Sweet blonde and milf fucks sleepy dude missed how his father ravages his girlduddy

Sweet blonde and milf fucks sleepy dude missed how his father ravages his girlduddy
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I woke up the next morning feeling incredibly refreshed. It was still early, not even 7 yet, but I felt so good, ready for the day to start. Charles was still sound asleep like usual, so I quietly went to the bathroom and got ready, heading out the door into the hotel corridor.

"There you are!" my sister, exclaimed from behind me. "You're up early!" I said, very surprised to see her. "I couldn't sleep much after last night! I was too excited!" she exclaimed. "You went to the gym?" I asked, seeing her outfit and the sweat glistening on her head. "Yeah, I had to blow off some steam!" she said.

"That reminds me, do you think Chris would be able to help me out?!" she grinned, shaking her sneakers at me. I giggled, knowing he would absolutely love to! "Let's go find out!" The two of us happily walked over to his room, giggling along the way.

Surprisingly, he was already up too, sitting on his bed with his laptop. "Mom?" he asked, peering over at the doorway. "And me too!" Lily said, waving at him. I walked over to his bed, planting a deep kiss on his lips. "Morning!" I smiled, moving aside. My sister immediately replaced me. She was ever more energetic, sitting down on his bed and kissing him hard, pushing him against the bed frame. "Mhmm" she moaned, stroking her fingers though his hair.

"Mind If I use your laptop?" I asked, not waiting for Chris' answer as I picked it up from his side. I sat down at the sofa chair on the left, just watching the two of them go at it. It surprised me how much I enjoyed seeing them make out, but I guess it made sense in a way; I had spent my entire life taking care of my sister and then Chris, so seeing them so happy would always make me feel warm too.

I just didn't know I'd be this turned on as well! Chris' hands were roaming up my sister's legs, realizing for the first time that she had just finished working out.

"You ran today, Aunt Lily?" he asked cautiously, still trying to find his boundaries and comfort level. "Your mom tells me you're pretty good at cleaning her up after her yoga sessions. Do you mind doing the same with me?!" she teased, holding up her sneakers. "Mom?" Chris asked, looking over at me.

"Don't mind me honey, do as you like" I said, trying to sound as if I wasn't paying any attention. I wanted the two of them to get more comfortable with each other, enough so that Chris wouldn't have a problem with me fucking him with Lily watching! With my permission granted, Chris quickly took off Lily's sneakers, smelling the scent of her shoes and socks before taking her toes in his mouth again. "Uugghh, Yes!" Lily shrieked, lying back and enjoying my son's mouth.

Chris' tongue greedily licked the soles of her feet, cleaning her sweat off. He was doing all the same things as he would with me, but it still didn't look completely right, not to me at least. "You have to be more aggressive Lily!" I said, getting up from my seat. "Shove your toes right in there! Make him gag!" I said, pushing her foot all the way in. Chris responded with a loud grunt, his drool dripping down Lily's feet as he continued trying to suck.

"You like that don't you!" I said, pulling his hair. "Huh? You like your aunt's dirty toes in your mouth?" Chris could only nod, moaning as he did. "Then suck it louder! Make mommy proud!" I said, shoving his face back on her foot. "Oh Fuck!" Lily moaned, reaping the benefits of my instructions. I watched the two of them, but was still unsatisfied at how delicate they were still treating each other. "Move aside! Let me show you how it's done sis!" I said, getting on to the bed.

"Lick mommy's sandals!" I said, slapping him across the face with my flip-flops still on. Chris did as I asked, passionately licking the edges, grazing the tip of my toes in the process. "Mhmm, that's mommy's good little fucktoy!" "Now open wide!" I exclaimed, slipping my flip-flop off and shoving my foot in his mouth. I was aggressive, maybe even more than normal. He was gagging noticeably, tears starting to well in his eyes as my toes plunged deeper into his mouth. "You like that honey?

Huh?" I teased, slapping him with my other foot. "Tell your aunt how much you love it!" "I love when my mom chokes me with her feet" he stuttered, looking over at my sister.

Lily was more or less in shock again, speechless at how dominant I was being. I guess there was a difference between watching through a window and sitting right next to us, hearing every sound and seeing every detail up close.

"Come here!" I said, grabbing my sister's wrist and pulling her towards Chris. If she didn't like being in control then maybe the opposite would get her going! I placed my hand on her back and shoved her chest into Chris, sandwiching her tits in his face. "Jen!" my sister exclaimed in surprise. "This is what you wanted isn't it?! You were showing your tits off all day yesterday, so what's wrong now?!" I laughed, pushing Chris' face deeper into her.

"Don't be such a tease!" "Yes! That's it squeeze them, honey! Make your aunt squirm!" I edged on, watching Chris grope her tits openly as he bit her nipple outside of her shirt. "Fuckk… Oh god!" my sister moaned, cradling Chris' head tightly.

I dove in to kiss his neck, letting his hands continue to molest Lily at the same time. "You got mommy's pussy all wet! So you better take care of it!" I giggled, pulling my shorts down. I didn't give Chris much time to protest or even talk before shoving his face onto my dripping wet pussy.

"That's it! Eat mommy's pussy!" I screamed, pushing him in deeper. Any complaint he might've had was gone in seconds, replaced by the quickening pace of his tongue as he dug it in and out of my opening.

"I want you to show your aunt what mommy tastes like!" I exclaimed, pulling his head back up. I didn't even have to move my sister, as Lily voluntarily met Chris' waiting mouth, making out loudly over the taste of my pussy.

I cackled, watching the two of them so lustfully attacking each other. Chris' hand was pulling at the bottom of my sister's shirt, snaking inside to feel her tits. "Uugghh, yes!" she moaned, pulling her shirt off. Chris instantly moved her bra aside, taking her hardened nipple in his mouth. I could see his teeth biting down on them, making Lily scream from both pain and pleasure. I fingered myself as I watched them, finally being satisfied at how they approached each other.

"Mom can I fuck you?" Chris asked, looking over at me. "You want to fuck mommy with your aunt watching?!" I teased. "Yes! I want Aunt Lily to watch me fuck you with my cock!" he exclaimed, pulling his shorts down. I laughed, finally getting him to give in. I pushed my sister aside, leaning down to take Chris' cock in mouth.

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I went straight to deepthroating him, trying to lube his cock up with my spit. "Uuugghh!" Chris grunted, pushing my head deeper on his cock as his other hand reached out for my sister. I looked up to see him and Lily kissing deeply again; their lips smacking loudly against each other.

