Whore Offers Her Service at his Place

Whore Offers Her Service at his Place
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Solomon's Daughters: Galina's Chapter Anthony woke with Mina pressed back into his chest with his arms wrapped tightly around her. Looking around the room in confusion he tried to remember how he had gotten here. He remembered he and gone into the goblin tunnels but it began to get fuzzy from there. He was pretty sure they had met the queen but he could not remember her or what she looked like.

He delicately extracted himself from Mina's arms so as not to wake her. Randomly picking one of the two doors that led out of the room he hoped one was a bathroom. The first door he opened led into a tunnel like the one they entered to get to the goblin tunnels. Standing outside the door was a pretty green female dressed in a French maid outfit. At the opening of the door she turned to look at him. "Can I help you." she began as she turned but stopped as her eyes ran down the length of his naked body and his morning erection.

The green skin of her faced darkened and Anthony closed the door until his body was hidden by the door. "Sorry about that I was looking for the bathroom," he told her. "It is perfectly large, I mean fine," she said backing away from the door, "I will go inform the Queen that you are awake and see about getting to breakfast." "Thanks, so the other door is the bathroom," he asked her. She nodded her head in reply before turning and hurrying away down the tunnel. Anthony closed the door and turned and walked straight into Mina who had moved up behind his during his conversation with the maid.

She wrapped her arms around him so she wouldn't fall but only manage to pull him further off balance so he fell on top of her. She laid on the bear skin rug savoring the feel of Anthony's weight on top of her. Anthony lay on top of her reveling in the feel of her warm naked flesh pressed to his.

After a few moments he began to lift himself from her but she wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding him to her. His erection was firmly placed against her pussy. With a little pressed he could take and this knowledge made his heart race and his breathing became ragged.

"Mina this is a dangerous position unless you want me to take you," he said looking into her turquoise eyes. "I want you to take me, you're a good man I'll accept you as my husband," she said while rocking her hips slightly up at him. Her movements caused him to press just slightly into her but were not enough to get the swollen head of his erection into her.

Gritted his teeth and shivered at the pleasure of her actions and the desire to bury himself deep in to her. "I won't share you with another man, not ever. I know that maybe unfair but I can't," he told her. Body was tensed and all his muscles were strained to the point of pain to keep himself from thrusting into her. "I understand and accept that," she said while stoking the side of his face. Looking un into her eyes Anthony growled as his pressed forward. She cried out in pain as he pierced her hymen but he continued his thrust until he sheathed completely in her body.

The now familiar sensation of energy flooding his body swept through him. He stopped and leaned down to take one of her nipples into his mouth as he kneaded the other and gently played with her nipples.

He moaned at his action but then he accidently pinched her nipple harder than he had meant and her pussy clenched around him as a louder moan of pleasure escaped her lips. "Well isn't that interesting," Anthony said as he rose to his knees nearly pulling his cock out of her. She looked up at him with lust glazed eyes. He reached down to her breasts and took both of her nipples between a thumb and forefinger.

He pinched them slowly applying increasing pressure until she clenched her pussy and moaned in pleasure again. With a wicked grin he continued with that amount of pressure while he re-angled his hips so he could thrust against her without bracing on his hands.

As soon as he was situated he pulled her nipples while still pinching them and slammed his body into her. She screamed out his name as the pleasure shot through her. After a few minutes of this Anthony could tell she was going to climax soon so he sped up his shallow thrusting while pinching slightly harder and pulling more.

With a scream of plesssure that every goblin in the tunnels must have heard, she came. "That's it Mina cum for me," Anthony said looking down at her face. Her eyes were closed as she writhed with her release beneath him. Her nails dug into the skin of his forearms were she had been clutching him as he pounded her.

As she panted with the pleasure Anthony pulled from her which caused her to clutch at him hard while her legs tried to pull him back into her. With a laugh Anthony freed himself from her clutches and rolled her onto her stomach. He then pulled at her hips until she was positioned on her hands and knees in front of him.

