Cute gf nag eenjoy sa patagilid

Cute gf nag eenjoy sa patagilid
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This story is a fabrication of my imagination. I welcome any comments and request you vote. Julie lay in bed, she was tied spread eagle and naked. She was gagged, blindfolded and had a headset covering her ears.

Her mistress had placed clips on her nipples and labia. She had also inserted something in her pussy. Now the headset started to play some music. But Julie heard something in the background. She strained to hear what it was. As she listened intently she realized it was a voice. It was telling her things. "You are a slut. You must obey your mistress. You love to eat cum. You love to expose your body." Over and over the voice repeated the same thing.

Julie quickly tuned out the voice. "There was no way this was going to work on her," she thought. But now the vibrator started to buzz, then something started buzzing on her clit. As the vibrations increased, so did her arousal. Higher and higher she went till just as she was about to climax it stopped. Julie groaned as the buzzing stopped but her arousal didn't. What didn't stop was the voice.

It was constant, continuous, never ending, and always the same message. Then she noticed her nipples and labia were getting warm and tingling. At first it was just noticeable but it was building, warmer and warmer, and the tingling was intensifying.

It was now painful and getting worse. Her nipples and cunt were on fire, and it felt like she was being shocked, almost like she was being electrocuted. She tried to move away but she was tied too tight to escape the pain.

Just as she thought she might pass out it stopped. But the voice continued, never stopping its messages. Julie's body was trying to relax after the painful experience when the vibrators started again.

"OOOOOHHH," came the moan out of her throat. Her arousal returned quickly as the process started again. Julie's body was not given a break.

The voice, the pain, the vibrations, over and over again, nonstop, Julie was no longer able to ignore the voice. It penetrated deep into her mind. As her body succumbed to the torture her mind was surrendering to the voice. The mind bender was designed to bring anyone connected to it to the brink of orgasm but never let them achieve release.

Then bring on pain till the body was consumed by it but never lose consciousness. The voice commands were designed to penetrate the mind, deeper and deeper as the body's defenses were worn down by the pleasure and pain cycles.

Julie had lost all sense of time. Her body was exhausted as the cycles continued, never ending, never a break. Now the voice's message had changed.

It still repeated the messages it started with, but now there were more messages. "You desire your son. You want to fuck him. You want to be his slut. You love to expose your body to him. You want his cum, you are addicted to cum, you cannot come without permission, and humiliation excites you." Julie was now thinking about her son fucking her as the vibrations pushed her arousal to even greater heights. As her body was about to orgasm the pain started. Her brain was watching her son walk away from her and the subject of her desires was fading the pain increased.

On and on it went cycle after cycle, pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, pain, pain, pleasure never-ending. It was a total assault on her mind and body penetrating her very soul. By the third hour Julie was no longer resisting.

Her body had surrendered as well as her mind. The voice was now placing its message deep within her brain, implanting each statement as gospel. The message had now changed again. "You are a slave to your lust. You desire to serve. Your body craves cocks. You crave cum in and on your body. You will obey your mistress. You will not refuse your son.

You will submit to his every desire. You crave humiliation, cum satisfies your cravings." By the time the fourth hour was finished, Julie's mind was filled with the commands implanted by the voice. Her resistance was shattered. She would do whatever she was told. Susanna, after connecting Julie to the mind bender, left the room and went out to the living room. She looked at her slave and said, "Get your coat. We are going out for a while." She led Dawn out to her car and drove to her house.

She wanted to visit her mom and give her an update. When they arrived she stripped her slave and sent her to her dad to use while visiting with her mom. Three hours later, her dad carried the worn out slut up to the family room. She was covered in cum and her body was covered with stripes where he had whipped her body. Dawn was barely conscious and could hardly walk. Susanna drove back to the apartment anxious to see how the programming worked.

Dawn was in the back seat oblivious the world. Susanna looked in the mirror thinking, "I'm not sure she's gonna make it to school tomorrow. I'll guess I'll find out tomorrow." When they arrived at Dawn's apartment Susanna noticed the smell of sex in the air.

She had Dawn lie on the couch while she went into the bedroom. It was over four hours since they had left. Julie was moaning and thrusting her cunt into the air. She was trying to pursue that climax that was just out of reach. Her body was covered in sweat and the sheets were soaked. Between her legs was a large wet area and the room reeked of pussy. Susanna turned off the control and removed the blindfold. Julie blinked her eyes as they adjusted to the light. Julie wasn't sure where she was. But one thing was for certain, she had to come.

Her body was so sexually charged she would fuck anything to come. "Mistress, Oh God please let me come! I NEED TO COME. PLEEAASE LET ME COME!!" "Settle down slut, let me release you first." Susanna then set about removing the clips. When she released the clips on her labia the vibrator shot out of her cunt.

"Oh no. Please put it back and turn it on. Please mistress." Susanna had never seen someone so horny before. Julie was panting and humping the air trying to find some kind of release. As soon as Susanna released her arms and legs, Julie quickly grabbed the vibrator, turned it on high and shoved it deep inside her pussy. Susanna watched as Julie rapidly fucked her cunt trying to release all that sexual energy that was build up over the last few hours.

It took only a minute before her body went ridged and a moan escaped from her mouth as the orgasm exploded throughout her body. Julie's eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed back in bed, her entire body convulsing in pleasure. It continued for several minutes and each time it seemed to lessen, she would start fucking her cunt again and another orgasm would explode out from her cunt.

Susanna waited till her new slave collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep. She walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a drink of water. She turned on the TV and decided to wait for a while before she woke her and took her home.

Susanna waited for about a half hour before she woke up Julie. Julie looked up at her mistress with half opened eyes as her hand slid down to her cunt. She started to stroke her clit, when Susanna spoke.


"Stop that slave, you are not allowed to come. Move that hand away from your slutty cunt." Julie's eyes opened wide as her hand quickly moved away from her clit. "What have you done to me? I am so horny, I need to come." "I just opened you mind up a little. You are a natural slut. This training session just brought this out. I also implanted a few thoughts in there while I was at it. You might find it hard to resist your son from now on." "Oh my God," Julie remembered the voice and what it said.

Just the mention of her son made her arousal skyrocket.

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"Need some relief, slut? Do you want some cum?" Susanna said while grabbing her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. "OOOHHH GOD YES, I NEED CUM. Please mistress please I need relief, I can't stand this." "Well slave, there is a slut lying on the couch, covered in cum, waiting for you to clean her off. Make sure you lick her ass as I'm sure it's filled with the precious liquid you desire." Julie quickly rolled off the bed and crawled to the living room.

Seeing Dawn lying on the couch, naked and covered in cum was like a dream come true. Julie crawled to the comatose slave and spread her legs. Looking down at Dawn's bare lips just inches in front of her face sent her arousal to an uncontrollable level.

As she lowered her head she noticed it leaking cum down to the plug sticking out of her ass. Julie's mouth was watering as she extended her tongue and lapped up the nectar leaking from the slave. As soon as it hit her tongue a warm feeling spread throughout her body.

Julie plunged her tongue deep into the depths on Dawn's channel sucking the precious liquid out and down her throat. The more she swallowed the more her body craved it.

It was no different than a junkie shooting a fix. Julie continued to lick and suck till there was nothing left. She then went to work on the dried cum covering her body, eventually working her way to the sluts plugged ass.

