Sovereign and TS Mandy fucks hard until multiple orgasm

Sovereign and TS Mandy fucks hard until multiple orgasm
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Chapter 11 After we had showered we lay down and spend the rest of the day dozing. Every time one of us woke up we would start fondling and kissing each other. It would be the first anal sex for both of us and we did not really know what to expect so we were both very aroused and curious but on the other hand we were also a little scared.

She was scared how it would feel and if it would hurt and I was scared to hurt her.

When it got dark we went for dinner. This time it was uneventful. We did not do anything special, no showing off, no teasing. We spend the time looking at each other, drinking a little bit of whine and just enjoying the food and the background music. We did not speak much but it was not the uncomfortable silence you get when two people do not want to talk to each other.

It was nice and a byproduct of the new peace we had found in the relationship through the last days. After a light dinner we went back to our hotel room. I was the first to enter the room. After walking a couple of steps in I turned around and started kissing Tina. I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. I felt her body against mine and together, not breaking the kiss we went into the direction of the bed.

I went backwards until I felt the edge of the mattress against to back of my legs, while she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it down from my shoulders, and then I sat down on the bed.

Tina put her legs on either side of me, straddling my lap. I put my hands on her knees and then started to move my hands up under her skirt until they were resting on her buttocks. With my hands on her ass I pulled her to me and she turned her hip upward, pushing her crotch against my lower stomach.

Still kissing her I took my hands from under her skirt and on her shoulders, then, letting my hands glide along her shoulders, I hooked my thumbs into the straps of her dress and pulled the top of it down to her waist. We were kissing with her rubbing her crotch on my stomach, letting me feel how wet she was.

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The top of her dress was down and I started fondling her soft breasts, feeling her hard nipples. After we had been like that for a while I lay all the way down and slid out of my pants and she slid her dress down and tossed it aside. My hard cock sprang out and up as soon as it had cleared the restraining clothes. She took it in her hands and started stroking it, smiling at me. Then she guided it into her pussy as she sat on top of me again.

She stayed on top of me and rocked her hips. She let her hands slide up over her body, caressing her breasts along the way, moving further up to the back of her neck. She lifted her hair up, showing off her long smooth neck. With her arms up her breasts got lifted which made them look even more shapely and perfect. Her eyes closed and her hips circling on mine she looked like she was in a kind of trance, lost in the moment and enjoying every bit of the feeling.

Again I let my hands roam around her body; I let my palms glide up her legs, over her flat stomach to her breasts. I stroked the sides of her boobs for a moment before letting my hands slide down the side of her upper body and to her hipbones.

Then I let my hands go around her and let them rest on her ass. I buried my hands in the soft flesh, feeling the muscles work as she continued moving on top of me. Then I moved my hands toward the center of her ass, gently spreading her asscheeks and my middle finger found its way to her butthole.

I slowly started to caress it, pushing lightly against it and I looked into her eyes and said: "We do not have to do this, if you don't want to." She smiled and leaned down to me. She kissed me full on the lips and then moved her mouth to the side, getting so close to my ear that I could feel her breath on the earlobe and said: "Thank you." A little disappointed but not the least bit angry at her I removed my hands from her ass.

But then she added: "But I do want to." She straightened back up and I could see the smile on her face which showed me that she had enjoyed fooling me for a second and I saw the fire in her eyes that showed me that she really wanted to.

I turned us around so that I was lying on top of her. I continued to thrust into her tight pussy for a couple more strokes and then pulled out of her. I took a tube of lube from a drawer in the nightstand and slid down to lick her pussy.

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After she had cotton into the licking I applied some lube to my finger and started caressing her asshole, never stopping the licking. She enjoyed the combination of my tongue and the stimulation of her anus very much, moaning and pressing her cunt up and into my mouth and her ass against my hand. After her ass was lubed up enough on the outside I put a bit more lube on my finger and started gently working it into her ass.

