Mama ist so fotogen

Mama ist so fotogen
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Chapter One When I was in my mid-twenties I had a history-professor at university that I really got along well with. I was doing the tutoring for some of his younger students and helped during office hours while he paid me good cash. He also was a man past his fifties who hadn't forgot what days were like when he was young, so a little booze-flavoured sweat in the morning coming from my side did not freak him out, as long as the work was done properly.

Swell guy, one could say. And it was this man who approached me one morning in the last week before the end of term. His behaviour and expression lacking the usual self-esteem he started to formulate a question: "Hm, ahemm, um, Mike, hey, good to see you, good to see you.

You don't have, like, already any irrevocable, you know, plans for, lets say, the next three weeks, do you?" Why would I have plans for half my holidays, I thought to myself, but the professor really didn't seem to be himself and half out of loyalty, half out of sheer curiosity, my answer was "No, I don't, why would you ask?" "Ah, good, very good.

Wonderful, I hoped you'd say that, yes, I did. See, it is so, that there are circumstances and I would go myself, 'cause I know Valerie since she was like so" he indicated very early child's age with his hand, "but other, you know, circumstances prevent me, and that's why I'm so glad you agreed, 'cause I like Valerie and she shouldn't." "Professor, excuse me, but what are you referring to?

And, more importantly, what have I" or rather hadn't I, one could say, if one would try to be pedantic, "agreed to?" "What?

Oh, yes, of course, Michael, how would you like to earn some good money while you're doing me a favour?" "Sounds good, where's the catch?" "The youth isn't naive enough anymore, always suspecting things. You would give my niece, Valerie, some home tutoring, nothing fancy, according to her mother she's just a little lazy when it comes to English- and History-Classes and as we both know about your talent to bring across dry topics with a vigour, I thought it a good idea to ask you." "My talents?

That's nicely put, thanks.


But what does that mean? I arrive at some place every morning and." "No, no, see, that's the catch. She doesn't live here, she. Well, she lives at the coast." "Which one?" "North, it's a small village near K***." That certainly was up north.

Quite a stretch up north, actually. "You'd be living with my sister and Valerie for the three weeks, Magda owns quite a large house near the coast and you should be fine. If I'm not completely mistaken, there was talk about the pool-house having been renovated, but it's been some time since I last saw them, so I'm not sure.

You'll be fine anyways, don't you think?" And of course I was fine. Or at least, I was fine with the whole plan as long as I looked at the factors "cash-money", "large house" and "near the coast".

Later that day, after all was set and I had finished writing a mail to Magda about the "where and whens" of my arrival, the factors "16-year old teenage brat", "spoiled holyday" and "sleepy small town with nothing to do" made a noisy entry to my mental stage and I was considerably less happy when I fell asleep as I would have been, would I have known what was to come. Fast-forward a few days and you'd be seeing me getting off the train in a very sleepy, village very far up north.

I suddenly realized why Magda wanted to pick me up from the station: no cabs, no bus, no nothing. This was backwater and I had stumbled right into it. 'Congratulations', I thought to myself, 'if you hadn't thought of a sizeable private stash and a fuck-ton of books, you'd be fucked!

I bet there's no high-speed internet for the next 45km around and guess who's the lucky guy about to spend his precious holidays in this nowhere? Congrats again, brickhead, that would be YOU! ' I lifted my heavy bag off the ground and walked towards the parking lot, expecting my host to pick me up within the minute. Or maybe, as it turned out, rather within the next half-hour. Or hour, one shouldn't be too picky about minutes and hours. Roughly 86 minutes after I had stumbled onto the parking lot, Magda arrived.

When she stepped out of the black SUV she had arrived in, my anger, build up over almost 1 1/2 hours, was smothered in less then 1 1/2 seconds: There stood a woman of maybe 38, maybe 42, about 1,70m tall, large breasts in a C-cup-region (struggling with a tank top that was desperately trying to keep them from swaying, but to very little avail), long brown hair, broad hips that made my arms want to wrap around them and a broad smile full of sympathy and warmth, with just a little hint of what I took for embarrassment for being late.

"Hey there, you're Mike, aren't you? Welcome to Schw************, let me get your stuff and we'll be off!" Not a single word about her being late, just this warm smile and a hand stretched out for a greeting. Ah, well, she seemed nice enough, one shouldn't spoil those three weeks right from the start.

"Yes, that's right, I'm Mike, you're Magda then? Good thing you came, I wouldn't have had a chance to get away from here if I'd needed to." "We're not in H******, I'll give you that. But you will come to like it, believe me." And with that we drove off the parking lot and into what should become the most memorable vacation of my entire life. Chapter 2 When my professor had said something about "quite a large house", he forgot to mention that Valerie and Magda lived there on their own.

