Lustful dude is on a trip and gets blown by a breathtaking hooker

Lustful dude is on a trip and gets blown by a breathtaking hooker
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Crash Landing Preface: Blake's friend James invites him on a cruise, to a small Bahamian island, with his local church. They were having fun on the ship when all of the sudden a massive storm system sweeps right over top of their boat. Unfortunately no one but the 6 boys and the minister Neil were on the ship. Neil was the captain and said he could get them there but he was wrong. This is a story about how Blake, James, James's two younger brothers Caleb and Christian, and two other boys that go to the church, Logan and Patrick, developed their relationships in a special way well they struggle to survive on a deserted island somewhere in the Atlantic.

Descriptions: Main Characters Blake- 5'8", long curly brown hair, lean body w/ a six pack and decent muscles, 15 years old. James- 5'9", buzz-cut dirty blonde hair, lean body w/ an eight pack and very muscular, 16 years old. Caleb- 4'11", buzz-cut dirty blonde hair, skinny but no muscles, 11 years old. Christian- 5'3", long straight dirty blonde hair, Skinny w/ small muscles, 13 years old.

Logan- 5'6", long curly blonde hair, lean body w/ a small six pack and small muscles, 14 years old. Patrick- 5'3", long straight brown hair, chubby in a cute kid way w/ no mucles, 12 years old. Other Characters Neil- 6'2", long curly black hair w/ a long beard, skinny w/ no mucles, 30 years old, minister at the church. I could hear the waves crashing and the seagulls above.

I could feel the sun beating down on my face, back and legs. I felt the sand in my hands and the water hitting my toes every couple of seconds or so. I tried to open my eyes but it felt like I was trying to lift a 1000 lbs bolder of my eyes. I finally got my eyes open and I felt so incredibly tired. I tried to look around but my neck was so stiff.

I just laid there looking straight up at a blue sky as the birds flew over my head. I finally got the strength to look around I turned my neck to the left and saw a long stretch of beach with forest right behind it.

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I looked to my right and the same except I saw a few things that I couldn't yet make out my eyes were still to blurry. I moved my hands up to my eyes so I could rub them I took allot out of me but I got them there. I started to rub and it became clear that what I was seeing was the bodies of the other boys on the boat. First Caleb who was real close to me that I could almost touch him, then the kid Patrick who I had only met a couple days before, next Logan who I had known from school he was in my math class cause even though we're in different grades he was advanced in math but I never really talked to him until we saw each other on the cruise, finally I saw James a long way down the beach.

I could see something else but I couldn't quite make out who it was since it was so far down the beach but I Just assumed it was Neil or Christian. As I laid there looking at all their bodies I started to have thoughts, terrible thoughts. "Why aren't they moving? Who is the person at the end of the beach? Why is somebody not here? Who's not here? What if one of them is dead? What if all of them are dead?" I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head. I started to freak out!

I jumped up and although I was worried I took a moment to catch my breath and give the part of my body I could see a once over. I didn't have a shirt on and I didn't know why. All I knew was that I had the worst sun burn ever. Now that I was standing I looked around the beach again.

I didn't see the missing person but I could see the person furthest down the beach was Christian. "Whew!" I thought to myself. "At least Neil is an adult who can take care of them self." I walked over to Caleb and I could tell from where I was standing that he was breathing.

I took a moment to admire his cute eleven year old boy face and body. I always thought he was cute. Every time I spent the night at my friend's house I always thought of trying to make a move on him but I was always to scared.

I continued to walk down the beach till I got to Patrick, who was face down in the sand, I bent over and put my hand on his back and I felt his back going up and down. I was relived to know he was okay he was a little chubby but I thought it was the cutest thing ever, plus, he had the cutest face I had ever seen too.

I found out on the cruise I was pretty attracted to him. I got back up and walked over to Logan. I could see from where I was standing that he was breathing but I didn't care I still bent down and put my hand on his back. I loved Logan! He was so cute and I was so attracted to him just putting my hand on his back got me hard.

He was perfect! He had a great body an awesome head of hair and the greatest smile ever, it was white and straight and his two front teeth were a little bigger than the rest which made him look like a little kid and that was his biggest turn on. Instead of looking 14 he looked so much younger. He also had a great bubble butt which was sticking up in the air and I couldn't help but stair.

I started rubbing lower and lower till I got to his lower back. Then I moved my hand on to the top of his butt and slowly started to rub.

He didn't move at all but I didn't want to take the chance of him waking up and freaking out and having no one on the beach talk to me again. So I stood back up and made my way to James. I could hear him breathing because it sounded like he had a cold or something.

I walked up and stared at his face. He was cute in a weird way. Like one of those people you know for a while and eventually you start becoming more attracted to them. I constantly would masturbate to the thoughts of him giving me head or fucking me in the butt or vice versa. I was tempted to bend over and give him a small kiss on the lips but I decided agents it just in case he was to wake up. So I just kept walking down the beach to see if Christian was alright. I could see him breathing from five feet away.

