Handsome young cock lovers fucking raw in a threeway

Handsome young cock lovers fucking raw in a threeway
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Jan CHAPTER 1 JAN It was another sweltering hot summer night without air conditioning.

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I was lying naked on my back atop the sheets of my twin brother Johnny's bed, moving my hands slowly over my 17 year old, sweating, virgin body, focusing fingertips on my smooth thighs and ass. The big fan near the foot of our beds washed air over me, bringing a cooling tingle to my sensitive exposed skin.

My skin was smooth and soft like baby skin. I spread my bare legs open wider so that the air from the fan could better tease the light growth of hair on my cunt-mound. My little patch of cunt hair was light blonde like the rest of my hair, and soft. With my right hand fingers I opened my cunt lips to catch the teasing air, while my left hand moved from tit to tit, fingers tweaking, rubbing, and pinching my stiffening nipples.

My breathing quickened, but I wasn't panting or gasping yet; that would come later. My cunt was already getting wet with sweet slippery juice and I longed to work it and my stiffening clit in earnest with my well-practiced fingers, but I held back. I wanted this night to last, and I knew I could relax and take my time; it was still early. Johnny wouldn't be home from the school dance for at least another hour; longer if he got lucky. Would he? Would my twin brother fuck some lucky young girl tonight with his huge stiff cock?

I closed my eyes for a minute to picture his big wonderful cock, jutting out from his muscular body. Johnny was built like a trim muscled dancer and five inches taller than my smallish five-foot-five, but his best feature was his cock: so long and thick and hard; so perfect! Not that I was any kind of expert on the subject, I wasn't. Despite my increasing interest in sex I was still technically a virgin and my brother Johnny's cock was the only one I had ever seen really close up, but judging from what my girlfriends said and the porn I had seen on the internet, his cock was unusually long and thick.

I wasn't an expert but I knew what I liked. I liked my brother's big cock. I hungered for it. My mouth and tongue hungered for it.

My wet virgin pussy hungered for it. The air from the fan assaulted all of my exposed skin, especially teasing my inner thighs, pussy lips, clit and ass. I slid the tip of my middle finger over my skin, and imagined that instead of my finger, it was Johnny's cock teasing me, brushing his soft sensitive cock tip over my thighs and tummy, slowly zeroing in on my waiting juicy cunt hole.

Enough light from the streetlight and Moon got in through the screened open window next to the bed for me to watch my fingers slowly caress the hard, sensitive nipples of my small firm breasts, dark pink puckered tips against a background of smooth white skin.

I could smell Johnny in the pillow and sheets, and I breathed in Johnny's scent deeply. Maybe later tonight he would smell my sex and sweat juices on his sheets, and it would turn him on, and I would secretly watch him jerk off as I had done so many times before, as at the same time I secretly jerked off myself under my bed-sheets. It was a habit we had for the last couple of years, a really good habit.

I liked to watch myself, and for that reason I placed Johnny's soft but firm down pillow beneath my head, and turned my head so that I could see myself in the big dresser mirror near the door to the hallway; see my legs spread apart with knees drawn up high. Very nice, athletic legs, well-muscled but not overly so, framing my petite cunt and the lightly haired mound above it, and my puckered little asshole below it. That's pretty much what someone would see if they stood in the open bedroom doorway I realized, which sent an extra tingle of excitement through me.

I couldn't wait any longer; I plunged my middle finger deep into my wet pussy, and used my other fingers and thumb to rub my cunt lips and clit. It would feel something like this to be actually fucked, I thought, to have Johnny inside and on top of me, his big cock inside me and his pubic mound grinding against mine.

I used a slow, steady fucking-speed, building the pleasure inside me. In the mirror I watched myself, watched my leg and ass muscles getting into the steady rhythm of my hand. I loved being naked and exposed, loved the feel and naughtiness of it, and loved seeing it happen.