The why to this had something to do with a nasty divorce so out of something similar to piety I let the topic slip and it never popped up again.

When we arrived at said house after a good 15minutes, Magda told me that I would meet my pupil the following day. "Valerie is spending the night at a friend's house, she'll be back tomorrow for the first lessons so you can get to know each other.

Care to see your rooms or do you want a bite to eat first?" "I'm hungry as a wolf, so that's an easy choice!" After the meal, which was great and heightened my spirits, Magda showed me my quarters. I was dumbfounded: my professor had been quite right when mumbling about a renovated pool house and I had a large bathroom, a kingsize bed and a nice living room with a view out on the beach, all for myself.

"How do you like it? We just had it renovated and you'll be the first to try it out. The view's a blast, at least when there's any sunshine and if you want to go to the sauna, we have one in the house so." "It's awesome!" I blurted out, casting a big grin on my host's face.

"Glad you like it. Oh, one thing only, it's non-smokers, so." "No problem, I'll follow the rules of the house." "You're sweet." Magda said and with a smile and a wave of her hand she was gone and left me to getting comfortable, so I had a smoke and thought about how things turned out well so far.

This was going to be much less of a hassle than I feared. And with that pleasant thought, I drifted off to sleep. The next morning woke me with sunshine. After spending way too long a time under the shower I made my way to the house for breakfast. I'm a "bacon&eggs"-guy when it comes to a well-rounded breakfast and boy, I wasn't disappointed.

Also no disappointment when Valerie came in just half an hour after I finished eating. She was only 1,60m and if she weighed more than 45kg, I'd be damned. Her hair was floating free around her slim shoulders and her t-shirt hid a pair of budding breasts, not jet fully grown but definitely working on it.

"Hey there, you must be Mike. I'm Val." she said with a smile that was almost her mothers, if not for a hint of amusement. "Hey, you're right, I'm Mike, the guy to torture you with all the terrible knowledge-stuff." "I guess, you're not to blame, it's your job, right?" I laughed.

That wasn't a cute little kitten, this one had teeth.

"Well, assume we get along, it doesn't have to be a bad job I'd be doing." She grinned. "I have some hopes, Mike, we'll be fine, believe me, we'll be very fine." she said and I couldn't quite decide if I liked the look on her face or if I didn't.

"I'll be off to the shower, if our tight" and wasn't that just imagination that this 16-year old girl sighed a little and put her hands on her hips, "schedule allows for this?" That look on that girls face, she definitely had teeth. "Um, no problem." I was about to say when Magda entered in a business outfit. "Oh, I see, you already meet. Well, swell thing! Darling," she said looking at Valerie, " I'm off and I'll be late tonight. You know the deal and don't you make a shame of yourself, willya?" Valerie seemed to fall into a typical teenager response but Magda intervened: "No, I mean it this time, young lady!

We had our discussion, we have our agreement and we will pull this tutoring through, are we clear?" "Moooooom, don't be like that, I knooow, but." "There are not Buts or Maybes, are we clear?" "Yes mum." "Okay. So, Mike, what kind of schedule did you have in mind?" It took me some seconds to gather myself. During the whole conversation, a certain smirk never left Valeries face.

And Magda had a certain air of acting up on her, which I realize now, looking back. Back then, I was just a little embarrassed to be the witness of such a blunt act of education. "Erhm, I planned to start with 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, roughly 10-13h and 15-18h or something, half the time for the history stuff, the other half English. And than we'd take it from there.

It's tuesday now, I think I can make a more detailed plan by saturday the latest." That was ambitious concerning Valeries "teenaged-ness". I didn't feel half as confident as I sounded. "Good, good, that sounds like quite a plan. Yes, saturday." Was there a knowing look being exchanged between mother and daughter or was I still stoned from last night? I decided for the latter.

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"I'd be off then" Magda said and with a wink and a smile she was gone and I was left with Valerie and the strange feeling that more was going on than I realized. Chapter 3 My assumptions were right. Teaching Valerie about History was like walking through molasses. Not only didn't she understand why she should know about people dead a long time since, the weather was also great and her mind, together with her head, constantly shifted towards the beach.

After 2 hours of struggle, I gave up the first round. "Okay, I see, I can't get any of this into your head before you weren't at the beach, right?" "Right-o, Sherlock!" "And if I let you have your way now, you'll be back at 15h and let me at least try to teach you something, like I'm supposed to?" "You bet, Sirrrr!" she snarled humorously, saluted me and was not to be seen for the next 3 hours.