I thought Christian was okay. He was 13 and still at the awkward stage of puberty so it was hard to find him attractive. But what I did see surprised me. From where I was standing I could see a massive Tent in his pants. I just smirked and said. "Puberty! What a great age getting hard all the time. I can't believe how much I had to Jack it then." All of the sudden I heard a "What?" come from behind me. It made me jump and then I turned around and saw James sitting up.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to freak you out. But what did you say? Something about Puberty and hard all the time?"He asked with a little laugh. James and I had no problem talking about sexual stuff. We even jacked it in the same room one time while watching a porno, under different blankets though. I was also pretty close to his family so I treated his brothers like mine. "haha" I laughed. "I'm glad to see you're awake and okay.

But I thought you would be more concerned about where we are or something like that. Not about what I said." I told him. "Well I am but this seemed more important at the time." He said laughing. "And don't change the subject what did you say." "I'm not trying to change the subject." I said and I was being serious.

I didn't care if he knew what I was looking at his brother's boner from over here. I mean it was noticeable. And if it were him he would have said the same. "I was talking about Christian look at him and see if you notice anything." James looked over to where I was looking and saw his brother laying on a beach with a huge bulge coming from his pants.

"What his boner? So he always gets them now. I woke him up for school the other day and it was just sticking out of his boxers and I mean it was actually sticking out so I could see it and I'm not going to lie it was pretty good size." He told me.

"Haha. So! You see him naked all the time. Don't you still take showers together? And that's why I was saying something about it cause he's at the age to be hard all the time." I told him back. "Oh well is everybody okay did you check already?" He asked me. "Ya I checked. They're all fine except I can't find Neil but I haven't really tried looking for him.

And that would have been my first question." I said laughing. "Good I was a little worried about Patrick and Logan." He said.

I asked him if he was worried about his brothers and he said no he would let me worry about that. We both laughed for a little and then it got quiet and all you could hear were the birds chirping and the waves crashing again. He started to look around at everybody and at the beach and his face went from normal to a small panic. "What are we gonna do?" He asked. "Where are we?" "We don't even know if we are alone here.

It might just look deserted cause we washed up on the wrong spot. So first we should find out if this is deserted or not. Then we'll go from there." I told him. Just as I was saying that I saw Logan start to work his way to his feet. So James and I started to walk over to him. He looked up and smiled at us. His smile actually made me weak in the knees. I almost fell over cause of it!

I was waiting for someone to say something but no one did. Finally after waiting for what felt like an hour, even though it was only a few seconds, I spoke up. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Ya I'm fine where are we?" He asked me in return. "We're not sure. But we were about to go exploring to see if this is a deserted island or not and look for Neil.

Maybe!" James told him. "Cool! I'm coming too." He said with excitement. "No you're not we're going. You have to stay in case anyone wakes up alright." James told him.

His face went from excited to almost about to cry. I was about to tell him that I would stay but then James started pulling me away. I so desperately wanted to just wrap him up in my arms and give him a hug just to make him feel better but I couldn't. Finally I turned around and started to walk with James. "Why did you pull me?" I asked him.

"Cause I know you and I know that when someone feels bad you acted like it's your fault. I know you would have told him that you would stay and he can go. Cause that's the way you are." He told me. "True" Is all I told him. Then he looked at me and said "Plus I needed to tell you something but now I want to wait to see if we're on a deserted island or not." "What?

You can't just do that. You have to tell me now." I said a little upset that he didn't tell me. "Just wait I want to see where we are first." He said and he seemed a little embarrassed. "Fine I'll wait but you better tell me even if we're not on a deserted island." I told him. He didn't say anything after that and most of the walk went by in silence except for the occasional dirty joke about a cloud looking like a penis or something sexual.

We had been walking for hours when I finally broke the silence. "I wonder if everyone else woke up yet?" I said. "I don't know probably.

I'm wondering what we're going to do if this is a deserted island? I mean should we build a shelter or what? We have to start talking about it." He said. "Well we'll have to if this is a deserted island but we have to find out first." I told him to answer all his questions. Just as I said that we saw Logan and Caleb standing by the water. "Well I guess that answers that question. We just walked around the entire island. So what are we gonna do first?" James asked. "I guess we have to do three things find water, find food, and then build a shelter." I told him.

As I said that I guess Logan and Caleb had noticed us cause they both came running over holding a backpack up in the air. "Hey did you find anyone? Is this island deserted? Did you find Neil?" Caleb asked 3 question almost at once.

"No, Yes, NO." James said answering all his questions. Caleb didn't seem to care about this startling news and neither did Logan. "Oh well hey look what we found." Logan said holding up a backpack. "What is it?" James asked. "It's the boats survival raft pack." Caleb said. "And look!" Logan said as he pulled something out of the bag.

