Lovely latina has her moist beaver creamed creampie brunette

Lovely latina has her moist beaver creamed creampie brunette
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My new girlfriend wants me to get her a slave 2 Thanks for all the comments and votes, both positive and negative. This chapter covers setting up a new house for the purposes of training slaves and the acquisition and training of their first slave. Again, this is a work of fantasy so do not try it for real.


At the end of this chapter, I put a sneak peak into chapter 3. I am very excited about it and think it will totally eclipse the first two chapters. The new house and our first slave. I awoke to a new and wonderful feeling, that of my cock in the mouth of my first slave.

As last nights activities came flooding back to me; I remember the last thing I said to Lacy.

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"When I wake up in the morning, if my cock is not in your mouth, I will be disappointed and have to punish you." She did not disappoint. I just laid there for a few moments with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation as she rolled the head of my dick around in her mouth. Opening my eyes, I marvel at the sight I see.

Her raven black hair spilling over her pale shoulders while using both hands to hold my cock in place; she pulls it out of her mouth and starts to lick up the side and that is when her glowing blue eyes met mine. "Good morning sleepy head." She says between licks. "Is my master happy?" I notice her voice has a slight rasp, I figure it is from the deep throat adventure last night.

"I am very happy; you may wake me up this way every morning" Smiling, she says, "You slept for quite a while." "I stayed up pretty late thinking how to make our fantasy come true." "Ooohhh, did you? Well, while you were sleeping I managed to learn something new." She says grinning ear to ear. "And what is that?" Instead of talking, she raises her body up a little to better align it with my cock. Putting my cock in her mouth and slowly going down until I feel it slide through the restriction in the back of her throat all the way down with my nuts are touching her chin.

Once in position she places my hands on the back of her head, wanting me to fuck her head. Grabbing fistfuls of her black hair, I start pumping my cock into her throat causing her to gag, choke and moan all at the same time. "Now I see why your voice is a little raspy this morning." I say while letting go of her head so she can breath.

"It took a lot of practice this morning to get myself to swallow this huge thing but, once I got the hang of it, I went a little overboard." She said smiling. "Master, last night was the most incredible experience of my life." "Come sit on my cock slave and let me talk to you." "Yes master!" She says as she climbs her 5"3' frame up my body straddling my dick and dropping down on it.

She completely buries it in her pussy, ramming my cock head against her cervix. While grinding on me she says "Ooohhh master your cock feels so good in my pussy. What did you want to talk about?" "My ideas for training slaves." That sent a shiver up her body.

"I think we need a place out in the country and I have some ideas already for that. I want to build a house designed with our intended purpose in mind.

I'm thinking it should have a large underground basement designed to 'accommodate' our slaves and have all the necessary security as well." "But master, will that not cost a lot of money?" "That will not be a problem." I say looking into her eyes.

As we discuss the details, Lacy continues to grind on my cock and the more she realizes her fantasy is going to come true the harder she goes. "Ooo master we're really going to do this aren't we?" She asks while thrusting into me harder. "Yes baby we will. However, I'm going to need your help with a few things." She just looks at me with those beautiful blue lust filled eyes, so I continue, "You are going to have to help me break these slaves. They will be strong willed and I will need you to punish them as needed.

Can you do that for me?" "Oh My God YES!!!" she screams as the thoughts I'm putting into her head combined with the stimulation she is receiving from my cock pushes her into an intense orgasm and she starts squirting all over me. I find myself unable to hold back any longer and start pumping cum into her pussy. After all, of our recent sexual activity we decide to take a shower and eat some breakfast.

We manage to make it through the shower with only mild fondling, while each of us washes the other. After making a quick breakfast, while still naked, we sit down to eat and Lacy's cell phone rings. When she picks it up, noticing who is calling her, she lets out an exasperated sigh. "Hello"…"Yes I know I was gone all night"…"I don't know when I'll be home"…"No I'm not sick, why are asking?"…"I know my voice is scratchy but I am not sick"…"I do not have to hold your hand, you are a big girl.

Fix your own damn breakfast!"…"I did have a great time on my date, not that it is any of your business."…"I'll come home as soon as HE says I can!"…"Yes you heard me right. BYE!" "God, I hate that bitch! I am sorry about that. It was my little sister. She thinks the whole world revolves around her." She says. "I didn't know you had a sister. Matter of fact, I do not know much about you at all. Is your sister as hot as you?" "Well your not exactly an open book yourself master." She says grinning, "Her name is Darby and she is actually my adopted sister.

My parents adopted her when she was little and raised her with a silver spoon in her mouth. Making up for all the things wrong they done with me I guess. Although, since you asked, she is very cute for being only 15 but, with her bitchy attitude, she will never get laid." "I can certainly understand that" I say, "But what's up with your living arrangements?

I thought you weren't from here originally." "Last year my parents died in a car accident" she said sadly. "Since I'm her only next of kin she had to come live with me and she has been driving me crazy ever since!" "I'm sorry to hear that about your parents.

I had a bad loss last year too" "Really?" After explaining the loss of my wife and kids, I quickly change the subject back to the subject at hand. "So, obviously we need to find our first slave.

We will need to get one who nobody will notice is missing or one we can cover up the abrupt disappearance of. For Example, a runaway or someone similar that. I think we should focus on teenage girls, since they may be easier to capture and train. How do you think we should go about acquiring a new slave?" I ask. "I agree, I can go online in chat rooms and look for girls that are not happy at home and are documented flight risks." She pauses for a moment.

"As a matter of fact, I kind of have a few in mind already." "Have you already been stalking potential slaves online?" I ask, because I am intrigued at the prospect of getting a slave so soon. "Not necessarily, but I do have girl chat friends who fit that description." "Ok well, keep talking to them and see what you come up with.

