College babes fucking with strap on dildos at locker room party strapon dorm

College babes fucking with strap on dildos at locker room party strapon dorm
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The day of the interview was the beginning of a spiral that seemed to have no end. Midday, and Olivia Carr strode into the office of the most prestigious magazines CEO.

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She was applying for the recently vacated role of editor in chief, and it would make her the most influential woman in all of New York. And all that stood between her, was Mr X.

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She didn't know his real name, no one did, he had had it changed and had all records deleted, a costly, flamboyant move that seemed to serve no purpose. Olivia walked in, shook his hand and after a little bit of small talk he said "Olivia, your resumé is impressive, but I've got 2 others with the exact same credentials, what is it that makes you better" Mr X said "that was rhetorical. The answer was those massive tits". Olivia went ridged.

She had D cup tits, that in her early 30's were remarkably perky. Her long dark hair barely long enough to cover her nipples, and tanned breasts achieved from a long time of nude tanning.

But she didn't think that would be a factor here. "I'm sorry!?" Olivia said. "Your tits Olivia, I want you to use them to make me cum, do that, the jobs yours".


Olivia was shocked. She had only had 2 sexual partners in her life, and this was way outside her comfort zone.


"A.Are. Are you serious?" Olivia stammered, taken aback " yes I am, you have 10 seconds to decide" Mr X said. Mouth hanging open in shock, she got to her knees and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her black lace bra. She hesitated with the front latch, "Hurry up Ms Carr" mr X said, and she released her breasts, bulge forming in his pants. She grasped her breasts, and Mr X pulled out his throbbing, 6" cock. Olivia shuffled over, and wrapped her breasts around his cock, but before she began to stroke she jumped back.

"I can't do it" she said "it's just, too wrong" crying now, mascara running down her face. "I'm sorry to hear that Ms Carr", all business now, still stroking his cock "you may leave". She practically ran from the building, head down so no one would see her tears.

She headed for Central Park and sat at one of the many benches as she calmed herself, when a nice man with spiky blonde hair sat next to her. "Are you ok?" He said and Olivia shook her head, unable to make out words. "Want to talk about it?" He said, a complete stranger, and yet Olivia raced through the story, telling him every detail, and he nodded and questioned and was everything a man should be.

"Well I can see why he wanted to see your tits" he said, and Olivia turned, unsure now, and the man held a 20 dollar note. "I'll give you this if I can see them too. And now She understood. This was all some play to see her tits.

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"No thanks" she said, barely composed. "Ok" he said, pulling another 20, "40 dollars, we can go deep into the trees" he said, and the words came out of her mouth as such a surprise that only his moving told her she had said "ok".

She followed him down a vague dirt path into some deep bush, and she pulled her top off, then threw the bra to the side. The man stared, for a full 20 seconds, her nipples becoming hard. Then said "I'll give you another hundred if I can fuck your tight pussy" he said, and Olivia, depressed, betrayed, emotionally distraught, simply nodded. She couldn't believe what was happening she wasn't like this, this wasn't her life, and her she was bent over a boulder, and the man was pulling her panties, black lace, down her thighs, and squeezing her ass cheeks.

Tears. Welled up in her eyes and he penetrated her, his cock sliding inside her. He wasn't gentle with her body as a man should be. She sobbed with pain and sadness as the man spanked her ass, and thrust his cock deep inside her. Her breasts pressed against the rock, and she was fully sobbing now.

He poked her ads and she cried harder, he kept slamming his cock inside her, over and over, she felt herself squirt, the sensation undeniably pleasant despite how awful she felt. Then he pulled out, and slammed his cock deep inside her ass, and she felt him cum.

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"Freeze! NYPD stay where you are!" She heard the man curse, and she tensed up. No no no no no she thought, and she barely noticed the police car ride, until she was locked in a cell, and as the iron bars slammed shut she snapped back into reality. Her ass didn't hurt to much, but she could feel the cum, the police confiscated her money, she didn't even have anything to show for her prostitution.