"What is it?" I asked. "I'm not sure what it's called but I know it changes salt water into fresh water. I saw it on the discovery channel." Logan said. "That's awesome. That crosses the main item off our list." James said.

"Yea and Christian said he found some bananas and apples too!" Caleb said. "That crosses the other main item off the list." I said. "So all we need now is a shelter?" James asked. "Yea but we still should fish for food too. Cause we might run out of fruit and we need meat." I told him.

"We kinda built a shelter but it's not great. It will keep us out of the wind though." Christian said as he came walking over.

I looked over at it. It wasn't great but it will do. "That's cool for tonight. And tomorrow we can go get some of that bamboo and build a more permanent one.

Cause we don't know how long we're gonna be here and I don't feel like rebuilding the shelter every night." I told them all. "We thought we could use the raft to try to leave the island but we tried to blow it up and it wouldn't work.

We found a small hole in it." Logan said. "So we just used it as a shelter." I wasn't even thinking of the raft to leave the island. But Logan is a pretty smart kid. "You guys got a ton done today didn't you?" James asked. "Ya and we started a few more things too. Like Patrick is building fishing poles for us to use but we haven't tried them yet." Christian told us.

"YEA and Patrick he's walking around naked for no reason." Caleb said while laughing. "What?" I asked. "Ya he took his clothes off to go swimming for a little.

And he said it felt better without cloths. So he's naked and walking around." Christian said. "But we don't really care I guess it's up to him." The way Christian said that they don't care was like he was trying to make sure he didn't put cloths on like he preferred it.

But I didn't push. I didn't care too much. "Well he can do what he wants but I will at least talk to him first." I told them all. I actually wanted him to keep his cloths off but I didn't want everybody else to feel uncomfortable. So I went anyways. I started walking and I was excited to see Patrick naked. Seeing his chubby gut and his cute face and started to picture him standing there naked on the beach.

Just as I started to imagine it in my head. I soon saw it for my own eyes he was using his fishing pole that he had made. He was facing away from me and towards the water. I saw his tight butt facing me and I started to get hard just looking at him.

I tried thinking of something else but then he turned around and I saw his cute face and his dick just dangling there between his legs and I was hard as hell. Luckily I had jean shorts on which concealed my ragging boner. "Hey look I built a fishing pole. Isn't it perfect." He said. "Uh-hh ya its cool but um ur kinda naked." I said like I was surprised but I couldn't find the words cause he was so cute I couldn't think straight.

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"Ya well it feels cool you know. I like it not wering cloths." He told me not once looking into my eyes. "What's wrong? Why can't you look at me." I asked him. "Well I'm just a little embarrassed." He told me. "What why?" I asked. "Well cause I'm getting hard you know?" He told me answering my question. I didn't even notice cause I was too busy trying to keep my eyes on his face so he wouldn't catch me looking down. "Actually I didn't know.

Why are you hard?" I asked him. "Can I tell you a secret? And you have to promise not to tell." He looked straight into my eyes when he asked me that. "Ya sure I promise." I told him trying to figure out why he was hard. "Well please don't think I'm weird. But I'm pretty sure that I'm gay." He told me and he started to shake. "I don't care if you're gay what a king does in his castle is his business." I told him to make him feel better.

"But why aren't you wereing cloths if you're gay?" "Well it kinda turns me on to have all you guys looking at me naked." He said and I noticed he was shaking. "I'm sorry please don't hate me." "Dude since you told me your secret I'll tell you mine. I'm Bi. And I think you naked is the cutest thing I've ever seen." I told him.

And he looked shocked. He was about to say something but before he could I leaned in and started to kiss him. I could feel his boner pushing into my leg. I loved it. I had only been with girls.

I've never done anything with a guy. I felt like my boner was about to burst out of my pants. We started tongue wrestling. I gave his butt cheeks a squeeze and then broke of the kiss. I turned to make sure no one saw us and luckily everybody was out of sight. "That was awesome." He said. "Well we can do that as much as you want and more if you want. But right now we should go back to doing what we were doing so no one catches us." I told him.

As a huge grin came over his face. "Okay. Hey look what I caught." He said as he picked up a fish. "That's awesome. Now all we need is a fire and we can have a great dinner." I said. "And there's probably a flint in the raft pack too." "Ya." he said. "I'm gonna go see okay. But we'll have some more fun later." I told him as I leaned in and gave him another small kiss on the lips.

And then walked away. I walked back over to Logan who was holding the back pack and I asked if I could see it for a second. He gave it to me and I looked through it for a minute until I found a flint at the bottom of the bag. I told Logan to go collect a bunch of sticks for the fire. He ran off and well he did I got a great view of his butt.

