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His wazoo drilled by stripper
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Colton woke up next to Brandon. It was still dark outside, but the rain had stopped.


Brandon was sleeping soundly- he must have slipped into bed while Colton was sleeping. Brandon only wore shorts to bed, and the blanket had fallen off him in his sleep, so Colton could see his entire torso in the pale moonlight that leaked through the cracks in the walls.

The ship swayed gently in the waves, and Colton considered trying to fall back asleep, but he just couldn't. His mind went back to thoughts of Tristan, and how he was so close to stabbing him, but he couldn't get the image of Tristan's sad green eyes staring back at him out of his head.

Colton couldn't contain himself any longer. He started to sob loudly, trying not to wake Brandon, but unable to control his tears. He looked over at Brandon, who was stirring. Colton knew he would wake Brandon if he stayed there, so he got up and left the room. He started wandering down the corridors of the ship, looking for a place where he could be alone. Eventually, he slumped against the wall of the corridor, exhausted and hopeless. He wasn't sure how long he sat there crying to himself before he saw a dark figure at the end of the hallway slowly walk closer to him.

He looked up suddenly, worried it might be one of the crew, or worse- Tristan. "Colton," a familiar voice whispered, "is that you?" Colton was relieved to see that it was Brandon walking toward him.

Seeing Brandon almost made him forget about the awful things that had happened in the past few weeks. "I was worried about you," Brandon continued, "I had no idea where you went." "I'm fine," Colton said, trying to be strong in front of his closest friend.

Brandon moved closer, and saw the tears on Colton's face. He sat down next to him, and dried his eyes. Colton nearly smiled at the warm touch of his friend's strong hands. He secretly admired Brandon's visible muscles in his arms. Brandon had a beautiful body and pale skin, the same colour as Colton's. But Brandon was much more muscular. Even in the dark of the corridor, Colton could clearly make out the definition in Brandon's abs. However, despite Brandon's good looks, Colton couldn't imagine him sexually.

They had been friends for far too long, and Colton hoped it would stay that way. "You really miss him, don't you?" "Yeah," Colton replied, trying to hold back his tears. "I'm here for you, buddy." They sat in silence for a long time before Colton finally spoke.

"I tried to kill him, but I couldn't." Colton was beginning to get angry again. "I had a perfect chance, and I let him go." "Don't blame yourself. I wouldn't have been able to do it either." "Well I should have done something. I should do something." Colton suddenly had an idea. "I need to poison him." Brandon was shocked to hear Colton say that. Colton was the sweetest guy he knew, and he would never have said anything like that before. But now, things were different. Seeing Maddox die changed Colton; he was always brooding now and he never smiled, not that Brandon could blame him after what happened.

"I need your help," Colton added. Brandon was hesitant. He was sure that killing Tristan would mean certain death for Colton, and maybe for himself as well. But he couldn't watch his friend in such agony. "Alright," he said. "I'll help you." Brandon went back to the bedroom and searched through his belongings. He had been allowed to bring some herbs on the ship, claiming they were medicines. These may work to his advantage.

Quietly, Brandon assembled all the things he needed and began his work, grinding some roots, and mixing in a few herbs. Colton watched intently, though he would have no way of knowing if what Brandon was doing would produce a deadly poison that would kill Tristan.

Brandon worked quickly, and soon the mixture was done.

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"Just a few drops of this should be enough to do it," said Brandon when he finished, as he transferred the liquid to a small glass vial. Now Colton just needed a plan to gain Tristan's trust. "How will I get him to drink it?" asked Colton.

"You may have to put that ass of yours to good use," said Brandon, smirking. "You're probably right," Colton replied. The thought of having sex with Tristan did not appeal to him to say the least, but Colton knew that he would have a hard time convincing Tristan to drink anything from him any other way. Colton fixed his hair and washed up again, trying to look as seductive as possible for Tristan.

He quietly crept down the hallway, and made his way into the galley, where he found a bottle of wine and two glasses. He took a deep breath, pocketed the glass vial, and headed down the hallway to Tristan's quarters.

He knocked lightly on Tristan's door.

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No answer. He rapped again, a little louder, and he heard stirring inside the room. He heard footsteps approaching the door, and suddenly the image of Tristan appeared in the doorframe.

Tristan's sad, green eyes reflected the light from the candle he had lit in his room as he stared into Colton's bright blue eyes. They both stared into each other's eyes for a moment before Colton realized he was the one who had come to Tristan's door, and should probably say something.