My sister's eyes were staring down at me, opened widely as she watched me working Chris with my throat. "Mom, I need to be inside you!" Chris stammered, pushing me off his cock.

I loved the desperation in his voice! Lily willingly moved herself aside, giving me space to lie down on my back as Chris positioned his cock in front of my pussy. "Yes!!!" I screamed, feeling his first thrust inside me. "Make mommy feel you!" Chris violently shoved his cock in and out my pussy, rocking the entire bed as he did so. His mouth was gaped and there was a primal expression on his face, as if the only thing in the world that mattered was satiating his sexual needs.

"Yes! Fuck mommy harder! Give me that thick cock!" I exclaimed, slapping his face with my left foot. I was brutal, hitting him as hard as I could with my sole. But Chris seemed to love every second of it, grunting loudly as his thrusts deepened inside my pussy. "Come on honey! You can fuck mommy harder than that!" I teased, hitting him again. It was such a turn on seeing him happily accept my dominance, waiting for my feet to strike his cheek.

As Chris continued to pound his cock into me, he kept his eyes on my sister, showing her how much he loved the way I treated him. Lily had abandoned her own shame, her right hand furiously rubbing her clit inside her shorts. "I want you to taste your aunt!" I said, smiling mischievously at Chris. My sister glanced over at me, just to make sure she had heard right, before taking her soaking wet fingers out of her shorts and plunging them into Chris' mouth. "Auuugghh!" Chris moaned, sucking loudly on them.

Lily was moaning just as passionately, rhythmically moving her index finger in and out of Chris' mouth, causing the loud suction noises to fill the room even more. As he continued to suck Lily off, I pushed my toes into his mouth as well, making his tongue work around both of us. "Who tastes better? Your mom or me?!" Lilly giggled. "Oh fuck! You both taste so good!" he stammered, sliding his tongue between my toes and Lily's finger.

"Oh really?!" Lily asked sarcastically. She surprised even me, moving her finger aside to make room for her mouth, kissing Chris with my toes still there! The touch of both of their tongues made me moan as well. "Uuugghh!

Oh, fuuuuck!" Chris gasped. I could hear the trembling in his voice as he watched his aunt suck on my toes. "I think he likes it! "I teased, looking at my sister.

Lily was giggling too, watching Chris' dumbfounded reaction. I guess seeing him so speechless was turning her on too because Lily's tongue got even more aggressive. She had pulled my foot completely out of Chris' mouth, sucking on my toes in the open for him to see. The more reaction Chris gave, the more her tongued worked, licking at my sole seductively.

Chris responded by refocusing his attention to my pussy, hammering his cock relentlessly into me as he watched his first girl on girl action! I had never experimented at all with a woman, much less my sister, but I couldn't deny that the way she was worshipping my feet was getting me wet! "Get on your back honey! Mommy wants to ride you!" I said, pushing his face down with my free foot. Chris gladly laid back, leaning on the bed frame and pillows as I got on top of him.

And after seeing the way he reacted to what Lily was doing, I wanted to tease him even more. I took Lily's hand and pulled her closer to me, inching my lips towards hers as I teased Chris with my eyes. That same look of desperation came back on his face, giving me the exact effect I wanted!

When my lips finally made contact with Lily's, Chris gasped loudly, getting both my sister and I to giggle. I had never, even once thought about making out with her, but my lips and tongue seemed to work on their own, exploring Lily's mouth as she did mine. "You're a good kisser sis!" she joked, pulling back to stare into my eyes. "You enjoying it?!" "Yeah! But not as much as someone else!" she teased, looking over at Chris. I giggled loudly. With all the kinky stuff that Chris and I had engaged in the last few months, it was quite refreshing to see his innocent side again!

"You like watching mommy make out with Aunt Lily?" "Fuck. Kiss her again please" he stammered, never taking his eyes away from our lips. Lily smiled, pushing her mouth back onto mine. As I kissed her, my hips began grinding on Chris' cock. His hands were helping me, bouncing me up and down as he moaned from the sight in front of him.

I moved Lily, pulling her in front of me so that she was sitting on Chris' stomach with her back to him. Chris could no longer see too well what was going on, but his hands made up for it; reaching up to grab Lily's tits from behind. "Squeeze harder, honey! I think your aunt Lily likes it rough too!" I smiled, staring in her eyes.

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"Auugghh!" Lily screamed, feeling the pinching of his fingers again. She was moaning so much that I could barely kiss her anymore! Her lips felt dead as she succumbed to the pleasure that her nipples were experiencing. 'Fuck it!" she said, pushing his hands aside and turning around. She dove forward, smothering her tits into Chris' face.

"Suck on them! Please suck on them!" Within seconds, I could hear the familiar suckling noise again; this time rising even above the volume of Lily's moans. I continued to grind on Chris, pushing my sister even more into Chris' waiting mouth.

"Fuck!!!" Lily screamed, slapping on the bedframe in front of her. I knew she was being more than loud enough for the opposite room to hear, but I was too lost in the moment to have any care. Slowly, I moved Chris' hand from my hips to Lily's ass, placing his fingers firmly around it.

It didn't take long before he had managed to push her sweat covered shorts into her asscrack, letting his hand freely play with her cheeks. "I'm gonna cum mom!" Chris exclaimed, his words muffled by Lily's tits. "You better be able to go again!" I said, bouncing on his cock. "I will! I&hellip.Oh Fuccckk!!" he screamed, reaching is climax.

I held my pussy against the base of his cock, letting him fill me with his cum. When he finally finished shooting the last of his loads, I slowly crawled off of Chris, sitting down on the side.

"Come here, sis!" I said, laughing as I pulled her hair away from Chris. "Clean me! I know you've wanted to taste him since our ride yesterday!" I exclaimed, holding Lily's head in front of my pussy. I didn't push her, letting her gather her own strength and willingly dive down to eat Chris' creampie from my pussy. "Yes!" I laughed, feeling a woman's tongue on my pussy for the first time.

My sister had "experimented" a little during her college days, and whether it was because of that or because she was already so worked up, she was amazing! The way she ate me felt like it came natural; her tongue working deep in my pussy as she sucked Chris' cum into her mouth.

I was so preoccupied with her that I hadn't notice Chris at all; he was hard already, stroking his cock as he watched his aunt go down on me. "Come here you little cumslut!" I laughed, pulling my sister up to kiss her. I loved the way Chris tasted in her mouth! "Mmm! You got all of it didn't you!" I exclaimed, sucking her tongue to savor Chris' cum. As soon as my lips let her go, Chris turned her around for his turn. He moaned loudly, pulling Lily towards him.