It started to get dark so I decided to go look for as much washed up baggage as I could find, which wasn't that much. By the time I got back to where we built the shelter there was a fire and Patrick already had the fish cooked. We all sat down on the beach by the fire and all talked. We all couldn't help but stare at Patrick while we ate cause it was a little awkward but eventually we got by it.

It got late so we all started settling down for bed. We all were stripped down in our boxers except Patrick. Before I went to bed I had to go the bathroom and James said he had to go too. We walked a little way up the beach till we got to the forest area and then when a few feet in so no one could see us. I picked a spot that I like and was about to pull my dick out to take a piss when James got right next to me.

I looked at him and he looked back. "I don't want to be peeing out here by myself its creepy." James said. "Ya I guess." I told him as I pulled my dick out and let it go. I tried to make conversation so I thought of something to say. "Hey what did you have to tell me when we were walking around the beach?" I asked him. "Well don't freak out but I'm gay and I like you allot." He told me as he dropped his pants down to his ankle and exposed his hard dick.

"Me and Matt (one of our good friends) have fooled around a couple of times and we always talked about getting you involved but we were too scared that you weren't gay and would tell everybody.

But now I don't see the difference we may never get of this island. So I'm sorry if you think I'm weird now but I had to let you know." I was so surprised. I always thought about James and me doing stuff but I never thought he would ever be up for it. I always thought he was straight. He was still going on about random stuff before I finally cut him off. "James." I shouted.

"What?" he asked as he looked up at me. I looked at him and I kissed him as deep and passionitly as possible. He grabbed the back my head while I reached down and grabbed his ass. We started tonguing each other violently. I loved this moment and I didn't want it to end. But we didn't have enough time to do it here and now. So I broke the kiss. He asked me why we stopped and I told him I didn't want them to wonder where we were. I was hard as a rock and horny as ever but now just wasn't the time.

He seemed to understand. I told him we should go back but he said he was going to stay back and Jack IT before he came back. I said okay but don't wasn't too much cause he should save it for me. I got back to the shelter and I found an open spot between Logan and Patrick and as soon as I put my head down I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up pretty early. It looked like it was around 7 in the morning. I stood up and was trying to be careful not to wake everyone up.

I looked at everyone and saw that everybody but Caleb was hard including me. I left the shelter and started to stretch in the sun. I looked down and thought since everyone was asleep now would be a good time to Jack-off I grabbed my cloths and put my shoes on and was just about to leave when I heard Caleb asked where I was going. I turned around and told him that I was going exploring.

He got excited and asked if he could go too. I wanted to tell him no but I didn't want to make him feel bad. I told him he could come but he had to hurry and get his cloths on so we could go. When he was dressed we went off. He asked where we were gonna go and I told him that I didn't know that I wasn't planning for this.

He had no idea what I was talking about. We walked in the woods for about an hour and the whole time Caleb was saying ow and wineing that it hurt to walk. I told him that if he was going to complain he shouldn't have came and then I ignored him. Finally after about an hour and a half of walking we found a small lake with a water fall running into it.

I told Caleb to come look at it but he had already found a seat on a fallen log. He said no cause it hurt too much to walk. I didn't want to have to go through the entire walk back with him complaining so I finally asked him what was wrong. "I don't know my ass-cheeks hurt every time I take a step." He said. "You probably have a rash or something. Did you poop since we've been here?" I asked him being serious. "Haha Ya why?" He asked while laughing. "Did you wipe?" I asked him.

"No what would I wipe with?" He told me. "That's your problem. You need to wipe. Your shits probably hardened all in your crack." I told him. "Eww" is all he said. "Here come here. I should look. I don't want you whining all the way back." I told him. He said "No that would be weird if you looked at my butt." "Whatever." I told him.

"It's up to you. Just don't complain." "Okay I won't." He said as he got up and walked over to look at the lake. "I can't believe we found this it's amazing." "Ya especially since I wasn't even planning on going exploring." I told him.

"You weren't? What were you gonna do?" He asked me. "Well I came out here to Jack Off. But you ruined it for me." I told him. "Jack Off? What's that? I mean I always here James talk about it but he never tells me what it is." He asked me.

"Well if he won't tell you then neither will I. Besides you have to get bonners to be able to do it." I told him. "I do get boners!" He yelled. "I'll let you look at my butt if you teach me how to jerk off." He said. I thought for a second.

It's a win for me. I get to see Caleb's naked butt and his penis. "Okay, I mean we are practically brothers. I mean I see you every day. But you can't tell anybody.

Okay?" I told him. "Deal but you have to show me how first." He said. "Okay." I told him. I told him to take his clothes off and I did the same. I told him to sit on the log and watch me and do the same. We sat side by side on the log and I slowly started to rub my dick. I looked over at him and I found out he was right. He could get boners. He was small only about 3" but he was really cute watching him rub himself.