She want even a prostitute now that's all anyone would think of her. Then a fat black cop walked in. "Come on, you know the drill" he said and unzipped his pants. "What?!" Olivia said "no I'm by a prostitute he just payed me once I've never done this before" and the cop chuckled "look, this isn't getting booked, as long as I cum within the next 10 minutes, I have a family to get back to. She huddle on a bench and he lost the smile and stormed up to her, grabbed her hair and yanked, throwing Olivia off the hard bench, her knees cracking the hard floor.

She cried out and the cop slapped her face, head held in place by his hand. Then without hesitation his large, 8" cock was inside her mouth.


He thrust his hips, and slammed her head, his cock tasted like stale semen and cigarettes, undoubtedly from the other hookers that he had fucked. And despite the cock that was raping her mouth, causing the tears to smudge her mascara that probably made her look exactly like a hooker, she lingered on the fact she thought "other prostitutes".

Was that who she was now?

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Is that what she thought of herself? The final whole piece of her cracked, and she returned to reality hearing the cop say "if you don't make this good, it'll only last longer" so she opened her jaw, wrapped her lips around his meaty cock, and blew it hard.

She wrapped a hand around the shaft and jacked it off, the cop roaring in delight. Her brunette hair pulled back by his hands, she licked his cock while it was in her mouth, and before long, he grabbed her head, and slammed her head down onto his cock, balls slapping her chin, and he came, deep inside her throat, and he let go of Olivia's hair, letting her collapse to the ground and vomit, a small puddle of bike and semen Lyon in the floor.

"Petes gonna be here soon so you might wanna fresh up a lil" he said, and slammed the door shut. Olivia thought about running to the bars, explaining she didn't know pete and she just wanted to leave, then the bars opened and a man walked in. He was a Caucasian male in his late 40's and he grabbed her arm and pulled her gently to her feet.

He walked her to a car and a team of stylists cleaned her makeup, fixing any blemishes on her skin, trimming her pubic hair even more, cleaning the semen out of her ass, giving her mouthwash. When she was cleaner than the day she was born, pete said "wardens a bit rough on my girls, I got you a client, now you're doing this one for free after I pay these bribes to get you dumb whores out of prison".

She was dressed like a secretary of sorts. A dress that was maybe 4" long, and a shirt where the last 5 buttons were missing. A woman escorted her through a building, into a dirty motel, into a dirty room on the second floor, where Mr X was waiting. He grinned "ooooooh!" He said "you're a hooker?!" He burst into laughter. "YOU WOULDNT EVEN GIVE ME A TITTY FUCK AND YOURE A HOOKER?!" He laughed harder.

"I'm not a hooker, one guy payed me for a quicky but it, it was, it was a one time thing, then I got arrested and the cops raped me then the pimp brought me here" she said, voice high, on the verge of tears. "Well" mr X said "no one turns me down, im going to collect now" he grabbed her, tearing her clothes off, and throwing her on the bed.

He grabbed a strapon, attaching it below his penis, and thrust into both her holes. His penis was deep inside her ass and the strapon, covered in nodules, was giving her agony.

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She was lying on a bed being doubly penetrated by a man she loathed. Her breasts were squished onto the bed and he spanked her hard. She was bleeding now, and her amazing ass was red, and her pussy was so painful olivia felt she might pass out, then he made one final thrust inside her, and he came deep in her ass. He pulled out and olivia just lay there, sobbing, tears soaking the sheets.

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He yanked her to the side of the bed and grabbed her head, his cock was still hard and was caked with shit. He slapped her "get my cock dirty you bitch" then slammed her mouth on the cock. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and sucked the shit off, "show me that shit you whore" and she opened her mouth, then he grabbed her mouth, face right next to hers "swallow it" he said, and she did, gulping it down, before collapsing, gagging.

He got dressed and walked out without looking back. She lay on the ground, the cum and blood seeping from her ass, and cried. She had started today with an interview for the most prestigious magazine in the city and ended being raped. Prostitutes get paid well she guessed, and laughed, a hysterical giggle.