I will look for an ideal location for our new house; and get started on the plans for it today. I think by Monday, I will have the plans ready and a location picked out. Hopefully, I can close on it soon and start building." I say this, thinking mostly aloud. "So. is that all you need me to do?" she asks. "No, I have a few more things you will get to do for your master" I say grinning.

"Anything master!" "First thing, I have a particular liking for tongue rings. You will go and get one today. Second, is your slave uniform. When alone in my presence, you will wear a plain white tee shirt just tight enough to fit over your tits. You will cut the bottom of the shirt off directly below your tits revealing the bottom curves of your breasts and exposing your stomach. You will wear a matching white thong. Will that be a problem slave?" "Oh no master, that sounds great!" She is dripping with anticipation.

"Well, we both have work to do; I expect my commands to be obeyed. I expect to see you back here tonight no later than 6pm. I can give you a key to get in and some money to get the things I requested." "Yes master." "And before you go. I point down to my now erect cock, "How about we practice on your deep throating some more." "Ooohh Yes Master!" She immediately gets between my legs taking my cock into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat.

I lean back into my chair and enjoy an amazing blowjob from my raven-haired slave. She starts by taking all 10 inches of my cock all the way into her throat, holding it there using short strokes. Then, she works her way back to the head, swirling it around in her mouth using her tongue liberally. Taking it out of her mouth, she licks my cock starting at the base and moving to the head, swirling her tongue around the head while stroking the shaft.

"I enjoy sucking your cock so much master. I can't wait to shove a slaves head down on it." Taking my cock back into her mouth she repeats the process. It was by far the most amazing blowjob I have ever received in my life. It did not take much of this oral attention before my balls started to tighten letting me know that I was close. I stand up at this point, pulling my cock out of her mouth and hold it just a few inches away from her face and start stroking it.

She can tell what is about to happen and lowers herself. She leans her head back with her mouth open and tongue out, ready to accept my seed. As I blow my load, I intentionally miss her mouth, sending rope after rope of cum all over her face. At this point, I notice she had been fingering herself this whole time and is gushing cum out onto the floor. "Oooh master, I love it when you use me like this" She moans.

"I love using you. However, I hate to see my cum get wasted like this." I say, indicating her face. Without missing a beat using her finger she starts wiping the cum off her face and into her mouth.

After getting it all in her mouth, she shows it to me before swallowing it. Then she takes my semi erect dick back into her mouth and sucks whatever cum that is left. "Better?" She asks. "That was simply amazing." I tell her. "Thank you master!" "There is one more thing I need to do." "Yes master?" "It's time I give you your slave name. It will be the name you go by from now on." As I say this, she stays on her knees before me as I stroke her raven hair in my hand.

"Oh really master? That sounds wonderful! What will you call me?" she asks, elated with the idea. "I think your new slave name will be.

Raven!" "Oh I love it master, it's perfect!" Shortly after a while, we leave to start our new lives. After going online, I find several large plots of land for sale in the surrounding county and decide to go look at them first. The first two areas for sale I looked at, did not meet what I had in mind. One had neighbors to close for comfort and the second was an open field plot. It was at the third location, that I found what I was looking for. It was 200 acres of wooded land with a strong creek flowing through the back portion.

It had a national forest surrounding the back and side portions. The front was all farmland. Both of these factors, ensures that other buildings would not likely take place anytime soon. The land itself was thick-forested pine and oak. I figured, clearing out an access road to the center; where I would have enough area cleared for a house and a moderate sized yard around it. After making my decision on the property, I headed home to start on the house design. I call my accountant and fill him in on my plans to purchase some land and build a house on.

I tell him that I need to get out of the city and start over. Considering the amount of money put through his office with my various investments over the last year, he is more than happy to accommodate me even in his off time.

I tell him that I want this pushed through as soon as possible and he assures me that everything will be handled by the end of the week. As soon as I get home, I start looking for an architect to use for the house. I find a highly recommended one from the next state over and email him what my plans are. I state in the message my desire to get the project done as soon as possible and will pay top dollar to see it happen.

He replies within minutes and we schedule a meeting for that Monday. Raven calls that afternoon to tell me she got her tongue pierced and while it hurt like hell, she could not wait to put it to use on my cock. She says her sister is really giving her hell about her being gone the night before and apparently didn't like that her master changed her name to Raven.

She tells me she will be on time and in uniform later tonight. Monday rolls around and I meet with the architect to go over my plans for the house. We come up with a largely open floor plan for the main level.

There is a greeting room at the front door leading into a spacious den. There is a formal dining room to the side and a large bar separating the den from the kitchen. On the opposite side from the dining room, will be two guest rooms and a full bath as well as the stairway going upstairs, built over the stairway going down to the basement.

The upstairs consists of a huge master bedroom with two large walk-in closets and an obnoxiously large bathroom consisting of a walk-in shower with sprayers lining the walls and a bench built in the wall that goes all the way around it. I have an office connected to the master bedroom as well. Two more bedrooms connected by a shared full bath upstairs. The basement was a little different. I tell him that I plan to make the basement into my own personal man cave.

I want it soundproofed from the upstairs, and with the exception of one section, completely open. Masonry floor with drains installed for easy clean up. I tell him, I want the walls finished with industrial FRP (Slick finished fire resistant panels) and with weatherproof outlets every 6ft.

I have the ceiling set at 8ft, with recessed lighting and a bathroom and shower in the corner. I tell him that I plan to store valuables in the closed in section and want both doors leading into the basement built with solid material and security encoded locks set to a numerical keypad.

I figured I was going to far but he mentions to me that he deals with wealthy eccentrics all the time and what I've asked for so far has been mild compared to some of the things he's designed in the past. I ask him how soon he can get started. He tells me that if I am ok with him bringing in out of state contractors he can get it started within a week. Since I'd rather him use contractors from out of state I tell him that it wont be a problem. I tell him to do whatever it takes to expedite the process.

