Gorgeous sapphic lesbian masturbates hard

Gorgeous sapphic lesbian masturbates hard
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[Had to re-post to fix something. I would appreciate negative votes coming with an explanation of what they didn't like. Please don't troll. Thanks for reading!] For the first time during this experience, I actually had more girls in mind than trips back remaining. That meant it was time to stop jumping back into the first thing that came to mind, and to start truly planning this out. I brought up a document on my computer and typed out the names of every girl I was still considering.

A couple has stars next to them, indicating I was already committing to the idea of going back to see them in particular. I had two stars, meaning I only had two trips up in the air.

Then I listed all of the girls that remained in contention. "Shit" I said audibly after seeing 11 names written down in total. Now came the hard part.

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I had to eliminate seven of the nine maybes. Ironically, this took me longer than all the time I had been gone in total so far.

Luckily, the device didn't burn any real life time while you left, so it was only about an hour after I had left the first time. Slowly, one by one, I eliminated girls from the list, like some kind of playoff sporting event.

After the first round of cuts, I was left with eight total names, so six maybes with only four spots. I couldn't break the deadlock at this point, so I decided this was enough of a start to allow me to make my next decision. One way to decide this list was to just go for one right now. As I looked over each individual name, the image of the girl flashed in my mind.

As each girl came up, I thought about all of the possible scenarios with them. Most of the girls were from my college days, again suffering from the same fate of being on lockdown during that time.

After enough thought, I finally settled on my choice.


There was a girl, Stephanie, who was in a few of my classes during college. She was a little above average height for a girl, with shorter but cutely styled black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She had a really petite body, which probably meant small B cups, but incredibly shaped arms, legs, and stomach. She was a runner and went to the gym regularly. Even though I was in the midst of my relationship, I remember flirting with her regularly. The one night that really made me think about things was when our friend, Allie, said something in front of everyone.

"I know it's awful of me to say since you have a girlfriend" she looked towards me. "But I really picture you two as a couple." I'm sure there was awkward laughter and some blushing.

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But she wasn't totally wrong. We probably would have made a good enough couple. Stephanie was really pretty, too. It had been a shame to have never gotten a shot. I had clearly made my decision. I grabbed my device, thought of those words, and hit the button.

A brief flash of light and I was about four or five years in the past. It took me a few seconds to get my bearings, but I was with a bunch of my college friends, on campus during a class break.

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I had clearly just said something funny because Stephanie shoved me playfully and everyone was laughing. A few seconds later I heard a familiar sentiment with a slightly different ring.

"You two should just go out and get it over with already" Allie laughed. As I had remembered, there was laughter, and I saw a small blush on Stephanie's tan skin. Someone poked their head out of the door and said class was starting again and we all made our way back inside. "Damn it" I thought with a laugh. "Here I am back in school." I had forgotten how long these days could be.

I had to sit through more than an hour of boring lecture before we finally got out. A few of us left together and started walking away from the building. The sun was setting on a relatively nice afternoon, and as we made small talk I finally stopped and looked at Stephanie. "Hey, do you want to go do something tonight?" I asked her with a smile. "Finally!" I head Allie yell, eavesdropping nearby. "Y-yeah, sure" Stephanie smiled, seemingly surprised that I finally asked.

I had no idea how the time line appeared to her, since this device was able to make her believe I was single without really taking into consideration how long we had already known each other.

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It made for a lack of an explanation on why I waited so long with some of these girls. "How about a movie?" I suggested. There was a nice movie theater that was within walking distance. She nodded and the two of us went off, but not without some teasing from Allie. "Have her home by eight please" she giggled, and I remembered the two of them were roommates at a nearby apartment complex. As we made our way to the theater, there wasn't much talking.

I might have made a little bit more of an effort to keep a steady flow of conversation, but something about knowing the device couldn't last made me a little lazy.

I mean, sure, I could stick around longer, but I wasn't sure what it would accomplish. At worst, it would be a waste of time, and at best, it would just be more memories, which were a bit of a double-edged sword sometimes.

A few of these trips back had been amazingly satisfying, but others were nearly haunting. To know the relationships I could have had over the years was almost tougher to deal with, as opposed to the total what-if games. We got up to the ticket counter, and I looked at the choices with a smile. All of these movies were so old at this point, so I picked something at random and paid for us.

She thanked me and we made our way into the back of a pretty sparsely filled theater. The movie started and I put my arm around Stephanie.

She was only wearing a tank top and pants, clearly unsuspecting of what was going to end up happening today. I felt her firm, petite arm and shoulder as I kept her close to me. About halfway through the movie, she moved back towards her seat and looked at me. I wasn't about to play shy during this trip back, and quickly moved in to kiss her.

The two of us sat in the back of the movie theater for about an hour, making out and slowly exploring each other with our hands. Our tongues wrestled and danced and my hand felt her small, perky breasts against her tank top. It was clear that she had been ready for me to ask her out for a while because she wasn't depriving me of access to anything.

After a while, I dipped my hand underneath her tank top and felt her soft, smooth skin on her petite, hard body. I felt her hip bones sticking out, ever so slightly, as they do in really fit girls.

As I started to make my way higher, the credits hit and the lights went up. I cursed to myself and laughed. I gave her one more kiss and stood up to leave with her. The walk to her apartment was too short, but was filled with hand holding. We stopped as we reached her door. "You can come in" Stephanie said.

"I really don't think Allie will mind" she continued with a laugh. "Coming inside on a first date?" Allie laughed as soon as we got inside. "Now, now kids." "That's what she said" Stephanie laughed and shoved her roommate. "Now go entertain yourself." Stephanie and I went into her room and she shut her door.

