Milf With a Great Ass Fucks Harder Than Ever

Milf With a Great Ass Fucks Harder Than Ever
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Jan and Steve had been married for just over 10 years, had 3 young kids, and while they usually had good sex, it was infrequent, and as with most couples, it was at times, boring. Jan was chubby as a teen and still chubby as an adult, the years and childbirth had made her 36d teen breasts in to a luscious pair of 40dd's.

She had a sexual presence about her and was actually quite attractive to people that liked plus sized women, pleasingly plump Steve called her. He had loved seeing guys look at her from early on in their relationship, and one of his major turn ons was hearing about guys she had slept with before him. Some nights they masturbated together as foreplay, he got almost insane with desire as she fingered her pussy or worked one of their toys, and told him about a past, or fantasy lover.

Other nights he would have her call him the name of the guy in the story while they were fucking. Jan knew a good thing when she saw it, and embellished the stories, and real or invented, her lovers always had exceptionally large cocks and were insatiable, fucking her till dawn, or till her pussy just couldn't take any more.


The fantasy soon wasn't enough for him and he began to want to actually see her with another guy, and started trying to get her to agree to fuck someone if the occasion came up, then it became," let's seduce one of our friends or one of your old lovers." Neither was happening and while Jan actually tried to discouraged the whole thing, she said "at the right time and place, I might" this kept the fantasy fueled for him for a couple of years.

Their foreplay sessions seemed to lead to one guy a lot, and she had never even slept with him. He was a man named Hanson from her work, he was younger, and had a two year crush on her, and she was more than mildly attracted to him, the only problem was, he had transferred to another store some 50 miles away. He had tried for months to fuck her, and had called her a few times after he relocated, still trying, but the most she ever did was kiss him at a Christmas party, and a steamy kiss it was, his hands taking liberties with her tits and ass, it left them both breathless, and at the time she was tempted.

Jan decided if she were going to fuck another guy, it might be fun with him. She would rub her pussy or fuck a toy and tell Steve that Hanson was fucking her, and most often would cum thinking about being fucked by him, or at the very least, be soaking wet and near cumming by the time she and her husband started fucking.

The next summer, Jan and Steve went for a long weekend, and on the second night, ended up in the town where Hanson worked, whether by luck or an unconscious plan, they found themselves after several glasses of wine, at the store where Hanson worked. He was genuinely glad to see Jan again, and happy to meet Steve. He readily accepted when they invited him back to the motel for drinks.

It was almost 3 hours before he got off work, so Jan and Steve went driving for a while, then stopped and bought a sexy outfit for her, and went back to their motel. Jan was strangely quiet, and when Steve asked her if she was going to fuck Hanson, she replied, "Is that what you want"? "To see another man fuck your wife"?

"more than anything" he replied They had the usual discussions about neither of them doing anything without the other at least knowing about it, and if it didn't feel right to either of them, they could stop with no hard feelings, and, they agreed that if she were naughty or even very very naughty, the next morning it would be over and forgotten, They finished another bottle of wine while working out the agreement, and when Jan went to shower she was giddy, and horny from the frank discussion about another guy actually fucking her.

She was looking forward to at least the chance for a new and different evening. She carefully washed her pussy, resisting the urge to rub her clit and release the orgasm that had been building. She wondered how it would play out, would they both fuck her?

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How big would Hanson's cock be? How would they start?

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And the biggest question was, would she actually go through with it. Meanwhile, in the other room, Steve was stroking his hard cock, thinking about his lovely, chubby, wife under another guy, fucking back as he pushedhopefully, a nice big cock in to her. He could almost hear her moans as Hanson fucked her, and see her pussy leaking his cum when they were finished, that thought pushed him over the edge and he came, his hot cum shooting up in the air and falling back down on to his belly and legs.

Jan came out of the shower as he was cleaning upall perfumed and more than a little pissed that he didn't wait till later, and wished now that she had fucked her fingers in the shower.


She knew it would be sweeter if she held off as long as she could though, and started getting dressed in the sexy sleep outfit they had bought earlier, with the sheer, almost transparent panties and top that did little to hide her hard nipples, and neatly trimmed pussy. When Hanson arrived, Steve made drinks, and they all sat and made small talk for a while. Both noticed the bulge in Hanson's pants as he stared openly at Jan's outfit, and Steve saw this as a chance to get things started.

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He sat on the bed with Jan and started rubbing her nipples, kissing her deeply, enjoying her response to him and the situation, he was more than hopeful that his fantasy was about to come true. He lifted her top and asked Hanson if he would like to join them. Finally Hanson saw the tits he had lusted after, and could almost smell her sex, he had come so many times imagining how her tits and pussy would look, and taste, and feel.

