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Two hot Snapchat Sluts Live
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I've decided to take some of the themes listed in the story menu, and to write around each particular perversion. This first concerns the "Cuckold." I hope that it amuses and excites those connoisseurs who like to read of that particular kink.

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_________________________ Sophie, having led such a sheltered life, had little in mind except for the sexual aspects of marriage when, at the tender age of nineteen, she let herself be swept off her feet in a whirlwind romance, and gave her love to Barry, a man much older than herself. From puberty, Sophie had been constantly tormented with sexual desire, and now that she was married, she was ready to satiate her lust and to fuck like an animal. What she soon found though, was not the hours of torrid sexual passion that she so desperately needed, but instead, a husband who fucked for some minutes, then rolled over satisfied and went to sleep.

Dismayed by this turn of events, Sophie would, night after night, take one of her shampoo or body lotion bottles and fuck herself, masturbating until she attained orgasm. Having always lived at home with her strict parents, Sophie had never been able to explore the many facets of the internet; now though, she had plenty of time to explore, and soon searched out various wonderful pornography sites. At first, she did this in private, but then determined that she should show her husband Barry, with the hope that it might inspire him to greater sexual performance.

Accordingly, one night while they were together, she opened one of these graphically lewd sites, then called her husband to see, pretending that she'd just stumbled upon it. Barry's reaction was anything but what Sophie had hoped for; "my God," he'd exclaimed in shock, "how did you come upon such disgusting filth," and he took the mouse from his wife's hand, and quickly closed the page. Let it not be thought that Barry, because of his lack of sexual prowess, didn't love his young wife; far from it, he loved her dearly, and was always most caring, tender and affectionate towards her.

Sophie too, loved her husband, although, because of her unsatisfied sexual lust, she found herself constantly daydreaming of adulterous exploits with other men.

This state of affairs continued for some six or seven months after their wedding, but then several events occurred that altered their whole relationship. One night, Barry had as usual, fallen fast asleep after having fucked his wife.


Sophie had lain there fondling her now quite sloppy pussy. Her husband always ejected a copious quantity of sperm, and Sophie smiled as she thought to herself, "at least he lubricates me nicely." Soon the shampoo bottle came into play.

Sophie now kept it always on her bedside table in readiness, and now she was slowly sliding it in and out, in and out of her squelching pussy as the fingers of her free hand caressed and rubbed around her clitoris and also slid into her pussy alongside the bottle that substituted for a cock or dildo.

As she did this she thought of the beautiful pictures that she'd seen on the net: beautiful big, hard cocks that fucked girl's mouths and pussies. Soon she was getting excited and the bed began to rock rhythmically as Sophie sighed and softly moaned as she slowly neared orgasm. "Mmmm, fuck me like a whore," she sighed softly as she thought of one particularly wonderful cock that she'd seen on the internet.

Suddenly she was shocked and horrified. Her husband, having been woken from his slumber by the bed's then violent lurching as Sophie had gotten carried away, sat up in bed exclaiming, "my God Sophie, what are you saying, what are you doing." Sophie froze with fright.

"I must have been dreaming," she gasped, saying the first thing that came to mind. "What appalling language. What disgusting things to be dreaming," he carried on. Sophie screwed up her eyes and stopped her ears with her hands in the darkness, as he husband continued with his righteous indignation. Soon though, he yawned and was soon fast asleep again.

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Now, two nights later, whether Barry purposely forced himself to stay awake after having found his wife masturbating and thinking such obscene thoughts, we don't know. What we do know is that he did in fact lie there awake, perhaps pretending to be asleep, until Sophie took her shampoo bottle into the bed and began fucking herself as usual. Suddenly Barry sat up and clicked the bedside light on.

Sophie had pushed the covers aside and, with knees up and thighs spread, had the bottle inserted deeply into her wet, slippery pussy. The light shone brightly onto her, revealing all to her husband. Sophie, feeling extreme embarrassment and shame, resorted to attack as a form of defence; "well what do you expect she said angrily, you fuck me for five minutes and go to sleep.