As I watched him I started to increase the pace and I told him to do the same but he wouldn't. I told him to stop and he told me no so I grabbed his hand and pulled it off his dick.

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He complained but as soon as his hand was off his dick I moved my on to it and started pumping furiously on his little boner. He threw his head back and started moaning out of control. He was loving his first Jack Off session and I was loving the feel of his small hairless dick in my hands. He started to scream that he was peeing and for me to stop or he would pee. I told him that that's the best part of Jacking Off. I told him that it's called cumming and it feels really good.

Just as I finished telling him that he threw his head back again and screamed I'm doing it. He was breathing loudly and sweating allot I was waiting for something to come out of his little head but nothing did. His breathing started to settle and he started to cool down. I asked if he was done but all he did was nod his head yes. I remembered that little kids can't cum they can just have dry orgasms.

"How lucky" I thought. "Having all that pleasure with no clean up. I wish I was little again." I started to Jack my own dick off again because it was so hard it hurt. While I was Jacking it I saw Caleb was looking at me. I asked him if he liked looking at me naked and he just nodded his head yes.

And then he added an allot on to his nod. I asked if he liked seeing James and Christian naked too, since I knew they still showered together, he told me yes but that they never played with each other's boners. He also pointed out that James was always hard when they showered together. That made me laugh but then Caleb cut me short when he told me that all him and James have ever done is kiss each other. Caleb said he loved when they would use their tongues when they kissed but James didn't do that allot.

I started to wonder if him and Christian ever did anything. I mean he only specified James. So I decided to ask if him and Christian ever did anything he told me that Christian and James kiss all the time even when they're not in the shower.

But that him and Christian have never kissed. He said that they didn't kiss but they did play with each other's dicks a little bit.

He said Christian told him that it felt good but they never got to cumming they only played a little bit. I got excited thinking of Christian, James and Caleb all playing with each other in the shower.

I started to jerk at my dick even harder and Caleb didn't take his eyes off my dick. I stopped Jacking It and he wondered why. "Do you want to try something new that feels really good?" I asked him. He looked a little nervous but he said sure he'll try it. "I'll go first but eventually we're going to do it at the same time." I told him as I got on my knees between his legs. He nodded as to say okay and then I dropped my head down on to his dick.

"Aww that feels so good!"He moaned. I sucked furiously on his little dick and he was moaning allot. But I couldn't last any longer I needed to blow my load. I stopped sucking for a moment and I picked him up and layed his back on the ground. He didn't struggle at all. I told him that he was going to do the same to me and he got scared. "How am I supposed to get that in my mouth?" He asked referring to my 7"dick.

He looked so cute while he was lying on the ground staring at my dick with fear in his eyes. I walked over to him and I bent down and kissed him on the lips. I used my tongue to make his lips moist so it would feel better as he sucks my dick. And then I shoved my tongue down his throat. He loved it. Me and him started tongue wrestling and we didn't stop for almost five min. When I finally broke the kiss I told him what he needed to do. "Don't worry about it.

Just don't use your teeth. Put your tongue over your bottom teeth and ur lip over your top teeth." I told him. He nodded his head to show he understood and I got down on my back and told him to get on top of me and start to suck on my dick. He did as he was told and when he was on top of me he wrapped his lips around my dick. He started to bob his head up and down on my boner and I knew I wasn't going to last long.

So I quickly put my head up on his dick and started to suck furiously on his little dick. I considered fingering his asshole but I knew he had a rash in his crack but I still decided to try anyway. So I stopped sucking and pulled my lips of his dick and lick my finger. I began sucking again and with one hand I pulled his ass cheeks apart and I slowly began to work my finger in his tight little hole.

I got my finger as far as it would go and I could tell it hurt him cause every time I started to push I could feel him jump. I asked him if he liked it and he stopped sucking for a second to tell me that it hurt allot but he was getting used to it and it felt kinda good.

I decided I wouldn't finger fuck him but I would just wiggle my finger around in his asshole and see if that felt good at all. After about five minutes of him sucking on me I felt my orgasm start to build. I told him that I was going to cum allot and he might not be able to swallow all of it but I told him to try just to see if he liked the taste. He agreed and in about a minute later I was almost at the breaking point.

I pulled my finger out of his hole and I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He yelped in pain as I pulled his cheeks apart and just hearing this little 11 year old boy yell sent me over the top.

I thrust my hips forward and my 7" dick went all the way down his throat till his lips hit my pubic bone. I could feel him gagging but that just made it feel even better. I shot 7 ropes of cum down his throat and I was amazed that he swallowed every drop. I guess after all the excitement Caleb hit his breaking point.

I heard him begin to moan and then he started to face fuck me. I felt his body start to jolt and I knew he was almost done. Finally when he began to calm down I popped my lips off from around his dick.