Julie pulled the plug and quickly pushed it into her mouth; cleaning off anything deposited on it. As soon as it was clean she dropped her head and inserted her tongue into the dilated sphincter as far as she could, drinking the tasty cum oozing out from deep within the sluts ass. When she could no longer taste the liquid of her desires, she inserted her fingers up her rear passageway in search of more.

As she probed deeper into Dawn's ass, Julie used first two, then three, then four fingers working to get deeper inside the sluts bowels.

Julie would not be stopped. When at last she needed to go further, she folded her thumb and shoved her hand deep inside Dawn's body. Dawn's was only semi-conscious when Julie started to lick her pussy. After Susanna's father, the soft tongue felt wonderful. Her body was reacting to the constant attention and was working up to an orgasm when Julie moved to her ass. When she pulled the plug and started to fuck her ass with first her tongue and then her fingers, Dawn was inches from a massive climax, when her eyes flew open as Julie shoved her entire hand inside her body.

As she pushed it deeper Dawn's breath caught and her entire body was centered on the hand in her ass. As Julie moved her fingers and twisted her wrist, Dawn exploded with a massive orgasm. With her legs pushed up to her chest and her ass filled with Julie's hand, Dawn's cunt was pointed straight up at Julie's face. When the orgasm exploded, her cunt squirted cum and bodily fluids directly at Julie. Julie felt Dawn's ass clamp down on her wrist and watched as the slut lying in front of her climax.

When her juices hit her face she quickly covered her cunt with her mouth and drank in the only thing that would satisfy her craving. As spurt after spurt shot down her throat, Julie's arousal and craving diminished.

By the time that Dawn's body was spent, Julie's body was glowing as if she had just had an orgasm. Both of the women collapsed and lie there unable or unwilling to move, simply relishing the feeling of satisfaction coursing through their bodies.

Susanna watched in amazement as Julie almost attacked the semi-conscious slut teacher and ended up fisting her to get her fix of cum.

Now the two slaves we lying on the couch, Dawn again almost out of it, and Julie with her hand still in her ass and mouth still attached to Dawn's pussy quietly moaning. Susanna went to the table and wrote out Dawn's instruction for the next morning. She then turned, walked back to the couch to rouse her new slave. "OK slut, it's time to go home. Get your shit together and get up. Julie looked up at her mistress and slowly pulled her hand out the Dawn's ass.

When her hand was finally clear, she brought it up to her mouth to clean any cum that was clinging to her hand.


Julie couldn't believe she was doing such a disgusting thing, but the training she just experienced simply wouldn't allow her to stop. When she finished cleaning her hand, she stood and walked to the door, picked up her coat and followed her mistress to her car. She held the coat closed but really wasn't bothered with exposing her body any longer. As they drove to Julie's house, Susanna looked at her slave sitting beside her in the front seat, staring out the window.

"When you get home slut, remove your coat by the door. Go up to your room naked. Take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow you know the rules on what you are allowed to wear, however don't get dressed till you get to your office.

Make sure you insert your toys before you leave. When you get to your office you can dress. Remember you cannot refuse your son. If he wants you naked and kneeling at his feet sucking his cock you must do it. So you might want to avoid him for the next couple of days." Julie gasped at the directions she was given.

Being naked as soon as she walked into her house was asking to get caught by her son. If he caught her she would not be able to resist him. Just thinking about being in the same house had started her motor running. If she actually saw him she didn't know what she would do.

"Make sure you arrive at school by six am. I wouldn't want anyone to see you naked walking the halls. I will let you know what you are expected to do when I see you. Do as you are told and it just might be an easy day for you." Susanna pulled into Julie's driveway and said, "OK slut, get out and do as you are told." Julie looked at her house and was relieved to see almost all the lights off.

Hopefully Alex was already in bed. She quickly got out of the car and ran to her front door. She slipped in the key trying to be as quiet as possible and slipped inside. Once inside she slipped off her coat and hung it by the door. Standing naked in the front hall she listened intently to see if she could hear her son. Hearing nothing she tiptoed up the stairs and walked into her room.

Breathing a sigh of relief she leaned on the door, although she was scared out of her mind, her body was aroused beyond belief. If anything touched her cunt she would explode. Julie walked to the bathroom to take her shower and get ready for bed.

* * * * * * * * Sandy arrived at the adult emporium about 20 minutes after leaving school. All during the drive there all she could think of was getting her fix of cum. It had been almost 3 hours since her last taste and her body and mind needed a fix. After yesterday she knew there would be many men ready to satisfy her needs. Sandy no longer cared if anyone saw her body, as she walked to the door she thought about the chains decorating Dawn's body.

"I wonder when my mistress will decorate my body," she thought. When Sandy opened the door she was no longer looking at the floor. She walked confidently to the counter and handed her coat to the cashier. "Do you have my cup and vibrator?" She asked.

"Sure do slut, but today you won't be going to the room to suck the cocks. You are to walk to the open area just inside the door in the back. There is a plastic tray for you to kneel. You are going to be exposed to everyone who uses your mouth. You are to allow everyone to control how you suck their cocks. You are to fill as many cups as you can, but remember, only cum in your mouth can go in the cup. You can't leave till everyone has finished with you. Oh and by the way, there will be no vibrator today, if you need to fuck something, fuck one of the cocks." Sandy gasped, the room and hole offered her some measure of privacy and allowed her to control how deep and how fast they fucked her face.

Now being completely exposed she would have no control and easily recognized by anyone who knows her. Sandy grabbed the cups and walked, naked to the back room. Looking around the shop, there must be at least fifty men waiting for her to arrive.

It was going to be a long night. Sandy arrived in the back room. It was dimly lit. Sitting in the middle of the room was a three foot diameter plastic tray.

Sandy walked to it and knelt down on it. No sooner than her knees touched the tray a line formed in front of her. She looked up at the first in line and almost gagged. He was disgusting; it looked and smelled like he hadn't bathed it a few days. He appeared to be about 50 years old and wasn't very tall. He had a large pot belly that hung down over his crotch. She wondered if she would even be able to find his cock.

As she moved her head into position, she had to turn it sideways in order to get around the massive stomach. No sooner than when she found his cock and started to swallow it when she felt someone behind her. Knowing she had on choice in the matter she shoved the nasty cock down her throat and wiggled her ass for the man behind her. Sandy was in full slut mode.

Her head was buried under a large stomach, sucking a disgusting cock while being fucked from behind by a person unknown and she loved it. Sandy's mind was in a zone, the humiliation of being used, craving cum, and having no control had sent it to nirvana. At this moment there was no other place in the world she would rather be. No sooner than the two men fucking Sandy had achieved a rhythm than the cock in her mouth exploded sending stream after stream into her mouth.

Sandy worked to capture all the precious fluid in her mouth, but there was too much. Soon it was leaking down her chin and dripping on the tray. She turned her head and spit all she could towards a cup sitting on the floor beside her.

The disgusting fat man backed off and pulled his pants up. "Nice job Teacher." He said as her turned and walked away. Sandy gasped as she heard his comment, the very first cock to enter her body and they knew she was a teacher. As Sandy's mind latched onto that comment; it sent her arousal into the stratosphere. As soon as the next cock stepped up to her mouth, Sandy opened her mouth and sucked it down her throat. As soon as her nose hit his pubes the cock buried in her cunt spewed deep inside her.