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I need more than that, much more." There was a brief exchange of nasty words before Sophie broke down into sobbing tears. Her husband, melting at her tearful distress, forgot everything and began comforting her so that soon everything settled down and no more was said. Next morning at breakfast, Sophie felt so embarrassed; her husband however, said nothing of the previous night's events, and soon they both went their different ways to their separate places of employment.

The one thing that resulted from the event, was that for many nights, Barry made no sexual advances whatsoever, so that after a week's time, Sophie was frustrated and desperate for at least that brief fucking that they'd previously engaged in. Sophie thought that her husband was doing this as some form of chastisement towards her, but the fact was that he was embarrassed at the revelation that he was simply not good enough in bed.

Sophie made every effort to get her husband to return to their former situation, but her advances all seemed to be shunned. Eventually, one night after having been spurned once more, Sophie in absolute frustration of unsatisfied lust, got out of bed, grabbing her shampoo bottle as she did so, and went to the computer in their living room.

Opening one of the pornography sites she began trawling through the lewd pictures while she sat, legs apart, fucking herself with her bottle.

Barry thought that Sophie had gone to the bathroom, or the kitchen to get a drink of water, but after she didn't return, he got up and went to investigate. On finding his wife, and seeing what she was looking at, and seeing what she was doing, he simply muttered the single word, "disgusting," and went back to bed, leaving his wife to carry on with what she was about.

The next night, Barry fucked his young wife vigorously and quite roughly. It was their first fuck for some ten or twelve days, and they both enjoyed it, Sophie in fact, almost climaxing. After that, their regular fucking resumed, but also after that, Sophie, quite brazenly, and almost every night, spent time on the various sex sites, while her husband sat nearby watching television or reading a book. Nothing at all was said about this new pastime of Sophie's.

It was true that Barry, was appalled at his wife's filthy interests, but in spite of this, their loving relationship didn't alter.

At first, when trawling the porno sites in her husband's presence, Sophie refrained from "chatting" with the various men who contacted her on those sex sites. As time went on though, she began to sometimes exchange brief messages, and later, she abandoned all consideration for her husband's sensibilities, and carried on sordid written exchanges with anyone who contacted her.

This sort of thing having just begun, and seeing his wife rattling away at the keyboard, Barry asked his wife what she was so busy typing at. "Oh just replying to a couple of men who are messaging me," she had replied in an offhand and unconcerned manner. "Humph," her husband had grunted in contempt, "I can just imagine the sort of filth that they'd be saying to you too." Sophie had simply laughed gaily in reply, and said, "yes." Eventually Sophie's typing stopped, and she got up from the computer, telling her husband that she was going for a shower.

After his wife had been gone a few minutes, Barry quietly got up and went to the door and listened. Yes, he could hear the water running and knew that his wife wouldn't be back for some time. He then went to the computer, which his wife had left with her messaging still open. Scrolling up the screen to the commencement, he began to read the absolute filth that the two men had been telling his wife: how they'd both fuck her together and how they'd have her suck their cocks, no detail was omitted from their explicit descriptions, and more shocking for Barry, was his wife's disgusting and encouraging responses.

Some time later, Sophie returned, and immediately noticed that the position of the computer page had altered slightly.


She smiled at the realisation that her husband had been reading her dirty talk and knew exactly what she'd been up to. "Did you like reading my computer chat," she asked in a soft, sexy voice as she sat down close to him and slid her tongue into his ear as her hand slid up the inside of her thigh. "I wish you wouldn't do that sort of thing, especially talking to those sorts of men," her husband complained.

Sophie just laughed, and going back to the computer, looked to see if she had any sexy messages from other men. There was never any specific event that developed this queer relationship in their marriage, it just gradually developed.

Barry was too scared of losing his wife's affections, and too weak to make a stand and put a stop to her on line sexual activities which he found so disgusting and so demeaning to himself. Soon, on the odd occasions when he complained about what she was doing, Sophie would tease him, telling him of the huge cocks that her men friends had, and of how they all wanted to fuck her so that she could know what a real man was like. Barry felt so belittled and such a weakling when his wife talked like this, and so, he soon stopped mentioning anything about what his wife was doing.