I pushed him off of me and stood up. "How did that feel?" I asked him. "Amazing." He replied. "Haha good. Well hurry and get dressed.


I don't want anyone to worry about us." I told him. "Wait I thought you were going to look at my crack?" He reminded me. "Oh ya stand up and bend over so I can get a good look." He did as I told him. I looked over to inspect. You could see the hardened shit in his ass crack. It was gross but cute at the same time. It remained you just how little Caleb was. I couldn't believe I had this eleven year olds open asshole staring me in the face and I didn't do a thing.

I was just too tired to do anything more to this adorable little boy. "Splash water on it to get the shit out and then it will take a few days to heal.

So instead of wiping with leaves you should use water to splash it off." I told him. He nodded his head yes so I gave him a small slap on his butt and told him to get dressed. After we both got dressed we headed back for camp. The walk home consisted of Caleb asking a bunch of dumb yes or no questions about sex and masturbation, which I just nodded my answers to. I acted like I was listening to everything he asked but I wasn't.

I was going through all the events which had happened the last day and a half. "We were on a cruise. A nice motorboat. There was a small storm.

Then we washed up here. I checked to see if everyone was even alive. I realized Neil was missing. I walked around the entire island. We found out that we were on a deserted island.

We made a shelter.

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We made fishing poles. We caught fish. We collected old wreckage. We had dinner. I found out Patrick was gay. I found out James was gay. I'm pretty sure Caleb's gay or bi. I found out Christian was gay or bi too. And I told three people that I was bi." I thought about all the things that happened so far."How could so much change in so little time." We got back to camp, I guess we could call it, and we found everyone up except Christian. James and Patrick were fishing. And Logan was going through some of Neil's bags to see if there was anything useful at all.

Apparently there was only some aspire, anti-bacterial stuff for cuts, anti-biotic, some Vaseline(which came in handy for sunburns or some other activities) and a small first-aid kit. He also found some toiletries like towels and shampoo. We walked over to them and told them what we found. They were all excited and wanted to take the towels, soap and shampoo back to the waterfall so they could take a shower.

I decided not to go cause I was tired from walking so much but Caleb did go with the rest of them. James was really disappointed that I didn't go but he said he understood.

I went to our shelter to see if Christen wanted to go and what I saw got me excited. Christian was asleep with a giant bulge in his boxers and that made me so hard.

I was thinking about what Caleb told me about how they play with each other. I left the shelter and I told them that Christian didn't want to go.

I waited till everybody left till I went back in to the shelter. I striped down to my boxers and laid right behind Christian. I made sure my bulge was softly pushing into his ass crack. I put my hands on his nipples and I started to play with them I could hear Christian moaning in his sleep. I slowly started to move my hand down till I got to his boxers.

He still wasn't awake. I slipped my fingers under his waistband. I moved my hands down until I could feel a small patch of pubes. I got really excited. I moved my hands down just a little until I found my prize. I wrapped my right hand around his boner and I was surprised at how big it was.

It felt like 6". I started to rub up and down and I heard Christian moaning. All of the sudden he started to talk. "James? Is that you?" He asked. I didn't say anything. I Just kept playing with his dick. "Seriously who is this?" I finally said something. "Caleb told me about what you guys used to do to each other. Christian I didn't know how dirty you really were. I mean you and James is one thing but you and Caleb?

I thought I was the only one that sick." I told him. "Bla-Blake is that you? I didn't think it was bad I saw James kissing him and I thought it would be cool to get Caleb involved too. And wait you and Caleb?" He said. "Maybe we did." I told him. "But this isn't about Caleb it's about you. They all went up to take a shower under a waterfall and left us here. I saw you had a little boner and I decided to help you out." Now he was getting into it.

"Okay what do you want to do?" He asked. "Let me just finish you up here and we found some Vaseline so I thought we could have sex. Did you ever let James fuck you in the Ass?" I asked him.

"No" He replied. "Do you want to try it?" I asked. "Ya sure I've always wanted to try but I was always scared James would think I was weird." He told me. "Well just relax and let me finish you up and then we can do it if you want." I told him. "Okay!" He said. He closed his eyes and let me Jack him Off until he reached his orgasm, which came fast and I guessed it was because he was really excited. I went to get the Vaseline and I told him I would be right back.

Went I came back I had a great surprise greet me. Christian had taken his boxers off and had his ass sticking up in the air facing toward me and was pulling his cheeks apart with his hands. I knew he didn't want to waste any time so I dropped my boxers and spread some Vaseline on my dick and his asshole. I was so excited I didn't waste any time. I pounded all 7" of my dick into his small virgin hole he screamed out in pain, which turned me on even more, so I quickened my pace.

I could hear his moans of pain change to moans of pleasure. I pounded as hard as I could pulling my dick all the way out of his hole and shoving all of it back in.

