Natalie Monroe fucks with big dick

Natalie Monroe fucks with big dick
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It had been a long cold day. Mom had had to turn the heating down this winter to save money, ever since my father had cut her off she'd been showing signs of slight desperation.

The heating was yet another sign. I tired to help out where I could always silently cursing my father, who could more than afford to keep us in the, well no I won't call it luxury but comfort is a good enough description. I mowed lawns on the weekends or washed cars, earning a decent amount of money actually, but it just wasn't enough to cover the household bills, so my mother had put our house on the market.

This evening the temperatures outside had dropped well below freezing but as this was one of the few times this happened where we lived my mother refused to turn the heating on. So we sat dressed in woollies and blankets enjoying a quiet evening in front of the tv.

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Finally my mother decided to go to bed and told me to come too and share her bet with her. I was surprised, we hadn't shared the same bed for six years, not since I was ten and I had innocently placed my hand on her breast when we slept. My mother had woken up and yelled at me that time. Now however I knew why, then it wasn't quite so understandable. "But Mom I don't wear any PJ's." I said trying to get out of this.

I knew the duvet on my bed would be lovely and warm tonight, after I'd spent enough time in it to raise it's temperature. But my Mother was adamant that I sleep with her.


"Billy, we'll share our warmth, you can wear your boxers to cover your self." I finally, reluctantly agreed. My mother changed in her bathroom putting on her nighty as I went to my room and shucked off my jeans and tops.

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I quickly clambered under the covers and my mother joined me soon after. I was a little surprised at how thin and revealing her nighty was. I rarely saw her in a state of undress, and during the day her nighties were enough to cover her modesty but tonight with the light behind her it was transparent and I got a nice view of her form through the material. She turned the bedside light off and cuddled into me.

It took a while for her closeness to stop being uncomfortable for me and I finally dropped off. A few hours later I woke up and was surprised to feel my penis as hard as it ever had beenbut even more surprising was that somehow whilst asleep my dick had slipped out of the front of my boxer shorts, and my mother's nightdress had ridden up high enough that my dick was nestled between the cheeks of her arse, skin on skin.

This made me nervous as hell, recalling the shouting I had received after the accident when I was only ten. Now I was 16 and I was well aware of the position I was in. I started to think about my mother for the first time in earnest as an object of sexual desire.

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I slowly reached my left arm over my mother and cuddled her close to me, moving my penis a little between her rear. As luck would have it my mother also moved a little, this had the combined effect, though I didn't really know it of placing my penis very close to the entrance of her vagina, then as my hand holding her accidentally brushed against her breasts her body moved again and I suddenly felt a lovely wet warmth surround my dick.

I quickly realised that I had entered somewhere I shouldn't really be doing, but I also enjoyed myself immensely. I had heard a soft moan escape from my mother as I entered her, but other than that she didn't react at all. I traced my hand over her breasts now, figuring if my mother woke up I really didn't care, I was inside her and loving it, fondling her breasts weren't going to be a problem compared to that.

I traced around her breasts feeling the swell of them and brushing over her nipples that were as hard as rocks. I squeezed and kneaded them feeling the flesh roll between my fingers. I quietly and gently nuzzled into her neck as I gently and nervously pulled myself ever so slightly out of her, then I thrust slowly back in, loving the feel of her wet vagina drawing me into her.

One hand gently traced down the front of her body, feeling the hem of her nighty as my hand made contact with the bare flesh of her stomach.

I carried on down until I felt the hairs of her mound reaching out to welcome my hands presence. I ran my fingers gently through them until I felt the flesh change, and then my mothers body jumped in my arms slightly as my fingers gently ran over her clit.

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I didn't really know the importance of that single, tiny area of a woman but my perverse nature loved the fact she had jumped in my arms like that, especially as it had resulted in her vagina squeezing my cock tightly with in it.

I played gently in that area now, not managing to illicit any jumps from her anymore, but her vagina was definitely paying close attention to my cock now. I thrust into her again, again drawing a quiet moan form my mother. And I played gently with her breasts through the thin material of the nightdress. I began to thrust into my mother less gently as I felt myself building up, the nervousness about what I was doing and the simple fact that this was my first time meant that very quickly I came inside her, taking all of the nervousness and tension straight out of me.

I lay still once more holding my mother in my arms, my penis slowly deflating inside here, when suddenly my mother rolled over, kissed me and said "That was lovely darling, tomorrow we'll do it properly." She held me in her arms now as I quietly fell asleep, realising that my mother had more than likely arranged us as I'd found us when I woke up.

I also looked forward to the morning and what it would bring.

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