Latest full porn movies on husband and wife

Latest full porn movies on husband and wife
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It was a dark and stormy night. I awoke to the gigantic crashing of the thunder not too far from our house.

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I checked the clock, it read "3:04 AM". Good thing I checked it, because not a moment later the power went out and all was silent throughout the house. I just laid there listening to the rain pouring down on the roof, trying to get back to sleep.

But soon, another brilliant flash of lightning lit the room and another loud crash of thunder followed. "This isn't working." I thought. Then I heard my sister Amy cough in the room next to mine. "She must be up too." I thought. I thought about more things as well, like how much she turns me on.

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Amy is 16. Her hair is blonde and goes down to her shoulders.


Her breasts weren't large, but they were perfect for her. Other than that, all her curves were A+.

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I could just picture her walking down the hallway at school with her short waist jeans on and slight impressions on her skin from where they would press on her.

My little sister always kept up with the latest fashions. My name is Mike and I am 18. I have short blonde hair and have an athletic build. Only one problem, my dick isn't exactly large… but hey, it's me and I'm fine with that. Anyway, I heard her coughing and assumed she was awake.

Another flash of lightning followed by immediate thunder came, and I heard my sister get up and quietly run somewhere. In the dim light from the moon shining in my window, I could make out the silhouette of Amy standing in my doorway. "Mike… do you. mind if I sleep with you tonight? You know how much thunder and lightning scares me." At the thought of my hot little sister saying "mind if I sleep with you tonight" make my dick begin to rise. "Yea sure." I replied, and she came in and laid down next to me.

To my surprise, she put one arm around me. To be honest, I felt kind of strange, but I figured I better return the favor. So I reached out to put an arm around her, but (being in the dark) I accidentally put it down right on her breasts.

Immediately I removed it, and so did she. "Does that turn you on Mike?" she laughed and grabbed my swollen cock. Realizing it was hard, she let go and looked at me. "Are you thinking about me Mike?" she asked. "Do you want to fuck me?" I just couldn't lie, I wanted her so badly. "Yeah, yea I do." With that, she got up and began to walk in the direction of the doorway.

"No, Amy! Don't tell Mom and Dad, I was only." with that I heard the sound of the door close.


Then I began to hear rustling sounds coming from that general direction. "Amy… you still here?" I asked. She did not reply, but a flash of lightning revealed her standing beside my bed with nothing but her panties on! I couldn't believe it. At the sight of my teenage sister's small breasts with a pointy, red nipple in the middle of each, my hard on shot straight up.

Amy climbed on top of me and pulled my boxers off with incredible force. My hard cock was now exposed, and was only inches away from her face.

Another flash of lightning. Amy saw my cock and looked at me.

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"Yea I know it's not too big, but they say on the Sunday Night Sex Show that the top two thirds of your pussy doesn't have any nerve endings anyway." Amy giggled. She began to lower her face to my cock, but then stopped.

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She said "Ah Mike, it's too early in the morning for this." I didn't know what to say. "But. you." So she replied "It's too early for this.

Let's get right to it! The sun will be up soon. Besides, we're both real horny right now anyway, right?" Relieved, I said "Yeah". And she moved up on me.

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She began to rub her clit on my penis teasingly. After a while, she said, "Ready?" and you know what I said.

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She then slammed her pussy down real hard on my cock. It went inside all the way. Oh how it felt so damn good to have my penis all the way inside my hot, horny sister's wet, warm pussy. She began to go up and down and up and down and my penis was feeling overwhelmed with pleasure.

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After a while, and much moaning, I said "I don't think I can hold it any longer." and Amy replied between breaths "Fire when ready." This was too much, a hot sensation began to take over, and I knew it couldn't be stopped. A blast of hot cum shot deep inside her pussy. Then a second, third and fourth blast. "Oh.


Mike. Don't stop now, I'm going to cum!" Amy sighed. So I summed up the rest of my strength, ignoring the fact that my cock was now tired and about to lose it's erection, and I began to pump real hard.

I don't know what she said next, but it sounded like a soft whisper that said "G-Spot." I was about to ask her what she said, but then it was confirmed. Gallon after gallon of hot, sweet smelling liquid began shooting out of her pussy.

She totally drenched my stomach, my legs, and all of her lower region. "Wow sis, that was one wild orgasm!" I said. Amy could barely talk. Between moans and gasps for air, she said "Thanks.

Hmm, is the door still closed?" I replied "Yeah, why wouldn't it be." She replied, rather calmly now, "I dunno, I just have this feeling." "Look." I interrupted, and we both looked in the direction of the bedroom door.

We couldn't tell for sure, because it was only about 4 AM and it was still dark.

Another trailing flash of lightning came and to our horror, there standing in the doorway, was our little sister Lily, watching us.