It was almost like watching someone else, the sexy sister I didn't have, getting herself off. I wasn't worried about being seen by anyone else though, as I could hear clearly through the sound of the fan the only other people in the small house, my father and my sexy new step-mother, screwing noisily in the other bedroom just down the hall.

They were so load that anyone passing by on the sidewalk along the street outside could surely hear them, and get their own cunt juicy or their own cock hard. For sure I could hear them fucking, and it was driving me crazy with lust.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," I could hear Heidi's animal-like grunts, as the beautiful young newlywed received her nightly fucking by my Daddy Mark's big cock. She wasn't that much older than me. It didn't seem fair that she got fucked by Daddy's nice hard cock every night and I only fantasized about getting fucked. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ughhhhhh." Exactly what were they doing just now, I wondered?

Was Daddy kneeling between her widespread legs, fucking her missionary style, or was he doing her doggie, or was she riding his cock from above him, plunging his big prick into her pussy? In any case his cock was buried deep in her pussy right this moment, stretching it and filling it, warm, hard and firm inside her slick clutching cunt.

I plunged all four of my fingers into my cunt and imagined it was Daddy's big prick inside me, fucking me with his big stiff cock. Meanwhile I was a virgin. I would have to do something soon, I knew, to get myself fucked for real, or I would go bonkers. Sure, I wanted my first time to be special, and not just physical, but on nights like this my standards sank pretty damn low.

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I had turned down some pretty hunky looking guys over the last couple of years, guys that tonight I would have gladly fucked if they were here now, even if I didn't much like any of them. I thought of finding out exactly what Daddy and Heidi were doing by sneaking a peek at them fucking, but I was too comfortable where I was on the bed, massaging my cunt mound with one hand and my hard sensitive nipples with the other as fan-driven air assaulted my skin.

So I resisted the temptation to go peek in at their lovemaking tonight, but closed my eyes and visualized what I had seen them doing only two nights ago. That had also been a sweltering night like tonight, and the doors for both bedrooms had been left open to let soft summer breezes move freely through the little house. I had woken to the sound of a woman's muffled moan.

Heidi, I knew at once, with Daddy's cock in her pussy yet again. What did that feel like? Was it even better than my fingers? I bet it was! I bet it was better than anything!

Opening my eyes two nights ago, I could see in the dim light Johnny stretched out asleep on his back on the bed across from mine, naked except for a pair of loose boxer shorts that poked up like a tent around his hard, monstrous cock.

Even in sleep his young body ached for sex, just as my own body did.

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He was so close I could almost reach out and grab his cock if I wanted to, and I did want to so very much, but he was my brother and that would be wrong. I couldn't help thinking about it though, and I was soon panting and my cunt was juicy-wet. I would have to get myself off to get back to sleep for sure. I decided to use the bathroom to get a drink of water and pee first. The bathroom separated our bedroom from our parent's bedroom and had to be entered from the hall.

When I stepped from our room into the hallway and away from the fan I could hear more clearly the impassioned grunts and moans that came from my parent's bedroom, and I could see that the door leading to the source of the enticing sounds was half open. I really had to pee bad though, so I went into the bathroom, shut the door, pulled down my tiny thin panties, and sat down on the toilet.

Sounds of passionate lovemaking came through the wall right behind me: grunts, moans, and muffled desperate words, including sounds I hadn't heard as clearly from my bedroom; the creaking bedframe, the banging headboard, and squeaking bedsprings.

I swear I could feel vibrations from their efforts through the toilet seat as my bladder achieved blessed release, and warm pee exploded from me into the toilet bowl. I wiped myself and soon found that I was absent mindedly pumping my middle finger into my cunt with one hand, while rubbing a nipple with my other hand, as I listened to them fuck. I couldn't help thinking about how right now Daddy was plunging his hard prick into Heidi's grasping cunt.

