Male models Teacher Kay is too hungover to teach so he leaves Conner

Male models Teacher Kay is too hungover to teach  so he leaves Conner
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My Polish Neighbour Chapter 5 Maria disappeared to her flat leaving my with my shrivelled cock dangling outside my pants in the cold, having had a beautiful but quick mouth there.

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I panicked wondering how I could face Mum who had caught us just when I came in Maria. My trousers were dripping with wet spunk, spilled by Maria in her haste once she saw Mum. I walked aimlessly round the darkened rec and streets fearing going home, but could put it off no longer. Bracing myself for the worst, I opened the front door quietly and crept in.

No one appeared. Walking toward the living room, I saw Mum, half facing away from me with her back to the door, in her favourite chair alone with a bottle nearby and half a glass of wine in her hand. I did notice, to my utter amazement, her other hand between her thighs with her skirt exposing her mid-thigh so that I could see the tops of her stockings and some of her white flesh but not her hand which was moving slowly somewhere else. This was the last thing I would have thought she would be up to.

Dad was obviously out as usual, probably at the pub after work. I found myself stuck not knowing what to do, but aware she hadn't heard me. Torn between fear and prying on her in a very private moment, between escape and being exposed, I just stayed very still and watched.

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She was obviously the worse for drink as she was talking to herself but slurring her words. "The lit'le bastard, so that's what he's up to is it.

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I hate her. I could slap her face the bitch, right outside our flats too, brazen shit. And why doesn't his fucking father come and do me for a change. I ain't getting any from anybody.

He's at the pub trying to make it with that slut of a barmaid who's been there ten minutes and thinks she owns the place and the blokes in it too. Well fuck em all, fuck em all." I wanted to go and hug her, I felt so sorry for her in my teenage mind.

I was trapped where I was totally impotent to do anything and certainly without that kind of courage. "Oh god even my little clitty won't do it for me tonight.

Maybe it's the booze. Another swig might help for god's sake." She downed the whole glass, put it down and lifted her hand to her open blouse and reached for her tits under her bra. Her other hand began moving faster, though I couldn't see as she was facing more away than toward me. "Come on my little one, just for me, oh just for me." She went quiet, her eyes closed as she moved her hands more impetuously and faster.

I stood for what must have been about five, ten minutes losing all sense of real time. I was very hard though I didn't think of wanking. Mum was getting more impatient with her rapid hand movements at her pussy and tits. Suddenly, "Oh shit, shit, I can't even make my fucking self. Damn, damn you all." She picked up her wine glass and threw it into the empty fireplace, smashing into hundreds of shards.

I decided I had better not go in just yet and quietly made an exit, just as I had gone in. Wondering around for awhile, I realised I couldn't just stay out all night, so I would have to face up to her.

Returning, I made my entry. As I closed the door behind me and turned, I felt a sudden hard slap on my left cheek, followed by another. I grabbed her hands to stem her fury. "You fucking bastard Ian. You lied to me and I go and catch you at it with her right in our back yard. Can't you wait till your old enough? What's she got anyway? She's even older than me for god's sake. I just knew you were having it off with her, aren't you?

"Mum, I'm so sorry, so sorry I couldn't help it, she just took me." It didn't really matter what I said, it only made matters worse. "What with your father at the boozer and you getting off with her, I have had enough.

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Your father's never home, and when he does get home he just ignores me. What you just got never happens here. Ian let go my hands now their hurting. I won't slap you, I promise." I let her hands from my grip. Suddenly she put her arms around me and hugged me really tight; I felt her tits hard against my chest and held her close and tight to me as well.

She even pushed her thigh between mine so that I felt her warmth below hard against me. I felt my cock harden against her. Nothing was said then. We just became very close as she tried to make up to me and show her love. Then she led me into our living room still holding me tight around my waist and very close. As we got to the sofa, she nudged me onto my back as I fell into it.

Mum then lay on top of me, pressing herself still very close to me. "Ian, don't let go of me, I need you so much. Your Father is a shit always neglecting me. Don't you let me down will you?


You surely can't love her more than me, can you?" I hadn't heard her so desperate and I certainly wouldn't dream of letting her down. How could I? What does she mean by a remark like that? Just at that moment, Mum spread her legs either side of my right thigh, so that she was astride me, pressing hard into me.

She placed her lips on my cheek to kiss me. I then felt her lips just lightly pass across mine, back and across, the merest touch but so arousing. My cock stiffened upright against her tummy as she began to ride me. I realised in my relatively immature state that she was riding her mound on my thigh, pressing against me. "Please don't move Ian, don't move, just stay still like that, like that." I knew almost instinctively not to move but to just let her make the movements she wanted.

Her lips still brushed mine so gently but with a controlled passion, as if she were trying to hide her need from me, yet share it. Her skirt had ridden up above her thighs so her pussy was rubbing against my trousered leg. I felt her pubic bone hard on my thigh. I also felt the softness of her pubes through my trouser. She must have been soaking for I could feel my trouser leg getting moist. I still kept very still. She was moving like an uncontrolled machine, kissing my cheeks, then from nowhere, back to my mouth but pushing her tongue into my lips to get entry.

Feeling overwhelmed, I let my mouth open, only to have her exploring me round my tongue inviting me to respond which I did as if I had been all my life. "Oh Ian my love that's lovely, just right there. Don't move will you. Keep right there, please, oh please.

. ." She started to shake on me and lifted her tongue from my mouth.

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I still held her close even though I wanted so much to feel her breasts, but didn't dare. Then it happened. Convulsing, Mum shuddered over me moving her cunt crushing herself against my leg it was almost painful except it was wonderful to be part of the cause of it happening.