"I have to admit I've been hoping you'd ask me out for a while" she laughed and blushed a little. "Yeah, I don't know what took me so long" I laughed in response. "I guess my dream the other night made it obvious for me." "What dream?" she scooted towards me and looked at me with interest.

In reality there had been no dream. But I figured a story like this could only lead to good things. "I really shouldn't say" I laughed. "Please tell me!" she insisted. "Well" I started. "It involved you, me, and a shower." She looked at me with a little bit of surprise at first, but her face quickly turned to a smile. She got up and opened her door, poking her head out and looking around. Then she motioned with her head for me to follow her. The two of us power walked our way to her bathroom and she quickly locked the door.

"You know she's going to find out anyway" I laughed. "Oh well" she giggled and looked at me. She pulled her tank top up and over her head, leaving her in just a black lace bra. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and bit her lip.

I took my own shirt off and then embraced her for a kiss. She reached into the shower and turned the water on, which only served to expedite the process. Water running meant she wanted to be in there, and being in there meant we would be naked, and in a hurry. She broke our kiss to slide her jeans down her fit, slender legs, leg muscles briefly showing as she stepped out of them. Then she turned away from me, quickly unhooked her bra and slid it off, followed by her black and white lace panties, and stepped into the shower, without giving me anything but the view of her gorgeous, firm and tanned ass.

I removed my bottoms and boxers and joined her in the shower. I saw her gasp as my erection gave away my size, but her eyes were brought back up as I kissed her.

I made my way from her lips to her neck, and then to her breasts. I took nearly all of her small, perky breasts into my mouth, running my tongue around her rock hard nipples.

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I stepped back long enough to admire her figure, seeing those hip bones subtly sticking out. It wasn't a malnourished look but rather the look of a really skinny, fit girl. Before I could finish admiring her body, she dropped to her knees and her soft hand grasped my cock.

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She pumped me a few times before licking up and down the big underside vein. In a matter of seconds, she was on the head, sucking on it and playfully flicking her tongue against the sensitive underside of the head.

My breathing increased and I placed my hands on her head. She didn't waste any time in making me feel good, as her hands went right to my balls, and she massaged them while starting to suck more of my cock faster.

Her head quickly bobbed up and down as her hand went from my balls to the base of my cock, sometimes sliding her finger against my underside vein. It was probably the best blowjob I had ever experienced, and combined with the arousal of the situation, I knew this was going to be a quicker one. She pumped me harder and never took her hand off my balls, rubbing them just enough to really get me going. I felt her tongue slide around my head and she grinned as she felt me getting stiffer.

This only made her more determined and she pumped harder, licking the tip while I was still inside her mouth. My heavy breathing turned to grunts as she expertly brought me over the edge, letting me burst inside her mouth.

She licked the tip and rubbed my balls as I came hard, holding her head for support, before she finally popped her mouth off of my cock and took some on her face. I shuddered as I watched myself paint her gorgeous face, as she took it all with a smile. She was so good that my head was spinning slightly, and I gently sat down on the floor of the shower.

I knew this would be a good position to return the favor anyway. She looked down at me, cum dripping from her cheek, as I gripped the insides of her firm thighs and got onto my knees to bring my face to the level of her beautiful shaved pussy.

I spread her legs just enough to get my face between them, spread her tight lips with my fingers, and slowly let my tongue poke her clit.

She was aroused enough that even this light touch set her into a series of moans, before they turned louder once I really got going.

I roughly flicked my tongue against her clit, sometimes sucking on it, as my hands gripped her tight ass. She had a hand on my head, to steady herself as I had done, as I sucked harder on her clit. "Fuck, fuck, yes" she moaned as I worked on her clit. She was built up enough that she quickly went over the edge, and I watched in amazement as her tight stomach rippled in orgasm.

It was a beautiful thing to watch her skinny frame cum hard.

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As much as I wanted to continue the oral assault, I was pretty sure we both really wanted a little bit more. I stood up and she looked at me seductively.

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I steadied my legs on the bottom of the shower and invited her to climb onto my body. I knew she was skinny enough for this position to be possible, and she excitedly wrapped her arms around my back and let me lift her weight off of the ground. It was pretty easy to keep her petite body off the ground, and now I just needed to line her up. I lowered her just a few inches to point my manhood right between her legs. With a swift move, I impaled her tight pussy on my cock, burying myself as far as she would take me.


She let out a scream and I knew by now Allie was probably listening from outside the bathroom. "Fuck…me" she panted as I lifted her up and down my cock, thrusting inside her as I brought her down. Her small, perky breasts jiggled with the fuck and I moved my head in to suck on them.

I then kissed up to her neck and finally she brought her head down to kiss me hard on the lips, moaning into the kiss while I fucked her.


I felt her try to scream against my lips as her tight pussy started to spasm. She was cumming hard and her tiny pussy squeezed me over and over. "Please…don't…stop" she said breathlessly as I continued to fuck her in this sensual position.

I had my hands on her tight ass now, and bounced her up and down my shaft. She threw her head back in pleasure as her nipples got even stiffer. Seconds later she was cumming on my cock again, rhythmically squeezing me as her pussy contracted on me.

It was getting difficult to hold myself back from how good it felt, especially when she came. "Go ahead, cum in me baby" Stephanie cooed as she felt me start to stiffen inside her tight pussy. "Don't be shy, I know how much you came before. Fill me up. Flood me. I want it all" she continued to dirty talk me and then bit down on my ear lobe. Before I knew it, I dropped her pussy until it was completely stuffed with my cock and unloaded.

The ropes came out uncontrollably quick. I struggled but managed to keep her in the air while my cock flooded her insides. I looked down and could see the base of my cock twitching slightly with each rope of cum that spurted into her pussy. As I finished filling her, I let her legs drop back to the ground, though I left my cock inside her. We kissed passionately as the water continued to cascade down on our spent, naked bodies.