She looked back over her shoulder at him as he positioned his cock at her entrance. "I think you'll like this position even more," he said with a grin at her. Grabbing her hips in firm grip he slammed himself hilt deep inside her. With a load moan that was almost a scream her arms began to buckle so she lowered her face to the bear skin rug as she felt Anthony grind his cock against the entrance to her womb.

Anthony pulled back until only the head of his erection was seated in her and pulled back his hand. He gripped her other hip with his hand tightly before he brought his hand down hard. The crack of his hand against her ass echoed in the room and she scream as another orgasm shot through her.

Her pussy clenched tightly as the orgasm roared through her. Anthony slammed himself into her and ground against her cervix before pulling out and slamming back in again. "No more," Mina cried out as the pleasure welled up inside her with each grinding thrust Anthony sent another blinding flash of ecstasy through her.

He didn't listen and instead sped up his actions. Soon her the orgasms running through her body began to overwhelm her consciousness. With one final grunt Anthony slammed into her body and ground his pelvis against her as he came. He hot seed flooded her womb and her scream of pleasure, at the hot feeling inside her, nearly burst his ear drum. Her scream was short lived though as she passed out, her mind unable to take the overload of pleasure.

Anthony stayed inside of her until the quivering of her body stopped. She whimpered in her sleep as he pulled from her.

"That was really hot," came a melodic voice from near his head as he lay next to Mina on the carpet. His head jerked around in surprise at the statement. Seeing that Sunshine was standing inches from his side he flushed with embarassment.

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"Sorry about that Sunshine I didn't know there was anyone here," he apologized. "It is ok," she said grinning at him, "it was a good show and you showed my girls how a male should pleasure his female," she said to him.

At her word her two daughters peaked out from behind her skirts. They looked at him with shy looks, although the smaller of the two gave him a tentative smile when she saw he was looking at them. "Do you guys want to take a shower with us," he asked. Since the fairies weren't opposed to watching Mina and him have sex he figured they would be upset about a group bath.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful," Sunshine smiled to him. Anthony stood and scooped Mina's limp form into his arms. The fairy were sitting next to each other on Mina's stomach as he carried them to the other door and opened it to find a large stone room.

On one side there was a toilet and on the other was a stone basin with steaming hot water running from the ceiling and overflowing and disappearing into a hole in the floor. "Well looks like a bath instead of a shower," Anthony said walking toward the basin. The three fairies leapt from Mina to the lip of the basin while Anthony lowered into the water which was the perfect temperature for a hot bath.

Mina began to stir as soon as she touched the water and by the time he had her leaning against the side of the basin she was fully awake. Turning to get in himself he caught sight of the three fairies as they disrobe and he froze. Sunshine, whose dress had been shredded, just let the skirt fall and stood there naked as she began helping the smallest one with her dress. Sunshine's breasts were large for her size and her body was curvy in all the right places.

Moonbeam, the older daughter Anthony assumed since she was bigger, was shaped like a slightly small version of her mother. Wind the smallest fairy was willowy and had small breast. Anthony's erection came back with a vengeance at the sight of the three beautiful naked fairies.

All that naked flesh with the dragonfly wings glittering in the torchlight held him transfixed. "See something you like," Sunshine asked him. He jerked and flushed as he realized she had caught him staring at them.

Mina's snickers from next to him said she had noticed as well. Sunshine let her gaze travel down his body to his hard-on. "No need to answer that, I can see that you do like what you see," she said teasingly.

Anthony quickly climbed into the basin. He was careful as he sat down not to cause a surge of water that might sweep the tiny little women from the edge. As he and Mina washed the three fairies washed and swam in the hot water. When Wind began to falter in the water Anthony placed his hand under her and raised her from the water.

She smiled softly up at him and his cock which had subsided as they bathed hardened again almost instantly much to the amusement of Mina, Sunshine, and Moonlight. Wind just blushed, which turned her whole tiny body pink, though she kept letting him catch glances of her naked body.

