Hes all over that ass gay interracial porn It is Tucker that spews

Hes all over that ass gay interracial porn It is Tucker that spews
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I had a lot on my mind. I guess that's all I should say about that day. I had so much on my mind I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings.

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I was thinking about college, my family, and me growing up and all that shit. What no one knew though, was I had one more thing on my mind: My Master.

We had been together for a few weeks, but I already felt a connection with him.

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I had Masters before but none had stole my heart like he had. Thankfully, he was in the next state so it wouldn't be that hard to meet one day. We shared so many interests like our sex drive. I could play all night long and I know he could too if he didn't have a night job. We both had a interest in beastiality, my interest somewhat bigger than his. Also, the rape fantasy was a big thing for both of us. It always made me wet thinking about him raping me.

I guess thinking about Master Ricardo got to be too much for me because the next thing I knew I had stripped and was on my bed with my new vibrator, the one he sent me to buy, and my dildo. I put the vibrator up to my clit and had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. It always felt like heaven, I don't think I will ever get bored of that feeling.

I quickly push the dildo in feeling it push my pussy apart a little and put the vibrator back up to my clit. I close my eyes thinking about him fucking me for the first time.


We were both virgins and we always talked about how it would be. All of a sudden a violent orgasm rip through my body and I screamed out loud loving the way it felt. I laid there a few minutes, trying to recover. After a few minutes, I go and clean up and stick the toys back in my purse, which is their hiding space. I live with my grandparents and my grandfather is a pastor, so they are kind of strict on me.

It was hard to hide stuff like that because my grandmother is a little nosy. I got dressed for church, picking out a blue tshirt and my black tights I wear everywhere.


As soon as I get to church it is right at 6 and church is about to start. I feel myself still soaked so I decide to have a little fun so I sneak into the restroom. I guess in my lust filled head I forgot to lock the door and I walk to the mirror, setting my purse on the toilet and am about to get down on the floor when all of a sudden the door flew open and before I could turn around I felt something hard hit the back of my head and my world spinned into darkness.

The next thing I know I am feeling a hand on my naked back. My eyes fly open and I look around but its complete darkness. I open my mouth and ask who is there but it meets no answer.

The hand slides down to my ass squeezing it softly for a while, I'm not sure how long. But I feel my pussy get wet and I realize how much this is turning me on. The hand slides up my back playing with my hair. This is the biggest turn on for me is when someone plays with my hair I have no clue why. Luckily it's dark or the person would see the wetness dripping down onto the sheets. They play with my hair for a few minutes more then try to turn over and realized I'm bound on a bed by my hands and feet and suddenly realize what may happen so I start to plead and beg with the person to no avail.

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I feel the person move back and I get scared thinking they will leave me here alone. But suddenly they are back and I feel something pressed against my pussy.

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I start to fight but the person grabs my tits and leans over sucking the nipples softly and then bites them making me scream. I realize the thing against my pussy is the man's cock and I start to beg with him not to. But it doesn't help as he puts his hand on my throat and pushes himself into me hard taking my virginity and ripping apart my pussy making me scream and fight, pushing against him trying to push him off but he was strong as he started pushing his huge cock into me sliding almost all the way out then thrusting back in, and I can hear him breathing hard but not talking, but at the time I didn't wonder why he didn't talk because I was trying to push away thoughts of ectasy from my mind but as he slammed into me harder and faster I couldn't help it.

I started to moan softly and hear him chuckle and fuck me harder and harder his hands on my tits squeezing them as hard as he could, making me scream once more.

I feel him go faster and I realize he's about to cum in me. I beg him not to because I didn't want to get pregnant but he slapped me across the face when I speak up and he starts to cum in me as I sob "No!!!" I hear him pull out and untie me and pull my over onto my hands and knees and hold me there. I shake softly tears falling down my face as I feel his cum dripping out of my pussy and all of a sudden I feel his hand spank me. It was light at first but something inside of me told me it would get a lot worse.

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And it did. He spanked me soft at first and then went harder and harder making it sting until I'm moaning out in pain but also in lust. I felt my vibrator be turned on and the noise of it shock me, as I realize what was happening and I start to worry about my grandparents, and everyone was probably wondering where I was.

But all of that flew out of my mind as the vibrator is pushed against my clit. A moan rips through me as I buck against the vibrator immediately, sick of trying to resist it. He laughs and lets it rest on my clit as I feel a orgasm building up.


He sticks in a few fingers in my pussy from behind and finger fucks me and I groan as I feel myself orgasm, and squirt all over his fingers and the bed. After a few minutes he pulls out of my pussy and walks towards my head and flips on a light.

"You are such a naughty girl, my little pet." He whispers finally showing me his face. "M-Master Ricardo?!?!"