Sandy moaned deeply and climaxed, her body shook and her throat pulsed as her waves of pleasure flowed from her mind to her toes. Sandy was no longer aware of anything around her. Her world had shrunk to the immediate area in front of her face, and the cock inside her cunt. Soon her strength started to fade; the only thing holding her up was the cocks inserted at each end.

When one was removed her body would collapse to the floor. The next man would pick her up and insert his cock into the opening in front of him. The men realized that in order to get their turn something would have to be done. Soon someone showed up with a small bench. Several men grabbed the slut, picked her up and lay her on her back on top of the bench. It was the perfect height. There was no longer a need to kneel to fuck the slut. Sandy's head was just over the edge giving a straight shot down her throat, and the bench ended right at her hips.

All they had to do was lift her legs to give them easy access to either orifice. Sandy now had the use of her hands as there was now four lines around her. Although almost unconscious when the two men on each side grabbed her hands and placed them on their cocks, Sandy, by instinct started to stroke each of them, and was soon in a rhythm as all four men were now groaning with pleasure.

As the end of the first hour approached Sandy was no longer trying to fill her cup. She had no control as most of the men fucking her face, shoved their cocks down her throat to cum. Her body was now covered with ounces of cum, and both her ass and cunt was leaking copious amounts of fluids from many cocks.

Sandy had no idea how long she was there. When all the men had finished she lay on the bench unable to move. Her cunt and ass were gaping and there was an enormous puddle beneath her ass on the tray.

The manager walked to the back room and smiled at the comatose slut lying on the bench, her cup, just barely half full, sitting on the floor beside bench. He knew she was in no shape to drive home. He turned to a couple of men loitering in the shop, "Help me get this slut into a car and drive her home. One of you will have to follow in her car. I don't want it sitting in my parking lot all night." The three of them picked up Sandy, carried her out to a car, and deposited her into the back seat.

They didn't bother putting on her coat. They just tossed it on the floor beside her. When they arrived at Sandy's apartment, she was just coming to, starting to realize where she was. The men helped her out of the car and walked her to her door. Sandy looked around hoping no one saw her being half carried, naked, covered in cum to her door. She was grateful it was dark and nobody was out. When they entered the apartment, Anita jumped up and gasped. "WOW, is she OK?

How many men were there?" "Yeah she's fine. She's coming around now. I think she enjoyed every minute. I can't tell you how many times she had an orgasm. I'm guessing there were about sixty guys there. I was told to tell you this is the last time for a while. They don't want the cops coming around because of so many guys trying to get in." "OK no problem; I have other plans for her the rest of the week anyways." Anita responded.

* * * * * * * * * Julie woke the next morning at five am. She'd had a restless night's sleep. Her body wouldn't let her calm down. Every time she dozed off she dreamt of her son. Mostly she was on her knees with his cock deep in her throat. Several times she woke with her hand buried in her cunt. Unfortunately she could not climax.

Her mind would not let her. All it did was to increase her arousal till finally she gave up at five am. Now she was sitting on the side of her bed so damn horny she thought about going into her son's room and jumping his bones. Instead she walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower. When she finished she fixed her face, grabbed her clothes for the day, and headed out to her car. Two days ago, Julie would never even consider driving to school naked. Now here she was with toys in her ass and cunt, naked, trying not to be noticed on the way to school.

When she arrived and parked in the lot, her car was the only one there. God she hoped that the door was unlocked. She didn't see Mr. Jacobs, the janitor's car anywhere around. Now she had to wait till he arrived and unlocked the school.

Sitting in her car, her hand slipped down to her crotch. Without even thinking about it she started to stroke her clit. Her mind wandered back to her son. God she wanted to fuck him. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a fantasy, when the headlights from a car flashed in front of her.

Julie panicked and dropped down on her seat. She peeked up over the dash and watched as Mr. Jacobs parked his car and walked to the door. Julie was scared, she was almost caught. What scared her more was that it only increased her excitement.

Knowing that she couldn't get herself off, the next thought that went through her mind was how to get some cum to satisfy her craving. Julie waited for a few minutes to let Mr. Jacobs get away from the door. She then slipped out of her car, grabbed the bag with her clothes and dashed to the door. She was so excited her cunt was leaking down her legs. Julie had never felt so alive before in her life. Her entire body was tingling. As she entered the door, she listened closely to see if she could hear the janitor.

Hearing nothing she padded down the hall towards her office. Just as she reached the main hall, she heard Mr. Jacobs just around the corner. There was no place to hide. She plastered her body against the wall and tried to calm her breathing. She watched as he walked past the hall where she stood against the wall, in plain sight. She was holding her breath as he continued down the hall and didn't even look her way.

The rush that went through her body at almost being caught went straight to her cunt. Her arousal was now out of control. Julie had to come or at least eat some cum. Julie waited in the hall for the janitor to get further away before she could move.

When she finally looked towards her office, he was nowhere to be seen. Julie quickly took off and ran to her office and closed the door. She didn't even turn on the light. She didn't want anyone to know she was there. She quickly pulled out her skirt, blouse, and heels. As she started to dress, she realized that without panties, she couldn't sit down; otherwise she would soak her skirt.

Julie quickly grabbed some tissues from her desk and dried her crotch and legs. "I hope Susanna or Anita shows up soon and let me come. I won't be able to last the day like this." She thought. * * * * * * * * Dawn woke up on the couch. As she shook the cobwebs from her mind, she thought about what had happened last night. She remembered arriving at her apartment with Susanna and Julie. She thought about how they had attached Julie to the "Mind Bender" and left her there.

"God I'm glad it wasn't me that she used that awful device on again." As the evening started to come back to her she thought about when her mistress turned her over to her father. He took her down to his dungeon. Her body shivered as the time spent there came crashing back to her. Juan Martinez pulled Dawn's leash as they entered his dungeon. The slave was visibly shaking not knowing what was in store for her.

"Slut, raise your hands above your head." Dawn not able to resist, did as commanded and raised her hands. Juan quickly attached her bracelets to some chains dangling from the ceiling. He then knelt down and did the same to her ankle bracelets to chains on the floor.

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The slave was now secure. He then walked to a panel beside the door and pushed a couple of switches. As he did so the chains started to pull her legs apart and her hands higher. Soon she was stretched till her legs were spread wide and her toes were barely touching to floor. The slave was now helpless and her entire body was available. He smiled and walked behind her. Without a word he pulled out a blindfold and covered her eyes.

Dawn felt a chill go up her spine as she was now blind and totally helpless. She listened intently trying to hear what might be coming her way.

Suddenly she heard shuffling behind her and felt something pushing at her cunt. She tried to move away from it but to no avail, her bonds were too tight. The object was pushed harder and was just entering her cunt when smack, a hot flash coursed from her ass through her body.

The pain was intense, Dawn screamed as a second blow landed just inches from the first. Dawn was struggling to move but there was no play in the chains. Then the object just inside her cunt started to vibrate, slowly at first, then with more intensity. The pain lessened and the pleasure increased as she felt her body respond to the vibrations.

