Busty Mariah Lynn masturbates her pussy

Busty Mariah Lynn masturbates her pussy
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It was a normal day.

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(as always i was getting picked on for being kinda cubby but i never let that get me down it was just a flaw i keeped telling my self i asked girls out and they always turned me down.) i was up in a tree in the forest i could see a good view of the houses and the ocean side view.

i would go up there in the summer just to relax and get away from every thing and just gaze.

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when i was relaxing i saw the most beautifle girl. she lives next door her name was hannah.

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she was always wharing tight shorts and shirts she had. she was a child of three she had a little brother and a older brother her little brother would never leave her alone. so when i saw her she ran out of the house crying.

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she ran into the forest so i jumped out of the tree to go find her i serched for almost an hour then i heard sobing i looked up it seemded like it was comming form one of the highest branches so climed up not trying to make much noise i found her i siad hello there whats worng she looked up for a while just gazing into my eyes i was doing the same then she spoke its nothing its just i have to take all the blame will u be ok yea i will be fine what happend my oldest brother heart my little brother and then he blamed it on me thats mest up yea but its nothing i will be fine i sat by her she started scooting away kinda (it was a big branch) i started looking sad just a little she wasked me whats worng i siad its nothing im just always getting turned down by girls becuse im fat so they siad thats not ture she siad u look just fine i started to smile so i asked y did u come all the way out here just to get away she siad i do the same she scooted closer i did the same i lifted up my knee to hide my riseing boner she asked me what i was doing i siad nothing she started laying on my shoulder i moved my knee over to keep blocking it she started looking at me i turned right when i started talking i was going to ask her what she liked to do but as soon as i opened my mouth i felt her lips touch mine i was surpised i moved my knee even tho i still had a boner it wasnt big i was a late starter in puverty it made me sad every day i was only 12 at the tiime but this this was the first i was nervis becuse i dont no if that was her first kiss she i just started going with her when we where done i was stunned i was stiffer then i was light headed and was shoocked she asked me what was worng i lost the look on my face i asked was this your.

my what your first kiss she smiled and winked at me yea it was perfect to she asked me the same thing i siad yea it was perfect too we smiled she put her hand on my knee she was happy i put it down the i putmy arm on her shoulder and we just looked at each outher and started to moves are heads to kiss and like nothing could stop this perfect time my mom called for dinner i pulled back not wanting to i looked at her her eyes where misty and befor i asked her to see me the next day she got off and ran home i heard my mom call my name agin i siad i was comming the next day i was up in the same tree she didnt come i did so for the past 4 weeks i never saw her i thought she never wanted to see me agin as i was giving up hope the next day i did the same i started climbing and there she was stting on the same branch i siad how are you im good what happend i never saw u in the past 4 weeks that i got in turbel for running out of the house and they went looking for me she scooted closer to me i didnt move this time she started to lay on her side i had a growing bonner want to come out of my shorts it showed she noticed it and started smileing and put her hand on my leg i looked up becuse it wanted to gorw and couldnt she moved her hand up to my hip i looked at her and as soon as i did she was moveing her hand to closer to my to my riseing bonner i was ammzed i none about sex but not masterbation i guess she did becuse of her oldest brother she asked me do you know what im doing no i siad i have no clue she started smileling she siad ok then this might be new to u the was moving her up and down my shortes she asked if she could take them off i was still light headed so i siad yes i got up and she took them off my bonner started riseing agin it was only about 4.5 inches sadly she looked at me and smiled i guess she new that i was a late starter or just happy to see my bonner i sat back down she put her hand on my boxers and moved the slipps that where not tied or held by any thing i was ammazed i thought to my self i have done this befor but nothing happened with gorwing up with 2 brothers they siad jizm come out if u move ur hand up and down on the shaftbut i tired and nothing came out so i thought they where lieing and hannah asked me if i new what to do to make it the stuff come out becuse i told her about it i told her but siad nothing came out she asked if it felt good i siad yes mabe it might feel better when i do it you can if u want to she started it felt so much better then my hand she noticed i got tenise she asked if she hurt me no i siad it just feels so good plz dont stop she grinned she started going faster and faster i told her to slow down and nad not so rough she started to giggle i started to fell this feeling i felt so good i thought to my self could this be that jizm my brother wher talking about if so im going to try to hold it back becuse it feels so good she asked if i felt eney thing going to come out i siad yea keep going your almost there i could only hold it back after 45 seconds but it felt like forever becuse of joy and feeling i got then i cam it shot up and landed right by hannah if she didnt mover her leg it would have gotten on her leg it was getting late and i had to go i told her we both got misty eyedi told her to meet me here the next day then she started to cry i asked whats worng im moveing thats way i did this today so u whould always remember me i held her tight it will be ok and i gave her one last kiss good bye and that was the end she moved and some one moved in next to us and i thought i would never see her agin.

so i thought.

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