He tells me that since it is out in the county he will not have to deal with half of the permits typically required and assures me that he will exceed my expectations on quality and beat my time demands. The next two months fly by with me overseeing the building of the house. Raven has turned into the perfect slave, even going so far as legally changing her first name to Raven.

She has developed several online prospects that have potential. She has even met a few in person, to get to know them better. After she met them, she would cross them off the list, as they were not very pretty, their age was not right, or did not have the personality she is looking for. One day she tells me "I've met a few that have been just too nice to do what we have in mind to do. I think the first should be very pretty but, have a bad attitude that makes you just want to do bad things to her." I agreed hole heartedly with her.

With the house mostly completed by now, Raven handling the furniture and decorating of the living spaces I focus on the basement. I built beds enough for four in the side room of the basement. I put in a carpeted section in one corner containing a couch and a couple of chairs with a flat screen TV. I want to be able to reward an obedient slave.

After all this, the bulk of the basement is open for the training of our new slaves. I installed I-bolts at strategic places all over the place for the securing of slaves and built several contraptions for holding the slaves in various positions.

One in particular construct that I am particularly proud of is what we called the table. It is a 12"x12" table, that can hold several hundred pounds with hydraulics to rise and lower it and enough vinyl covered padding just to take the hard edge off. What makes it special is the cable restraining devices placed a few feet apart all the way around the table.

They're basically ratchet locking cranks with braded steel cable run through a I-bolt were I can connect it to the arms or legs of a slave and pull tight forcing them into any position I want them to be in. The first time Raven saw the table she begged me to use it on her. We were days from moving into the house when I went to Raven's apartment for the first time and met her little sister Darby. When I first met Darby, I have to admit that I was surprised; she was a 15-year-old little knockout.

She was taller than Raven at 5"5' and so slender she could not weigh more than 90lbs. With bright red hair falling over a heart shaped face, deep green eyes, pointed nose, red lips and a light patch of freckles across her nose and on her cheeks. She was wearing Kaki short shorts indicating a smallish butt and a white tank top covering peach sized breasts, just looking cute as hell. Years of gymnastics showed in the muscle tone in her legs and I cannot help but wonder how flexible she could be.

When Darby first saw me, I could tell she had already made up her mind she did not like me and she did not take long confirming it either. "So you're Lacy's 'master' huh?

What are you doing here?" I can here the venom in her voice and despite her sexy look; I immediately take a disliking to her too.

"I enjoy spending time with my Raven and I have never met you so I figured I would come meet you." A total lie but, what the hell, "It's nice to meet you Darby." "A pleasure." She says with a smirk, "I was about to watch a movie so just leave me alone." Raven pipes up, "With an attitude like that you'll never get laid!" "Why do you always say that to me Lacy?" Darby yells, "My attitude has nothing to do with my virginity!" I cannot help myself, "Wait, your still a virgin?

Get the fuck out, as cute as you are!" "That's none of your business!" Darby yells at me as she stomps away to the den to watch her movie. "I'm sorry about her master, she drives me crazy. I don't know what to do with her." Raven says. "Don't worry about it. What do you say we go watch that movie with her just to piss her off?" "If you want to master" "Yes I want too but, I'm upset with you slave." I tell her, trying to use an angry tone.

"What is it master?" "You are not in uniform." Her face and neck flushes immediately. There is no denying the lust in her voice as she says, "Yes master, I will go change that now." While Raven goes to change, I walk into the den sitting in the loveseat as Darby is lying on the couch.

"What are you doing in here? I told you to leave me alone." Darby states flatly. "I think we got off on the wrong foot Darby, I really like your sister and I would like to get along with you as well." "You make her call you master; you changed her name, and had her get her tongue pierced. I don't care to get along with you." "Fair enough but your sister is happy and shouldn't that be enough?" "NO!" I figure I have said enough, so I keep quiet until Raven comes back.

Shortly, Raven walks in wearing her cutoff white t-shirt and matching white thong. As she sits down next to me I put an arm around her and she drapes a leg over mine exposing her thong covered pussy. She turns her head putting her mouth to my ear and whispers "Are you going to play with me in front of my sister master?" "If she stays put she will watch her sister get ass-fucked across the armrest of this chair." "Oh yes master!" Raven growls into my ear before she starts licking my ear and neck.

I move my hand to her pussy and start rubbing her clit outside her panties eliciting a moan from her. During this whole process, I keep my eyes on Darby.

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She is trying to ignore what is happening on the chair next to her but Raven's intense moaning pulls her attention to our show. When she looks our direction and notices me looking directly at her, she diverts her gaze immediately back to the TV and I can tell her face is flushed. "Get a room!" She says. We just ignore her, by now we are kissing passionately with my hand inside her thong and three fingers buried in her pussy.

I am surprised Darby has not got up and left yet, by the angry look on her face, I think she is trying to prove a point that she will not let us run her off. Raven has pulled my cock out of my pants at this point and is stroking it. Darby looks over and sees the first cock she has ever seen in her life. At first, she is shocked and just stares at my completely engorged cock while her sister strokes it. I point this out to Raven, when she sees her sisters shocked expression, she smiles and lowers her mouth to my cock.

As she wraps her hot mouth around my cock, she makes eye contact with her sister, winks, and swallows my cock whole. This action snaps Darby out of her revere.

She stands up and angrily tells us, "You guys are awful" then stomps off to her room.

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We cannot help but laugh as Darby stalks off. "Oh my god master, that was so hot!" "It was pretty hot wasn't it? She may not be able to see us now but, I bet she will still hear us." Raven has been quite the little screamer and I planned to make her scream a lot tonight. "Oh yes master, give it to me!" I immediately get on my knees in front of the couch spreading her legs pulling her onto my cock. I know she is very wet from my fingering earlier, so I just pull her body onto my cock slamming all 10 inches of thick cock into her pussy, wrenching a scream out of her.