As the pleasure center of her brain started to build to the inevitable climax, smack, a blow across the breasts. "AAAAAHHHHHH OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD THAT HURTS, PLEASE STOP I'LL DO ANYTHING PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP," She cried. Juan smiled as the slut slave struggled in front of him. The cane had left stripes across her ass and tits. "Shut up slave, I don't want to hear you!" He said. He then raised his arm and brought another blow across the helpless slave's tits.

Dawn screamed again as the pain was intense, but the vibrations were also increasing her arousal till she was having trouble telling them apart. Juan walked over to the bench and grabbed a rubber ball gag. He pushed it into her mouth and strapped it around her head. He then grabbed a length of twine and started to wrap it around her body just below her tits. After two or three times around her body, he continued above Dawn's tender breasts.

After each revolution the tits were pushed out farther and farther. He then started to wrap the twine between her breasts tightening it even more. When they were suitably bound, he started to wrap the twine around each tit. Soon they were dark red as the blood was trapped and they looked like they were about to explode.

Dawn was panting as the pain from the cane and the bound tits was intense, but the vibrations in her cunt was relentless and kept increasing her arousal to levels unknown to her. Just as she was cresting the mountain, Juan grabbed her nipple roughly and pulled it from her body. The pain increased even more and stopped the climax in its tracks. Just as the pain subsided somewhat and the arousal increased again, Juan release an alligator clamp on the extended nipple.

Dawn's brain had trouble processing all that was happening to her body as she started to thrash about in spite of the chains holding her in place.

This only shoved the vibrator deeper inside her body and increased its effects. As her body stopped moving, Juan grabbed the other nipple and repeated the process. Dawn was now completely out of control. She had no control over any part of her body. Her bladder released its contents as piss ran down her legs. That was followed quickly by a massive orgasm. Her muscles contracted and her spine arched and her entire body went rigid.

Even with the blindfold covering her eyes she saw flashes of lights and her mind went blank. Her cunt clamped down on the vibrator relishing in the vibrations flowing through her body, squirting her fluids down her legs. Dawn was now only semi-conscious as Juan released her body from the chains.

He carried her over to a table and secured her hands and legs, leaving her head just over the edge and her legs splayed wide. Her pussy and ass completely displayed. He then walked over and made a call to some friends. Juan attached the chains from her tits to a cable coming down from the ceiling. As he pulled it tight the tension pulled on her nipples as well as her clit. Dawn moaned as her body responded to the stimulation.

Soon her back was arched as the tension was increased till her tits were pulled upwards and her nipples painfully extended. Dawn could no longer move as any movement sent painful shocks through her body. Just as she was adjusting to the pain, Juan answered the door. In walked four men laughing and talking about the slut strung up on the table. For the next 2 hours the five men took turns fucking every orifice in Dawn's body.

Dawn's mind and body had long ago escaped into a place safe from all of the stimulus and shut down. When the men had finished she was covered in cum and her entire body was covered in welts from multiple canings.

Dawn no longer felt any arousal; she was a slave to serve. Her body was only a tool to be used for her master's pleasure. Dawn shivered as she remembered how much pain she had endured. Her body still hurt, especially her ass. At first she thought it was her mistress' father or one of his friends that had reamed her ass, but as her mind cleared Julie came to mind.

Then it hit her, Julie had woken her from the couch eating her cunt. After the men had used her body, beat her with the cane, and abused her, Julie's gentle tongue was a welcome relief.

She enjoyed how she gently made love to her licking her entire body, ending up at her ass. As Julie started to insert her fingers deeper into her ass, Dawn's body responded becoming aroused and building to a climax.

It was when she started to shove more and more fingers deeper and deeper that she realized that it wasn't just fingers any longer embedded in her back door but her entire hand.

When Julie twisted her wrist dawn experienced a massive orgasm and squirted her juices on Julie's face. As the memory flooded back Dawn in spite of the pain in her ass, smiled as the feeling of satisfaction coursed through her body. "I can't wait to see Julie again," She thought. Dawn stood and slowly walked to the table to get her instructions for the day.

"God I hurt, I hope my mistress takes is easy on me today." She mumbled. As she picked up the paper off the table and read, she breathed a sigh of relief. Slut, You pleased me yesterday, so today I took the liberty of calling you off today. Go to the refrigerator and get your breakfast.

Eat, shower, and go to bed. I will contact you later to let you know what you are to do. Mistress S. * * * * * * * * Susan woke on Wednesday morning with Cindy's tongue buried deep inside her cunt. There is nothing better than waking to an orgasm from a live-in slut.

It was going to be a great day. As she relished the feelings coursing through her body, her cell phone rang. Susan pushed Cindy away and grabbed the cell. "Well done, slave, go shower and get ready for class. I will make use of you later," She told her as she answered the call. "Hello." "Miss Adams? This is Jason Marshall from Marshall, Marshall, and Turner, your lawyers." "Oh hello Mr. Marshall, I didn't expect to hear from you so soon. Is there something wrong?" "Miss Adams, I need you to come to our office as soon as possible.

There are some developments with your request and we need to meet, NOW!" Susan was taken aback at his demand, "What is it, can't we talk over the phone?

"Absolutely not, we need to meet in person; can you be here in an hour?" "Yes, I can be there but you are scaring me, can't you give me a hint?" "No Just get here as soon as you can," as he abruptly hung up the phone. Susan started to panic, what if they had spoken to her parents and told them what she wanted them to do, even worse what if it affected her trust.

Susan quickly ran to the shower to clean up before the meeting. Susan walked into the law firm's reception area. The receptionist recognized Susan and quickly ushered her into a large conference room. "Would you care for something to drink, coffee?" "No thank you, I'm good," Susan answered. Less than a minute later Jason Marshall walked into the room. He was the stereotypical old school lawyer, early sixties, gray hair, well dressed in a three piece navy blue suit. "Good Morning Miss Adams.

Thank you for coming on such short notice." He said. He continued without allowing her to respond. "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. We checked into the Martinez family as you requested. What we found is deeply disturbing and the more we dug the worse it got.

We finally checked with our sources at the FBI and we need to advise you to stay away from any contact with any member of the Martinez clan.

What I say to you now cannot leave this room. Do you agree?" Susan turned pale as she could not speak, she simply nodded. "Good, the FBI is about to raid the Martinez's homes and business'.

Apparently they are involved in human trafficking as well as illegal drug distribution. It stretches from here in Indiana, to Colorado, to Florida, to Mexico. There will be a raid on Friday at all locations in a joint operation with the Mexican government. I'm afraid your lady friends are going to be arrested with everyone associated with the Martinez family." "Oh my God, is there anything we can do to save them?" Susan asked.

"I'm not sure if they can be spared. It seems the women have been seen having sex with students as well as other members of the staff at school. The FBI has been observing their operation for several months and they now have enough to arrest the entire bunch. What do you know about this?" Susan gasped, "I really don't know much. My ex-teacher just started at this school a few days ago.

I stopped by the school to visit and saw her leaving the school, barely dressed, and wearing a slave collar and leash. She left in her car and I haven't seen her since. Before I could leave the parking lot, I learned later that the Martinez' twin daughters walked out leading what I believe was another teacher, again almost naked, also wearing a leash and collar." "Sandy Hauser was my favorite teacher and I couldn't imagine how she got herself in such a situation in just a couple of days.