"Do you like that you little bitch?"I asked him trying to talk dirty. "YESSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love it. Don't stop. I'm going to CCCCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" He Yelled. I attacked his hole after that and I heard him start to moan and his tight little rectum got even tighter on my dick I could tell he was cumming and the thought of him cumming made me reach my orgasm. I pound my dick as far into his ass as possible. "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" We both Screamed at the same time.

I saw his cumm shoot all over the place while I unleashed my load into his ass. "I can't believe how good that was." He said.


" I thought it would hurt not feel really good." "I didn't even touch your dick and you came!" I said. "I know it was awesome." He said excitedly. We both got dressed and went and did our own thing until everybody else came back. It was about an hour till they got back. And they all looked happy and clean. As they were walking up to me I couldn't help but wonder how they showered.

"Did they all shower at once? Or separately?" I thought to myself. I almost regretted not going cause I may have missed my chance to see Logan naked. So far I have seen everyone else here naked except for Logan the one I liked the most.

It was driving me insane. I had to see him naked I had to be with him. They walked up and started telling me how great it felt to take a shower. I thought they were over reacting cause they all were acting as if they haven't showered in weeks. We all laughed for a minute until Logan looked at me and asked if I wanted a haircut. I thought it was a weird question so asked him what he meant. He told me that he found a battery powered razor in Neil's bag.

And it worked so he was hoping he could give me a buzz-cut and once he was done I could give him one. I told him sure since it was actually pretty hot here and having a shaved head would feel nice.

James and Patrick went back to fishing and Caleb and Christian went off into the ocean so it was just me and Logan by ourselves.

We found an old tree that had fallen over and decided that would be a good place to give the haircuts to each other. So I got mine done first. Well I was getting my head buzzed, Logan and I made a little small talk. "So do you have a girl friend or anyone you've been crushing on?" I asked him. Which I thought was a dumb question because he was so cute I thought there was no way he didn't have a girlfriend. "No not really. Actually I've never had a girlfriend before." He told me.

And I was in absolute shock. "What? There is no way you haven't had a girlfriend. I mean you're just so cute I don't get it." I told him and I didn't have any idea of what I had just said. "Really? You think I'm cute?" He asked me shyly. "Ya I mean you are like perfect. Who wouldn't think you're cute." I said. "Haha thanks. And ya I've never had a girlfriend. I've just been waiting for that special someone. You know what I mean." "Ya I get it.

So you've like never kissed someone or gotten a BJ or Hand Job?" I asked him. "No why have you?" He asked me.

" Oh and I'm finished." He added on. "Yup I have had all of them. And okay I'll do you now." I told him. "Wow you're so lucky I bet it felt great." He said as we switched positions. "Ya it did feel real good.

But honestly I haven't gotten to relief myself in a real long time." I lied to him in hopes that the conversation would change to the topic of masturbation. "You mean you haven't Jacked off for a while?" He asked. "Ya and its been killing me. I have so much sperm built up that I could fill a bucket." I told him.

"Haha wow that would be allot. And I know what you mean. I haven't Jacked off since the day before we left on the cruise so its been like a week now." He told me as I finished his hair up. "Wow ya I jacked off once in the bathroom of the boat the day we had left." I told him and it was true that I had Jacked of once on the boat. But that was the last time for me. "Oh well we should defiantly get that done pretty soon.

Don't ya think?" I asked Logan as he got up and we began to start walking back towards the shelter. "Ya!" He said excitedly."We can do it after dinner tonight." "Cool it's a date." I said kiddingly as we went our separate ways.

The conversation with Logan went allot better than I had planned. All I was expecting to do was talk to him and get to know a few things about him. But now we are both going to Jack off together after dinner. This is perfect. Dinner couldn't of come by any slower. But it did and we had all finished eating. James asked if I wanted to go into the woods and have a little bit of fun when everyone falls asleep but I told him that there had just been too much that had happened today and I was just too tired.

He was really disappointed and I felt bad for lying to him but I had a date with Logan and I didn't plan on missing it. So after everyone had gotten settled in for the night and were asleep I got Logan and we went off into the woods. But I noticed as we walked to a spot that we thought would be good to have our jack off season that Logan was walking a little weird and had his hand on his stomach.

"Are you okay?" I asked him. "Ya. It's just my stomach feels real full." He told me. "What are you like constipated?" I asked trying to find out what was wrong. "I guess in a way. I just really have to poop." He said. "Well have you taken a shit since we have been here?" I asked Logan. "No! I just couldn't. I tried but nothing would come out." He told me. "Well you have to let that out or otherwise our Jack off session won't be any fun for you." I told him.

"So why don't you just go by that tree right there." "Okay I'll try." He said. As he walked over to the tree and pulled his pants and boxers down giving me a clear view at his 4" flaccid dick. Then he squatted down and began to try and push the shit out of himself.

