Blissful and gratifying oral stimulation

Blissful and gratifying oral stimulation
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I am totally confused: here I am, a man of 41 years old being enslaved by the 14 year old girl from next door. She totally owns me and made it crystal clear, the marks left by Her riding crop on my ass remind me of that, but also the scent of Her Goddess pussy that still fills my nose. The thought of that immediately makes my cock swell, combined by her dominant look and the power and control She radiates.

When I close my eyes I can see Her immediately in front of me: tall, long dark brown hair, large dark brown eyes, a somewhat larger nose, wearing her riding pants and boots. My God, what a beautiful body She has and I worshipped it!

No woman can match this anymore. I concluded this when I came home and thought of my wife Chantal. She is quite beautiful, 37, friendly face, blond, green eyes and still looks great for her age, with a nice round ass and big tits and a hour glass figure, but no match to the Mistress.

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I think it is because of the superiority that the Mistress somehow adds to her being a woman that makes the difference. With only one meeting my Mistress completely changed my view on the world. Chantal was not home and was probably doing the groceries.

I went upstairs and quickly undressed.


One glimpse in the mirror showed the many red marks on my ass and also around my cock. Or better, the cock of the Mistress. She made that clear also. I was not to touch it unless for cleaning or shaving and I so much had the urge to masturbate.

Right, I had the order to shave her cock. Since I have never done this before I first trim the bush and then use foam and blade to remove the rest.

I remove all hair from the cock, balls and while I am add it also from the ass and around the asshole. Wow, that looked great, it somehow makes the cock look bigger. I start rubbing myself with the towel and before I know it I am jerking off and very quickly have a very strong orgasm and then I realize I was not allowed to do so.

I start blushing and feel embarrassed. Can I not even obey that simple order? I decide I will not tell her unless she asks. I put on some casual clothes and go to my office.

I immediately notice an email from the Mistress: Dog, I want you to send me a picture after you have shaven my cock. Attached you find a picture of me. You have to put in on your desktop and every day on the whole hour between 09:00 and 17:00 get on your knees in front of the computer, look at the picture of your Mistress and worship it for minimally 5 minutes.

See it as a form of meditation and all the time I want you to think of yourself as my dog and slave and that I am superior to you. Somewhere in your office make like a small shrine where you place at least one item per day that you find that reminds you of me. This can be a beautiful stone or a flower or whatever. Send me your skype id now and open a yahoo email also and send me! Mistress Marit I quickly open the attachment and see a picture of me kneeling totally naked with my head to the ground and the Mistress standing naked in front of me on Her high heeled black pumps.

I see the back and She looks over her shoulder directly in the camera with a knowing smile on Her face. With her legs slightly spread her ass comes out in perfection and I can just see the shape of her tits. This picture says it all. I cannot wait to lick that ass again and the cock is pounding of anticipation. I put the picture on the desktop and know that I have to be careful Chantal does not find it so I change my password. I quickly pull my pants down and take several pictures of the smooth and of course hard - cock from different angles.

I make a yahoo id and send this and pictures and my skype ID to the Mistress. Within minutes I get an add request on Skype from the Mistress and I quickly add her. And the same happens with Yahoo. Skype starts ringing and I put on my headset and answer. The Mistress has her video on and i see Her sitting in her bedroom. It looks like She is doing some homework or so. She is wearing a very tight black t-shirt and I see her nipples are hard.


She has put her hair in a ponytail and she has put on a very red lipstick and now I notice She is also smoking a cigarette. The idea of such a young girl looking like that and acting so mature is making me crazy. "Dog", I hear the Mistress say, "face down and put your webcam on yahoo on broadcast and invite me!" I quickly obey and I see one viewer. "You are to have this on always, understood dog?" and I quickly whisper "Yes Mistress" realizing that She can always monitor everything I do without me knowing if She is there or not.

"I saw the pictures of my cock. Did my cock like to be shaven? Did you cum while you were shaving?" I immediately blush and confess. "I knew it! You are a pathetic dog and worthless slave and you will bear the consequences for this! How dare You disobey a direct order." And with that said she ends the call .

I am left a little bit uncomfortable. What will She do? I try to concentrate on work but notice I still have one viewer and know the Mistress can always see what I am doing and I never know if She is really there. It makes me feel strangely under control.

I do not want to make mistakes and when it is exactly 17:00 I kneel for the first time in front of my computer and look at the picture and start worshipping Her.

The cock grows immediately and in my mind I think of what a worthless slave I am.

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Now again I want to jerk off and I know the Mistress does not allow me to. Looking at her picture I get so horny, but I strengthen myself and remain in humble position for at least 5 minutes. After that I make a place of worship in one of my office closets. I will have to think of something fitting for the Mistress to put in there.

I quickly run to the garden and pick a red rose and place it in the shrine. A red rose because of the red lips I saw earlier.

With these tasks, I realize, She starts focusing my mind to think of Her always. The rest of the day goes by without any sign from the Mistress and strangely I miss Her. The next day after a sleepless night, I boot up my computer, but see no email from The Mistress.

I start yahoo and broadcast my webcam and immediately see 1 viewer. At the whole hours I start worshipping the Mistress as instructed and I thought it might be better when I kept repeating a mantra to stay focused: To obey is to be happy. To be happy is to be a good slave. To be a good slave is to be valuable in the eyes of my Mistress. To be valuable in the eyes of my Mistress is my biggest goal. I kept repeating this out loud for at least 5 minutes and then returned to my work, which was hard because the Mistress was constantly on my mind.

Then around 11:15 I hear the doorbell ring and go downstairs, but Chantal already opened the door. It is the mail man asking if we can keep a delivery for the neighbors since nobody is at home. It is a big box and kind of heavy and I place it in the hallway whilst my wife signs for the receipt. "It is for Marit", she says. "it must be from abroad, because it says Mrs. Marit". I immediately start blushing, because I know the Mrs stands for Mistress.