That is when I came to you to see if you could find anything out. I don't know who the other teacher was." "Well, I'm not certain if there is anything we can do to help. They are not our clients. If they were, we would try to get them away from the situation before the bust. We could then arrange for them to surrender later and possibly work out some plea deal for their testimony. At least that way we could isolate their case from the primary investigation.

But like I said, they are not our clients." Susan took in all her lawyer had said. Her mind working quickly to figure a way to help Sandy Hauser, "OK, how about I hire you as their attorneys?

Would you help them then?" Jason Marshall thought for a moment, why is this young woman so interested in helping these two teachers? One of whom she doesn't know? There is something else going on here but that would have to wait. "OK Miss Adams, if you are willing to cover our expenses, we will represent the two women. We will need you to find out where they will be over the next couple of days and we will coordinate with our investigators on a way to steal them away from the family.

Do you think you can do that?" "I will do what I can. My roommate went to that school and is familiar with the family. Maybe she can help me find out what you need. I will call you later with what I find out.

Thank you very much Mr. Marshall." "You're very welcome Miss Adams. We will wait for your call. The sooner you get us the information the better. The more time we have to plan the better. If the FBI finds out we are about to do this we could be sanctioned. Even worse if we are discovered by the Martinez' and they find out about the bust we will all be in major trouble." "I understand, I will contact you as soon as I can." Susan stood and shook his hand and quickly walked out the door.

She had to find Cindy and figure out where the women were going to be for the next couple of days. * * * * * * * * * Sandy woke at the sound of her alarm clock. She had no idea of where she was. As she looked around the room she realized she was in her own bed. She reached over and turned off the alarm. Her body was covered in a dry crust. Sandy knew it was cum from the night before.

As she sat up on the side of the bed, her ass and cunt were very sore. What she noticed first was there was no plug in her ass. It was the first time is several days that her ass was not filled with something. Sandy stood and walked to the kitchen to retrieve her daily instructions. She wondered what her mistress had in store for her today. After yesterday; she figured that she would be fucking the football team or something.

When she got to the table, she picked up the note listing what she was to do. Cum slut, Today is going to be a special day. I have called you off, so no school. I want you to go take a shower and use the bathroom. Fix your hair and put on makeup. I want you to look your best. When you have finished return to the kitchen and eat your breakfast.

I have a special surprise for your meal. When you are done clean you face and kneel by the door. I will be there around Nine am. Mistress Anita Sandy breathed a sigh of relief at the note. She wasn't sure if she could survive another day at school. Somewhere deep inside she realized that she would not be working as a teacher much longer.

Her life was now a slave to a teenage mistress. Sandy went about following her mistress' instructions. The biggest surprise was the breakfast, it was donuts! Sandy wolfed down the three donuts. She had never tasted anything better in her life. Maybe this was going to be a good day.

At a quarter to nine she knelt down by the door naked. Her body was totally clean for the first time in several days. She took her time and fixed her hair and makeup.

Sandy actually felt good about her appearance for the first time since the opening day of school. Anita arrived just after nine; she looked down at her slave and smiled. She noticed how pretty she was, as she thought, "When I sell her she will fetch a good price." "Well done slut.

Today we are going to go on a ride to a shop I know. We are going to decorate your body." Sandy moaned as she hoped that today she would be getting her slave chains. Just the thought of it caused her pussy to moisten. Sandy remembered Dawn's chains the first time she saw them. Just the sight of them excited her. Now, hopefully she was going to get her own set. Sandy practically ran to the car, her coat flapping in the breeze.

Sandy was standing beside the passenger door anxiously waiting for her mistress to unlock the door. Anita watched her slave and smiled. The proud, beautiful teacher was now eager to have her body decorated as a slave. She knew that the teacher's career was now over. She would never be able to go back to school, with how she was to be chained and decorated.

However the thought occurred to her that the ultimate humiliation would be to have her slave walk through the school, chained, almost nude, and display her servitude to the entire school. Anita shivered in excitement at the thought. She pushed the button and unlocked the door. The first stop was a local laser removal spa.

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Anita was going to have all her hair removed below her neck. Her slave would never have a bush again. They arrived about ten minutes later outside the spa. "Why are we here mistress?" "That is of no concern to you slut. Just do as you are told." "Yes mistress" Sandy replied and stepped out of the car. Her body flushed as she was led into the spa by her leash. "Good morning Miss Anita." The receptionist said as they entered the door.

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"Hello Christy, is everything all set?" "Yes it is, please follow me." Christy led the two back through a door and down a hallway to an exam room.

"Marsha will be right in to take care of you." "Thank you Christy." "OK slave, take off the coat and get on the table. You are to do everything you are told. I will be back in a couple of hours to pick you up. I better not hear of you disobeying, understand?" "Yes mistress, I will not disappoint you." Sandy said as she dropped her coat on the floor and climbed up on the table.

Marsha walked into the room and smiled. She had done this many time before for the Martinez family. The sight of the collar and leash and the compliant woman was not new. In fact Anita told her she could use her after she had finished with the procedure. "How long do you need Marsha?" "Well we usually do this in stages and not all at once. Are you sure you want it all now?" "Yes I do, I don't care if she is in pain after wards.

I just want it done." "OK, give me about two and a half hours." "Great, see you then." Anita stood, grabbed the coat, and walked out the door. "What is your name?" Marsha asked.

Sandy was taken by surprise by the question, "I'm cum slut." She answered without thinking. "Oh, I'm sorry it's Sandy." Sandy had become so accustomed to referring to herself as a slut the first answer just slipped out. Marsha smiled; this was going to be fun. "I'm going to give you a shot to calm you down.

Just relax and I will wake you when I'm finished." "Yes Mistress." Two hours later, Marsha gently nudged Sandy's shoulder, "Wake up cum slut. It's time to finish with the procedure." Sandy opened her eyes and looked around the room.

At first she didn't recognize where she was. Her body was hurting some and her cunt was very tender, but other than that she felt fine. "Yes mistress, may I get up now?" "Yes you can. I'm all done with you, now you need to take care of me.

Get down on your knees and put your tongue to work. Sandy quickly rolled off the table and crawled to the woman now sitting on a chair with her skirt pulled up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was bare as a newborn baby's butt. Sandy while still groggy and not sure what had happened quickly went to work pleasuring the pretty young woman sitting in front of her. As she extended her tongue and gently licked up from the anus to her clit, Marsha shuddered.

Marsha tasted wonderful; she was very clean and quite wet already. She had a slight lavender flavor and Sandy quickly shoved her tongue deep inside her canal. The deeper she went the more Marsha moaned. Sandy wanted this to last and pulled back and lightly ran her tongue over her labia and up to her clit. As soon as she touched her nubbin, Marsha gasped and grabbed her head. Sandy no longer had any control.

She simple kept her tongue busy and Marsha moved her head where she wanted it. Soon Marsha pulled her face deep in the cunt and started to fuck her face. Breathing became difficult, but Sandy kept licking working to satisfy her current mistress. Suddenly Marsha groaned and held Sandy's face right at her opening as her cunt clamped down on her tongue and started to ejaculate her fluids all over her face. Just as Sandy was about to blackout from lack of oxygen, Marsha released her head and pushed her to the ground.