Time passed, and Sophie and Barry's first wedding anniversary was approaching. Barry had it in mind to take his wife out for a nice romantic dinner to mark the event. A few days before the date though, Sophie announced to him that she'd been invited to a party, and that it was on the very day of their anniversary.

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"But it's our first anniversary," Barry complained in dismay. Sophie just laughed and said, in an offhand manner that they could go out another day. She then, in answer to her husbands questions, told him that the party was with a number of people from the internet sex site that she visited. Barry was horrified but didn't complain for fear of being subjected to aspersions regarding his lack of sexual manhood.

He anguished over the thought of his wife going to see such people, and then, on the evening of their anniversary, when he saw his wife dressing in her sexiest and skimpiest clothing, he was thrown into total despondency and mental anguish.

Soon Sophie was leaving, and went off in a state of gaiety and excitement, kissing her husband as she went, and telling him, "don't worry darling, I still love you," but then couldn't help but add, "even though you're not a good fuck," and went off giggling. Barry spent the long hours that his wife was away, in mental torment.

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At midnight he began expecting her home, but the time slowly crept on and on and on. One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock. It was almost three thirty when he finally heard a cab pull up at the front of the house. His wife was coming home. She looked radiantly happy when she entered the house. "Still up?" she giggled tipsily as she gave him a brief kiss. Barry was despondent to see his wife so happy and carefree.

"Did you have a good time?" he asked, already knowing what the answer would be. "Oh, a wonderful, wonderful time," Sophie replied as she sank onto the sofa and smiled at the remembrance of all that had taken place.

"Were there many there," Barry then asked, his mind racked with jealousy and despair. Sophie giggled happily, "no," she tittered, "it was all a trick.

There were only four others." "Two couples?" her husband suggested questioningly, unsure whether it was a good or a bad thing that there had been so few people. "Oh no," Sophie smiled as she stretched out luxuriously on the sofa, "just four men." Barry's jaw dropped and he stared at his wife in dismay. "Four men," he repeated, his mind tormented with wretched jealousy. "What were you doing the whole time?" he managed to stammer out. Sophie giggled in her oh so happy, and so tipsy state, "don't be silly sweetheart," she answered, reaching up and pulling her husband closer to plant a kiss on his cheek, "what do you think happened." Barry groaned as if in pain.

"and on our wedding anniversary of all nights," he moaned. Sophie's adulterous affairs really took off after that. She went out frequently to be fucked by one or more of those four men. Sometimes they would even phone her, and she would have conversations with them within her husband's hearing. "Hello darling," he would hear his wife saying when she heard who it was on the phone. "Ooo, yes," and lots of giggling from his wife would have him seething with jealousy at what he imagined they were talking about.

Once he heard her saying, "oh yes, he's here," and then "oh he isn't very happy about it but he's no good in bed . not like you darling," followed by lots of giggling laughter between his wife and whoever it was she was talking to.

On one horribly humiliating occasion for Barry; he was out with his wife when they met up with one of these men. "Hello baby," the guy had happily greeted Sophie, and had kissed her full on the lips right there before him.

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"This is Barry, my husband," Sophie had said by way of introduction. "Hi," the man had said, briefly turning his attention towards Barry and shaking his hand. The guy had then totally ignored him and turned his attention back to Sophie, "How about coming around tonight?" he'd asked Sophie who had then readily agreed.

"I'll line up Charlie and Fred," the guy had said. Then on Sophie showing such enthusiasm at this suggestion, the guy laughingly told her, "you love it three ways you sexy little slut." Sophie and the guy had again kissed, professing love for each other, then Sophie and her husband had then continued on their way, with Barry feeling totally belittled and humiliated by what had occurred.

It was shortly after this that Sophie informed her husband that one of her friends, Charlie, was having his apartment redecorated, and that she'd told him that he could stay with them for some days. Charlie arrived, and after being introduced to Barry, made himself at home. Sophie was all attention to her friend, looking after his every need and comfort. After dinner they had all watched a movie and then Sophie announced to her husband that she and Charlie were going to take a shower.