Anthony fled from the tub and into the other room to find his clothes while all four females laughed at his retreating figure. In the other room he found five sets of clothes folded on the bed, three of which were fairies sized. The bed had been made while they were in the bathroom.

On top of one of the folded piles was a note with Anthony written on it. Turning the note over he read. "Anthony I have taken the liberty of having these made for you and your companions during the night. I hope they fit well and or to your liking. Tell the maid outside your door when you are ready and she will bring you to me.

Queen of the Goblins." Putting the note down he pulled on the clothes and was surprised at how comfortable they were. The cotton shirt was soft and the black cargo pants were roomy and comfortable and the entire outfit was black.

Under the clothes was a black trench coat, he laughed to himself at his image in the rooms full length mirror. "I look like a cast member from The Matrix," he said to himself. The girls came out of the bathroom and he gestured them towards the clothes. They ooh'd and ah'd over the quality of the clothes while they dressed. After the four of them were dressed each in a full length gown, how they measured they correct lengths for Mina much less the barely six inch tall fairies he had no idea, he headed for the door.

Wind flew over and landed on his shoulder and cuddled up to his neck while Sunshine and Moonlight perched on each of Mina's shoulders. He opened the door and told the maid they were ready. "If you'll follow me," she replied as she head down the tunnel. "What exactly happened last night," Anthony asked Mina as they walked along.

"When that troll stuck you yesterday the javelin must have been poisoned. If it was for the Djinn power already in you and for the fact that you are so much bigger than what they normally hunt you would have died last night. You should thank the queen for saving you without the help of her shaman you really would be dead now." Anthony fell silent as he thought about what could have happened if he had die. He was pulled from his depressing thoughts by Wind's shivering as she clung to his neck.

"Are you cold," he asked her. "Y-y-yes," she said through chattering teeth. Anthony gently lifted her and pulled back his coat and put her into the inside pocket of the coat. The coat's inner lining was what felt like velvet so he thought she would be comfortable. The other two fairies flitted forward and dropped into the pocket as well. He looked one of the large buttons in front to one of the belt loops on the side to keep that side of the coat held open so the fairies could stick their heads out and see what was happening.

Mina grabbed the arm on the opposite side and clung to it as they followed the green skinned maid through the dim torch lit tunnels. "Good morning," the goblin queen said to them as they exited the tunnel to once again enter her throne room. She was now sitting in one of the chairs off to the side of the room.

Now the chairs where arranged around a large round table that was loaded with platters of food. There were eggs, sausages, biscuits, gravy, grits, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and fruit. "I hope you slept well, I had no idea what you liked to eat so I had some of everything I could think of as breakfast food prepared," she said to them while gesturing them to be seated.


"Good morning," they all answered as Anthony and Mina were seated. This room was warmer from all of the torches burning to keep it lit so the fairies flew out and headed straight for the fruit plate. "Thank you for the food and for healing me," Anthony said to the queen while Mina nodded in agreement.

"You're welcome, it has been centuries since a human knew of our existence without trying to kill us. And it has been centuries since a Djinn came to us with an offer of work. Mina didn't know what you desired of us and it would have been a shame for you to come all the way down here and then died before you could at least tell me your proposal." They talked very little while they ate.

When they were all finished the maid that had led them here earlier rolled in a cart and took away the dishes just as a group of goblins enter and left taking the table with them. "Alright now let's hear your proposal," the goblin queen said to Anthony. "First let me ask you some questions and they will tell me if my offer will even be needed," Anthony requested.

"Okay go ahead," she said. "Do your people like living in these tunnels," he asked. "Not really but we have no were else to go our magic keep humans from coming into the tunnels for the time being but sooner or later they will get done here," she said after considering for a moment. "Do your people want to be able to walk the world freely and not hide from humans?" "Yes, but in the past whenever our kind is discovered we are hunted down and killed. Humanity is very intolerant of differences.

Almost all of them believe in conforming to what the majority says. If alot of them fear us for no reason then we will be attacked simply because we are not human," she said bitterly.