Her body was now pressed against his side and in no time, her fingers had found Chris' cock, wrapping around it delicately for the first time. She stroked him gently, working the shaft as they continued to make out over the taste of Chris' own cum. I watched them for a few seconds before becoming too anxious and joining in, lying on Chris' other side. My left hand joined Lily's, sandwiching our fingers around Chris' cock as I waited my turn to kiss him.

He looked like he was living every teenager's wet dream; arms wrapped around 2 women as they played with his cock and took turns making out with him. "I want you to fuck me in the ass honey" I said, biting down playfully on his lip. "You ready?" "Mhmm" Chris nodded, moving to give his aunt one last kiss before he got up on his knees.

I quickly moved in front of him, getting myself in doggy position. "Help him" I instructed, turning around to stare at my sister. Lily smiled back at me, grabbing onto Chris' cock and giving it a few tugs before helping him find my asshole. I could see her bend down, getting as close as she could to see Chris' cock enter my ass.

"Fuck that feels good mom! Your ass is always so tight!" he panted, exhaling loudly. We started off slow, building up speed as my asshole loosened to his cock. I wasn't sure if he was extra hard because Lily was here, but his cock felt even thicker than usual!


"Getting a good view there?!" I giggled, seeing the look of curiosity on my sister's face. "I can't believe you've done anal and I haven't!" she laughed. "Well maybe we can change that! You…oh fuck, that's good honey!" I exclaimed, feeling Chris' hard cock shove into me. "So you up for it?" "Is he going to be okay with it?" Lily asked, almost ignoring that Chris was standing right there.

"Oh please! Honey, who does your cock belong to?" I asked, turning around to look at Chris. "You mom! My cock belongs to you!" he said, nodding at my sister. "Good! Don't forget that honey! Now fuck mommy harder!" I exclaimed. I loved his answer, especially at how quickly he agreed to my statement! Our conversation seemed to get my sister worked up as well, causing her to get up and start making out with Chris again.

And even despite the "distraction", Chris didn't lose any focus on me; thrusting balls deep into me as the three of our moans filled the room. I was pretty much screaming by this point, my fingers rubbing my clit as I watched the two of them from the reflection of the blank TV screen. "Fuuuuccckk! Mommy's almost there honey! Don't stop!" I could feel Chris abandon his attention on Lily, placing both his hands around my hips as he gave the last bit of his energy, fucking me as rough and deep as possible.

As soon as my legs began to shake from the orgasm, I could feel my sister's hand around me, holding me tightly as my body convulsed on its own. For the next few seconds, I could only lay there, letting the euphoric feeling completely take over my body. "I'm gonna cum too mom!" he panted, keeping the same insane pace as his cock jackknifed in and out of my asshole.

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It only took another few pumps before he shot his load again, filling me up for the second time of the day already. "Oh fuck that looks so hot!" my sister exclaimed, reminding me that she was in the room too. I turned my head to look at her, seeing her shorts down by her knees as her fingers disappeared in and out of her pussy. "Don't just stare honey! Help your aunt get off too!" I smiled, looking at Chris. He quickly recovered from his own post-orgasm state and moved towards Lily, replacing her fingers with his own.

His middle and index finger curved perfectly into her opening, rubbing against her G-spot as Lily held his shoulders tightly. And learning from me, he pressed his face into Lily's, covering her screams with a kiss.

It didn't take long before Lily's eyes closed, her grasp going limp as her climax overtook her body. Chris continued to vibrate his fingers, increasing the sensation of her orgasm until she finally couldn't take it anymore and collapsed next to me on the bed.

The three of us laid on the bed motionless with the only sound being the exhales of our breathing as we tried to recover. "What time is it?" Chris asked, breaking our silence. "It's almost 8" Lily answered, looking over at her phone. "I have to go shower and then we have breakfast downstairs at 8:30." "And wow!

That was a lot more than I expected" she laughed, getting up and searching for her clothes. "I should probably get going too. Your dad's gonna be " "Mom could you stay a bit longer?" Chris asked, surprising all of us. "You still want more honey?" I giggled. "Just to make out a little" "I'll leave you two lovebirds alone then!" my sister smiled, grabbing her stuff and quietly exiting the room. Chris held his arms out, waiting to embrace me as I snuggled up to him.

For the next ten minutes, Chris kept his promise of just making out. Our kissing returned to being gentle, slow, and romantic. He didn't have to say anything, but I knew that this was Chris' way of telling me he valued this part a lot more than the craziness that had happened earlier.

His kisses were passionate and full of emotion, completely different from the way he kissed my sister; that was pure lust and desire, nothing more. I wasn't jealous to begin with, but with the way Chris was kissing me now, even the smallest hint of envy was shattered. "I hope mommy didn't go too far today" I giggled. "I loved it, mom! I hope I didn't go far either. I didn't know where to stop and…and didn't really want to as well" he chuckled.

"Do you think Aunt Lily's sexy?! It's okay! You don't have to be embarrassed!" I teased, seeing him start to blush. "I mean, yeah. She looks a lot like you too, mom. But yeah, Aunt Lily's really hot." "Do you want to fuck her?!" I asked, smiling widely at him. Chris looked nervous to answer and could only nod his head lightly.

"But only if you're okay with it mom! If you aren't, it would be the complete opposite; I don't think I'd even be able to get hard." I giggled loudly, happy to hear his answer. "Really?!" I asked, wanting to hear him expand on it. "I mean part of the reason I wanted to was because I could tell you really wanted me to as well. That was what made it so hot. And the other part…the other part is because I'm a teenager and… well let's face it, who the hell at my age wouldn't want a threesome with you two" he blurted out.

I laughed loudly, agreeing at his statement. "Well you better be able to deliver than!" I teased, kissing him before he could answer. "Ok, mommy really should go shower. You should do the same and we'll meet downstairs at breakfast!" "Sounds good mom" I headed back to my room and took a quick shower, cleansing myself before waking Charles up to his predictable hangover. "I'll meet you downstairs dear!" I yelled from the front door, hoping my voice could carry into the bathroom as well.

"Ok!" he answered. There was a gorgeous breakfast buffet set up in the hotel restaurant. I could see my daughter and Liz exclaiming loudly at the large variety of sweets available as my dad and father in law filled up on a plate of eggs and pancakes, trying to help their hangover. "Nice post workout meal you got there" I teased, looking at my sister's horribly unhealthy plate. "Well I was going to eat better, but after what happened earlier, I need something else to replenish my energy" she shot back with a smile.

