I relieved myself, and cuffed me to the bed again after I had finished. Apparently they believed that in my agitated state I might try to escape when they entered the room, and wanted to make sure that I was there and available when they wanted me. They gave me medication to calm me, and it seemed to help significantly. The terror and fear were greatly diminished, and I was able to function when not in the treatment rooms.

I finally managed to fall asleep, after a few hours of insomnia, and was awakened early the next morning when breakfast was brought to me. The staff said nothing while taking care of my needs.and their professional demeanor, I'm sure, must have been demanded by their superiors as a matter of course.

I couldn't speak to them either, unless requested to do so, and I felt a deep lonliness and dread here.at least in the other wings I was given the courtesy of civil conversation, and some kind of meaningful communication. The guards released me to shower, and after I had finished, I lay once again on my bed cuffed by the ankle to the frame. I watched television, and the wonderful view of the outside world was a lifesaver, and helped me maintain my sense of sanity and equilibrium.

An hour after breakfast the nurses came to give me a small shotglass of a powerful aphrodisiac, and I continued watching TV as drank down the bitter fluid. Within minutes I was in the throes of intense sexual arousal.and when the nurses and guards came to take me to a treatment room.I shuddered with lust and my cock was rock hard, totally beyond my control.

I lost it and pulled back when they tried to get me up, and gripped the bedframe tightly and wouldn't let go, but soon one of the guards brandished a taser and threatened to shock me if I did't go with them.

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I let them pull me up and put me in the wheelchair.and once my arms were strapped in we rolled down the long hallway to a door near the end.

Two nurses were standing with the door open waiting for us, and soon I was pushed inside and the door closed. They were taking me to and from the treatment rooms now in a wheelchair, obviously a much more efficient method than for me to try to walk in my state. This room also contained special 'treatment' devices, different in some respects from the other room I had been in, but just as terrifying to me. A guard quickly put a ball gag in my mouth and pulled it tight, and they extracted me bodily from the wheelchair while squeezing my balls, and strapped me into what looked like a strange kind of dentists chair.

My ankles were pulled apart and strapped tightly, and my legs were strapped in near my knees.


Straps were fastened over my wrists and arms and around my chest. My head was secured back against a padded headrest so that I was completely immobile.

My stomach was queasy from dread, and I watched intently as they prepared me for whatever they had in mind. There were two guards, and three nurses in the room, including the head nurse.and her cold, efficient manner made me even more afraid. They pulled over a suction device, one that I hadn't seen before, and placed it standing over my erect penis.

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All of them wore latex surgical gloves and one of the nurses squirted a glob of lubricant onto her fingers and applied it up and down my erect dick, jacking it off until it stood out rock hard. She flipped it back and forth a few times and then pushed the device down over my cockhead, and slowly forced it down until it tightly engulfed my whole penis.

The base of my cock was gripped firmly by the lower opening of the suction device, and this enhanced my erection even more. Another nurse attached cardiac leads to my chest in two locations, and these led to a readout screen showing information about my heartbeat and rate.

The head nurse sat next to me as they worked. "You did very well during our first session," she said softly, "You're producing a high quantity of our target element." "You must try to relax and go with whatever happens," she murmured, gently squeezing my balls."it will go easier for you, I promise you." "You'll soon discover some interesting new relelations about pain.and I will help to guide you as we progress." One of the pretty nurses then took out a small hypodermic needle and drew in a tiny quantity of a clear liquid from a vial.

She pushed out a droplet of the fluid and sat next to me. I watched with panic as she swabbed the head of my cock with alcohol and lowered the needle down to the tip of my penis. As my eyes bulged out in fear, she slowly began to insert the needle into the extremely sensitive tissue surrounding my pisshole. It stung sharply and as she slowly injected a tiny quantity of liquid under the skin the pain increased several times over. I pulled against the straps and yelled through the ballgag squirming in torment.

By the time she had inserted the needle several times I was sweating profusely and groaning in pain. When she finished she swabbed with alocohol again and the head nurse took a long, thin, and hollow metal tube and smeared it generously with a clear paste.then she began to insert it into my open pisshole.

She shoved it in slowly and the needle sharp pain bit my urethra again, and I grunted and heaved as the stainless steel instrument was inserted all the way up my long dick. I was breathing in gasps by the time she had it in all the way, and she attached a rubber tube to the end which lead into the suction device. The inside surface of the sucker began to move up and down my penis slowly, and as the pace quickened she began to turn an electrical control knob, and a sharp pain shocked my whole penis, from top to bottom.

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I stiffened in the chair, pulling involuntarily against the thick leather straps. I could hear an electric motor running, and the suction tube inside my dick created a vacuum that pulled on the inner walls of my sensitive urinary passage. The sleeve was moving up and down faster now, and I was screaming in pain as she turned the current to ever higher levels, and she got close to me and looked into my eyes as I huffed in agony.

She wiped my forehead with a towel and whispered softly to me as I convulsed in torment, and a strange feeling came over me, and I made an indescribale sound, and jerked violently, and expelled an enormous load of semen up the sucking tube.

As I rolled my head back and forth and pumped my hips upward, I could see the thick white cream move up the transparent rubber tubing and into a collector, sucking the cum right out of my balls. "That's it sugar.go with it.go with it!," she breathed, "that's it hon, clean out those nasty balls real good!" She was enjoying this emmensely, and as she massaged my draining nuts she breathed into my face a few inches away.