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"With the schematics and raw materials for it how long would it take for your smiths to build a car? Would your engineers be able to improve on the design if you have any," he asked. She narrowed her glittering yellow eyes at him but answered the questions anyway. "Yes we have engineers and they would most definitely be able to improve the design of automobiles that humans are currently using. As for building one, with the raw materials and the plans for one they could probably produce one in a few hours.

The goblin smiths are magic and are only second to the dwarves but as far as we know the dwarves died out a few centuries back." "Then my proposal is this I want you and all your people to work with us, the Djinn.

As far as any of us know my wives are the last of the Djinn and once my transformation is complete I will be the only High Djinn in existence. I would like to form an alliance with the goblins, with your industriousness and our knowledge and resources we could get a lot done," he said. The queen cocked her head while she looked at him puzzled by his proposal. "Why are you offering this to us? There are many humans who would help if you offered them the same deal," she asked him.

"I am no longer completely human and all of my future wives most definitely are no longer human. I do not want me or them to be dissected any more than you would relish such a thing," he replied. "You could pay them, there are many humans who would look past your species for money," she shot back.

"True but might betray us for more money. You and your people would have as much to loose as us and wouldn't be quite as judgmental of us. Also from what you've said you are much faster and better at what you do," he said. "Tell us your plans and we will see what arrangements maybe made," she ordered. He grinned at her and leaned back into his chair. "First my plan is to gather as many of the supernatural races to our alliance as I can.

If there are more of us the chances of an attack by the humans when our existence is revealed will be lower. While I try to gather the other races I would like you, your people, and my wives to begin setting up or back-up plan.

If the human launch of full scale assault then even with the combined race, even if we managed to push them back, the losses would be immense. So if the humans attack then we will retreat to a safe place. I then plan to go to war against the governments of each country. Corruption and greed run rampant through the human governments. In case you are concerned about the war I plan don't be it will not be a war of violence." "So basically you want our smiths to work for you.

What will you give us in return," the queen asked him. "We can give you a place to live that will meet all of your demands. If the revealing of our existence does not go well, which is the most probable outcome, all of the supernaturals as well as any human willing to accept us may make a new start," he told her. She studied him and thought of his promises. Her people were growing cramped in their current residence and they didn't like living in these small roughhewn tunnels. She wanted to accept his offer to trust him but his promises seemed too good to be true not to mention that he could later betray her people.

Looking at him and considering her options she tapped her finger nails against the arm of the chair until she reached a decision. "The goblin people will help you, we will join our strength to yours and support you as you strive to make a better future for all. However I have one condition that is non-negotiable or we will not ally with you," she told him. "What is the condition," he asked. "You must be one of our people if you wish to command us and our loyalty.

You will marry me and become the Goblin King," she proclaimed. He looked at her in disbelief for a moment before he spoke.

"You realize that I have seven fiancees already?" "Yes, that is unimportant they are not goblin so they do not matter. You will not need to run the clan that will still fall me to but the smiths will be at your disposal as soon as we are married." "What exactly is entailed in marrying you," he asked her.

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"All you have to do is accept the agreement and then we consummate the marriage while the shaman and the three matriarchs of the other three families witness. Normally when a goblin marries only the matriarchs of the husband and wife need be present but since I am the Queen all of them must be present." "Can I make a call first," he asked and pulled out his cell. She nodded her head in ascent and he walked away so he could have a little privacy as he dial his home number.

The phone was answered before the first ring finished. "Anthony is that you," Liz's worried voice came through the phone. "Yeah Liz it is me," he could hear the sighs of relief as she relayed that to someone on her end. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN," her scream blared from the phone nearly deafening him.

"There was a little problem yesterday and I was unable to call you I am sorry. I will explain later but right now we need to discuss something," he told.

He then laid out his offer to the goblin queen and her one demand. He heard talking on the other end but couldn't really pick up what was being said other than a word here and there.

Finally Liz returned to the phone. "Anthony as long as you're okay with it everyone on this end is fine okay with it," Liz said.