But when she stepped into the living room where I was getting my stuff ready, I was struck by lolita-lightning. Seemingly too relaxed to bother with pants or a skirt, she arrived in her bikini-undies and a tight shirt that ended well above her bellybutton.

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her considerable breasts showed beautifully and her slender legs were covered in a hint of goosebumps. "14:48hours, sir! Cadet Valerie reporting for duty!" she mocked me and when she stretched and saluted like a Marine, I only saw nipples poking through a shirt and nothing else.

I gathered my wits (and my senses) and as soon as I had managed to ignore the lustful pictures scooting through my brain, I was fine checking the difficulties Valerie had with the English language.

She was surprisingly cooperative and just when I started to wonder why, she offered me a deal: "Ehm, Mike? If the weather holds, can we, like, I mean, can I go swimming like today but, like, every day?" I raised an eyebrow and tried to look distinguished or whatever a teacher should look like to express his doubts. "I promise, I'll be good! I'll do what you say from 10 to 12 and from 3 to 6 and mum never has to know about it!" I knew this to be a proper mistake, but she smiled so nicely and looking at this beautiful girl, pleading me with her eyes, who was I to be a hard-ass?

"Okay, okay, I'll see what I cant stuff into you in the time we'll have together." I said and while the words were still coming out of my mouth, I realized how ambiguous my sentence was. Or was it that smirk that was creeping over Valerie's face once more?

Hard to say. The next few days were of a sweet and nicely easy routine: Valerie at least acted as if she was paying attention, scooted off to the beach and came back to haunt me with the display of her body during our afternoon lessons. Friday morning was different. Magda had just left the house, telling us she'd be home late, when Valerie came down the stairs in nothing but a long t-shirt that almost covered her knees.

"Wow, you're still asleep, Valerie?" "No, just couldn't be bothered." And with that, she took off for the kitchen. She returned shortly after with a bowl of cereals and occupied the sofa where we used to sit during lessons. "We ready now or what, Mike?" I looked at her when she shoved her feet under her legs and.

'Was that.? No, no, that wasn't, she surely would wear underwear, now come off it, Mike!' Again, a few minutes later, when she shifted to a cross-legged position, I saw that between her legs, there was no such thing as underwear.

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It was only in a flash but undoubtedly, she was stark naked under her shirt. I must have made a sound because when I looked up again, I saw her grinning. "You were saying, Mike? Something about inflation, I think." I was still too startled to talk and she didn't make any move to conceal what I could now make out to be a smooth, hairless slit between her slim legs.

"Oh, that!" she said playfully "You noticed, good." She shifted a little and her t-shirt went further up her legs, now shedding light on her small and smooth pussy. "Since you're well to well-behaved I really needed to get you going. Gosh, I've been walking around the house almost completely naked half the time you're here and you still didn't fall for it. 'What does a girl have to do to get noticed?' I thought and finally you seem to get it, hm?" She got up from the sofa, put the cereals aside and standing in front of me, she ran her hands along the sides of her slim and tender body.

"So, Mike, what you didn't know up until now is that I'm planning to learn a lot more from you than just History and a bit of English. There's so much you could teach me and all of it is more fun than the Prussian emperor!" And with that she moved towards me, leaned over and.

the loud ringing of her mobile phone bought me some time to think. Valerie gave a frustrated groan, snatched her mobile and took the call.

"Oh mum! What now? Yes, mum, imagine, I'm right in the middle of it! Matter of fact, if you hadn't called, I'd be making brilliant progress by now. What? No! He hasn't.

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Yet, anyways. Guess he's a bit shocked." She giggled. "Yes mum, like we discussed, main course when you come home. What? Oh, okay, there you go." and with that she tossed me the phone. "It's my mum, something about today's schedule." she said with a grin. Still not sure if I was able to speak at all, I picked up the phone. "Hey Mike, how is today's lesson going?" Magdas warm voice showed more than a little hint of amusement. "I, ähm, hey Magda, I, ehr, we, I mean, Valerie." ".had the whole "surprise-him-with-no-clothes-on-upon-arrival"-idea, but I said, she should take it easy, get to know you and so we decided to wait till today.

Do you think you could take good care of her, Mike?" My brain was only now catching up to the events unfolding before me: if I was not completely mistaken, Magda had just asked me to sexually educate her daughter Valerie. And what the "main course" would be the two mentioned in their talk, well, I could imagine what that would be about. "But, Magda, I, I mean, she, Valerie, she's just 16 and." ".and that is indeed the perfect age.