"I'm done with you now slut. Your mistress will be back for you shortly. Go out and sit in the hall. We need the room of our other clients." "Yes mistress." She said as she stood and looked around for her coat. "Your mistress took it with her. Go out and sit there naked. Sluts don't deserve clothes." Sandy hung her head and nodded. She then walked out into the hall and sat down.

The embarrassment was again feeding her craving for humiliation. Anita arrived a few minutes later and handed her slave her collar, leash and coat. Let's go slave, we have another appointment. The trip to the tattoo parlor was only about twenty minutes. Sandy squirmed in her seat. Her mind was swimming in the thoughts of being marked and pierced. When they arrived, Anita indicated for her slave to get out and follow her inside. Sandy walked through the door and smelled the antiseptic and took in the decor.

Seeing as it was still early, there was no one in the lobby. Lining the walls were hundreds of examples of artwork that could decorate her body. Just as she noticed the counters that had all the jewelry for piercing, a man walked through a curtain behind the counter. His presence startled her, as it seemed as if he showed up out of nowhere.

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"Hello Anita, is this your slave?" "Hey Jack, sure is. Is everything ready? I can't wait to see her when it's done." "Yep all set, bring her to the back. Are you going to stay and watch, or come back in a couple of hours?" "I'm going to come back. I have a new project in the works." "Oh, another one, Kinda soon isn't it? Even your mom didn't do two at once." Jack said. He looked at the young dominatrix and thought, "You are too young, you have no idea of what you are doing.

This is going to end badly and I'm not going to go down with you." No, my new project is a surprise for my mom. She has no idea. I'm going to give it to her next week after the party this weekend. But first I need this one decorated.

I want to display her with Susanna's slut at the party. I can't think of better way to break the two of them down, then by having them fuck the entire school. Sandy was on the other side of the room and wasn't listening to their conversation.

She was fascinated with the artwork on the walls. "Slut, follow me, it's time to get to work." Sandy quickly turned and followed her mistress down the hallway to the last room on the right. "Give me the coat. You won't need it any longer. Your new clothes will be provided when we leave." Sandy quickly removed her coat and handed it to her mistress.

She was now naked except her six inch stilettos. Anita took the coat and started for the door. "Remember slut; obey Jack as if I were speaking. I will be back later for you." She then turned and walked out the door. Jack looked at the beautiful young blond ex-teacher. Her body was almost perfect. The items picked out for her will definitely enhance that beauty.

There is nothing like a pretty woman in slave chains. "OK slut, let's get started. First we need to finish some paperwork. I need you to sign some release papers. I don't want anyone coming in here in a few days saying I forced you to have this done. Also I need an electronic signature on the computer. Can you do that?" "Yes sir, just tell me where to sign." Sandy answered.

She knew she should read everything over but her mind was in full humiliation mode and her craving needed feeding. The quickest way to that fix was to do as she was told and receive her chains. Jack looked down at the stack of papers. He checked to see if everything was in order. Title transfer for her car Apartment sublet release 401K transfer Checking and savings account closure Utilities account closure Liability release for the tattoos and piercings Employment resignation Slavery registration (on line) Change of address forms Credit card closure requests, 4 total Release to charity for furniture By the time Sandy was finished signing all the forms, all her worldly possessions would be stripped away.

She would have nothing, no money, no home, no car, no clothing, nothing. Sandy would be entirely dependent on her mistress. Sandy grabbed the papers and started to sign where Jack indicated. He discreetly kept most of the documents covered, just showing her the signature line. It took a few minutes to sign all the papers, and to acknowledge her permission on the web page, but soon everything was finished. Jack smiled when she was finished.

Anita had taken her coat and Sandy was literally left with nothing but her stiletto shoes on her feet. When she finished Jack grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to the slave.

"Drink this slut. I will be right back." Jack walked out of the room to get everything he needed to attach to her body. When he returned about ten minutes later the drugs he put into the water were starting to take effect.

Sandy was now flushed and noticeably excited. In another five minutes she would do anything to climax. The longer it was, the more compliant she would be. Sandy was already excited about the decorations. The chains on Dawn's body were so sexy, and they were fairly easy to hide, so teaching in chains only stoked her excitement.

She drank the water and started to feel her arousal stating to build. In only a few minutes her whole body was craving a climax. If something didn't happen soon she was going to go crazy. When Jack walked into the room, he was pushing a roller table covered with a towel. She could tell there were several items covered but had no idea what they were.

"OK slut, climb up onto the table. Place your hands above your head and feet in the stirrups." Sandy practically jumped onto the table. She quickly complied and was soon restrained and was unable to move. Jack pushed the table above her head and pulled off the towel.

The first thing he grabbed was a blindfold. He didn't want her to know what he was doing till it was all done. Sandy was now fully under the influence of the drug.

She was not aware of anything around her only that her body needed to come. Her entire world was the arousal coursing through her body. When Jack covered her eyes it only made it worse as there were no distractions. Jack looked down at the table. Organized before him were a matching set of wrist bands, ankle bands, and a collar. Beside them was a waist chain, all of these items were made of tantalum. Once they were in place they would not come off without a special magnetic key.

Each of the bands was about 1 inch wide with soft rubber lining. All had rings or hooks installed to hang accessories. The wrist bands also had two short lengths of chains with rings attached. All the items were custom made to Sandy's exact size.

Beside that were the nipple and clit rings and tongue stud. At the top of the table were some additional decorations to be added when everything else was attached. The last items were the patterns for the tattoos. The first was the QRR pattern that was to be placed on the back of her neck. That way anyone using their phone could scan the pattern and pull up her slavery record.

They would then know who owned her, what she was, what she would do, and how to contact her owner if she should try to escape. The other patterns were specially designed for her tits, ass and pussy marking her as a slut and a slave. Jack first grabbed the collar; it wrapped around her neck and snapped shut.

Once closed you could not even make out the hinge or the lock. It looked like it was forged around her. Although it was tight, so tight you could not slide anything more than a piece of paper behind it, it did not choke her.

Next, were the bracelets for her wrists. Jack grabbed the rings and placed one on her index and pinky fingers. He then pulled the bracelet around her wrist and clamped it shut. The rings could not be removed and the chains would always be in view. The ankles came next. Now there was no way for the slave to remove her slave bracelets.

There would be no way to hide them. Jack's cock stirred and started to harden. Jack grabbed the waist chain and slipped it around her waist. Although not make of tungsten, it was stainless steel. When he finish soldering it closed you could not tell where he did it. He smiled, "not bad if I say so myself." Sandy heard him talking but didn't hear what he said.

Her entire concentration was on her pleasure zones, her cunt and mind. Both were overwhelming her remaining senses with desire. Jack then started to work on Sandy's nipples. Although they were fully extended, he couldn't resist grabbing them between his finger and thumbs and pinching them roughly. Her tits were magnificent. Adding nipple rings would only make them more beautiful. Sandy groaned as the pain and pleasure from his touch raced through her body and magnified her arousal. He smiled at her reaction and knew she would soon cave to her desires and throw herself at him to satisfy her needs.

Jack grabbed his tool and quickly pierced her left nipple. The pain caused Sandy to jump and her body to tremble as he inserted the ring. He reached over and picked up the soldering iron and quickly closed the gap, permanently attaching the ring. Sandy calmed after a few minutes as Jack readied the next ring, then moaned as the tool pierced her other nipple. In only a few minutes it was all over. Jack then slid his hands down and spread Sandy's legs a little more and attached leather straps to her thighs, holding her tightly down to the table.