"So did you guys go for a third time after I left?" she teased. "What? feel left out?" "No, just curious. But seriously, his stamina, whoa!" she exclaimed. I giggled at her comment. "It's thanks to months of training with me." "Oh I don't doubt that at all" she smiled before leaving for our table.

Gradually, everyone else made their way to breakfast as we decided on the activities for the day. After the intense amount of walking and late night from the day before, we all agreed to take it easier by going to a water park and relaxing for the day.

The drive down to another one of Disney's parks, Blizzard Beach, was relatively short and traffic free. And the weather had cooperated wonderfully, remaining even warmer than usual.

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"So where to first girls?" Mark asked, knowing we would all end up following their orders anyways. "Let's go down the water slides first!" Liz exclaimed, getting my daughter to quickly agree. "We'll find a couple of seats to sit down. You guys go ahead" my mother in law said, tapping my mother on the arm. "Are you sure mom?" I asked, not wanting them to be left out.

"Yeah, go! Go have fun! Nancy and I wanted to nap a little more anyways" my mom answered. "That slide might be a little too early in the day for us too.

I think we'll take a look around" my dad said, walking off with my father in law. "I guess we can leave some of our stuff here then" my husband said, putting down our pool bag. "Come on Liz let's go!" Jessie exclaimed, running towards the long line up to the water slide. For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, we spent time together as a family, going down some of the various water slides and enjoying the heated temperature of the water.

I guess it was a good thing that the morning session had left me so satisfied, because there was virtually no chance for me to fool around with Chris. But surely, not long after lunch, my desires came screaming back, demanding to be taken care of. I bid my time carefully, waiting until Chris was far enough away from everyone else before approaching him in one of the pools.

It seemed he was just as horny as I was, swimming quickly towards me and grabbing my ass immediately. I didn't even bother looking around, kissing him passionately on the mouth.

He returned my kiss with the same intensity, feeling safe because of the sunglasses I had on. His fingers slipped inside my bikini bottom, fingering my pussy as I moaned softly into him. There were plenty of other people around, but most of them were too busy doing their own thing to notice. Not to mention, there were so many other couples in the pool that we really didn't stand out that much. "Honey, you want to ditch them for the afternoon?" "How are we going to get away?" "Like this!" I giggled, pulling him out of the water and just leaving.

I knew they would eventually notice our absence, but I doubt it would be a big deal. We spent the next hour alone, just the two of us, exploring the water park and hitting some of the rides and other slides.

As our little "date" progressed, Chris began showing a lot more affection that he normally did in public; constantly pulling me in for a quick smooch or just grabbing my ass when he felt like it. I guess the sunglasses I had on really did make him more comfortable. We shared a light snack before finding ourselves underneath the parks tallest slide, Mount Gushmore.

"So you want to take the lift up to the top?" I asked, holding his hand as we walked. "Sure, mom. That sounds fun!" he exclaimed excitedly.

Almost as soon as the lift began moving, we were all over each other again. I kissed him deeply, placing his hand on my tits as we made out. Looking down, I could see the multiple stares we were getting.

"I can see dad and them" Chris chuckled, letting me go so I could turn and look for myself. "Ah yeah. I guess what we're doing now is literally over his head" I said, getting both of us to laugh. We went back to kissing, our tongues romantically pleasuring each other. Chris had pulled my top aside too, exposing my tits as he groped them roughly. I don't know if he knew or not, but I could tell we were closing in on the summit of Mount Gushmore.

I didn't stop him though, letting him continue even as we became close enough for the staff to see us. I almost laughed out loud, seeing the dumbfounded face of one of the boys gawking at my tits. "Oh shit we're here!" Chris exclaimed, pulling himself away and fixing my bikini top. "Watch…watch your step" our voyeur said, lifting the safety bar off of us.

I could tell he was just as embarrassed as Chris was, both blushing brightly. "We'd like to go down Summit Plummet Jerry" I said, reading his name plate. "Did you guys want to go…go down toge-" "Yes, please!" I answered, holding onto Chris' hand.

"O…O…Okay, right this way" he stuttered. I sat down first on the slide, letting Chris get behind me. As soon as he was down too, I instantly backed into him, obviously pressing my ass against his cock.

Jerry was trying to make himself look busy, as if he was checking around us for safety precautions, but his eyes kept going back to my ass and tits! Seeing Jerry nervous too seemed to relax Chris, as I felt him voluntarily place his hands around my stomach, with his fingers poking at the bottom of my tits.

"Hold me tighter honey!" I exclaimed extra playfully, pulling his hands up to my tits. Jerry gasped audibly, staring at Chris' hands blatantly squeezing my tits. I gave him another few seconds to stare before getting bored. "Jerry? Are we good to go?" "Uh Yeah! Yeah! Go ahead" he blurted out, trying to recompose himself. Chris and I used our hands to propel ourselves forward enough until the slide began to dip, letting gravity take over. There were plenty of turns and twirls, getting both of us to scream out joyously as we spiraled down into the pool.

The entire time, I kept my ass glued to Chris' cock, feeling his hard on between my ass cheeks. We hit the pool with tremendous speed, propelling us both underwater. "Whoo!" I yelled in excitement, standing back up.

Chris laughed loudly with me, pulling me in for a kiss. My sunglasses had come off because of our landing and we were now making out in the open, letting everyone see. I could see the few shocked faces as they saw our age difference, but if anything, it only made it hotter! Even when Chris was ready to break it off, I held him tighter, forcing him to continue making out.

As my sunglasses floated in the water, I grabbed it before it could float away, holding it up for Chris to see. "Mmmm!" he grunted, pushing himself off me as he realized the sunglasses were off me now.

I giggled loudly, seeing his look of surprise. "You should be more careful Jen" my sister said from behind me, surprising both of us. "I saw you two on the chair lift so came to join the fun!" Before either of us could respond, she went to kiss Chris as well, but only for a quick peck. "Let's cool off a bit and let some of the staring stop" she giggled. We got out of the pool and found a couple of chairs not too far away.

"Your grandpa saw you" she smiled, looking over at Chris. "What?!" "Don't worry" she giggled loudly. "He only saw you making out with someone, but couldn't tell who because you guys were fairly high up" "Oh" Chris sighed in relief. My own heart was pounding, no doubt the exact effect Lily wanted. "Did he say anything?" I asked curiously. "Nothing but the usual "hot damn! Look at my grandson go!" she exclaimed, trying to mimic the voice of my dad.

The three of us all laughed, agreeing that her impression was spot on. We chatted for another few minutes before the conversation became too feminine for Chris' liking, making him jump back in the pool. "So dad doesn't know right?" I asked again.