Jan's last bit of doubt faded the minute each guy took a nipple in their mouth. The sensation was unbelievable, both breasts being sucked at the same time, and each man doing it a little differently, Steve nibbling and nipping the way she liked, Hanson swirling his tongue around her aureole which she also had always enjoyed.

They each had a hand on her legs, working slowly to her pussy, and like a perfect team, her husband tugged the sheer panties down at the crotch, and Hanson slid his fingers under the leg band and in to her pussy. Both stopped long enough for her to slip her panties off, and she put a leg on each mans lap opening her pussy, and herself to her lovers.

They both fingered her hot wet pussy; at times both men had a finger in her. They took turns rubbing her clit, and as with her nipples, each man did it just a little differently.

She lay back on the bed giving herself completely to her lovers, and wondered why she had waited so long to enjoy all these sensations.

She felt someone between her legs.


It was Hanson, licking toward her pussy, her husband was sucking her tits, pulling her nipples in to his mouth and letting them pop out noisily when he moved to the other tit. Her senses were on overload, and the orgasm she had denied herself in the shower was slowly surfacing on this new, hot tongue in her pussy.

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As her pussy started pulsing she wiggled her ass and held his head between her hands to keep his tongue on her clit, and came with another man for the first time in years. There was no turning back now, she wanted someone to fuck her, Steve suggested "company first" and she moved to the center of the bed. Hanson was undressed by now, and his cock, finally free of his trousers, stuck up proudly, a huge purple head, and a thick shaft .Broad and long, this was exactly what Steve had imagined, and he was stroking his own hard cock again as Hanson got between her legs and coaxed his cock to an even greater size.

Her husbands view was partially blocked by her leg, but seeing her reach down and place it between her pussy lips, then reach down a second time for the final adjustment was as sexy as seeing it go in.

He knew it was in her from the look on her face and when she let out a long low moan, there was no need to see it. Hanson lay on her, and kissed her for a few seconds, till she started moving her hips, then they were fucking, Steve's fantasy was finally happening right before his eyes. His sexy, chubby wife was filled with hard cock, and loving it. Hanson was not only hung, he was skilled, he really knew how to fuck, she looked at her husband and whispered "thank you" and then they were gone to a place that only two people fucking can share, she was not aware of anything but the huge cock in her, and the sensations it was causing, and Hanson, was finally fucking a woman he had had so many fantasy's about, he was totally lost in her soft wet pussy.

Steve positioned himself at the foot of the bed so he could see the big cock going in and out of his wife, he could see her pussy lips being stretched, the huge balls occasionally blocked his view, but he could still see her pussy pushing and pulsing when she came.

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She came often, sometimes he would slow and push deep in to her and let her cum around his big cock, and other times he kept fucking her hard and fast, sending her in to multiple spasms. They would stop at times, with Hanson laying on her, and they would kiss and talk, then start fucking again.

Once after Hanson came in her, he went to the bath room, and Jan stayed on her back with her legs open waiting for him to return, Steve was able to see her stretched pussy, gaping open, already well fucked, but neither she or her new lover showed any sign of being ready to stop fucking. He wondered if this would be all night session or if her pussy would get tired first. All he knew was, this man was giving his wife the fuck of her life, and they all loved it.

Steve's cock was so tired that it was only half hard and when he put it in her she wasn't receptive, saying "he will be right back," "were not done yet". Steve wasn't upset; he couldn't feel much anyway, except the hot cum in her pussy. When Hanson returned, Jan sat up and sucked his cock back to all its glory.

They were both in the mood to experiment and he fucked her doggy, then she was on top, she sucked his cock more, and he ate her to another powerful orgasm. They fucked for another half hour till both were getting tired, so he laid her on her back again, put a pillow under her ass, and this time she didn't need to guide it in. she was moaning almost constantly, begging him to fuck her, sometimes asking him to fuck her harder, sometimes pulling away slightly if he got too deep, but still moaning.

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Their pace picked up, and both were close to cumming, she started with, fuck me Hanson, fuck me, fuck me, and then both were cumming, his cock deep inside her, her ass lifted and her shoulders pinned to the mattress as he shot his cum deep in to her open and willing pussy.

When they both stopped cumming her legs slid down his to the mattress, he sagged down on top of her, they lay there kissing she occasionally would raise her pussy to him to get the last of the sensation and milk his cock totally dry., Eventually he went soft and slipped out of her, Steve's fantasy was fulfilled completely when he saw her gaping pussy, red and thoroughly fucked, leaking another mans cum. The agreement that it would be forgotten in the morning wasn't kept, it was a night both would remember the rest of their lives.

They talked about it; masturbated together talking about it, each had their own private thoughts about it when they fucked. And for a long time their sex was better and more frequent because of it. They had more adventures, but none ever compared to this night for either of them. She didn't fuck Hanson again as far as Steve knew, if she did it, was their well kept secret.