He was grunting loudly and I could tell he was having trouble. "Do you need any help or something?" I asked him. "No." He said as he let out another grunt. "It's just not coming out." "Well let me see if I can do a thing." I said as I walked toward the tree. "What could you possibly do to help?" He asked as I stepped in front of him. "Well I'm gonna try one thing." I said and without thinking I got on my knees between his legs and took hold of his dick."But I should tell you that I'm Bi and I really like you.

Like allot. I've never met any boy as hot as you." "What are you serious?" He asked me. "Why didn't you say anything? I've been trying to flirt with you since we started our trip but you never did or said anything so I thought you just thought I was a fagot. Well the truth is I'm Bi too and I've had a crush on you since the first time I saw you in my math class at the beginning of the year." And as he said all of his dick began to grow in my hand.

"Wait really?" I asked him. "Wow I was really scared that you might hate me after this but that's really great. So you should really like this." As I finished saying that I now moved my head down on his now fully hard 6 1/2" dick in my mouth and began to suck. I then reached around and grabbed an ass cheek in both hands and pulled them apart. I stopped sucking for a second and told him to push and try to get the poop out and then I began to suck again.

Yes I was giving Logan a bumpkin. I just wanted to do anything to help this amazing 14 year old god of a boy. He was holding himself up on his hands and was grunting and moaning at the same time. "Uh this feels so good." He yelled. "Good I just want you to feel good. That's all I want to do." I told him. Well I had his dick in my mouth. "Well it's working. Oh my God! This feels so good. I'm not gonna last long. Oh yes! Yes! YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" He screamed as he hit his orgasm.

And shot rope after rope after rope of semen down my throat. It was the sweetest taste ever. It tasted like candy which was perfect for this young boy. I could smell the fait smell of shit and finally realized that in all the excitement Logan finally got the shit out. It was a long thick terd and for some reason that turned me on so much.

Apparently Logan didn't even realize that he shit either cause as soon as he came down from his orgasm land he dropped himself right back on to his own shit. "That's gross. But honestly it's a little cute too." I told him laughing. "Oh ya you think this is cute? Well here you try it." He said as he picked up a handful of his own shit a smeared it all over my chest. Aside from the smell, the entire experience was turning me on more than ever, and the next move was mine. So I decided to grab him and push his back into his own shit.

Then we both started wrestling with each other in his huge pile of shit till we were both covered in it from head to toe and both hard as hell again. "Dude you're hard again!" I told him. "Ya well this is really fun. Aside from the smell. Plus you look so cute covered in my shit." He told me. "Oh really I do. Well so do you covered in your own shit. That is" I told him back. "How about we 69 each other?" I asked him. "But both of our dicks are covered in my shit." He said. "Well I'm up for it.

Cause I'll do anything for you. No matter how bad the taste or smell." I told him. "You would? Well I'll do anything you want me to do. Cause that's how much I love you." He said to me. And I almost blew my load right when he told me he loved me. "Let us do it then." I said as we both got our shit covered selves into position. He was laying on top of me and he was slowly moving his dick down toward my mouth until finally his shit covered dick head of his was in my mouth.

My first taste of shit was terrible but I just loved him too much to stop so I suck the head of his dick till all the shit on it was gone.

Finally I felt his lips wrap around my dick and I could feel him gagging from the taste but he didn't stop sucking. We both kept moving further down each other's dicks and cleaning all the shit of as we went until the entire things were spotless and we could focus on the Blow Jobs we were trying to give each other.

I knew I wasn't going to last long because I had been waiting for Logan for almost a year since I met him. I could feel my orgasm building in my balls and I knew it was just a matter of time.

I was about to warn Logan when all of the sudden he started to face fuck me and moan loudly I knew what was about to happen and I tried to open my throat in order to prepare. Suddenly he thrusted all six and a half inches of his dick down my throat and shot 8 ropes of cum down my throat. And at the same time I reached my orgasm and shot 15 ropes of cum into Logan's awaiting mouth. We let ourselves get our heads back together and then we finally got up and started to walk back to camp without any cloths on.

When we got back we dropped our cloths grabbed some soap and shampoo and went into the ocean to wash up. We spent that time washing each other and giving each other's ass and dicks a few squeezes here or there.

Finally Logan started to head back up to the camp and before he was completely out of the water I grapped his hand and pulled him back toward me. I gave him a kiss that seemed to last forever. I pulled him close and I could tell he was starting to get hard again. So I let him go before he would need to relive himself again. I made up my mind that the next day I would tell everybody at the camp about their secrets. We all have some sort of an attraction to other guys here so nobody should get mad.

And all I can do now is wait till the sun comes up for the next part of the adventure to start. If you like the story, leave comments, and tell me if there should be a part two. If not then don't comment I don't really want to hear anything negative unless it's constructive criticism.