"No. it really wasn't that big of a deal. I mean, I'm sure, knowing him, he'll tease Chris about it, but nothing serious." "But you two weren't really trying to hide yourselves at all either!" "What?! It's more exciting like that!" I answered with a smile. "Don't you think so?" "You mean because of your relationship or because it's out for everyone to see?" "Both! I know it turns you on too!

You kissed him as well with everyone looking!" "Yeah, but for me not so much the first part." "Really?" I asked, genuinely surprised. "Yeah. I mean, you love each other and the fact that your mother and son, is what makes it extra hot for you two, right?" I nodded my head in agreement. "Well for me, seeing you two was really hot! Don't get me wrong" she giggled. "But the fact that Chris is my nephew isn't an extra turn on. It's more of the fact that he's so young that gets me going!" I laughed hearing her excitement.

"Oh I see! So did this come up because of seeing us?" "I think I've been feeling that way for a little while now, but just wasn't willing to admit it to myself until I saw you two. Like sometimes when-" Before she could finish her train of thought, her phone buzzed. Lily quickly grabbed it out of her beach bag, smiling as her fingers texted back a response. "Ooooh, whose that?!" I teased. "Just someone from my apartment complex. I think he has a crush on me!" she giggled.

"Crush?!" I asked, a little confused. "You mean he's just a " "Yes!" she answered, before letting me finish. "Is he even in high-" "Not yet! Two more years" she giggled, her face noticeably blushing. I was shocked at her statement. It was a ton of information all at once. "What's his name and what he say?" I teased further.

"His name is Timmy. He lives with his mom on the same floor as me, and I've seen him outside a few times; got to know him that way. He's just wishing me a Happy Holidays, that's all" she smiled back. I giggled at her excitement; it looked like this "crush" wasn't just one way! "So how do you feel about him?" "I think he's adorable!

I mean it's not like how Chris and you feel about each other, nothing like that. But…but that taboo feeling is there! More than anything else, I think I want him simply because it would be so wrong!" "What's he like then?" "Quiet and really shy. Very well mannered and-" "Ohh! That's what it is! You like the fact he's innocent don't you!" I said excitedly. "Well, yes! I am so tired of the over the top douchebags I meet at a bar, ugh!!

You know, the type that thinks just because they buy you one drink that now they're entitled to sleep with you" she said, staring at me. I nodded my head, remembering all too well from my days in college. "It's so cute to see Timmy stumbling over his words when he talks to me" she giggled. "How do you know he has a crush on you?" "Oh I can tell!" she exclaimed, making us both laugh.

"You better be careful sis. Chris and I are " "I know, Jen. I'm not saying I'm going to act on it. And even if I do, it won't be like what we did this morning!" "But anyways, since I saw you two, I keep picturing myself seducing him!

I can't get it out of my head and the more I think about it, the more it turns me on! Every time I think about how young he is it makes me…me ahhh!" she exclaimed, giggling loudly. I laughed as well, knowing exactly what the feeling was like. I can still remember how just a few months ago I was feeling the same way with Chris, wanting more and more. And the more Chris responded, the more I wanted to push it further.

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Until we were here now, him fucking my pussy and ass multiple times a day! That feeling was so intoxicating, it was like a drug! "I'm not saying don't Lily, but you need to be careful if you do. Also if you do…I want to hear about it!" She laughed, nodding her head. "Well maybe I should get some practice in with this one then!" she said, looking over at Chris. I watched as she jumped back into the pool, swimming towards Chris. She mumbled something to him before they both looked back at me, smiling as they started making out.

Like me, Lily looked about 10 years younger than she actually was; allowing for her to easily pass as someone still in their early 20s. Add in her small stature and she didn't have to hide at all making out with Chris! Sure, they got a few stares, but the age gap wasn't visually big enough for anyone to say anything. I was actually a little jealous that I couldn't do the same with Chris out in the open!

Still, I could only contain myself for a few seconds longer before joining them in the pool. The three of us fooled around for the rest of the afternoon, playfully splashing and pushing each other in the warm water. When we finally decided to regroup with the rest of the family, we were all exhausted, tired from another exciting afternoon. "Where to for dinner?" my husband asked. "How about we get some local seafood? There's supposed to be a good outdoor grill restaurant nearby" Mark answered.

"Yeah that sounds pretty good" my father in law answered. We hastily packed our stuff up, leaving the park just as the nighttime weather became chilly.

The restaurant was expectedly packed and loud. We had to wait almost 20 minutes before being able to be seated, and even then, they had to push two benches together for us. I grabbed the far seat at the end, making sure Chris sat on the edge to my right and my husband on my left. Lily sat down across us, taking the aisle seat on her end.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for our food to arrive. We all hungrily dug in, starving after the long day. With all the other loud customers around us as well, our own conversation increased in volume. And the more beers we drank, the louder and more joyous our talking became. I could tell Lily was definitely feeling the effects of her alcohol.

She had never been able to handle it too well, and here she was, her cheeks glowing red, slurring her words a bit as she spoke.

"Is Aunt Lily going to be okay?" Chris whispered in my ear. "She'll be fine" I giggled. "Did you have fun today?" "Yeah. It was really nice to spend an hour with just you!" he said, feeling up my leg. I smiled at him, looking around before quickly planting a kiss on his cheek. It seemed Lily noticed too, giggling at us. I went back to enjoying my shrimp and didn't notice what was going on until Chris started squirming around in his seat.

I looked over at him, seeing him look down between his legs. I could clearly see Lily's toes, trying to find Chris' cock! Although there was no tablecloth to cover her, it was dark enough that it was very difficult for anyone else to see. I could only smile at my sister, letting her know I was okay with it. "Stop fighting it honey!" I whispered in Chris' ear, letting my own right hand roam down his legs. I grabbed Lily's foot, rubbing it sensually against Chris' cock outside of his shorts.

"Oh, fuck! Uuugggh" Chris grunted softly, trying to hide what was going on.

Lily giggled, sipping her beer as she watched Chris' reaction. She was wriggling her toes now, tapping against the head of his cock. I pushed Chris forward, making him lean against the tabletop and scooting him even closer to Lily's feet. And just as I was about to reach in and pull his cock out, Chris brought it out on his own, letting it touch his Aunt's toes for the first time.

I was so glad that nobody was sitting beside us as they would've easily seen what was going on. My sister was thoroughly enjoying herself, not paying attention to anyone else as she played with Chris' shaft with both her feet.

