Heather tief wird anal ficken in der Dusche und Sperma im Hals

Heather tief wird anal ficken in der Dusche und Sperma im Hals
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I'm sorry for the delay, my computer got a virus in the middle of writing, but I finished yay! This is part two to "Nicole and her mother's Boyfriends". I suggest you read the first story to find out how Nicole and John first met up, and there's the character description also, so if you'd like to know what they look like, that's also in part one.

Thank you for all of your nice comments and good ratings!!! Please continue to rate, and enjoy the story. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday night came, school had let out for the week, and Nicole couldn't wait to get home. She had got out of her best friend's car and told her she'd give her a call when ever she could. She walked into the house and threw her bag on the floor.

She checked her phone-- Missed calls: 0-- had teased her into almost giving up on her great night planned ahead. She pouted and walked into her room.

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looking in the mirror trying to decide weather or not to get ready for John. Just as she as she almost said "forget it" the house phone rang.

"Hello?" "We have to stop meeting like this.haha" "Hello John" "Hi.so, we still on for tonight?" "That's completely up to you." she said sexily. "Then the answer is yes, get ready as soon as I pick your mother up--" "How do you plan on picking me up?" "Walk to the drug store and I'll get you from there at about 6:30" "Ok.see you then" "You don't even know how bad I want to" "I'll take your word for it" "Haha.bye kiddo" "Bye" They hung up.

********************************************** Nicole heard Johns car pull up in the driveway, he was there to pick up her mother.

She'd already gotten ready to leave; she had on a pair of tight jeans, a dark red V-neck shirt, a black lacy bra that peaked over the top, and a pair of black wedges that made her four inches taller. She wore her hair straight down her back and had her bangs swept to the side of her face.

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She opened the door for John and let him in smiling. "Hey John, long time - no see" she said looking directly into his eyes, which once again made their way to her cleavage.

"Hey Nicole, nice seeing you, is your mother still getting ready?" "Yes, she should be finished soon." she said rolling her eyes.


"Go ahead and have a seat, I'll keep you company while you wait." she said. He smiled at her and sat on the couch. She sat on the love seat and crossed her legs. "So where r u kids headed to night?" she asked smirking. "Wherever she wants to go." he said smirking back. She gave him a mean look and stood up, "Well I hope you have fun, I need to go, I'm meeting a friend" he looked at her confused and said "Um.okay, have fun then." He watched her as she stormed out of the house yanking her cell phone from her purse.

She quickly dialed a number and started talking to someone then hung up 2 minutes later. He heard the faint sound of Sasha on the phone he was sure she was on the phone with another man. A few minutes later, a black van playing very loud rap music, pulled into the driveway behind his car. She quickly walked to the passenger side [male driver] and got in and they drove off. Right after, Sasha walked out her room in high heels, tight dark jeans, a black button up, showing allot of [breast implant enhanced] cleavage.

Her milk chocolate skin was smooth and she also had a pretty face, not unlike her daughter. She had long black, very expensive hair falling down her back in loose curls. She grabbed her huge Prada bag and smiled at him then said "are you ready to go?" He fakely grinned and said yes. He drove her to the restaurant and she ordered a salad knowing she was going to eat junk food at home. They made small talk for about an hour and a half and she asked him to take her to the mall, he looked at his watch, it was 5:17 and he was wondering if Nicole had left for good.

He reached in his wallet and pulled out ten crisp 100 dollar bills. She looked at him curiously and he said "I don't really have the time, so here's something to go shopping with" she pouted at him for a second before grabbing the money and putting it neatly in her purse.

They left the restaurant and he drove her home. It was 6:00 and Nicole was in the middle of pushing her "Guy-Friend" off of her, when she checked her messages, John had called and told her he was on his way from his hotel to the store.

"C'mon.could you just blow me then.please?" she looked at him and asked him to take her home. Unlike allot of guys his age, he knew when he wasn't going to get any so he stood up and took her hand to help her off the floor.

She was glad that he didn't push his luck and she made a mental note to reward him for that next time, but for now she had other plans. They were in the intersection where the drug store met with her street and she told him to pull in there.

She could tell he thought he was going to get some in the parking lot but he was once again wrong. She got out of the car and told him thank you for the ride and gave him a 20 dollar bill for gas, she kissed him on the lips softly and told him goodbye.

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He drove off hopeful. She walked into the store picked up a basket, grabbed a pack of large condoms, some cherry chapstick, and a magazine.

