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Sex xxx bf daunlod vidinew
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I had married my wife even though she had a problem we only reluctantly talked about. When she was thirteen she was in a car accident and as a result couldn't have children. Jamie was 5' 4" about a hundred twenty pounds with red hair and b-cup breasts. She kept in shape due to working out, since we had enough time for it.

We had been married for about thirteen years. I knew that not having children of her own was starting weigh heavily on her shoulders.


After a heavy round of fucking Jamie lay smiling next to me in bed. "You seem happy," I told her. "We have a solution to our problem at work," she said. "What is it?" I asked Jamie. She worked at a biomedical company. They did various experiments with animals and such. "You'll find out in a couple of days when you return from your trip this weekend," said Jamie.

When I returned to the house a few days later I discovered that the guest bedroom was made up with two twin sized beds. Jamie came up to me. "I need to show you something," she said. She escorted me to bathroom for the main part of the house. The door was open a little. In the bathtub were two young girls. Both were redheads and cute. I studied them for a little before thinking of something. "Did you have them?" I asked. "No, we've been secretly cloning people for years, but since the company was afraid we might get caught they suggested we find homes for them," said Jamie.

"They're you?" I asked.

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"Shh, they don't know yet," said Jamie. She thought for a moment. "I'll let you meet them." She led me into the bathroom. She young girls looked up at me. The older one smiled. The bubbles helped hide most of their young bodies. "This is Bryan my husband," said Jamie. "The older is Joanne, she's twelve and the other if Jesse, she's ten." "We finally get to use bubble bath," said Jesse.

"Hurry up so you can get ready for bed," Jamie led me out of the room, "See what I mean?" "You created children," I said to her. "No, they can have children for me," said Jamie. Joanne walked out of the bathroom. She had a large towel wrapped around her body. Jesse came out differently. She was still drying off with her towel. I saw most of her little body.

Jamie touched my erect dick and said, "Girls go to your room. I'll tuck you in." She unzipped my pants, reached in and started stroking my dick. "I see you like them." She stopped. "Go to the bedroom I'll tell you what I'm planning." I stripped off my clothes and lay in bed.

Jamie quickly got naked as well. She curled up into bed with me and discussed her plans. "I thought you could wait until they were a little older," I said to her. "No, I want to be young enough to still take care of them. Anyway they'll have plenty more years of their lives left to enjoy themselves. Plus I know you haven't had a virgin before," said Jamie. Her plan was for me to impregnate both of them by the time each had their first periods.

She jerked me off as she told me her plan. I agreed. Each of the girls would have two children by me and more if they felt like it. One thing she explained to me was that the girls hadn't been exposed to very many people and had their own habits. Both had different personalities from each other and Jamie. Joanne was loud, but dressed conservatively while Jesse barely wore any clothes and was quiet. She wasn't an exhibitionist, she just didn't seem to understand what she did to me.

Several times over the next few days she would snuggle up to me wearing a long t-shirt. A few times it wasn't long enough and it barely made it down to her hips.

Neither me nor Jamie corrected her. I was watching television one late one night when Jesse sat down beside me. We sat in silence before she began to tire and leaned over on my shoulder.

Being around her and knowing how little she wore turned me on. I controlled myself the best I could when I realized she was asleep. Knowing how deeply she usually slept I reached over behind her and pulled up the back of her shirt. She was bottomless as normal.

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I rubbed her ass eventually I made it down to her pussy. I felt that it was smooth and hairless. "Hey, Jesse you need to get to bed," said Jamie. The girl slowly woke back up. She didn't put her shirt down as she walked back to bed. "I'm taking the girls with me to Karen and Kyla's tomorrow." Karen was an attractive Asian coworker of Jamie and Kyla I learned a few weeks ago is her clone.

Jesse returned changed. She was belligerent, hateful, spiteful and would sometimes swear at us for no reason. When asked she would storm off. I was being to tire of it. After a weeks I had had enough, but held my temper as Jamie explained that she and Joanne was going for a doctor's visit and will be gone for a few days. Later that evening I brought us some dinner and Jesse refused to eat it.

I let it go and put in the refrigerator. About eight I found her sneaking bites. "Tell me what's bothering you," I suggested. "Fuck off," she said. I had it I grabbed her by the shoulders and led her to my bedroom. I sat down on my bed and bent her over my knees.

She was bottomless as usual. I gave her ten sharp smacks on the ass.

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She yelled and screamed with each one. She looked at me angrily when I was through. She left the room.


I went to search for my cellphone to tell Jamie what I did and I found it missing. I walked into the girl's room and saw Jesse on it. The volume was turned up on high so I could hear both sides of the conversation. "He spanked me really hard and I didn't do anything," said Jesse. "Of course you did you've been acting out few weeks and haven't told us why.

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Now behave or I'll let him hit you really hard," said Jamie. Jesse hung up the phone.

I stared at her for a minute. The way she was positioned, bent over the bed gave me a good view of her cunt.

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My phone rang. Jesse grabbed it to throw it, but I grabbed her and took it. "Yes, she's being horrible. I want to punish her in a way so she'll never forget," I said.

My cock was rock hard. "Just don't leave any visible bruises and try to find out what's up with her," said Jamie. Jesse covered up her face as I grabbed her shirt and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I kicked her legs apart and reached back. I slapped her pussy hard. She screamed. I unzipped my pants as she recovered. Pre-cum leaked out the tip. "Don't hit me in the face," said Jesse. I lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly pushed it in. "That hurts." I stopped as I felt her hymen.

I knew I could stop if I wanted, but decided just to do it. I slid back out and pushed hard into her. I reached her hymen and barely pushed through before pulling out. Jesse held her breath. I pushed all the way in and she screamed.

I pounded her for a few minutes. The months of anticipation and weeks of anger had lead up to this. Jesse was crying now. I flipped her over. "Why have you been bad lately?" I held her arms as I thrust into her. I stopped so I wouldn't cum so quickly in her tight cunt. "I'm not a real person," said Jesse. I realized what she might had learned from Kyla.

I reached over and kissed Jesse on the lips. She looked up at me in shock. "Did you feel that?" I asked. She nodded. I thrust into her a few more times. "Did you feel that?" "Yes," she said quietly. "That means you are a real person. You even have a different personality that Joanne and Jamie.

That makes you special," I said. She smiled a little. I grabbed her shirt and slowly pulled it off of her.

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"Just because you understand it doesn't mean I'll stop. We have all weekend together." She stopped smiling. I kissed her on the lips again and started thrusting again.