"Can I come in?" he managed to squeak out. Tristan eyed him suspiciously. "To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" "I was feeling lonely," Colton replied. Tristan became even more suspicious. "What about your friend Brandon?" Colton was getting nervous. "I guess I just needed a kind of company he couldn't provide," he managed to say.

Colton wondered if that may have been too forward, and if he was being too obvious, or coming on too strong. He started to backtrack a bit. "Umm.I mean." "It's alright," said Tristan, "why don't you pour us both a glass of wine." Colton hadn't noticed how soft Tristan's lips looked until now.

And how his cheekbones jutted out so prominently from his handsome face. He was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing. Tristan was so handsome. But then he remembered what this man had done to his one true love, Maddox.

He felt a renewed urgency, though his nerves had subsided somewhat. "Certainly," Colton replied flirtatiously, as he turned toward a table in the room. He had his back turned to Tristan, so he tried to arch his back a bit so that Tristan would notice his ass as he walked slowly toward the table. As he poured two glasses, he bent over a bit further than necessary in order to expose his round bottom more fully, and he could feel Tristan's eyes on him, taking it all in. He suddenly turned his head, to catch Tristan staring.

He glanced back mischievously, and Tristan smiled, though his green eyes still gleamed sadly. Colton knew that his ass was his best feature, so he tried to draw this out as much as possible. Tristan had already sat on the bed by the time he finished, and Colton made his way over to him with the two wine glasses. Tristan was watching him the whole time, and Colton knew he wouldn't have a chance to add the contents of the glass vial to the wine without arousing suspicion.

But he figured this would happen, so he had planned around it. He would have to wait until they were finished, and then offer Tristan another glass with the poison. Colton offered a glass to Tristan, and he took it. "Now where were we?" said Colton. Meanwhile, Brandon had snuck down the corridor, and was waiting outside Tristan's door. Brandon was feeling especially horny tonight, and he could hardly contain his excitement at the chance to hear Tristan fuck his best friend.

He figured Tristan would probably give it to him pretty hard- Brandon was in for a good show. In the bedroom, Colton and Tristan were already kissing furiously. Colton was surprised that Tristan was not suspicious of him- he must have thrown all caution to the wind for a chance at his hot, firm ass. Tristan's tongue tasted like wine, and his lips were so full and soft. Tristan was on top, pinning Colton down by the shoulders as he kissed him.

Even though Colton still hated Tristan, he had to admit it was pretty hot to be treated more roughly. As much as he liked the way Maddox was gentle and loving with him, there was something exciting about being with someone else who could really overpower him.

Tristan's kissing became more forceful, and Colton could see that he was getting hard. Tristan began to run his hand down Colton's smooth body, feeling every ridge of muscle leading down his side. Colton's skin tingled at Tristan's touch, and his hands came up to Tristan's face, pulling him deeper into his kiss. Colton's entire body was getting tense with anticipation.

He wrapped his legs around Tristan's muscular waist, pulling their hips together. Tristan began to rub his cock against Colton's, while his hand still moved farther down Colton's side, finally landing at his waist. Tristan held firmly to Colton's waist as he rubbed more forcefully on him. When Tristan's hand moved down further, to Colton's ass, Colton couldn't help but gasp. Tristan started kissing Colton's neck as he fondled his ass.

Colton squirmed and grabbed onto Tristan's blond hair with both hands. Tristan moved down to Colton's nipple, tracing circles around it. Colton felt a warm sensation come over him, and he moaned loudly, grabbing more tightly onto Tristan's soft hair. Outside, Brandon heard Colton's moan, and his dick grew to full attention. He began to stroke his large tool, imagining what Tristan might be doing to him in there. He imagined Tristan being rough with Colton, kissing him forcefully, and tugging on his large cock.

Brandon was getting insanely horny at this point, and he figured he wouldn't last long at this rate. He tried to slow down, but the noises coming from Tristan's room were driving him wild. Inside, Tristan was slowly making his way down Colton's chest to his abs. He couldn't wait to get a taste of what he could tell was going to be a huge dick. Colton's eyes were closed, and his head was tilting back. Colton was nearly paralysed in pleasure as Tristan made his way slowly toward his dick.

Tristan removed Colton's pants, and immediately went for the juicy head of Colton's cock. Colton jolted up, surprised at the sudden pleasure, and his hands moved to either side of him, gripping the sheets on the bed. Tristan was enjoying the slightly salty taste of Colton's dick, as he licked fiercely all over the head.

He looked up at Colton's face, but Colton's eyes were still closed in pleasure. Tristan couldn't help but notice how cute and delicate Colton's face looked, with his well defined cheekbones, and plump lips. He didn't stare for long though, as he soon focused his attention back on Colton's rock hard dick.