She paid for all of the items and put all of them except for the water bottle, in her big purse. She walked outside and took a sip of her water as she looked at the time on her phone, it was 6:13 and she sighed as she put her phone back in into her purse. Then it rang. "Hello Jonathan" she said "What--no 'John'?" "I guess I don't use nick-names for people who use me." "Hmmm.Ok, well I have a question then" "What?" "Who was your friend?" "The guy who picked me up?" "I'm assuming" "A friend.why?" "Do you always kiss your friends that way?" she smiled knowing she'd been caught waiting for him at the store "Yea, as a matter of fact I do.you spyin' on me John?" "No, you just have a cute face when you're angry" ************************************************************************************ She paused and looked around for his car wondering how close he was---about 10 feet.

She hung up the phone and walked to his car.

"Jesus do you want to get caught?" he laughed staring at her. "So why were you so mad when u left the house today?" She frowned "You were teasing me about taking my mother to dinner and it was irritating as fuck." He laughed again and put his keys in the ignition. She looked over at him "Where are we headed?" he ignored her. She shrugged and pulled her phone along with a pair of head phones out of her purse.

The drive was quiet-not awkward-just quiet, as he drove and she listened to music. He thought to himself how different she was from her mother, who would be ignoring calls left and right and chattering away about a new un-needed item she just bought. They arrived at the five-star hotel and she asked him who would go in first, again he laughed at her-- "They don't know you here and I doubt they would think you were 16" She rolled her eyes and got out of the car.

He escorted her into the hotel with her arm hooked around his elbow. She smiled as she noticed younger rich looking guys with shock all over their faces. She pictured to herself - An older man [with money] and a very cute exotic girl on his arm in heels that that made you shiver when they tapped the floor.

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She could understand where they would be a little bit upset- hell she looked good. They got into the elevator and she immediately stood in front of him, she was confident but his green eyes put her in her place as he wrapped his arms around her back. She was torn between taking control and wanting to let him do what he wants.

She slid her hands underneath the open sides of his unzipped jacket and put the around his waist. She kissed his bottom lip the licked it and looked at him. He smiled. She knew they were getting closer to the floor and she was getting antsy. She heard the elevator DING! and she jumped. Gripping his hand she pulled him down the hallway to his room and had him open the door.

She calmed down as she saw the bed. Her immaturity always went away when she was close to a man with a bed. She kicked off her pumps and sat her purse on the floor. "Sit" she said narrowing her eyes and pointing to the bed.

He did as he was told and she continued. She moved all of her long black hair to one side, hooked her thumbs into her jeans, pushed the fabric together slipping the button out causing the jeans to unzipp, and pushed them down her full thighs, then stepped out of them.

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Her black lace underwear were now exposed and she could see his face turn red. She peeled off her shirt and tank top leaving her in only underwear. She was far from shy but a little bit self conscious because she was curvy. She stood in front of him and walked over, he gulped. She put her hands on his knees and leaned forward to whisper in his ear "unclip me" and she turned around. He slowly unclipped both hooks of her bra with his hands shaking.

She held the bra against her chest until she turned around. Both of them knew this wasn't the first time her breasts were out in the open but this time felt different. She slowly let go of the bra listening to him draw in air deeply and noticed the bulge that started to grow in his pants.

"Beautiful" he said to himself quietly, she blushed. She pulled his hand so he could stand up and started to tug at his coat. He helped her take it off. He then kicked off his shoes. She went for his belt as he took off his shirt. She paused as she though that there was no way this man was in his 40s. He had abs out of this world.

She felt her self getting wetter by the second and rushed the belt right off, then told him to take care of his pants while she grabbed something.

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She went to her purse and took out the new box of condoms that she had just bought. She returned to the other side of the room with the condoms and smiled "Mr. John, I believe you have a favor to return" He put a serious look on his face and took the box from her hand. Before she could react, he had thrown the condoms on the nightstand, grabbed her hand and flipped her onto the bed.

She let out a surprised "Whoo!" as her body hit the bed and he pushed her back. She wasn't expecting him to be so aggressive, and she liked it.


She pulled her panties off quickly showing her completely shaven [womanly looking] vagina. He pushed her ankles back so that her knees were bent and she happily spread her thighs.

At first he only ran a finger on the outside of her lips, which by the way made them tingle like crazy. Then he ran his finger lightly across her clit and she looked straight up at him. He was laughing inside knowing she wanted stimulation badly. Then he slowly circled her hole bringing his finger back up to her clit and lightly rubbed the very tip. She was squirming; he watched her hips move trying to get his fingers to add pressure.

After he thought she'd had enough, he slowly dipped his middle finger deeply inside, and twisted it side to side touching her walls. He looked back up to her, her eyes were now closed, with his other hand, he took two fingers and shocked the hell out of her by quickly rubbing her clit.

Then he slipped a second finger inside and began to rub her g spot. Her hands were digging into the sheets and she was starting to moan. He pulled his hand back and she quickly shot up staring at him.