"She will get a notice that it has been delivered so she can come to collect it. I wonder what is in the box", my wife says. The same goes for me, I think. For the next hours besides my worship routine, nothing happens until the door bell rang around 15:30 again and I immediately jump up and run downstairs to be the first to open the door. I am just too late, because Chantal is already there. "My God, you are never in such a hurry, do you expect something?" Chantal says and she opens the door for Marit.

And there She is and my heart starts pounding like crazy in my chest. She wears very tight jeans, high heeled red pumps and a white t-shirt that is so tight I can see Her nice big tits and nipples piercing through it; she is not wearing a bra.

I dare not look at Her (I remember her strict orders in Her presence), but I see my wife checking Her out. The Mistress notices it and raises an eyebrow. "Hi Chantal, I understood something was delivered for me", she says to my wife without giving me any notice. "Yes, a mysterious box", Chantal says while laughing somewhat nervously.

"Good, I was expecting that. I need it for a project, but I think he (pointing her finger to me) must carry it for me, ok?" "Sure", Chantal says as if I am not present. "Oh, and maybe I need him to assist me a little, you do not mind, do you Chantal?" and again it seems not a problem.

"Ok, let's go!" the Mistress says and while She walks away I see her ass wiggle and I take a quick swallow and pick up the box. "Man, she looks like a little whore. If it was my daughter she would know. Come back quick!", Chantal hisses in my ears while she keeps looking at the Mistress.

When I come next door i enter the hall and notice the dog collar on the ground. I put the box on the ground, close the door behind me and quickly undress and put on the collar and wait head to the ground. After a few minutes I hear the Mistress come in and attach a leash to the collar and drop it the ground. She picks up the box and disappears. I know I need to wait. After what seemed like an eternity I hear Her walk in again and this time she picks up the leash, gives it one quick jerk and I quickly follow her to the living room.

I see the box is opened. "You can look at Your Mistress and what your credit card bought for Her", she said. She knows how the short-circuit me with one sentence: one part I am happy that I am allowed to look at her and on the other hand, wtf, did she use my credit card to buy the stuff in the box?

I stop thinking and start looking and my mouth drops open. She stands in front of me in a very tight black leather short dress and under it thigh high leather boots. Her hair is in a pony talk and her lips are very red again and she has a whip in her right hand. I am in awe.

Then she face slaps me hard and says "The looking was worth the punishment, right dog" and quickly put my head on the ground again. The mistress laughs "Oh, I bought so many nice items it almost makes me feel happy with you, but you deserve an extreme punishment for being so disobedient" and with that said she walks behind me and starts whipping my ass and back with the whip.

It hurts so much and I feel the tears running down my face. "Please Mistress, I beg You, stop". But she does not stop.

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"Please Mistress, I will never masturbate anymore without Your permission" and then after two additional blows she finally stops. "Damn right, you will never to that anymore!" The cock is extremely hard, it seems the punishment even more aroused me. "On your back and close Your eyes" and I quickly obey. Then I feel Her put ice on my cock and balls and after a while I feel it slowly get smaller and smaller.

What is she doing, I ask myself. Then I feel Her remove the ice, put a ring around the base of the cock and some kind of tube over the penis and then I hear a click. "So that is better. It is temporary, but you will find out later. You can have a look at my cock" and then I take a quick glimpse.

I see the cock is entrapped in some kind of plastic container and on top of it is a lock. What is this, I think. "This is a cb6000 chastity device and it protects my cock from you touching it unauthorized. You cannot remove it since I hold the key.

You will not be able to get an erection and feel anything. You will have to sit down will peeing. This device will help you remind who is your Owner and it will stay there until further notice." And slowly the consequences hit my brain. God, what has She done to me. It is extremely humiliating and on the other hand also very horny.

I notice the cock wants to get erect again, but it does not work and even hurts a little. "Now worship me" and she takes her seat and opens her legs.

Het pussy is extremely wet and I lick the juice from her thighs and lips and again I am reminded how great She smells and tastes and I quickly start licking Her and massaging her clit.

I constantly feel my cock trying to get hard and fail. Then I feel Her start to shake and she has a very strong orgasm and moans loudly. I continue to slowly lick around her clit and then she pulls me up by the hair and asks: "What did Chantal whisper to you?" and tell her "She thinks You look like a whore" "Does she now. Interesting.

And what do You think?" "I think you look sensational and as Goddess". "Good dog, now get dressed and get to wifey. You will hear from me later". With that said, I crawl head to the ground to the hallway and while I pass the box I wonder what else it might contain.

Somehow I have the feeling I will find out soon enough. I quickly dress and try to look decent and go back home. When I come home I hear Chantal taking a bath and when go to her, I see has some nice blushes on her face and her nipples are hard, which tells me she played with herself and she is horny.

"Want to join me", she asks. I quickly think of the chastity device and the whipmarks and tell her: "No dear, I have to do some work". "What kind of assistance Marit wanted from you?" "Uhm, something where She needed to put some devices together", which was not even a lie.

"With her father and mother not here I think we should invite her over for diner tomorrow or so.

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I want to ask her if her mother knows how she is dressing up", Chantal says. That would be something, I think. "Sure, just ask her. Maybe she will come". I go upstairs, just in time for my 17:00 worship. While I kneel I think of what a strange situation I am in. I have a beautiful wife that wants to fuck me and I cannot because I do no longer control my own cock; it is now property of a 14-year old girl. And I like it, how stupid is that.

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My mind drifts of and before I know it I have been worshipping for more than 20 minutes, also thinking of how I must act if the Mistress really comes over for dinner tomorrow. More will follow.