Barry felt embarrassed at this humiliation among the many other humiliations. Worse was to come though. Sophie, returning from having her shower with Charlie, and now dressed in a sexy baby-doll nightie, said to her husband, "you'll have to make the best you can of the sofa tonight, Charlie and I are having the bedroom. Charlie was standing their at Sophie's side, and grinning broadly.

Barry cringed under this new disparagement, but simply nodded in agreement. Soon, laying stretched out on the sofa, with a pillow under his head, Barry first heard lots of laughter and tittering from the bedroom, before it subsided into lots of soft moaning groans of delight, along with animal grunting, and much subdued talk which he strained to hear but couldn't quite catch.

"Oh God," Barry groaned to himself in an impotent rage of jealousy. "How did my marriage ever come to this twisted state of affairs." but he lay there and did nothing. He knew he was weak. He knew that he was laughed and sneered at, but he could do nothing in his pathetic impotence. In the bedroom, Sophie and Charlie were fucking lustfully.

"It turns me on fucking you with your husband just out there," Charlie told Sophie. "Would you like to fuck me in front of him?" Sophie had panted, eager to please her adulterous friend in any way that she could.

"Fuck, that would be fantastic," Charlie had replied. Sophie, who had been sitting on top of Charlie's massive cock, climbed off and went into the living room where her husband was still awake and listening to the sounds of his wife's lovemaking with the usurper of his marriage rights. "Darling," Sophie said, "come into the bed with us, you can't be comfortable here." "I'm all right Barry had muttered in reply.

Sophie tried to insist, but her husband was stubborn. She decided to just tell him the truth. "Charlie wants to fuck me in front of you," she told her husband bluntly. "God, don't you think this isn't bad enough for me already", Barry complained sullenly.

"I don't care what you feel," Sophie told him, "if Charlie wants that, then he'll have it," and she tried to pull her suffering husband from the sofa. Barry was adamant that he wouldn't move. "I'm not doing that for his perverted tastes," he complained. "Do it for me then," Sophie said, "I want to be fucked by him with you watching." Barry was shocked.

He would do anything to keep his wife, and a moment later he was following Sophie back to the bedroom. Charlie turned all of the lights on so that they were totally illuminated. "Let me fuck your mouth in front of him baby," he told Sophie, treating the husband like some worthless rubbish. Barry stood their like a dumb animal, watching the guy fuck Sophie's mouth vigorously so that she gasped and choked on his huge member.

"See how I'm fucking your wife's mouth as if she was a filthy whore," Charlie sneered at Barry. Then he said to Sophie, "come on slut, now let him see how your cunt should really be fucked." He said this in such a rough, crude way that Sophie was thrilled, and she too sneered at her husband and made comments about her being fucked properly.

Charlie fucked Sophie hard and lustfully, tremendously excited about doing this in front of her husband. After some minutes of fucking, Charlie turned again towards where Barry was still standing and watching. "Did you know that your wife is a whore and likes it up her ass?" he asked but of course got no response.

"Get on all fours slut," he then told Sophie. Sophie needed no prompting. "Let me hear you telling your husband how you want me to fuck your ass bitch," Charlie sneered. Sophie giggled and turned her face to her husband, "darling," she began in a soft, sexy, and sensuous voice, "I love having Charlie fuck me up my backside." She then looked at Charlie and they laughed together as Charlie made good his intention, and slowly slid his huge, solid cock right up into Sophie's anal tunnel.

"Oh my God, what filth, and to think that she was so pure and sweet," Barry moaned in his misery. After this expansion of her games of infidelity, Sophie and her friends took things even further, with the four men coming regularly to Barry's house and gang-banging Sophie in the most debauched and filthy ways imaginable. Strangely though, Barry, over the following months, came to be proud of the way his wife was the centre of attention and so popular with these other men.

Gradually he came to feel great satisfaction at seeing her so much in demand and enjoying herself so very much. This odd relationship flourished and Barry and Sophie came to love each other more deeply than they had when married.

Over the years, Sophie's sex partners came and went, but her marriage outlasted those of many of her more "normal" friends.