"Calm down, and lay back" he said widely pushing her thighs apart while she leaned back. He put each of her legs over her shoulder while he layed on his stomach. She leaned on her elbows to see what he was doing. He looked up at her while he slid his tongue from the bottom of her slit, to the top. Her back began to arch, then he went from top to bottom, slowly teasing her. She began to get irritated and grabbed his hair, he got the message.

He pushed her thighs wider apart and had full access. He ran his tongue quickly back and fourth across her clit, adding pressure, and slid two fingers inside her quickly rubbing her g spot. She couldn't rest on her elbows any more and she was moaning as loud as she could, occasionally mumbling "oh my god" and "fuck". He wrapped his lips around her clit and softly sucked, the pleasure was too much, she hadn't even cum yet but she was pushing him off.

He used his free hand to push her stomach back and began to suck harder. She was almost screaming but now she was rocking her hips into his face. She said "I'm about to cum" with the breath she had left, and he felt her muscles tighten up; she put her leg across his back and let out a loud scream. He slowed down his sucking as he felt her muscles tighten around his fingers. She was pushing him off with more force this time and he finally let go. She layed for about five minutes panting and then got out of the bed to use the bathroom.

She cleaned her self up a bit and fixed her hair then returned to the room. Jonathan was sitting back on the bed with his head resting on his hands looking at her. He smirked at her "Satisfied?" he asked. She shot back the same look "No" she nonchalantly said as she walked over to the bed, pulling a condom from the box.

He quietly watched her as she climbed on top of him with the wrapped condom between her teeth. She slowly started to pull down his boxers and he helped her as she had to get up when they got past his thighs.

Looking him in his eyes she slowly began to stroke him, with her other hand she took the condom from her mouth and put it next to him. She leaned forward and began to kiss him softly, pulling back to bite his bottom lip. His hand traced the side of her body and found her inner thigh; she leaned in closer giving him more room to do what he wanted. He went straight for her clit, rubbing in circles with two fingers. She was still stroking him and her grip tightened. He was getting harder by the second, but feeling her get wetter in his hand, and the softness of her mouth made him even harder.

She pulled back and quickly opened the condom, rolling it slowly onto him. Then she got fully up onto her knees while he held himself, and she slowly guided herself onto the tip of his dick.

The deeper he went inside her, the further she threw her head back. When he got fully inside of her he let go of his dick and took a hold of her hips. She leaned forward and put her hands on the bed, her breasts were touching his chest.

She began to rock her hips al the way forward until she could feel him almost all the way out side of her, then she pushed all the way back down.

She was breathing deeply, and she began to move her hips faster, kissing his chest. He moved his hands from her hips to her ass pulling and pushing her on top and away from his dick. She was moaning loudly, she thought she could feel him in the pit of her stomach.

She reluctantly stopped to sit up and began to bounce up and down, his mind was lost, his hands were everywhere; teasing her nipples, sliding a finger in her mouth, rubbing her clit, back to her hip, back to her ass, and so on. Her legs were getting tired so she stopped and had him enter from the back. She was on her knees and elbows and he had her by the hips. This time he went in fast and had her moaning his name.

She was gripping she sheets tightly as he went in deeply then pulled out and teased her with the tip. She felt another orgasm building and she began to push her hips back to meet his strokes.

She froze as everything below the waist began to throb tightly. He could feel her muscles squeeze him while he continued to fuck her while she screamed. She wanted him to cum right after her, so as her body relaxed she told him to go as fast and as hard as he could. He did what she asked and fucked her determined to cum.

He was groaning and squeezing her hips tightly.

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He yelled "Fuck!" as he began to cum and slowed down his pumping as he came inside the condom. He pulled out as he calmed down and layed back. She layed next to him, "Now&hellip.I'm satisfied" she said, looking up at the ceiling.

He laughed and said "Good." After a few minutes she got up, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom. 20 minutes later she came out of the bathroom fully dressed looking as if nothing ever happened. He looked at her with a sad look on his face "not leaving me already are you?" She smiled at him and said "Yea, you know I can't stay here, its gunna look like I was fucking some random guy all night," she winked at him.

"and it'll just get better next time if you're left wanting more." He smiled at her comment and got up. "Fine, let me get ready and I'll take you to a friend's house". She nodded and straightened up the room, collecting her belongings. He came out of the bathroom and saw her sitting in a nearby chair reading a magazine. She looked at him and stood up seeing that he was ready to go. He kissed her on the lips and said "Thank you" she smiled at him and said "Thank you" and they left the room.

They arrived in her friends drive way and she said they couldn't kiss because her mother was "weird like that" he laughed and said "See you next time Nicole". She got out of his car and waved good bye. The whole time over her friend's house all she could think of was the other attractive men her mother often brought over, and what kind of trouble she wanted to get her self into.


***Part 3?***