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"Thanks Liz, tell them the others we should be home soon. I love you Liz," he said and then ended the call. He moved back to his chair as he slipped the phone back into his pocket.

"I accept the condition that we get married as long as Mina doesn't have a problem with it," Anthony told the queen and they both looked over to Mina. Mina shook her head in denial indicating that she didn't object. The queen smiled and clapped her hands together summoning the maid.

"Go fetch the shaman and the other three matriarchs, I am getting married," she order the maid. The maid turned and half ran from the room. Ten minutes later twelve guards enter the room with a massive bed on their shoulders. They set it down in the middle of the room and left closing the door behind them. "Your highness," Anthony began but the queen cut him off.

"We are to be wed you may call me Galina, my husband," she said sending a shiver up Anthony's spine. The door opened and three beautiful green skinned, gown clad women enter follwed by a grizzled and bent goblin with a staff twice its own height. The door closed behind them as they moved towards the bed, which Galina had stripped down to the bottom sheet. When she finished stripping the bed she began undoing the buttons on her dress.

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Anthony's cock immediately jumped to full attention as she let her gown fall to the floor and he could see her smooth green skin. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Looking over at him she frowned at him.

"You need to undress also," she said to him and then crawled onto the bed. Her command snapped him from his stupor and he pulled off his clothes before he joined her on the bed. He began to run his hands over her skin but she just lay there without reacting to his touch. Leaning down he kissed he taught belly and he could feel the muscles under her skin quiver but she remained still. "Is something wrong," he asked her. She looked at him confused and shook her head.

He caressed her breast and she once again had no reaction at all. She did not appear to be pleased or displeased by his attempts. Sitting back onto his knees Anthony studied her.

She shot him a questioning glance. "Tell me how to please you," he demanded. "What do you mean," she asked her confusion filling her face. "You don't have to please her you only need to consummate your marriage. So just stick it in and get this over with," one of the goblin matriarch's ordered him. He snarled at the goblin and his anger blazed in his eyes making them glow with living fire.

The matriarch who had spoken backed several steps away from the bed. "This is Galina and my marriage, you are here only to witness so keep your mouth shut and watch," he growled at the female goblin as she quaked in fear. He turned back to Galina who lay beneath him. "What I meant little queen is that where I touched you would cause a reaction due to the pleasure of the touch in every other women I have been with. If goblins find a different kind of touch pleasurable then I need you to teach me how to please you," he said looking her in the eyes.

"I did find your touching pleasurable before, goblins are close to humans in body," she said. He leaned forward and sucked on one of her nipples while his hand lowered to her pussy to rub against her gently. Moving his head up to hers, he kissed her being careful of her fangs so he didn't nick himself. He let his tongue explore her mouth finding it no different from any of his other lovers with the exception of the fangs.

He curled his tongue around one of her fangs and stroked it. This dragged a small barely audible moan from her. With a smile Anthony kissed his way down her body and licked her wetness from her thighs. "What are you ." she started be her words cut off as he ran his tongue through her slit. Grabbing her clit with his lips he began to lash it with his tongue. Her entire body began to tremble as he continued to lick her. Raising up above he positioned his hips and slowly thrust himself into her.

She bucked her hips to meet his with his every downward thrust. Leaning down he carefully took one of her fangs into his mouth and began to suck on it while caressing it with his tongue. Her loud moan and the furious pounding of her hips upward into his thrust surprised Anthony but he recovered quickly. He sucked on her fang hard as he could and pound his pelvis into her with all the force he could. Her back arched as she climaxed and her inner muscled tightened almost to the point of pain around Anthony cock.

As her pussy rippled and tightened around he came into her dpeths.


The feeling of his hot seed filling her caused Galina to moan out loud again before she collapsed to the bed. Anthony lay atop her panting his forehead pressed against hers as he looked down into her yellow eyes. "It is done," the shaman said and knelt," all hail Anthony Caine King of the Goblins and his Queen Galina of the Silver Smiths." The three matriarchs curtsied to them before turning to the door and filing out the shaman followed after and the boom of the door slamming shut echoed behind them.