I started off with just a bit and then, slowly and carefully while still licking her I worked the whole finger into her tight ass. At first she was not comfortable with it, moving her hips away from the invading digit but she got used to it and after a while I could feel that her ass reacted to my tongue and my finger.

I felt her sphincter contracting around my finger when I sucked on her clit and felt her moving her hips to meet my thrusts. That was the moment to start working a second finger into her. Again I applied lube before inserting. Even more this time then I had before. And again it took her a while to get used to it but eventually she got used to it and started moaning, grunting and breathing heavily as I fucked her with my fingers.

"Ready for my dick?" She nodded and I told her to turn onto her stomach and spread her ass with her hands. I straddled her upper thighs so that her ass was in front of me.

The perfect appleshape stood up from the bed and I just had to grab it and squeeze the cheeks. Her ass was gaping a bit open from my finger work and her stretching but it was still ust a tight little opening and it would still be a stretch to get my prick in. I saw the muscle ring contracting rhythmically.

It looked like her ass was breathing or talking. I took the lube and applied a big glob of it onto the hole and spread it around with the tip of my dick. Then I started to press in.

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I could feel her asshole spreading around my dick and then, suddenly I slid in with a "plop" sensation. She breathed in hard and I knew it had hurt her. I stayed still for a moment and waited for her to get used to the feeling of my dick in her backdoor. Her sphincter was tight around the thinnest part of my dick, right under the head and I felt her ass stretching more as I started moving.

The feeling was completely different from fucking her cunt. But it was not better and I started wondering what the fuss was about. The muscle ring at the entrance was a lot tighter but the massaging feeling farther in was just not the same as her cunt offered. But I wanted to do it all the way because you have to try everything once so I started working my dick deeper into her.

Knowing that her ass had accommodated to the size of my dick I told her to let go of her asscheeks and start working her pussy as I lay down flat on her back and slid my hands under her to grab her tits.

Using long and slow strokes I fucked her ass lying flat on her back with my hands on the tits. I kneaded the big, warm mounds and slowly she started to press her ass up into my strokes as her arousal build faster due to her handiwork. The muscles in her ass contracted every time she pulled away from me as my hips moved up and hers moved down.

I felt the muscles pulling on my dick and she got more out of her pussy as she pressed her pelvis down and into the bed and her hand. So the moment of the most intense feeling was the same for both of us and soon we were moaning together. It started feeling better with every minute. Tina was going wild under me, her orgasm approaching due to the stimulation of her ass and pussy at the same time and then she put her hand on my ass and pressed me into her during my thrusts.

I took that as a hint and started to fuck her ass harder and deeper. She was enjoying it, moaning and grunting as I fucked into her ass and then I felt her cumming under me. Her body spasmed uncontrollably and I could feel every muscle in her ass and in her pussy contracting. I grabbed her tits hard and heard her scream. For a moment I thought I had hurt her and released the grip on her tit but then I felt her left hand over my left hand and she pressed it against her flesh.

Again I took my hint from her and grabbed hard and then I felt myself erupting into her. The fucking had not been better then pussy but the orgasm was a whole different world. The tight grip her sphincter had on the base of my cock somehow changed it. It felt like my body did not want to stop the orgasm until a certain amount of sperm had been shot but the tightness of the hole didn't let much through so the waves of my orgasm were drawn out and there were far more. I have never before orgasmed so long and so hard and I think neither had Tina.

We were lost in it, my waves feeding on hers and hers on mine. I can't say how long it took until I collapsed on top of her completely spend. I needed a couple of seconds until I recovered enough to realize that I was putting close to 200 pounds of pressure on my girlfriend and I rolled to the side so we were spooning with my dick still in her ass but getting limb slowly.

"That was great. I think I'm going to fuck your tight ass every day from now on." "If you must" she answered with an ironic tone and we both laughed. After I had caught my breath I pulled my dick out of her and then pulled her hip up so she was in a doggy position.