With my right hand, I rubbed the top of his cock, sandwiching it between my fingers and Lily's toes. Chris kept his hands above the table, clenching tightly to his utensil to prevent himself from moaning too loudly. Lily wasn't making it any easier though. She was staring right at Chris, seductively sucking on her beer bottle as if it were a cock. Her eyes were full of lust, rhythmically pushing it in and out of her mouth. At the same time, she had managed to nestle Chris' cock between her soles, lightly rubbing the base of his shaft.

I on the other hand, took care of the head, playing with Chris' precum. Chris was taking glances down, trying to see what I was doing. With him watching, I slowly spread his cum onto Lily's soles, giving her lubrication to pump Chris' cock. "Relax honey! Let mommy and your aunt take care of you!" I whispered, placing my hand on his chest to try and slow down his breathing. "Oh dear, how's the grilled shrimp?" Charles asked, pointing at it with his fork.

I instinctively leaned forward, using my body to cover what I was doing with my right hand. "It's pretty good! Here try a piece!" I said, stabbing one and moving it over to his plate. I faked a smile at him, watching him try the shrimp as my right hand pumped Chris' cock even more, gradually pushing Lily's feet aside.

I was holding onto his entire length now, tugging even faster as the excitement built. I was getting so turned on talking to my husband as I literally jacked off my own son right next to him! "Yeah it's not bad" he said. "Where were you in the late afternoon?" "Oh just around. I dozed off for a bit" I lied, trying to reassure him by focusing my attention on my plate. "How's your steak?" "Not bad. Goes pretty well with the beer" he laughed, taking a sip.

"You guys going to the bar tonight?" "Yeah, I was just about to ask you. Could I?" "Sure!" I exclaimed, almost too excitedly. "I'll just hang out with my sister." Charles and I chatted for another minute or so, long enough that I couldn't give all my attention to Chris anymore. Fortunately, Lily's feet were more than happy to replace me!

When I was finally able to shake free of my husband, I turned back to see Chris with both his hands below the table, holding onto his aunt's ankles as he rubbed her soles on his cock. "Aren't Aunt Lily's feet so sexy?

They're so nice and soft. Do you like them around your cock?" I whispered teasingly into his ear. "Mhmm" Chris nodded, moving his hands even faster now. Lily looked just as turned on, her face smiling, almost villain-like at Chris. Between her stare and me edging him on, I could tell Chris was not going to last long. His breathing had become loud and erratic, his shoulders no longer trying to be subtle. "Are you close honey? Do you want to cover your aunt's feet with your hot and sticky cum?!" I asked seductively, biting his earlobe.

"Oh fuck, yes!" he exclaimed, slamming her soles on his cock. He held her there, gasping for breath as I watched his cock pulse, shooting load after load on Lily's feet. I looked over to my sister, smiling mischievously. "I want you to suck on her toes!" I said, staring sternly at him. "Now?!" he asked. "Yes now! How do you expect your aunt to walk around" I smiled, pushing him gently out of his seat.

Chris took a look around before letting go of Lily's feet and getting on his knees. Almost instantly, I could see from the contorted look on Lily's face that he was obediently following directions.

Soon enough, the quiet slurping sound of his mouth around my sister's cum covered feet became apparent. Lily smiled at me, reaching her left hand underneath the table, no doubt to guide Chris' mouth.

I was going to let him up soon, but after seeing that no one else was paying much attention, I held Chris there longer, planting my right foot on his head and pushing him into Lily's feet. I jammed my own left foot towards Chris, hitting his nose before feeling my way into his mouth.

I could feel his tongue, slithering between both our toes as the sound of his slurping became louder. When I finally felt satisfied, I pulled him back up, laughing at how messed up his hair was after the pulling and pushing Lily and I did.

For the rest of dinner, Lily kept her foot on Chris' lap, casually playing with his cock through his shorts. Every once in a while, my right hand would join them, squeezing Chris until he was hard again.

When it came time to wrap dinner up, the men again headed for the bar, with the rest of us taking the other van back to the hotel. Jessie and Liz were ecstatic to spend another night together in the hotel room without adult supervision, free to talk and laugh as loudly as they wanted.

And while everyone else drifted off to their own rooms, the three of us again headed for Chris'. By now, even I was a little tipsy, with my sister much further than that. She wasn't drunk yet, but definitely even looser than her usual self. "Let's put on some music!" she exclaimed, running through the TV channels until she hit one with a music video.

Chris chuckled a little, both at his aunt's behavior as well as the video on the screen. "What, you don't like this music?" I smiled at Chris, getting up to dance a little to it. Chris laughed, watching the two of us attempt to dance in our tipsy state. "Come on! Mommy grew up on this music!" I said, pulling him up on his feet. "I don't know how to dance mom!" he chuckled.

"I'll teach you!" The song was decently fast and I pulled Chris closer to me as we moved. Or I should say I was dancing, and Chris was more or less flailing. "Calm your arms down a bit and no need to move too much" I giggled. "Here, try to follow what I'm doing." It took Chris a little time, but he slowly picked up on it, mimicking my moves well. As we got into the music, I began dancing closer; lightly touching him on the chest and leaning into him.

"Yeah!" my sister exclaimed, clapping her hands as she watched us. "Now you're getting it honey!" I said, putting his hands on my hips. When he started to move well enough even without my instructions, I turned around and began backing into him, really grinding my ass against him. I could feel Chris' hard cock rubbing on my ass as he leaned into me.

"My turn!" my sister said, hearing the song end. Before either one of us could react, she was up on her feet, holding Chris' hand as the next song started. Lily started off doing mostly the same as me, but her hips were much wilder, moving back and forth.

"Yeah, go sis!" I cheered on, giggling at how lewd she was dancing. Lily got more into it, laughing as she pulled Chris closer to her body as well. Her tits were now pressing on his chest, squishing against it every time she moved. "Come on Chris, move with me!" she exclaimed, putting his hands on her hip so that he couldn't move away as easily. Chris looked a little nervous, not sure how to act with his aunt borderline drunk. "Hold me tighter!" she said, using it as an excuse to move his hands to her ass.

This seemed to finally have the effect she wanted as Chris stayed attached to her body, his hands roaming up and down Lily's lower back and ass. When the song ended, she reluctantly sat back down, letting me have my turn again. I picked up right where Lily left off, dancing seductively close to Chris. I wrapped my hands around his neck pulling him towards me as we kissed. I let Chris' hand feel up my legs, pushing my shorts higher and higher up. "Come join us" I said, waving my sister over.