I found myself rapidly rubbing my clit fast and hard as I listened to them moan and grunt, my hand moving so fast it was almost vibrating. I came in seconds, quietly moaning; my body convulsed from head to toes as I clutched my tit with one hand and my juicy pussy mound with the other. My cunt juice dripped into the toilet. I wiped away most of my cunt juice with toilet paper, shakily stood up, pulled up my panties, flushed the toilet, and stepped into the hallway.

I should be able to go back to my bed and sleep now, I figured, but the fucking sounds were still filling my ears, and I was only a few feet from the doorway where the sounds were coming from.

I couldn't help myself; I had to peek. As I slowly tip-toed towards their room, their fucking sounds took on new urgency. "Ugh, ooh, ooooh, oooooh, ughhhhhh!" moaned Heidi. "Fuck me harder, Mark; har-der, har-der, har-der," she pleaded, "yes, yes, yes, give me all your big, hard cock, yeah Baby; ugh, ugh, ughh, ughhhhhh." "Ugh, ugh, ugh," grunted Daddy, in rhythm with Heidi's moans and the squeaking, bumping bed.

Her cunt had to feel really good to him, warm and slick and soft, wrapped around his big firm cock. I breathed faster as I slowly walked closer and closer to the open doorway, and my left hand automatically reached under my thin little night shirt for my left tit and pinched the nipple, while my right hand slipped under the front of my tiny thin cotton bikini panties, though the light tangle of blonde pubic hair to the entrance of my still wet young cunt.

The tips of my middle two fingers slipped between the pouting inner lips of my hot tight cunt while clutching the sensitive clit between them, and the outer two fingers embraced my swelling pussy lips, then started moving up and down slowly, while my middle fingers slid and in and out of my juicy cunt, and the palm of my hand massaged my lightly haired pussy- mound, pushing and pulling and stretching skin over clit and bone.

Peeking through the doorway, I clearly saw in the dim light from the window and hallway my father's sweaty, well- muscled butt and legs hammering his big hard cock down between Heidi's shapely upraised legs.

Several slick, turgid inches of cock, as thick as my wrist, disappeared then reappeared in and out of my young stepmother's willing, clutching, cunt, again and again, an unrelenting sex machine that slid inside the warm embracing cunt that moved up to meet it with each stroke. Daddy's big balls slapped rhythmically against Heidi cunt.

I could hear the wet slipping, sucking, slapping sounds of their bodies moving together, and smell the pungent musky odor of sweat, jizz and cunt juice. It had to feel so good for her, I knew, so, so fucking good that she could hardly stand it; Daddy's cock was almost as big as Johnny's; almost as long and almost as thick, and straight as an arrow, just like Johnny's.

The fucking pair were both beyond words now, reduced totally to animal grunts and groans as their straining, heaving sweaty bodies moved faster and faster together. With my rear view of the couple I could not see their faces, but could see my father's balls slap against Heidi's cunt lips and catch glimpses of her big tits with hard nipplespressed and rubbing rhythmically Dad's muscular, hairy chest. Her long shapely legs were wrapped around his trim heaving backpulling him deeper and deeper into her, and I could see the muscles of her legs flex as she pulled herself up to meet each of his powerful thrusts and urgently grind her dark haired pubic mound against his blonde one.

My tongue licked the lips of my panting open mouth as I imagined how good it must feel to be fucked by Daddy. I rubbed my own cunt harder in rhythm with their fucking, moving two fingers in and out of my slippery, dripping, grasping pussy, imagining that it was me that was getting fucked by the big hard cock instead of Heidi. Fucked by Daddy hard and fast! "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," Daddy grunted sharply with each of his thrusts, while between panting breaths Heidi let out long guttural groans.


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Uughh, ughhh, aaaaaaaaah!" She was obviously coming; I could actually see her cunt lips convulse around his big stiff prick. While this happened I had stood transfixed, panting and unable to move anything except my probing hands and fingers, which now moved faster and faster and harder and harder in rhythm with the tensing, rippling, thrusting, male ass cheeks, and the hard, thick, glistening cock and bulging balls that were the focus of my attention only five feet in front of my wide open eyes.