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I watched my sperm slowly dribble out of her ass and then I saw her ass close shut, cutting the flow of. I scooped up a bit of the sperm and got out of the bed. I wanted to go hit the shower to get cleaned up but I wanted to tease Tina a bit before. "Now, I take the time, make the effort, give you such a nice gift and then you just squeeze it out?" I asked her showing her the drop of semen on my finger. I was smiling and it was meant as a joke.



But instead of laughing or mock indignation, she looked back at me, said: "Now, we can't have such a waste, can we?" And closed her lips around my finger, licking all the sperm of and then continuing to suck on it. Then she got up and went past me to the bathroom to shower. I stood there in astonishment, unable to move and started asking myself, not for the first time in the last two days, how much of her behavior was my doing and how much had always been there just waiting to be freed.

Chapter 12 It was dark outside again and it was hot. Sweat was running down my body and my hair was sticking to my skin. My muscles were working beneath my skin as I was thrusting into Tina's wet pussy. I was lying on top of her, her legs wrapped around my body, my lips on her neck and hers on mine. My arms were beside her body, supporting my weight and her arms were around me.

One of her hands was in my hair, pressing my head against the side of her neck; the other was on my butt, guiding my thrusts into her, guiding my pelvis against her clit with each thrust. I could feel her soft breast against my chest and I felt my body gliding over hers, our combined sweat a lubricant for the motion. She was breathing heavily under me from the exhaustion and the arousal, same as me. I felt her hips moving against mine on each thrust and felt her thighs contracting around my body, her legs pulling me in when I was moving out.

I felt the way her pussy was massaging and pulling at my dick. With the rhythmic movement, the heat, the sound of our breathing and our moans I felt my head getting empty and random thoughts were popping into my head.

Over a week had passed since that night when I took her anal virginity and my mind started to replay events from those last two weeks. We had fallen into a routine minus the unpleasant boredom that is usually associated with that word. We woke up every morning around 9 and made love. Sometimes it would be gentle, caring and sometimes rough and wild but every time it was wonderful and driven by a mixture of lust and love.

It usually started with her waking up and starting to gently suck or stroke me and soon the desire to be in her would overcome me. After that we showered together and then we went to breakfast. Then the beach. She wore just her bikini bottoms (we had bought a couple of strings which brought out her curves in the hotel shop) and for the way to the beach she would put on a white T-Shirt. We lay in the sun and enjoyed the heat. Sometimes she would sit on me and we kissed, her breasts crushed against my chest and her ass thrust out as she sat on my so that everybody could see it in all its glory and could even see the sides of her butthole around the string between her cheeks.

And once or twice we went into the water.


She would wrap her legs around me under the surface and I would take out my dick, move the crotch of her string to the side and enter her, letting the waves move our bodies and enjoying how the little movements brought us closer and closer as we kissed and fucked with everybody on the beach seeing us and everybody suspecting what was going on. Images of her perfect breasts with the sweat running down them, with the occasional patch of beachsand glued to them flashed across my mind only to be replaced by images of her on the way back to our room, the white shirt transparent with water from the quick dip she took before putting it on on the beach.

The way she walked through the hotel, pretending that she was not aware how her tits were on display and that every men and even quite a lot of the women were staring at her. And I knew I had to see them now, see them jiggling and oily and beautiful.

I turned us around so she was on top of me. She straightened her body up. I was lying flat on my back, my hands roaming over her legs, her ass, her stomach and finally resting on her breasts, kneading and fondling them, playing with the soft flesh, enjoying the way it felt in my hands as she moved her hips back and forth over mine causing my dick to go in and out of her. I thrust up to meet her moves and lost myself in thoughts again.

After coming back to our room we would shower and make videos. Our archive was constantly growing. Striptease, masturbation, blowjobs and POV sex. We even tried some pretty naughty stuff. I once even peed into her mouth on camera as she was kneeling on the bathroom floor fingering her cunt. She swallowed it all as she came and then she sucked my dick clean and licked her lips.