The sucking continued and I jerked violently several more times expelling even more semen into the vacuum tube. I looked at the head nurse's face close to mine and she continued her obscene encouragement.her eyes blazing with obvious lust.

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Finally the agony stopped and I slumped down in the chair unable to move, and barely able to think. My cock was on fire and the sharp pain made me tremble uncontrollably. They quickly removed the apparatus and freed my poor dick.the head was red and swollen and my pisshole was thick and rubbery from the incredible abuse. A nurse gave me an injection, and within moments the pain subsided and I fell into a deep sleep, not to awaken for hours.

------------------------------------------------------------------ I awoke in my bed, feeling quite groggy, but there was little pain, and I felt a wonderful sense of euphoria.

I drifted off into a warm sleep several times during the next several hours.I was allowed to rest as much as I wanted and when I woke up later my breakfast was sitting on a table beside the bed.

I ate voraciously, desperately craving nutrition, and finished off the meal within a short time. After the nurses had removed the tray, and I'd taken care of my bathroom needs, I lay once again, resting peacefully from the medications they had been giving me.

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My dick stung when I pissed, but it was not severe, and the powerful drugs had relieved most of the pain. The head nurse came in while I was watching TV, and there was another nurse with her.very cute and with a well formed ass, and they sat on the bed next to me. The head nurse pulled up my blankets and produced a long cotton swab with a thick cream on the tip. She gently gripped my dick, and stroked it slowly making it begin to harden.and as the other nurse looked on she gently shoved the tip around and into my pisshole.

I flinched at first, but as the cream was inserted into my dick the pain went away, and was replaced with, actually, quite a pleasant feeling. She removed it and covered it in tissue and smiled slightly at me.

"I want to see this young lady suck your cock," she said, looking at the pretty young woman.she enjoys sucking cock and you're going to get a blowjob whether you want it or not." She moved closer to me.gently squeezing my balls."I'll bet you won't mind at all will you?." She moved back a bit and looked at the nurse. The young woman grinned and put her hand around my penis, and with her other hand gently massaged my nuts.

She wiped my penis completely clean of the salve with a cloth, and even cleaned out my cockhole. My dick was becoming hard by now.not requiring much stimulation for that result, and it soon stood out erect and draining as she slowly jacked it off.

"The gorgeous nurse looked at my dick as she masterbated me, and licked her glossy red lips. She spoke softly, not looking at me. "I'm a cocksucker," she moaned, "what do you think about that?" The head nurse was enjoying it all and looked from one to the other of us with a muted smile on her face.

"I'm a dirty little cocksucker and I'm going to give you a blowjob and I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow it." I layed back a bit, closed my eyes, and held my head to the side waiting in anticipation.

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The cute nurse put her head down between my legs and began licking my swollen pecker. She lapped her soft tongue all around the head and up and down making it stand out hard and dripping. She pulled my balls out and began licking them, and soon was sucking each nut clean. The young woman was becoming quite aroused by now and began to breath heavily as she sucked my balls.

She shoved her mouth over my dickhead and moved downward, and my prick slid all the way into her throat. I groaned in pleasure and trembled as she began sucking my cock.her pretty head bobbed in and out, and her hot tongue licked my dick as she sucked it.

The head nurse looked at me as I got my blowjob, and she was enjoying the sight, moving down to get a closer look as the pretty woman vacuumed my stiff pecker. The cute nurse was masterbating herself as she ate dick, and I could smell her womanhood, which made me ever hornier. She sucked harder and faster now and was moaning in pleasure as she did her obscene form of fellatio.and within a short time I tightened in pleasure, and jerked upward, my face twisted in a powerful orgasm.

I pumped several heavy wads of scum into the cute cocksuckers mouth, and she stopped and gulped it as it oozed out from between her lips. My hot semen bubbled out from her mouth and dripped on the sheet as she swallowed it, and I continued lurching upward expelling more dickwad into her mouth. She looked at me as she ate the mess, her eyes glazed over.

wanting me to enjoy her degradation and pleasure, and I could see the thick cum flow down her throat as she gulped. In a few minutes my dick was spent, and she let it flop out of her mouth as she continued to hold my balls in her hand. She was consumed with lust and licked her lips, cleaning all around her mouth, and hot slime covered her beautiful face, and dripped from her chin as she tried to eat it. She was actually quite embarrassed as I stared at her in pleasure, and wiped her mouth off grinning shyly at me.


The head nurse seemed pleased with the blowjob and wiped my dick off thoroughly. "I'm afraid the little cocksucker gets carried away at times," she said, as she finished cleaning my cock and balls."but you didn't mind at all did you?" She and the nurse got up and left, and I was allowed a few days rest after that.time to recouperate physically and mentally.

------------------------------------------------------------------- I didn't want to think about future sessions in the treatment rooms.but there was nothing I could do about it.and for just a moment I remembered my orgasm during the severe pain.and the very real and intense pleasure that I had experienced along with the hurt.

I had no doubt that the pain had made me ejaculate a lot more powerfully, and I didn't want to think about becoming addicted to something so unpleasant and bizarre.but anything was possible here in this strange place.