He didn't want her to move when he pierced her clit. When he finished his right hand slid up her thigh and caressed the soaked slit. As he pulled back her protective hood and exposed the extended bud, he was amazed at how long it was. It was at least an inch long and quite red. When he touched it Sandy groaned from deep in her gut as the drug induced arousal was almost more than she could take. Jack then pulled the bud further from her body and placed his tool at the base and punctured it in one quick motion.

Sandy screamed in agony as the pain quickly doused her arousal and eliminated her need for climax. Jack took the ring and slipped it into the hole. As he closed the ring Sandy was composing her mind and body, waiting for what was next. Still blind; her remaining senses were on full alert. The table at Sandy's head now had only five items left, a ring, a stud, a length of chain, and two charms with connecting gold chains.

Jack reached over and grabbed a ring gag. He forced it into her mouth, holding it wide open. He then took a pair of forceps and grabbed the end of her tongue. As he pulled it out of her mouth he attached a clamp holding it in place fully extended from her lips. Now her mouth was open wider than it had ever been sucking any cock and her tongue was pulled out so far it looked like she could lick her nose. Jack smiled as every time he did this the expression was always comical on the victims face.

He then placed the punch at the top of the tongue and pushed it through. Sandy tried to move but she was tightly secured and no movement was possible. Jack then moved the punch a little further out on the tongue and did it again. He then inserted the stud in the first hole and attached the ball on the end, then wrapped the ring in the second hole and around the tip of the tongue.

When he finished soldering it closed, Sandy could be secured by locking a leash to the tongue and lead around by the mouth. Jack wondered what a blow-job would feel like with the new additions. Jack then removed the clamp, forceps, and ring gag. Sandy closed her mouth as much as possible with the ring making it difficult. The last two items were easily installed; the first was a charm with two connecting chains on either end. He attached each end to a nipple ring leaving the charm right between her tits.

The charm was simple enough; on one side it said "Cum Slut", on the other "Owned Slave". If any outfit exposed her cleavage it would announce to the world her status. The second charm only had one chain and that was attached to her clit ring. It extended down about a foot before it split to two smaller chains connecting to each end of the charm. The charm only said one thing, "SLUT". Left to dangle it would bounce between her legs and keep her arousal levels high. The only way to stop this would be to pull the charm up over her waist chain and have it displayed prominently in front of her skirt at crotch level, drawing attention to her cunt.

Jack sat back for a minute to admire his work. There was only one more thing and his job was finished. He reached over and took the last length of chain and threaded it through the ring on her collar, down to her right nipple, through that ring and down to her clit ring. Once there he continued up to her left nipple ring and back to the collar.

When finished he cut the chain to length and soldered the ends together making a loop through and a diamond pattern on the front of her body. To test the chain, Jack pulled on one side and the chain rotated through the rings dragging across her nipples and clit. The effect was dramatic. Sandy immediately started to groan and move her body as each link crossed each sensitive nub.

It took only a few revolutions before she was again on the edge of an orgasm. Mission accomplished Jack thought . * * * * * * * * * Susan arrived back at college and quickly called Cindy.

When she answered Susan demanded, "Where are you slut? I need you back at the dorm room now!" "I just finished class mistress; I can be there in ten minutes." "Great, don't waste any time, I need you now." Susan replied. When Cindy returned, Susan explained what had happened at the lawyer's office. As she was explaining what the Martinez family was involved with, Susan came to the conclusion that she was allowing her fantasies to warp her thinking.

It was one thing to dominate another person, if that person wanted to be dominated. But the relationship must be mutual, not one of non-consensual domination.

Each person has a responsibility to the other. The dominate, must keep her submissive safe and protect her at all costs. And the submissive must trust that her mistress will keep her safe and not endanger her. It is truly the submissive that ends up with the control. Susan looked into Cindy's eyes and started to cry. "I'm sorry Cindy, I'm afraid I've got a lot to learn about being a mistress.

I want you to know that I won't jeopardize your life or reputation in any way. If you do not want this relationship we stop right now. It will not affect our friendship in any way.

However, if you should want to continue, I will protect you and never betray that trust." Cindy looked into Susan's eyes and understood that even though just a couple of days ago, she was a normal straight young woman, Susan had opened her eyes to a whole new world and she wanted to experience that world. "I trust you Susan, I want this to go further, but I can't do this under a threat. You are going to have to trust me that I will obey you.

But you must respect my boundaries. What those boundaries are I'm not sure, but I want to explore them with you." Both women started to cry and were soon in an emotional embrace. The closeness both felt solidified their relationship and cemented their friendship. They both lay on the bed and cried for a long time. When they had calmed down both fell into a restful sleep and didn't wake for several hours. It was around two o'clock when they woke from their nap.

Susan gently reached over and caressed Cindy's nipples. Cindy groaned at the contact and pushed her tits into Susan's hand. As Cindy turned her head, Susan leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

For the next few minutes each enjoyed the others touch as both used their hands caressing their bodies. Susan released her grip on Cindy's nipples and sat up looked down at her submissive. "I need your help. I told you about the two teachers teaching at your old school who are under control of the Martinez twins. They are in trouble and I need your help saving them. I spoke to my lawyer this morning and some very bad things are going to happen very soon.

I need you to find out where the twins are keeping the teachers. Do you think you can help?" "I don't know. I still have some friends there but I don't know if they know anything. We can stop by but I don't know if I can reach them while they are in school." "How about we go to school and ask to visit the teachers and see what they say. We'll just tell them I'm a friend of Miss Hauser and I'm in town for a visit." "That might work, I have a friend that works in the office.

She might know something." "OK get dressed we haven't much time before school lets out." Ten minutes later both young women walked out of the dorm to drive over to the school. It only took a few minutes to get there when Susan noticed that Sandy's car was not in the lot. "She's not here. We need to find out where she lives." They parked the car and walked into the school. It was during class and there were very few people in the halls. When they entered the main office, Cindy smiled and leaned over to Susan and whispered, "Good, Sally is at the desk, she is a busybody and knows all the gossip." "Hey Sally, how are you?" Sally looked up from her book and smiled, "CINDY, what are you doing here?

I haven't seen you since last year. How is college? Met any cute guys yet? Do you have." Cindy quickly stopped her friend in mid sentence.

"Sally, we just stopped by to visit my roommate's ex teacher, is Miss Hauser in?" "No she called in sick today; she's been acting really weird lately. For a new teacher she has been dressing like a slut, if you know what I mean." "Oh, that's too bad; you wouldn't have her address would you?" "No I don't, they won't let me have that info.

I would tell you to stop by Miss Reynolds room but she is off today also. She's been acting weird too. I don't know what is with these teachers dressing like sluts. We aren't allowed to dress that way." "Damn, Susan really wanted to see her.

Don't you have any way for us to contact her?" "Well you might check with Miss Julie down the hall. I noticed that both Miss Reynolds and Miss Hauser have been visiting her lately. Her office is the third door on the right. Better knock first she hasn't been herself lately either." "Thanks much, I'll talk to you later." Cindy and Susan walked out the door and down the hall.