Using her weight to force her down on my cock I start thrusting up into her pounding her pussy for all its worth bringing a chorus of moans and squeals. With her breasts right in front of me I start sucking and biting on her erect nipples rather hard causing her to reach new levels of ecstasy. It did not take much of this pussy pounding nipple-biting action before the inevitable happened. While screaming at the top of her lungs and gushing cum she says, "Holy fucking shit!

I am about to cum!! Oh, god you are so deep!! I, I, I am CUUUUMMMMIINNG!!! Fuck it! Fuck it! YYEEESSSS!!! As she is coming down from her orgasm, I tell her, "Raven baby I think I know whom our first slave should be." She opens her eyes quickly and saying "Really… Who?" "Darby." I tell her, "I think she would be perfect. Just think, you are the only family she knows and you hate her.

You have to admit, she is a sexy little bitch. She does not have any friends to speak of because of her bitchy attitude. You could tell her school that she is transferring and just never enroll her anywhere." I can tell Raven is thinking long and hard on this. Finally, she says "I haven't even thought about using that little bitch but, you're right!

Nobody besides me even keeps up with her. Even her gymnastics coach said not to sign her up again. Yes, she is a little fox." All this time my cock has stayed in her pussy. I start slowly stroking it in and out saying, "I bet you could do all kinds of nasty things to that little bitch.

I can just see her licking your pussy while I fuck her virgin ass." "OOooh Master, I can't wait! I'm going to turn that little bitch into the perfect little fuck toy!" After saying this, Raven pulls me into a passionate kiss, pushing her pierced tongue into my mouth as I thrust relentlessly into her pussy.

After our kiss ends, I lift Raven off me back onto the couch and stand up pulling her with me. I walk her to the side of the couch and bend her over the armrest while standing behind her. Lining my cock up with her pussy, I slam it in pussy with one hard thrust and start pumping her from behind. "Oh yes Master, Fuck me! Ooohh YYeeaasss! Fuck that's nice" Pulling my cock out of her pussy I rub it across her asshole going back and forth to her pussy in effort to prepare her ass for the assault that's about to hit it.

Once I thoroughly lubricated her ass, I plunged my cock to the hilt, quickly pulling out and plunging back in her ass. "Holy fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass!! After minutes of this treatment, I grab a fist full of her dark hair and start pulling my slave into me; meeting my thrusts.

Using my free hand, I reach around and insert my middle two fingers into her pussy. Gathering my strength and using the two fingers hooked in her pussy and wad of her hair, I lift Raven into the air and commence to pounding her ass.

Now, Raven has always been loud in the past but at this moment, she reached a level unto its own, "Oh My God wow!! Yes, fuck Wow!! I am about to cum! Yes! Yes! Darby I am about to cum from my master fucking me in my ass!! YES!! As I feel her explode into my hand, I cannot hold it any longer and unload into her ass. No longer able to hold this position due to exhaustion we fall forward onto the couch in a tangled mess.

After I catch my breath I ask, "So how's your schedule for tomorrow?" "Whatever my master wishes it to be. What do you have planned?" "I plan on showing our house to our new slave." "That sounds like a perfect idea." After cleaning up, I leave Raven at her apartment to keep an eye on Darby while I go get ready for the next day.

Moments after I leave, Raven calls my cell laughing and saying that her landlord called about the noise and nature of the disturbance saying that it was unacceptable and that Raven and her sister had to be out by the end of the week. "That's perfect!" I say, "I will be over there in the morning with a moving truck.

We will grab what ever you want and let Darby load a few things that she thinks she needs, telling her that a moving service will get the rest. Once we get her home, nothing else will matter. All you'll need to do after that is put in for her transfer at her school." The next morning I arrive in a moving truck. Raven meets me at the door with a huge smile saying, "This is going to be so much fun! Darby is so pissed, I told her since we are being evicted we had to stay with you until I found a new place.

She has been bitching all morning but it's going to be worth it." When I walked in, to say Darby was pissed, would have been an understatement. The little redhead was waiting on me as soon as I entered the apartment wearing a pair of tight fitting cloth shorts and a T-shirt with one hand on her hip. If she was a cartoon character, I am sure there would have been smoke coming out of her ears. "I hope you're happy with yourself! Because of you I lost my home." Holding my hands up in defense, I say "I know and I'm very sorry.

I will do my best to see that you get into a new home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it right now. Let's just make the most of it and we will work through it." Looking through the window, Darby says, "Whatever… How do you expect to get all my things in that truck? It can't be big enough for everything." "It's not. I figured we could get the more important stuff today and let the moving company, which I hired, get everything else tomorrow." It took a little longer than I expected to load everything up.

While Raven had very little she wanted, Darby thought she needed everything and did not have a problem ordering me around loading it. I took it all in stride. Before long, we had everything loaded and headed to our new home, all the while, Darby was bitching about the long drive into the country. She did not like the prospect of living out in the 'boondocks' as she called it. When we finally pulled up to the house, Darby was stunned by the size and beauty of the house but did not say a word.

I told her that she could have one of the guest rooms on the main level and we got started moving all her stuff into it. We decided to break for a late lunch. I was very nervous at this point because this was when we were planning to make our move and it was up to me to do it. Darby was sitting at the table with Raven sitting across from her. I could tell by the tone in her voice that Darby was bitching about something but I never knew what.

I decided on using a long leather strap with a buckle on one end and holes punched through on the other end like a large leather belt. I was not worried about noise and my plan was to immobilize her as quickly as possible. With several pairs of handcuffs hanging out of each back pocket, I sneak up behind Darby.

Raven never even blinks to give me away as I quickly drop the loop of leather over Darby's head and down her chest. Before she even realizes what is going on, I pull the strap as tight as I can trapping her arms to her body while twisting her and the chair down roughly to the ground.

Using my knee as leverage, I tighten the strap even more, before securing the buckle. "What the hell do you think you are doing?!?" screams Darby, "Get the fuck off of me! Lacy help me!" Raven has come around the table at this point and slaps Darby across the face saying, "I told you my name is Raven you little bitch!" "Oh my god what are you two doing?" Even with her struggling, I manage to handcuff her ankles together.

