Emo twink gay eating cum together Two of our new emo dudes hit the

Emo twink gay eating cum together Two of our new emo dudes hit the
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Chapter 1 Part One "Princess, we're moving in with Dan!" mom announced excitedly. He was smiling at her with just as much enthusiasm, but his hands were trailing up and down my thighs beneath the well-covered dining table we had. He rested his hands on my upper thigh, way too near my crotch. "Your mom and I have also decided that we want you to start calling me daddy from now on" Dan grinned at me innocently, but his eyes told me that life for me was about to change drastically.

As if to prove his point, he placed his thumb over my clit for a brief second. I nearly jumped. "Ok, daddy", I said obediently.

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I met Dan, my mom's newest boyfriend when I was twelve years old, just a year ago. He was rich, probably why mom wanted to be with him.

He was also some software engineer who worked from his laptop, meaning we would be spending excessive time together when mom and I moved in with him. I have never met my real dad, so Dan was the closest thing to what I knew of fathers. At twelve, I remember him trying to touch my breasts whenever he could. He would tickle me at any chance he had, and would run his fingers over my nipples each time.

At first, I was too afraid of him to say anything, but when once, he bravely placed his hand under my shirt when my mom was at work, I got really angry. It was the first, out of many times, he would "babysit" me when mom was at work late. He had come up to my room when I was studying and pretended to have a real conversation with me. We talked about school and he asked me if I liked boys. I blushed and he took the opportunity to tickle me, asking me to "spill the beans", but his hands went under my shirt as I wiggled on the bed.

Before long, he was groping my tiny breasts. I remember every word he threatened me with when I accused him of molesting me. "Dolly, you will allow me to do whatever I want with you. This includes touching you and even fingering your pussy if I wanted to. If you disobey me even once, and I get angry at you, I will not only leave your mother but I will also tell her that I need to leave her because I find you so much more attractive than she is.

I will also hurt her physically, giving her extreme pain.

You are unable to make her as happy as I do. Do you understand me?" I stood there, fearful, knowing that Dan would be capable of carrying out each of his threats. I had nodded my head, knowing that I had lost all my rights to this monster. "Dolly, from this moment on, you will only wear skirts and dressed around the house.

I want to be able to touch your thighs whenever I choose to. Young lady, when you answer me, you will answer me with a yes, do not just nod, you hear?" "Yes, I will only wear dresses and skirts from now on" "That's my girl", Dan smiled, "now, be a good girl and take your shirt off" I trembled as I took off my top.


It was the first time I had ever allowed a male to see my naked body. He inhaled deeply, his hands reaching out to grope my breasts and tweaking my nipples.

After some time, I could see he wanted to do more, but we both heard the house door was being unlocked. "Darn, your mom's back early. If you tell her anything, I ensure both of your lives will be a living hell," he said before leaving my bedroom and headed to greet my mom. I knew he would stay the night but I didn't want to know anything that went on in my mom's bedroom. Part Two In the next few days, Dan bought me dresses, tops, and skirts.


Some of the clothes were too short for someone my height. My mom was ecstatic that Dan and I were getting along well and hushed me when I tried to hint that they were a bit too revealing.

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"You came just in time, I'm heading to meet one of my colleagues for a drink. You met Sandy before, I believe?" mom told Dan affectionately. "Of course, don't worry, I'll take good care of Dolly" Dan stated.

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He sounded so honest, but my heart rate was escalating. I was truly afraid. I stood still in the living room as Dan locked the front door after my mom had left. "So, it's just you and me, baby" Dan said. I was literally frozen to the spot.

"Why don't we watch a movie, Dolly, what would you like to watch?" I paused only a moment before answering "Can we watch a cartoon?", I asked tentatively. "Sure, let me get a DVD I have", he answered, pulling a DVD out from his computer bad and slipping it into the player. He had led me to one of the living room chairs and asked me to sit on his lap.

I obeyed despite knowing that the worst was yet to come. The cartoon was one that I had never seen before. It was in Japanese with English subtitles. The characters were doing naughty things to one another.

I didn't know how to react. "Dan, what are they doing?" I asked softly.

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His hands had been stroking my thighs the whole evening but I had hardly noticed. "They're making themselves feel very good, baby, I'll just show you one of the ways you can make yourself feel really good" he said as his hands trailed up my thighs to where my private part was.

He rubbed me and I could feel his fingers, except that it was blocked by my panties. He continued to rub me, and it felt decent. I felt dirty, though, but I didn't dare to say no.

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I decided to just let him do whatever he wanted to do. He took off my panties and asked me to hold it as he resumed fingering my private area. I felt myself getting wet down there although I didn't want to "I knew you'd like this, Dolly.and this is just the beginning".

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I shuddered at the thought.