Lily smiled brightly, getting off her seat and stumbling towards us. "Oops!" she laughed loudly, holding onto Chris' wrist to prevent herself from falling. My sister took the initiative, replacing my hand on Chris' neck with her own, pulling him in. Chris was noticeably more comfortable now, as their lips smacked loudly against each other.

I could even see him digging into Lily's mouth, sucking on her tongue lightly. The two of us took turns kissing Chris as we danced against his body. When they were making out, I began grinding up against Chris' cock again, gyrating my hips so that my ass could feel his entire length. I took his right hand and brought it to my tits, letting him grope me at the same time. "Switch?" Lily asked.

"Sure!" "Mmhhm" Lily moaned, grinding her ass into Chris. "You like the feeling of that hard cock on you?" I asked, smiling brightly at my sister. "Mhm!" she exclaimed. "Damn that feels good!" Seeing her so relaxed and happy, Chris got into it as well. His hands moved up Lily's shirt, pulling it off as he squeezed her tits. "Uuugghhh!" he grunted, kissing the back of my sister's neck. As the two of them enjoyed themselves, I dropped to my knees, pushing my sister's ass aside so that I could slip Chris' shorts off.

"Don't mind me honey!" I giggled, tugging at his cock as he went back to groping Lily. It took a few seconds before my sister noticed, feeling my hand slap against her thigh as I gave Chris a handjob. "That looks like fun!" she exclaimed, turning to face Chris and squatting down. I removed my hand, letting Lily take my place while I took hers, standing up to make out with Chris.

"Uuuggghhh!!" Chris exclaimed, moaning into our kiss. I looked down to see my sister with a mouthful of cock! She was on her knees now, bobbing up and down.

"Ohh fuck that feels good" Chris moaned, staring into my eyes. I bent down too, getting a close up view of my sister's mouth in action. She smiled at me, slurping loudly on Chris' cock. "Damn he tastes good!" she giggled, pushing it towards me. I happily accepted, engulfing Chris in my mouth. And unlike her delicate blowjob, I went straight to the rough stuff, collapsing his entire length in my throat. "Yes, fuck!" Chris moaned, thrusting into me.

I stared at Lily the entire time, showing her how it's down. I was happy to see Chris compliment me, pulling roughly at my hair as he jammed his cock down my throat. "Fuck me harder!" I yelled, slapping his ass. Chris did as I asked, holding the back of my head still as he skull fucked me. I was slobbering all over his cock, my drool dripping down the front of my shirt.

And every time his head hit the back of my throat, I gagged loudly, my eyes tearing up as he gave me no breaks. "Fuck, I wanna try!" Lily exclaimed, pushing me off Chris' cock. I laughed loudly, wiping my tears away.

"You sure sis? You might not be ready yet!" Our competitive instinct kicked in again, and I could see the look on my sister's face; she was not going to admit defeat. Lily tried jumping right into it, stuffing as much of Chris' cock into her mouth as possible. She was only able to get about 3/4th of it in before gagging, her throat not used to the feeling. Still, she kept trying, opening her mouth wider to try and compensate. "You heard the slut, honey! Fuck your aunt's dirty mouth!" I exclaimed.

Chris started pumping his cock, but too slow for my liking. If she wanted to do what I did, then she better get the full experience! "Harder! I want to see tears down your aunt's face!" Chris grunted, nodding his head as he thrusted deeper into her.

Lily was gagging noticeably now, her body telling her to stop and back away, while her ego forced her to press forward. I was laughing loudly, shoving the back of my sister's head until she finally had Chris' entire length in her mouth. But even with that, as Lily tried to back away, I held her still, forcing her to choke on Chris' cock. "That's a good little slut!" I laughed, pulling her hair back so she could breathe. "Not bad for your first deepthroat!" I said, jamming my own mouth back onto Chris.

Lily could only watch beside me, frantically trying to recover her breath. "How…how the fuck do you that" she panted, giggling at the same time. "I'm sorry Aunt Lily, but my mom's blowjobs are amazing! No one can…Ohh UUuugghhh Fuck!" he screamed, holding my head tightly as I convulsed my throat around his cock.

"Fuck! Fuck! I'm gonna cum mom!" Just what I wanted to hear! I bobbed on his cock a few times before he flooded my mouth with his cum. I held all of it on my tongue, not swallowing a drop.

Once I felt Chris was finished, I turned to my sister, point for her to get lower and open her mouth. I angled my mouth above hers, carefully opening it to let Chris' cum snowball from mine to Lily's. When it was all transferred, I moved down to kiss her, making out over the taste of Chris' jizz. "Oh god that's hot!" Chris moaned, staring at the two of us. "Can you do it again?" he pleaded. I smiled back at Chris, opening my mouth wide as I now took the bottom position.

Lily held her chin on mine, slowly letting the mixture of cum and saliva drip from the corner of her mouth into mine, keeping her eyes on Chris the entire time.

We both giggled at his awestruck gaze, me almost choking in the process. Finally, I embraced Lily with another kiss, transferring half the cum into her mouth before swallowing the rest. "Looks like you're ready again honey!" I smiled, seeing his cock still rock hard. "Can you handle two?" I teased, pushing him onto the bed.

"Do you want to go first or " "Go ahead sis" Lily answered, moving towards Chris' face. "There's something else I want first!" Lily hastily peeled off shorts and thong, leaving her with just a bra on now. She climbed on top of Chris, facing towards me. "Eat me out like you do with your mom!" she instructed, sitting down on his face. Chris happily agreed, his hands spreading Lily's ass cheeks wide open to make room for his tongue.

"Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! His tongue's on my asshole!" Lily screamed, holding onto the bed sheets tightly. Chris was slurping loudly, and the more Lily moaned, the more intense he worked his tongue. He even pushed her feet off the bed, making her entire weight collapse on his face. "Oohhhh Fuuuuck!!!" Lily screamed. While they were busy up top, I had positioned my own pussy on Chris' cock, riding him roughly now as he went to town on Lily's asshole. As I bounced on him, I pulled Lily towards me, making out with her as she continued to moan.

"Oh my fucking god! His tongue feels amazing!" she exclaimed, wiggling her ass on his face now. I giggled at how much she was enjoying herself now. And watching her so turned on was edging me on too as I grinded my G-spot on Chris' cock. "Jen can we switch?! I need his cock in me now!" she begged, breaking off our kiss. "Get on your knees then!" I said, pulling her forward.