Tristan began to go deeper and deeper on Colton's cock, as he swirled his tongue around the underside. The head began to hit the back of Tristan's throat, but he didn't stop there. He continued on, swallowing as much of Colton's eight inches as he could. He began playing with Colton's balls, feeling them with his fingers, as his mouth moved up and down on Colton's cock.

Colton gripped the sheet more tightly and began breathing more heavily. Tristan knew Colton was close but he wanted things to continue, so he eased off on Colton's cock a bit. Colton loosened his grip on the sheets, and opened his eyes to see Tristan's blond head bobbing up and down on his hefty manhood.

He reached down and stroked Tristan's blond hair. It was so soft, and it felt nice in Colton's hands. Tristan looked up at Colton and smiled. Then, he grabbed onto the base of Colton's cock with his left hand, took his mouth off of it, and began sucking on his own right fingers. Colton knew what was next, and he wanted it badly.

Tristan inserted one finger into Colton's ass, and he groaned. He was tight, since he hadn't had sex since the last time with Maddox, which was weeks ago. Tristan felt the warmth of Colton's hole, and he was excited to think that he would be able to fuck him soon. But now, he was just enjoying the feeling of playing with that hot ass. Tristan resumed sucking, and inserted another finger into Colton's ass.

Colton's eyes were closed again, and his balls tightened as he approached his orgasm. This time, Tristan was ready to let him cum. He went down to the base of Colton's dick, and began fingering him harder and harder. Colton was bucking his hips wildly, moaning in pleasure as he felt Tristan's warm mouth around his dick. Colton let out one especially loud moan, and came into Tristan's mouth. Tristan eased up on his dick, so that only the head remained in his mouth, and he allowed Colton to fill his mouth with hot cum.

Colton continued to moan loudly in pleasure as Tristan milked his dick for all its cum. Outside, Brandon was stroking furiously on his cock.

From the sound of it, Colton had just cum. However, the moans were still going. Brandon thought maybe Tristan was planning to take things further, and he hoped that he was right. He pressed his ear to the door, and he could hear Colton speaking. "I want you inside of me now." "I can do that," Tristan replied. Tristan turned Colton over so that his ass was in the air and immediately dove into Colton's hole with his tongue.

Colton gyrated his hips, unable to contain the feelings of pleasure he was receiving. Colton was completely clean, so his ass tasted nice to Tristan.

Tristan probed deeper into Colton's ass, lubing him up for what was to come. Colton was really enjoying himself, and he almost smiled when Tristan forced his tongue deeper into his ass.

When Tristan finally removed his tongue, Colton almost wished he put it back in, though he knew that something better was about to replace it. Tristan removed his shorts, and Colton turned around and began licking up and down Tristan's seven inch dick, getting it good and wet to be able to slide into his ass.

Colton did his best to soak it, since it was very thick- much thicker than Maddox's. Tristan bent Colton over so that he was on his hands and knees, and slowly slid into him. He rubbed his hands up and down Colton's muscular back, trying to help him relax.

Colton let out a deep groan as Tristan slid all the way in, and he moved back to meet Tristan's thrust as he slid in to the hilt. Tristan stayed like this for moment, allowing Colton to get used to the meaty cock inside of him. Then, Tristan bent over Colton's body so that his head was beside Colton's, and kissed him gently on the lips. Colton kissed him back, and they stayed like that for a while before Tristan's desire became too much, and he began to thrust into Colton.

He grabbed Colton by the chest, and lifted his body up, so that Colton was on his knees, but upright. From this angle, Tristan continued to kiss Colton as he rubbed his hands up and down Colton's body. He thrust into him harder, still exploring Colton's abs with his fingers. Colton began stroking his own dick, already hard again from the incredible stimulation Tristan was giving him.

Soon, Tristan took over stroking Colton's dick, and Colton bent over again, using his hands as support.

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Tristan broke their kiss, focusing entirely on pounding into Colton's ass while simultaneously jacking him off. Tristan began to thrust even harder, grunting with every thrust as he pounded all the way into Colton's ass. Colton was moaning in a continuous stream now, only stopping to gasp for breath. He was being fucked so hard, he forgot all about the other passengers on the boat, and how they would probably be able to hear him now.


All he could think about was Tristan's strong, warm body behind him, and his huge dick in his ass. Suddenly, Tristan slowed down. "Don't stop," Colton managed to say between gasps, "it feels so good." "Turn around," Tristan said. Colton turned around, and sat on the edge of the bed. Tristan knelt down, and grabbed Colton's long legs, covered in dark hair. He wrapped Colton's legs around his waist, and grabbed firmly onto Colton's ass. Colton wrapped his arms around Tristan's neck, and Tristan lifted him up.