In and out, in and out, in and out, Daddy's hard, thick slippery dick plunged, grasped tightly by Heidi's juicy pouting cunt lips.

My left hand moved rapidly over all parts of my body that were in reach; everything had become an erogenous zone. I paused only for a moment to desperately push my soaked little panties over my butt so that they dropped down to the floor, so that I could step out of them and have freer access to my cunt and ass cheeks. Despite the heat, the slight breeze moving through the doorway tickled the tiny hairs on my legs and evaporated sweat, and the cooling skin of my legs formed goose bumps that I could feel as I desperately rubbed my hand everywhere, faster and faster in rhythm with Daddy's plunging cock.

I was plunging all four fingers of my right hand into my sopping wet cunt now, and nudging, pressing, and rubbing my clit with my thumb. I switched to my own rhythm; faster I fucked myself, until my hand was nearly vibrating. Nothing else mattered except my clit, pussy, and fingers, and the sight of Daddy's big hard fucking cock. Suddenly incredible pleasure erupted through my cunt and clit and rippled up and down my spine, and my wide-spread, quivering legs were unable to support my weight.


I was coming; coming hard. My legs buckled and I dropped to my knees, but I hardly even noticed. Through the dizzying pleasure, all focus was on my furiously rubbing hands and the pleasure that coursed through my body. My right hand moved in tight rapid circles, pressing, pushing, and pulling my fleshy pubic mound, while my left hand rapidly rubbed and pinched my taunt ass cheeks, as waves of intense orgasmic pleasure continued to shoot through my body.

An electric-like shock passed through me as all the muscles in my body tightened and convulsed. "Ohhhhhhh," I moaned softly, uncontrollably. "UGGGH," groaned Daddy, as with one final thrust, his firm tightening balls shot gobs of hot spunk deep into Heidi's young, firmly clutching cunt.

I crawled even closer to the bed so I could see in the dim light his balls pull up tight to eject his spunk.

It was my cunt he shot his warm white jizz into, I imagined, and it felt good, oh so lovingly good to have Daddy shoot his love juice into me, so thick and warm and slick. "AAAAAAAAGH," groaned Heidi loudly, more a scream than a grunt, as she too again orgasmed. I came more and more at the same time, with my hand tightly clutching my sensitive pussy. I came to my senses sitting essentially naked at the foot of my parent's bed, panting for breath, with all the fingers of my right hand still in my pussy.

I suddenly realized how quiet it was; the moaning and squeaking bed sounds were over. In the dim light I could see Heidi starting to sit up in bed.


Horrified at the prospect of being discovered, I rolled out and away from the doorway, picked myself up, and on tip-toes scrambled quietly back to my room and into my bed. Johnny was still asleep, of course. Only when I pulled the sheet over myself did I realize that I had forgotten my damp little panties. I knew that I had to get them back, but now I heard soft footsteps and saw the hallway light-up. Closing my eyes I feigned sleep for several long seconds.

Was someone in the doorway of my room, peeking in at me and Johnny? I sensed that someone was doing just that, but I didn't dare open my eyes to look. I was relieved when a couple of minutes later I heard the bathroom door close, plunging the hallway and my room again into near darkness.

I quickly got up and went to my dresser, and pulled out and slipped into another tiny set of thin panties, and returned to bed. I didn't bother to cover myself further, but lay face down on top of the sheets, with my head facing towards Johnny and his towering hard cock. Somehow it and his balls had slipped out of the opening of his shorts and were clearly visible in the moonlight, his cock sticking straight up from his prone body. It towered tall and thick, and I longed to suck it and lick it, and to slip my smoldering wet pussy onto it.

I held my hips slightly up from the sheets, so that I could reach again between my legs, this time with both of my probing hands. Soon I was again vigorously caressing my wet cunt, as I again listened to the unmistakable sounds of fucking down the hall, which had started up once again, as I stared at my brother's enormous hard prick.