"Get up honey! Your slut aunt needs your hard cock!" "Beg for it!" I said, holding my sister's hair. "What?!" "Beg for it slut! Beg for his cock!" "Please Chris! Please! I need your cock inside me!" she pleaded, turning around to look at him. Chris got himself in position, lining his cock up to Lily's pussy and pressing forward. But just when I thought he was going to start pumping, he pulled back out, staring mischievously at me.

He was teasing her! I cackled, looking at the horrified expression on her face. "Chris please! Don't tease me! I need your cock so bad!" I nodded my head at Chris, not wanting to torture my sister too much! As soon as I gave the okay, Chris went to full speed immediately, grabbing Lily's hips still as he pounded furiously into her.

"Oooooh FUCK! FUCK!


FUCK!" she screamed. "UUuuugggghh!" her voice trembling. "That's It honey! Fuck that slut pussy!" I laughed, slapping her ass hard. "Yes!!" Lily exclaimed from the impact. I went to kiss Chris, continuing to watch him mercilessly drive his cock into Lily's pussy. When his initial energy level began to drop and his pace decreased, I turned my attention to his cock, licking his shaft softly as he slowly fucked Lily. "Oh god! Jen lick me too!

Lick my pussy too!" I laughed, lapping my tongue across her pussy as well now. Chris alternated between fucking my mouth for a few seconds and then going back to Lily's pussy, trying to recover his stamina in the process.

"Mom, I want to fuck you again!" he panted. "Sure honey!" I said. I got on my knees, shoving my pussy and ass high in the air to give Chris easy access as Lily was now kissing him again. "Help spread me open" I said, pulling Lily towards me. Her hands instantly went to my ass, spreading my cheeks apart so that Chris could easily enter my pussy. He started off slow this time, building up tempo with each thrust.

"Ooooh! That's a good little slut!" I giggled, feeling my sister's tongue on my asshole too. As she tongue fucked me, it naturally caused Chris to slow down, but fortunately it was side effect I was willing to take! "Keep fucking mommy, honey!" I exclaimed, not wanting him to stop entirely. Chris began doing the same thing as he did earlier, alternating between fucking my pussy and getting a blowjob from Lily. "Chris, I want to watch you fuck your mom in the ass again!" "Okay.

But you better get me ready first then!" he said, grabbing Lily's head. I turned around to look at her holding Lily still, using her face for his own pleasure.

It looked so hot seeing him treating my sister like a cheap slut! Lily seemed to love it though, moaning loudly onto Chris' cock. The louder she got, the more physical Chris became, roughly face-fucking her until tears were streaming down her face. When he finally let her go, Lily was choking and gulping for air. "I'm okay. Go, fuck your mom!" she panted, spreading me open again. Chris smiled at me, slowly entering his cock in my asshole. "Ohhhh Yes!" I exclaimed, loving the feeling of my ass being so full.

With the help of my sister's mouth, Chris' cock was effortlessly sliding in and out of my ass. He had no issue fucking me full force, his body slamming loudly against my ass with each pump. "Harder honey! Fuck mommy harder!" "Uuugghh!" Chris grunted, trying to give me all the stamina he still had left.

He pulled my ass towards him, pressing it against his pelvis as he shoved forcefully into my ass, making me feel every inch of him. My sister was so turned on that she had crawled in front of me, placing her pussy in front of my face and pushing me down. I didn't hesitate at all, gladly eating her out as Chris pounded into me. "Fuck that looks hot mom!" Chris exclaimed, looking over at us. His words only inspired me, causing my tongue to go wild on my sister's pussy, darting in and out.

"Oh Fuck Jen! I'm gonna soon!" she stuttered, pulling my hair now. I felt my own orgasm building, but not wanting to ruin it for Lily, I pushed Chris back, getting him to stop so I could concentrate on my sister. I dug two fingers in her pussy, finger-fucking her as I flicked her pink clit with my tongue.

"Auuuugghh!" Lily moaned, her orgasm finally arriving. I kept my fingers in her, screaming loudly as I continued to pump, getting her to squirt as I extended the duration of her climax. "Fucckkkk!" she panted, pushing my hands away as her pussy became overly sensitive. I laughed loudly, proud that I had made her cum so hard! "Time to finish mommy!" I smiled, turning back to look at Chris.

Chris didn't give me a verbal answer, just going back to pumping inside me. It seemed that the tiny break did him good too, allowing his speed to pick back up again. The two of us moaned loudly, driving each other to fuck even harder as I slammed my ass back to meet each one of his thrusts. "Fuck! I'm going cum mom!" "Yes!

Fill mommy up!" I yelled, knowing I was just as close. Both of us were only able to last a few seconds longer, collapsing on the bed as we came at the same time.

As the two us lied there in exhaustion, Lily had recovered long enough to pull Chris out of my ass, immediately wrapping her lips around his limp cock. I watched emotionlessly as she hungrily sucked on his cock, trying to get every last drop of cum that was still there. I guess some things run in the family! "I've never came so hard in my entire life!" Lily exclaimed, staring at us.

I laughed loudly, getting Chris to chuckle as well. The three of us sat still, listening to the music from the television as we tried to recover our breathing. I was the first to get up, going to counter to check my phone.

There was a miss call from Charles, followed by a text letting me know they were going to be a little late. I sighed, frustrated that I would be in for another night of snoring. "Fuck it!" I said to myself. "Honey, mommy's sleeping here tonight. I'm not dealing with another night of your dad's snoring" I said, smiling at him. "Really? What are you going to say to Charles" Lily asked, with Chris nodding in agreement.

"I don't know. I don't care" I answered genuinely. "He'll be too hungover to remember tomorrow anyways" I giggled, walking back to Chris and straddling him again. He wasn't hard yet, but I didn't care, going straight to kissing his lips.

"Uuhh should I…should I leave?" Lily asked. I didn't answer her, just moaning loudly as I passionately made out with Chris. I began rocking my pussy on his cock again, trying to get it hard. "Yeah. I think I'm gonna leave" Lily said, getting dressed. I was too busy pouring my emotion into our embrace to pay any attention to Lily, not even realizing she was gone until the door slammed shut.

"Ready for another round? Just the two of us?!" I smiled. Author's note: Again, sorry for the delay on this chapter. I've also decided to definitely start a side series as Lily being the main character. With her being single, I'll be able to play around with a few other scenarios and fetishes that I can't fit with Jen and Chris.

I won't be starting it until I close out series 2 though, so no worries. I will also be doing my best to try and get chapter 5 out by Christmas, but I can't make any promises. If you have suggestions or scenes you want to see, please feel free to leave them in the comments or PM me.

Thanks for all the support and I look forward to reading your comments!