Then, grabbing her wrists, I do the same to them before cuffing the ankle cuffs to the wrist cuffs before standing up to admire my work "It's time you see the basement Darby. It is specially made for little bitches like you." Raven hisses to her sister. With me carrying the hog-tied slave, we head to the basement, stopping at the door to let Darby see the security coded reinforced door at the top of the stairs before opening it and doing the same at the bottom door.

When we drag Darby into the basement, she starts screaming hysterically, as I am sure the gravity of the situation is starting to sink in. I drag her to the middle of the training room, to a cable hanging from a pulley in the ceiling. Using the hook on the cable, I connect it to her wrist cuffs and undo the cuffs connecting her wrists to the ankles leaving just her wrists and ankles secured. The other end of the ceiling cable is run to a crank on the wall were Raven starts cranking the cable tight; lifting Darby by her wrists into the air until she is standing on her toes.

While Darby is screaming and thrashing about incoherently, we walk over to the locked cabinet against the wall that holds all the hand held punishment tools. Raven selects a cane pole that is about a half inch thick at the base and tapers down toward the tip and very flexible. All I grab is a pair of scissors and place them in my back pocket. We remain quiet, staying out of Darby's line of sight until she starts to calm a little.


She realizes that not all the screaming in the world will help her. I walk back in front of her saying, "It's time we discuss the new rules." "Fuck you and." Smack! The cloth shorts Darby had on offered no protection against the cane in Raven's hand. "OOww! That hurt you bitch! Smack! Smack! Smack! "OW stop! That Hurts! Oh my god PLEASE!!" Cries Darby but, Raven either does not hear or does not care. Smack! Smack! Smack! I finally hold my hand up, signaling Raven to stop her assault.

I am surprised she stopped that quickly because she was enthralled with whipping Darby. With Darby sobbing loudly, I tell her, "Darby if you don't be quiet right now I will have Raven whip you again." With a lot of effort, Darby got some control to herself.

"Good, now with that over with, I will talk and you will listen. If you have another outburst like the last one, I will let Raven give you three lashes for each syllable you utter. Do you understand?" "y.y.yes" "Very well, that's a start." I begin, "The life you had before your came down here is over.

You will begin your new life as a sex slave starting now." "But that&hellip." Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! I let her stop crying before I continue, "Thank you Raven. Darby you should thank Raven for administering your punishment quickly before you had a chance to rack up a lot of lashes." After a moment of silence. Smack! "OOooww what was that for?" Darby howls. "It was for not doing as I told you to do." Darby thinks for a second before weakly telling Raven, "Thank you" "Now, back to what I was saying.

You are being trained as a sex slave. You will learn how to please both men and women. Not only will you learn how to please your master but also, you will learn to beg for it. As of right now, I am your Master and Raven is your mistress. You will address us by our titles accordingly. Do you understand?" "Yes m.master" "Good you can learn.

Since your old life is over; so is your old name. You have not however earned a new name yet, so you will be simply called Whore. Understood?" "y.y.yes m.master" "You will show eagerness to comply with my orders.

Failure to comply with anything Raven or I tell you to do will be met with harsh punishment! However, obedience and eagerness will be rewarded. Now, it's time to get a better look at you." As I say the last part, I pull the scissors out of my pocket and walk toward her. Whore closes her eyes while I slide the scissors under her shirt at her belly button and start cutting up to her collar then across to her sleeves allowing her shirt to fall to the floor revealing her firm peach sized breasts, small soft nipples, and dark red areolas.

I also notice she has some freckles on her shoulders and upper portion of her tits. Raven has walked around to the front of Whore to get a better view. Taking the scissors, I cut her cloth shorts easily finding a red bush over two soft mounds hiding her clit. As I step back to admire the beauty before me, I realize that while I have been doing this mostly for Raven, I have to admit that the knowledge of owning a slave has really charged my being.

I look over at Raven and can see that she has a charged feeling as well but it is a different type. I can tell that she can't wait to get her hands on Whore. Looking back at Whore and seeing the anger and defiance in her eyes I begin, "Mistress Raven," "Yes Master?" I swear her tone was dripping with passion but I do not know if it is lust or the desire to punish this girl that was the object of anger for so long.

Knowing how bad she wants to break this bitch, I decide to allow Raven to have her way. "This new slave needs a lot of work before I deem her worth my time. I do not like her attitude for one, and her body has not been prepared the way I like it. She will need to be instructed in proper behavior, clothing, cleaning habits, and exercise routines. I will inspect your progress in the morning." "Yes Master, I will not disappoint you." As I turn to leave, I put my face in front of Raven's saying, "You will save her virgin holes for me but, I am sure you will have to help her get past her gag reflex.

I had better not find any marks that will leave permanent scarring either. Outside of these conditions, you have free reign to do whatever you want." Smiling evilly she says, "Yes Master." Before I get the security code entered into the bottom door, I hear the sound of wood on flesh and the scream of a new sex slave named Whore. One other feature of the house is the state of the art electronics systems.

Every room in the house is monitored by motion sensitive video surveillance with sound capabilities as well as several out in the surrounding grounds. The basement has 12 cameras placed in the ceiling throughout, 1 in the bathroom, 8 in the training area, and 3 more in the sleeping quarters.

All the surveillance systems are routed into the upstairs office that is attached to the master bedroom. Nothing can go on in or around the property without me knowing. I stop in the kitchen grabbing a drink on my way to the office.

Firing up the multiple monitors and sound systems for the basement to watch the action, I find Raven moving the struggling and crying slave from the standing cable over to the table. Once close to the table, Raven uses the cable cranks to do the muscle work for her. After connecting a cable to each of Whore's wrists and ankles, she uses the cranks to take out any slack before undoing the handcuffs and spreading her further. The result is a fiery red head spread out over a slab of a table.