If I let her wander off every weekend with some of the local youth, do you think her first sexual experience would be all so happy-shine-shine? I love my little girl and I want her to be taken care of properly, that includes her starting sexlife. If I know that you are the one she's with, that's a whole lot easier to cope with than if I didn't know anything, you see?" "I guess." "And besides, the whole thing was her idea." "Still feels strange, I'm, ehrm, surprised, to say the least." "I think, you'll be fine.

Gotta go now, have fun you two!" And with the sound of a hung-up phone I was left alone with a broadly grinning Valerie. Chapter 4 There she stood, all 160cm of her, beaming a smile at me and looking absolutely gorgeous. An while my brain may have been slow embracing the idea of two weeks full of hot sex with a beautiful lolita-girl, my body wasn't. I had a massive hard-on bulging my pants. I really, really wanted to touch her, kiss her, I realized. I wanted her for the whole week. "So, you're game, Mike?" she said, approaching me again.

"Yes," I whispered, putting my arms around her waist and pulling her closer, "I'm game, Val." And then I kissed her. When our lips touched, she wrapped her arms around me and pressed herself against my body, my dick against her stomach, throbbing.

Then I slid my tongue into her little mouth and she immediately greeted mine with hers. With every second, our kiss grew wilder, more demanding. She must have tried kissing at least a few times because there was no hesitation on her side, no awkward movements, just the intense dance of our tongues and a slight moan of pleasure from time to time.

After minutes that were, to us two, hours in fact, I broke the kiss, looking in her eyes filled with curiosity and desire. Without a word I took off my t-shirt, tossing it aside. Next was her shirt, the only thing between me and her young and vibrant body. I reached out to touch her skin, it was warm and smooth, and my hands wandered to cup her breasts.

Squeezing her little nipples not only made her groan a bit louder, her nipples hardened quickly. I started to kiss her neck, my hands now moving down until I could grab her small ass with both of them and a long "Mmmmhmm" was my reward.

My lips were now on their way to Valerie's breasts, caressing her skin and finally coming to rest on her left nipple, my tongue playing with the hard little bud.

I was completely absorbed with licking her breasts when I felt one of her hands touching my cock. A little awkward she was at first, resting on it an gently moving, but soon Valerie became bolder, started to squeeze my hard-on, rubbing her hand up and down.

Her lips came close to my ear and she whispered: "Can I see it?" I moved to kiss her again and then said: "Go ahead, it's all yours!" Wasting no time, she dropped on her knees and unbuckled my belt. My pants were down in no time an shortly thereafter, Valerie was on her knees and had tugged my boxers down, freeing my erect dick for her.

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With a fascinated look on her face, she wrapped one of her hands around it, sending a tingling sensation through my body. She moved her hand faster and her grip was tighter now, still she didn't took her eyes off my cock for a second. I ran my hand through her hair and she looked up to me, an unspoken question in her eyes. And with a smile coming from my side, she opened her mouth and took me in.

Of course she wasn't a pro, who could she? And of course she didn't exactly know where to put her tongue or how to squeeze my head with her lips.

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But that did not change the fact that her warmth and her eager motions felt heavenly on my cock. When she got used to the feel and started to pick up a rhythm I reached down and took her left hand and raised it to my mouth. "Try doing the same down there I do up here with your fingers, okay?" and with that I took two of her fingers in my mouth and started guiding her through her first blowjob, swirling my tongue, caressing her fingertips and occasionally taking them deep into my mouth, Valerie copying every move.

After a few minutes, I felt my orgasm approaching rapidly. Taking her fingers out of my mouth, I warned her "Val, I, I'm gonna cum, be ready, ok?" She looked at me, locked her eyes onto mine and took her mouth off my dick, using the hand I had in my mouth to pump up and down my shaft instead. "You want to cum on my chest, like in the porn movies I've been watching all week? You could squirt in my face, too." she said in a perfect little voice closely imitating an innocence that pushed me over the edge.

With a loud groan from my mouth, wads of cum spurted forth from my dick, landing on her chin, between her breasts and everywhere in between. It felt so good, so right to cum on her like she had pleaded and the intensity of my orgasm was enormous, me almost fainting before my pupil. I closed my eyes, sighed deeply and opened them up again.

There she was, splattered with cum, beaming with a smile and looking straight at me. "Sooooo, Mike, what'cha think? How was I?" "You did great, Val, " I said leaning over to kiss her with a vengeance "ready for phase number two?" "You bet, sir!"