I especially enjoyed when she told stories of what we were doing while she masturbated for the camera, tales of our beach outings and how much she enjoyed making all the guys around us horny. I enjoyed watching her play with her boobs or oiling them up. With every day in the sun the caramel of her skin became darker and her hair a bit lighter and with every day with her she became more beautiful and sexier to me. After the videos came dinner and then we would go back to our room, doze a bit lying in each other's arms before we would make love again.

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I fucked her ass almost every night. She loved it, loved the strong orgasms and the feeling but it was uncomfortable for her to walk after having been assfucked so we only did it right before going to sleep. We had experimented with new positions. I had fucked her standing up, spooning, doggy style and in missionary and it had been perfect for both of us every time. The thought of her tight anus pulling at my dick brought me back into the present.

I curled upwards until I was sitting with my upper body vertical, just like hers. Then I lowered her back onto the bed. I was kneeling on the bed with her lower back resting on my knees so that her ass was a bit higher than her head and her pussy was pointing right up at the ceiling. My dick had slipped out of her during the maneuver and I took it in my hand and pointed the tip at her sphincter.

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She grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart, opening her ass for me a bit so I could slip in more easily. During missionary so much of her pussyjuice had ran down her crack that she was already lubed up enough and with a little push my dickhead went straight in. She let go of her asscheeks and put on hand between her legs which were spread far apart and gave me a great view of her fingering her snatch.

Her other hand moved to her breasts. I love to watch her play with those full fleshy mounds, I could watch all day how she pulls at her nipples and firmly grabs her tits, making the flesh come out between her fingers.

As I started to move in and out of her ass, going deeper with each thrust, she started to do the same to her pussy with her middle and index finger. She matched her movements to mine so that she pulled out when I was pushing in and vice versa.

I put my arms around her legs from the outside until my hands were resting on the upper side of her thighs and pulled her in on my thrusts, getting even deeper into her ass. Soon her moans turned into grunts. She was approaching a strong, screaming orgasm and I was not far behind. My dick was aimed downward in this position and with its natural position being upward it pushed hard against the thin membrane between her pussy and ass.

The stimulation that gave her was only matched by the feelings it gave me as I thrust into her again and again. I took my eyes of her cunt and tits for a second to look into her eyes and although her face was contorted by lust and passion I could see her eyes looking straight back at mine and as we locked eyes and I could see those golden orbs smiling at me I lost all control.

With a scream I pushed deep into her and started erupting rope after rope of hot cream deep into her. The feeling of the hot sauce hitting the skin between her ass and pussy triggered her own orgasm and her scream drowned out my own as she pushed her fingers deep into her and drew her hand back, pressing her palm firmly against her clit. Again our orgasms fed on each other like they had that first time but this time, with our eyes locked at each other the wild animal lust was augmented by the deep love between the two of us and we were still resting in that position, looking at each other long after our orgasms had ended.

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We had not said a word during all of this and there somehow was no need to. It was beautiful and perfect and hot just the way it was. After I had pulled out and we were lying side by side I pulled her in tight and enjoyed the warmth of her body. Then I let go a bit to get enough distance to be able to look into her eyes as I said: "Do you remember what I said what the next part of this would be for us?" "You mean about another woman?

Yes, I do remember." "Well", I answered "I thought about that and seeing how things are between us right now, I am not sure anymore if I really want that. I mean, I do want to but I don't want to do anything that hurts you. So the choice is yours. If you say 'no', then 'no' it is." And I meant it. Over the last week I had discovered that although she was not programmed for it, she enjoyed all of our activities and I was happy and did not want to push her into anything she did not want.

"Well, to be honest", she answered "I am curious if any girl could match your skills in licking my pussy." With that she turned around, snuggled her ass close to my crotch and closed her eyes.

And again I was lying there perplexed wondering who that girl next to me really was and where in my girlfriend she had been hiding for the last 2 years.