I see that Raven used the higher rungs for the ankle restraints pulling Whore into a splits position really exposing her dark pink pussy. Raven grabs a leather riding-crop from the closet; walking around the table, she strikes her breasts several times to get her attention before beginning her lesson.

"As Master said earlier, your old life is over. You are no longer my sister. You are a slave to the master. When you talk to him, you will address him as master.

If you need to ask him a question, you will start by saying 'Master' if he feels like answering he will. Do you understand?" "Why are you doing this Lacy?" Smack! Smack! "Do you not listen? My name is Raven and you will address me as Mistress!" "You're crazy! You are both crazy! You cannot do this to me! I will never be your slave no matter what you do!" "Oh my dear little slave. That's exactly what I wanted to hear." The next several minutes consisted of Raven relentlessly whipping Whore with the leather riding-crop.

I realize that I have not eaten all day since my stomach is growling profusely, mostly due to my nervousness. I decide to walk down to the kitchen and fix myself a sandwich and some chips. I brought my meal back into the office. I find Raven has removed her clothes as well, knowing I was watching. She was between Whore's legs with a lit candle dripping hot wax onto her pubic area and using a cloth strip to remove all her hair.

I can tell by the screaming, that Raven did not trim the hair before starting this process and she was not getting into any kind of hurry to finish. After taking my plate back to the kitchen, I come back to see that Raven is standing over Whore's head with a long dildo crammed roughly down her throat. Whore's pale body is a solid red at this point and I can tell she is having a hard time breathing from this treatment.

I watch this go on for a while before I remember the moving truck is still out front and needs to be returned. I decide to go ahead and return the truck as I do not anticipate getting much done tomorrow. After taking my time returning the truck, I return home to find that Raven is still in the basement with Whore. Going to the office, I see Raven has gotten on the table squatting over Whore's face and is grinding her pussy into her face.

Both of their bodies are covered in sweat and Whore's body is laced with red marks from undoubtedly numerous whippings. I watch long enough to see Raven gush cum into Whore's mouth and cover her face. The days events are starting to take its toll on me and I decide to go to bed for the night.

Sometime during the night, I wake to hear Raven walk into the bedroom. She is still naked and glistening with sweat. When she sees me wake up, she says, "I'm sorry for waking you master." "That's ok, how is our slave?" "I think you will notice a difference with her attitude tomorrow Master." "And how is my Mistress?" Smiling she says, "Your Mistress is very happy, and exhausted." "How about you climb over here and get some rest then." "Oh I can't wait Master but, I have got to take a shower first." The next thing I realize, waking up the next morning with Raven in my arms.

I slide out of the bed without waking her; I go down stairs and fix breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, and biscuits. I made enough for Raven and Whore. After eating, I fix plates for both my slaves, leaving Raven's in the microwave with a note about it on the table; I take Whore's plate down to her.

When I get to her, I find Whore is awake and appears to have been crying quite a lot. Matter of fact, she is looking overly rough, though most of the red marks I saw the night before has faded to light pink. "Good morning Whore." "Good morning Master." She quickly replies weakly. "I brought you some breakfast but, I think you need to clean up before you eat." "Yes Master, Thank you Master for breakfast." Her reply was one of genuine deference and I could not detect any attitude or defiance in her voice.

I mentally commend Raven for doing such a good job. "Master?" "Yes Whore?" "Master I need to use the restroom." "Very well," I say as I start loosening her bindings, "you have 20 minutes to get cleaned up and make yourself presentable.

Then you will be allowed to eat your breakfast." "Yes Master" she says before bowing slightly and running off to the restroom. I did not expect Raven to have her bow like that but; I liked it. 9 minutes later, I am sitting in one of the chairs as Whore returns, falling to her knees before me and putting her hands behind her back without saying a word. She is still naked, as I have not given her any clothes yet.

I point to her plate and indicate that she can eat. Moving over to the coffee table while remaining on her knees she starts eating her food. I can tell she is having a hard time eating and swallowing I ask, "Does your throat hurt?" Swallowing her food she answers, "Yes Master a little.

My tongue hurts too." "Your tongue?" Opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue partially, I see a shiny stud in the middle of her tongue. Raven did a thorough job of preparing Whore for me. "You will get used to it." "Yes Master." After allowing her to finish her food, she moves back in front of me on her knees with her hands behind her back.

"I'm going to ask you some questions Whore and you will answer them honestly. If I ever find out that you lied to me, what you went through last night will seem insignificant.

Do you understand?" "Yes Master" "Have you ever had sex with a guy?" "No Master." "Blowjob?" "No Master." "I guess a better question is what have you done with a guy?" "I made out with a boyfriend a little. Just kissing, he tried to fill my breast but I got mad and stopped him." "Have you ever done anything with a girl?" She visibly shudders before answering, "Not until last night with Mistress Raven." "You realize I will be fucking you very soon?" "Yes Master." "Do you want me to fuck you?" "No Master." "But you will let me." That last question was meant more as a statement but she answered anyway.

"Yes Master." "Very good, I thank you for your honesty." At this point, we hear the door opening to the basement and Raven walks in wearing her uniform of a tight fitting white tee shirt cut off right below her breasts and a white thong. This outfit combined with her pale skin and smooth jet-black hair is a remarkable sight. Whore's reaction is completely different from mine altogether. When she sees Raven walk in she wails out loud and starts crying hysterically, moving around behind me, keeping me between the two of them.

Completely ignoring Whore, I stand up and meet Raven with a passionate kiss and say, "You look great this morning my mistress." "Mmm, thank you for breakfast this morning Master.

I'm sorry for over sleeping, I guess I stayed up to late last night." Turning so Raven can see the sobbing slave, I say, "I must say you did a good job preparing Whore for me. She has behaved very well for me this morning." Upon hearing this, Whore relaxes just a little but, remains very tense in the presence of Raven. Smiling, she says "Thank you master, with your permission I would like to show you what we worked on last night." "You may proceed." Raven walks me back to my chair and insists I sit down for my comfort before calling Whore.