I came yet again, more than once. Eventually I at last fell asleep, still listening to Heidi's moans of pleasure as I moaned softly into my pillow while having one last great orgasm, as I stared at Johnny's big hard prick.

Now, two nights later, I was visualizing the fucking I had witnessed between Daddy and Heidi, as I listened to a similar one take place between them again in the next bedroom and worked myself into a state of total arousal.

The circulating floor fan worked its way back to me, providing a cooling blast of air to my right foot, and leg, then pausing for several wonderful seconds to focus directly between my upraised legs. "Oooooooh," I moaned, as I held my moistening cunt lips open, stretched to each side so that the fan could blow directly into my cunt and onto my hardened clit.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," came grunts from the other bedroom, gradually increasing in urgency and volume. I closed my eyes and remembered how long and thick Daddy's cock had been two nights earlier as it plunged relentlessly into Heidi's pussy. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I plunged all the fingers of my right hand deep into my wet slippery cunt, wishing that they were longer like Daddy's or Johnny's cock, then I pulled them out and brought them up quickly to my mouth and sucked on them, pretending that it was Daddy's cock, and then, because it was even bigger and I was more familiar with what it looked like, I imagined that it was my twin brother Johnny's big hard cock.

My cunt juice tasted slippery and slightly salty and sweet to me, and not at all unpleasant. Would a guy like to eat me, I wondered? I wondered what sperm-juice would taste like, and what a firm cock would feel like to my soft mouth lips and tongue. The fan slowly turned away, and I again resumed the furious jerking-off of my pussy with my right hand, while my left hand roamed over the rest of my sweaty body, alternately rubbing, pinching and scratching my firm young flesh.

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I flexed my leg and ass muscles, and rubbed the sensitive soles of my feet on the cool sheets. I was close now to cumming. With my left hand I squeezed my left ass cheek tightly as all the muscles of my body tensed and spammed. "Uuuuggghhhh," I groaned, reaching the peak of my orgasm just as the fan returned, blasting the nerve-endings of my skin.

It was an intense orgasm, almost as intense as the one I had while watching my parents fuck two nights ago, but it still wasn't enough, I had to have more.

Panting, I hurriedly got up and adjusted the fan so that it stopped oscillating and directed a steady stream of air at my brother's bed. Then I lay down on it again, with my body turned the other way on the bed so that my head was towards the big fan. Then I heaved my hips up over my head, bending my back more and more as I lowered my hips towards my face until my knees rested on the bed on each side of my head. The fan was now blasting cool air directly on my legs, ass, and open wet cunt and clit, which rested only an inch above my panting mouth.

Thankful for my gymnastics training and trim flexible body, I eagerly bent just a little more, until my reaching mouth lips sucked on my firm little clit, and my nose plunged between my warm slippery cunt lips.

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I slipped my middle finger into my virgin pussy for a moment, moistening it with cunt-juice, then carefully eased the slippery finger into my tightly puckered ass hole. Once the finger was in my ass, I moved it in and out easily, complimenting the activity of my lips, tongue, and nose on my clit and cunt.

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Almost too soon, intense pleasure shot through me, as I came to orgasm yet again. "Aaaaaahhhh," I moaned into my cunt. I sucked my clit and licked it with my soft wet tongue, and came to orgasm again and again almost constantly. I lapped up the cunt juices that dribbled down to my sucking lips, and savored the sweet salty taste and musky smell. Finally, my back aching and my cunt getting too sensitive, I carefully straightened out, being careful not to plunge my feet into the fan.

Exhausted, I struggled up from Johnny's bed and slipped on thin skimpy panties and a thin, tiny top that hardly covered my tits, then flopped down on my own bed. I could have slept then, but I had to stay awake for when Johnny came home from the dance. I flipped my top up, baring my tits.

I wanted to look sexy for my twin brother Johnny. What was he doing now with his big cock, I wondered?