Screaming her need she finally collapsed on me, shaking from the moment of her release. I lay under her as Mum started to recover, albeit totally wet from sweating. Still over me, she became aware of me hardened cock pressing against her tummy.

Kissing me again on my lips then tongue to tongue Mum ran her hand along my hardon. Just then we heard the key in the front door. Dad, obviously earlier than we had thought. "Ian go to bed. I'll bring you some supper. Do wait for me. I promise I'll come to see you." Before he was in the door, I disappeared to my room and shut the door.

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Then there started the most awful exchange of angry words between them. Both my and the living room doors being closed it was muffled, so I couldn't hear at all.

Then it went quiet. I opened my door carefully to overhear them. "I want it you fucking bitch. I am going to fuck the daylights out of you right now." "Well that's a surprise, you seemed like you've forgotten how to do it, ye selfish shit. I hate you. You're never here, always at the boozer. Fuck off back there to that penny bitch." Then an almighty wicking sound as I heard him rip her skirt and hit what must have been her bum.

Through the key hole I saw him turn her on the sofa so her arse was facing him as she pressed her knees into the cushions. He was naked from his waist with his clothes round his ankles and was only semi-erect from his drinking.

He pushed his cock toward her pussy. "What a'you been up to without your panties then eh. So you can get to it easily or someone else can?" She ignored the remark, but he was near the mark.

Fortunately for him, she was still wet from her lovely cum, and it slipped in regardless of not being that hard. He held her hips firmly as he shoved and pistoned her at the same time slapping her cheeks. She had gone completely quiet. Not a sound emerged from her. But I could see her fury as he plied himself in her. After about three minutes he stiffened, closed his eyes and shot his load into her passive cunt.

I hadn't viewed Mum before like that and had mixed emotions, sadness at their lack of love for each other, fascination with my Mum's darling pussy that had been against me a few moments ago, glad that she had her wish earlier as well, appalled at my father's treatment of her. Retreating to my room again, I waited the outcome of their connection. He went in a huff to bed and was soon snoring loudly.


I decided to get ready for bed and went to the bathroom for a belated wash and shower, hearing Mum in the kitchen preparing something for me and possibly us. The naughty in me thought of not wearing anything in bed with just a sheet covering. I had no idea how Mum would be so I did put on just the lower part of my jarmies. Mum joined me with two bowls of rice pudding.

"I reckon we both need this Ian." She made no mention of Dad. I chose to take her queue. We passed the time warm together with cocoa after. Very cosy and family like. Then, "Ian, I'm so sorry what I said earlier about your friend Maria." I reassured her that I hadn't taken it badly.

"Sounds like, you've been having a nice time with her Ian?" "How did it happen that you've got so close to her then?" I relayed the story of Phillip and I being invited round and how she had noticed that I wasn't so interested in her cats but what a show she had put on doing it. I felt less embarrassed than I would have been without recent events having happened. "You won't fall in love with her Ian will you?" It was a fair warning.

But again I told her no chance. "Good Ian cos the only person I want you in love with till you're older is me, your Mother, Got it?" "I've got it Mum, in one, and anyway I wouldn't want it otherwise, she's a good friend that's all." "Do you like what she does to you?" "Yes?" "I liked what happened to me this evening before your Father arrived." "Oh Mum really?" We had put down our plates and cups. Mum began to run her hand over my sheet covered lap and thighs, slowly sliding her hand across to my tummy naked above the sheet.

"Would you like me to look after you too?" "How Mum?" "Like this son, like this," moving her fingers across the sheet to cover my cock, already half hard. Her left hand trapped my cock under the sheet moving in line with it, until it became stiff against my tummy. "Stay there, don't move." Statue like, except my cock leapt up under the sheet involuntarily. Back in a moment from the bathroom, Mum had a jar of Vaseline. "Sorry, Ian not quite what I wanted but I hope you like it." She opened the jar and wiped a wad onto her fingers.

Pulling the sheet back she revealed my cock, smoothing along it with her unvaselined hand and she began a gentle stroking of my length. "Ian, I hope this will be as nice as what Maria did, even though I'm not doing what she did." She then smoothed the Vaseline all over my cock from my head and down around my balls. Holding my balls in one hand, she wrapped her lubricated hand round me and started to give me a beautiful oily rub.

"Ian, try not to cum too soon. I want this to last while I talk with you, ok?" "Oh sure mum, sure." "In my self Ian, I knew that you and Maria must have something going.

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And I don't mind at all. You know that. I would like to get to know her if you didn't mind. How do you feel about that? "Oh Mum, I'm close, so close and I don't mind at all as long as I can see her on my own as well." She backed off the slide-slip and smiled. "That's lovely Ian, thank you. Its time I widened my circle of friends and she seems to be a woman of the world. Why has she not married?

No leave that Ian. Its time I took care of this lovely beauty. Thank you for letting me.

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I want for you what happened for me this evening, so good, so good. I shall want more of you Ian. Is that alright with you? Did you like my kisses then?" "Mum it's wonderful, just wonderful, just right too with that stuff. And I loved your kisses, they made me so excited." With that she leaned forward, opening her blouse with her free hand to reveal her braless breasts, slightly floppy to my hands.

Leaning further, she ran her lips across mine, pushing her wet tongue between my teeth. She paused her slip-slide to hold me back. I was panting now as my hands revelled in her soft flesh and our tongues moved with each other. At that moment Mum leant back took my slimed cock in both hands and increased the pace so that it would be impossible to retreat again. I tensed completely, my cock being taken totally over the top to cum over her arm and breasts.

I was speechless and shattered from the sheer height she had taken me. Mum held me close once I had recovered and put her spunked arm round me to cuddle me. She held me close as if I was the love she should have been having next door.