As whore kneels in front of me, next to Raven, using an almost sweet voice Raven tells her, "Whore, are you ready to please your Master?" With fearful tear rimmed eyes she replies, "Yes Mistress." "Good, why don't you show him how good you can kiss!" With out saying a word the 15-year-old slave crawls into my lap, closes her eyes and gingerly places her lips to mine in a soft kiss. After a second of this, I part my lips and tease her lips with my tongue.

She opens her mouth to let my tongue in to caress her studded tongue. "Don't make him do all the work Whore." Raven says in a sterner voice. Immediately, Whore pushes her tongue into my mouth and matches my effort. "Good, now slowly grind your pussy up and down his crotch." I feel her start sliding over my semi hard erection. As this is happening, Raven moves closer, running her hand through Whore's hair.

After a minute, she leans down and whispers into Whore's ear, saying, "Are you ready to suck your first cock Slave? Are you ready to serve and please your master?" Breaking apart from our kiss she answers, "Yes Mistress." "Good, slide down till you are on your knees and remove his cock from master's shorts." After sliding to her knees, she undoes the button on my shorts and tenderly reaches into my shorts grabbing my semi erect cock.

Her eyes growing wide as she wraps her hand around it but her fingers are not long enough to touch and she pulls my cock out. "Why do you look so surprised? You've seen it before." I said. "It looks a lot bigger up close Master." "Start by licking the head Whore." Raven says. Whore tentatively leans forward sticking out her pierced tongue and runs it up the bottom of my cock head tasting the precum leaking out of it. Visibly shuddering, she runs her tongue around the head again.

"Good now take the head into your mouth and suck but keep your tongue moving as much as you can." Raven coaches. After a moment of this, I am having a hard time keeping my hands away from her head and forcing my cock into her throat.

Raven sees this and tells Whore, "Now start sliding his cock down into the back of your throat. That is a good girl you can go deeper. Good now come back up, be sure to breath in when you do. Now go back down all the way, try to go deeper every time." The feel of this 15 year olds small throat engulfing my cock and her pierced tongue working around my shaft is sending spasms throughout my body.

Raven must have spent a lot of time working on this with her last night. Even though I am buried deep into her throat, she is only got a little over half my cock into her mouth. "C'mon Whore; I know you can do better than that." As she says this, Raven puts both hands on the back of Whore's head and starts pushing her down on my cock, forcing more of it into her mouth causing Whore to gag and choke.

Even with Ravens help, she only manages to get three quarters down her throat but its pure bliss for me. Frustrated, Raven backs off pulling her hands back, telling Whore, "Keep Sucking!" She climbs onto the chair straddling me with Whore's head her between her legs, then sits on her head with all her weight, forcing all of my cock into her throat. Raven then settles in and starts grinding her pussy into the back of Whore's head choking her while leaning forward and jamming a pierced tongue into my mouth.

Having as much as I could handle I feel what I know is going to be a big orgasm. I break from the kiss yelling, "I'm going to cum!!" "You hear that Whore?" Raven says, "I want you to swallow it all!" With Raven grinding on Whore's head, I unload a massive load into her throat.

Even under perfect circumstances, she could not have handled it and these were not perfect circumstances. Raven keeps the pressure going by continuing to grind, ensuring that I am done with my orgasm before releasing a coughing and gagging Whore.

As soon as Raven hops off, Whore raises up sucking in a deep breath, Raven grabs her by the hair and starts kissing her cum filled mouth and forcing her tongue into her mouth. After separating from the kiss, she tells our slave, "I'm disappointed in you Whore, you didn't swallow it all. You better clean him up now." While still coughing and gagging, Whore responds weakly, "Yes Mistress." Before leaning back in and licking up all of the cum and saliva that escaped her mouth.

When done with this, Raven plants another kiss onto her mouth. I have to admit that seeing this, kept me rock hard, so I order Whore to lay on her back on the coffee table with her ass on the edge.

Then to Raven, I say, "Raven why don't you prepare her pussy for its first fucking." "Ooo Yes Master" she says before falling to her knees between Whore's legs and burying her face into her smooth tiny pussy. Moving back over to my slaves head, I lay my cock over the side of her mouth. Getting the message, she starts licking the bottom of my cock with her pierced tongue.

It did not take much of this attention before I was ready to fuck a virgin. It should be noted, that I have never had sex with a virgin and as much as I wanted to just dive into this experience, I knew that I should try to enjoy it as much as possible. So as I move Raven out of my way and assumed my position between her legs, I took a second to take into account what I was about to do.

The excitement alone convinced me that this was not going to be the last time I do this. Raven grabbed our slave's legs and bent them back, spreading her pussy open to me.

Taking the head of my cock, I started rubbing her pussy lips. I look into her green eyes and see a tear run down her cheek. "Whore, I know this is going to hurt. You can cry, scream, or say whatever you want without fear of punishment but you will not try to stop me.

Do you understand?" "Yes Master. Thank you Master." As my cock is a solid rock hard 10-inch rod, I push the head into her pussy causing her to suck in a deep breath; I hold it there enjoying the feeling, slowly pushing in until I feel her hymen.

Wanting to savor the experience, I refrain from getting into a hurry. I want to remember what it feels like to break a hymen. I slowly push through that once in a lifetime barrier, causing an earth-shattering scream.

I keep up the pressure, slowly pushing my entire length into her pussy until I feel my cock stop at her cervix. It was not until this point that I even heard her screaming. "NOoo Stop!! Oh!! My!! God!! You are!! Killing!! Me!! Stop!! Please!! You Bastard please stop!! Pulling slowly back leaving only the head in her pussy; I wait half a second before slamming it back into her womb. OOOooohh my god!!