When they got to the door and knocked a panicked gasp was heard. Cindy knocked again and listened closely. She heard some shuffling then a quiet voice said, "Come in." Susan opened the door and looked at the woman sitting at the desk.

"Miss Julie?" "Yes, what can I do for you?" Both Cindy and Susan noticed the distinct smell of sex in the air. They looked at each other and then at the obviously nervous woman sitting at the desk.

She was sitting very close to the desk and looked flushed. Her top three buttons were unbuttoned, and the blouse was open down past her tits. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Susan looked at the scared woman and knew that she was also in the clutches of the twins.

Susan smiled, leaned over the desk and said, "Don't you think you shouldn't be sitting half naked at school?" Julie blushed and turned red down below her tits. "Ah-h-h I don't know what you mean? I'm dressed." "Really, then stand up and show me." "I don't know who you are but you just don't come walking into someone's office and start ordering them around.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Susan expression changed and looked down at the submissive woman sitting before her. "Look slut; here is what is going to happen.

You are either going to stand up and show us you are almost naked, or I'm going to stand here while Cindy goes and gets the principle and bring him back here.

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Then you can explain to him why you are sitting at your desk wearing only your blouse and your office smells like a whorehouse." "I will do no such thing." "OK Cindy, go get the principle." Cindy turned towards the door and grabbed the handle. "Wait, stop, don't go, I'll stand, please don't leave." Julie pleaded.

Cindy stopped and looked back over her shoulder; her hand was still on the door knob. Julie shoulders slumped as she knew she was caught. She slowly scooted her chair back and stood. Susan was right; Julie was only wearing her blouse. What was surprising to the two young women was not only was she shaved, but peeking out from her cunt was vibrator.

It was very apparent that Julie was masturbating at her desk. Both her legs were wet down almost to her knees and her labia were swollen and very aroused. "Turn around slut," Susan demanded. Julie slowly turned around and sticking out of her ass was an anal plug. As she continued turning she ended up back facing the two young women. "Oh My God," Cindy exclaimed. "I would never have guessed this is what you do here. What would happen if Alex stopped by?" Julie blushed even further as she was truly frightened at what might happen.

On top of those fears was the arousal, her whole body was excited. Just a couple of days ago she had never looked at another woman, let alone young women. Now here she was almost naked in school, standing in front of two very pretty women. Although she was afraid of what they were going to do to her, her mind and body wanted to drop to her knees and worship their feet and lick their cunts.

Julie had no answer to Cindy's question; she just stood there looking down at the floor. Susan was now in charge, she walked around the desk and reached inside the half opened blouse and tweaked her right nipple. Julie gasped as the touch shot through her body and straight to her cunt. Her knees almost buckled as she leaned into the hand mauling her tit.

"Take off the blouse and drop to your knees slut." Julie quickly complied and was soon naked on her knees in front of the two women. "What do you want with me" she asked? "We just want some information. You know Miss Hauser and Miss Reynolds, Yes?" "Yes I do." "Good, I need you to tell me where they are, and what is happening to them." Susan Demanded.

"Oh my God, I can't tell you that. You will have to speak to the Martinez twins if you want to know about that." "Really, well I guess we will just have to expose you to the school, get up and follow us to the office. Your little naked fun in your office is about to become public knowledge." "O-O-O-H GOD NO, PLEASE DON'T DO THAT. I CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN." Julie exclaimed as she dropped her head to the floor and started to grovel at Susan's feet.

"Please please please I'm begging you. Don't expose me." "Well here is what is going to happen. You are going to tell us exactly where we can find them, and then you are going to tell me everything you know about what is planned for them. Then you are going to help us with anything we want you to do. If you don't, everyone in town is going to know exactly what you have been doing in your office, UNDERSTAND SLUT?" "Yes mistress, but what about the twins.

If they find out I told you and helped you they will ruin me. They have much more on me than you do." "That might be true, but if you don't help us you are going to end up just like those two teachers.

Do you want to end up a slut to everyone you meet, including your son? If you help us you just might get out of this with minimal damage. Have you fucked any of the students yet?" "God NO, I've just had sex with Sandy and Dawn. I haven't touched any student. I have roamed the halls naked, but no one saw me." "Good; then what are you going to do, Slut?" Julie thought about her options.

Over the last few days she watched as the two teachers were humiliated and pushed to do increasingly demented things. When she saw Dawn's chains and tattoos it scared her. And Sandy visiting the glory hole day after day collecting cum from half the men in town was disgusting. In spite of the training she had received; Julie still recognized right from wrong. Her mind was accepting doing wrongs things, like coveting fucking her son. She still knew it was wrong.

"I'm not sure if I can help. Mistress Anita did something to me yesterday and I'm not sure if I can refuse anything she tells me to do. I am not able to disobey her. There are things she planted in my mind that I can't resist. But I will do what I can for you if you will please help me." Julie responded. "Fair enough, we will do what we can for you.

I understand that you can't resist her commands, but if she does not ask you about us, don't volunteer any information, OK?" "I will try my best," Julie sighed. "Excellent, now tell us, what are the Martinez girls going to do to their slaves? Do you know where they will be for the next couple of days? Is there any time at all when they will be alone?

We need to speak to them." Julie thought about it for a minute and then said. "The twins told me that their slaves would not be returning to school.

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Susanna said that they would be resigning their positions as teachers. I know that Anita was taking Sandy to the spa and the tattoo parlor today to have her body hair removed and to "decorate" her body. When Susanna took Dawn there; she came back to school with slave chains and slut tats all over her body. I'm to wait here after school and follow them to Dawn's apartment. I'm not sure what is going to happen then, but I overheard that I'm supposed to present the slaves to some high rollers over at their parent's house later this evening and then bring them back to Dawn's apartment." "I'm not sure about tomorrow but I think that the slaves are to stay at Dawn's place.

I think Anita and Susanna have something planned this weekend for all of us." "I'm not allowed to orgasm until Saturday at the earliest is what I was told. With whatever she did to me I can't come until she gives me permission and I'm so fucking horny that is all I can think of.

The only thing that will quell my craving is cum. Every time I eat cum my arousal levels drop to a manageable level. But it doesn't last and my body starts to crave orgasms again. She also implanted thoughts of my son in my head.


All I can think of is submitting to him. I'm afraid if I'm left around him for very long I won't be able to resist and I will end up his slut slave." "Please help me. I am helpless against this. I need my mistress she controls my mind and body. I can't fight her control. I need relief or I'm going to end up just like Sandy and Dawn." Susan and Cindy listened intently. "How could those two evil twins exert such control over these adult women in such a short time?

The control they have over Julie was beyond belief. If they have the same control over Sandy and Dawn they might not be able to be saved. We had better be careful or we might be caught up in the same situation." Susan thought. "We can't make any promises but we will do all we can to help you. But in the meantime do as you are told and don't tell anyone you spoke to us.

Write down your cell number and we will be in touch. If you think of anything else call me at this number." Susan told the naked slut as she wrote down her number on a post-it. Susan and Cindy turned and walked out the door. Julie watched as they left and reached down and started to slowly move the vibrator in and out of her cunt again. Her mistress told her to fuck herself, naked in her office for 15 minutes each hour.

She had been interrupted and had to finish as commanded.