Tristan stumbled over to the wall, carrying Colton, and pressed Colton's back against it. Colton had never been fucked against a wall, and he couldn't wait to try it. He kissed Tristan deeply, sticking his tongue into Tristan's mouth. As Tristan pushed into him, Colton tightened his legs around Tristan's waist and used his arms to pull his body more tightly into him. Their bare chests were pressed together. Tristan's muscles flexed impressively as he pushed his way into Colton's hole.

Colton was amazed at Tristan's strength- the way he was able to hold him up while still ramming him with his thick tool was amazing. Tristan was clearly approaching his orgasm, and his thrusts were becoming more wild and irregular. Surprisingly, Colton was coming close as well, though he had already cum once. He began to stroke his dick quickly, anticipating the pleasure he was about to experience.

Between Tristan's dick pounding him hard, Tristan's warm hands squeezing his ass, and his own hand stroking swiftly on his cock, it didn't take long for Colton to blow again. He could feel his hole pulsating around Tristan's cock, and it felt incredible. He let out his loudest moan yet, almost screaming as he jizzed all over his and Tristan's stomachs. Tristan was not far behind him, letting out a huge warm load into Colton's ass.

Tristan moaned as well, thrusting into Colton over and over as he filled Colton's bowels with his cum. He pulled out and adjusted his grip so that Colton could stand up, but he continued to hold onto Colton's incredible ass, fondling it as they kissed. They made their way back to the bed, and Colton lay in Tristan's arms. Just outside the door, Brandon was approaching his orgasm as well. He was bent over on his knees, fingering his ass as he stroked as hard as he could on his eager dick.

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He had heard everything, including the sound of footsteps leading to the wall- he could only guess what they did against that wall, but he was imagining things that he never had before about Colton. He imagined barging into the room, and helping Tristan to fuck Colton hard. He imagined the two of them taking a turn with Colton's ass before penetrating him together.

It took all his strength not to make a sound as he came all over the walls of the corridor. He quietly cleaned up and returned to his room. He figured he would have the bed to himself tonight. He worried about Colton. How would he feel when he discovered that the "poison" Brandon gave him was only a sleeping potion? Brandon figured he would be relieved. He knew Colton too well. He would never be able to go through with killing someone. As soon as Colton saw that Tristan was dead, he would wish that he hadn't done it; Colton was too sweet a boy to even kill the man who had murdered his lover.

Brandon got into bed and soon dozed off, having tired himself out jacking off at the door to Tristan's room.

Meanwhile, in Tristan's bed, Colton was thinking over what had happened. As much as he hated to admit it, he actually like being with Tristan. He gazed at the ceiling of the room, overwhelmed with guilt at enjoying sex with someone so soon after losing Maddox. Not to mention it was with the man who killed him.

Tristan saw Colton's face, and spoke up. "What are you thinking about?" "Nothing," Colton replied, suddenly looking in the other direction. "You know, it never gets easier," Tristan said.

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"What?" "Seeing someone die." Colton was surprised. He always thought that warriors like Tristan had no problem killing their enemies. Tristan seemed so strong. Then, Colton remembered Tristan's sad eyes. Colton wondered: was he sad because he felt guilty for killing Maddox?

Suddenly Colton wasn't as angry anymore. He thought of how hard it must have been for Tristan to hear that he had to kill someone, and how he must have suffered on the journey over to England. He thought of how he must still be suffering.

Colton had an overwhelming urge to comfort him somehow. He slid up to Tristan's face, and kissed him lightly. He smiled as best as he could, and returned his head to its resting place on Tristan's chest. Suddenly he remembered something. He got up quickly, and grabbed his clothes. "Where are you going?" Tristan asked. "Just taking care of something," Colton replied before exiting through the door.

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Colton walked briskly to the end of the corridor, not noticing the cum stains on the ground by the door. He climbed up to the deck of the ship, and removed the glass vial from his pocket. As he poured its contents into the sea, he felt a weight lifted from his shoulders. He never really wanted to kill anyone, and he felt relieved that the poison was gone.

He smiled to himself and pocketed the vial again, making a mental note to return it to Brandon the next day. He returned to Tristan's room, and removed his clothes again before getting in bed with him.

This time, when he dozed off to sleep he didn't feel the same sadness that he felt before. Somehow, he was sure things would be alright. He took one last look at Tristan's peaceful face before cuddling up to him and falling asleep.