It hurts!! You are too big!! Stop!! You are too deep!! I continue to slam my entire length into her cunt and ramming my cock into her cervix every time. Fucking the tightest pussy I have ever fucked, has me completely oblivious to the world around me.

I do not know how long I go on for but, when I finally notice that Whore is not screaming, I look to see Raven has climbed up onto the coffee table and is grinding her pussy into our slaves face.

Not long after coming to my senses, Raven gushes into Whores mouth and face. Then it dawns on me, 'I have all the devices for fucking slaves and I'm using the coffee table.' Laughing to myself, I pull out of my slave and stand up. Motioning Raven to do the same, I grab Whore's hand and lead her over to a table that I had built specifically for special occasions and I had a certain thing in mind.

The table had a padded top and its height was adjustable with straps at the feet to secure ankles as well. Once the ankles are secured, the slave leans over the table and another heavy-duty leather strap goes over her body to hold her in place as well as handcuffs at the far end to keep the hands secures.

Once secured in this I have unencumbered access to pussy and ass. After securing our slave, Raven knows what I want to do. She gets on her knees behind Whore and starts licking her ass. Once Raven is finished, she moves allowing me access to our new slave's virgin ass. Once I take up position behind her, I start rubbing my cock head around her dark pink pucker. Whore has resigned to her fate and has stopped crying but is still sobbing. Just like when I took her pussy, I wanted to enjoy her ass as well.

It required a lot more effort to get into her ass than it did her pussy. However, it finally popped past her outer ring and if I thought her pussy was tight, it had nothing on this!

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It was so tight it almost hurt. I slowly started pushing my dick into her ass amidst her screeching and crying. Once about halfway in, I pull back leaving just the head before pushing back in just a little farther each time until I was all the way in. I held it there for a moment, more to enjoy the feeling than to let Whore get used to it although, it worked out both ways. Then, Whores training kicked in and she surprised me but not Raven by saying.

"Master?" "Yes slave." "Will you please fuck my ass?" Upon hearing this, Raven moves over beside her and starts petting her head saying. "What a good slave you are. You are a little whore aren't you?" "Yes Mistress." Gathering herself up she continues, "I want to be fucked in the ass." I know this was what Raven expected her to say and do but. I have to admit I liked it. I started stroking my cock into her ass gradually picking up speed while Raven bent over.

She placed one of her tits in Whores mouth allowing her to suck her pink erect nipple while still petting her and whispering soft encouragement into a slave that she used to hate. If I was not busy jackhammering the tightest virgin ass this side of the sun, I might have been amazed by this turn of events. Although, I was fixated on how her ass seemed to grip my cock every time I pulled back.

At this time, I was pumping with reckless abandonment into her ass knowing that I would not last much longer and not caring.

Finally, and without warning, I start filling my little slave's ass up with cum. Feeling what is going on, Whore says, "It just got so hot! Oh my god what is happening?? It's like you are filling me up!" Raven answers for me, "He's cumming in your ass Whore." As I come down from my orgasmic high, I slump against the wall.

Raven quickly unties Whore saying, "Don't you think you are done yet Whore! You must clean your master every time he is done using you." "But I don't have anything to clean him with." Grabbing the slave by her head, Raven pushes her face down between my legs saying, "You will lick him clean when he is done with you." That is my Raven, I think to myself. Whore manages to clean my cock with her mouth before going to her knees in submission.

Rising to my feet, I cup her chin in my hand and tell her, "You did very well today slave." "Thank you Master." I look at Raven and find her smiling ear-to-ear, showing off her perfect sparkling white teeth and I say, "You have outdone yourself my mistress. I can't wait to see what you can do with more than one slave." "Oh Master I can't wait to find out myself." "Well I am going to get cleaned up and maybe take a nap.

I am exhausted." "If it's ok with you Master, I would like to stay down here a bit longer to work on a few things with Whore." "Of course you may." Leaving them to it, I go upstairs to shower. I cannot help but check in on my slaves and find them sitting on the couch together. I can tell my young slave is crying softly while Raven is telling her what to do to help her body recover from today's treatment.

Seeing enough, I jump into the shower and soak under the hot water for at least an hour.


When I get out of the shower, I check the monitors and see Raven cradling our slave like a baby in her arms while Whore is sucking on her breast like a newborn baby. I decide to go fix myself a snack and bring it back to the office. When I arrive with the food, I see that Raven has slid off the couch and between Whores legs eating her pussy.

As best as I can tell, Whore seems to be actually enjoying the treatment. Realizing how tired I am, I decide to lie down and sleep. I woke up later as Raven climbs into bed with me. Still feeling really tired, I act as if I am still asleep.

Raven slides up next to me; she wraps her arms around me whispering softly, "Master." When I do not respond she repeats, "Master&hellip. I love you." Then she drifts off to sleep. However, I am wide-awake now and thinking, 'She loves me?

Do I love her?' After losing my family, I never thought I would love again. I did not know if I wanted to love again. I know I have strong feelings for her.

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I would do anything for her. However, I am uncertain as to whether or not I love Raven. I spent the next few hours thinking about it before she woke and took my mind off it. Over the next three weeks our little sex slave has been put through her paces and while she has not completely earned our trust but she has made great progress. She has shown outstanding eagerness and has even started having orgasms during most of our sessions.

Weeks later, I am still plagued from Raven saying she loves me and I am close to reaching a decision on that subject. Finally, Raven comes to me bouncing with excitement.

"What are you so excited about?" I ask her. Smiling widely she says, "How would you like another slave in the next day or two?" Taking her into my arms I say,"Tell me all about it." The End. First, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the story.

The next chapter will be loaded with action and will also introduce a new slave and along with a new PERMANENT character that I am very excited about.

I think it will blow this story wide open! I am also holding vote for the new slave, i.e. race, age, stats, etc. Thanks for the positive support and to hell with you Grammar Nazi's  I am an amateur so please forgive any typos or related fuckups.