Teen amateur webcam and big black cock gangbang creampie Cheater

Teen amateur webcam and big black cock gangbang creampie Cheater
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Betty's letter I had not heard from Betty the school teacher since she sent me a letter about eight years ago telling me that that she had gotten married and moved to San Diego.

Dear Jason, Just to let you know what has been happening. We bought a Kennel situated on about five acres.

And we are raising champion Great Danes for breeding. Oh I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes.

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I train the males when they are about two to fuck on command. I learned that if a women can make herself cum first the dog can be taught to respond to the smell.

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About a year after we bought the place I caught my husband fucking one of the female's we used for breeding our giant breeds. I got turned on watching him plunge his cock into her cunt. She took all seven inches. What always excites me about my husband Jason like you he not only has the same seven inches but it is three inches in diameter.

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When he saw me watching him he said, "well, why not, I saw you letting our pet Dane Oscar fuck you two weeks ago. I got so turned on watching you enjoy his cock I decided to fuck one of the females to see what it was like, but Daisy bit me the first time I tried it, but then Daisy became in heat several days later and I put a muzzle on her and began to fuck her twice a day for two weeks.

Usually a female will not let you fuck them unless they are in heat but for some reason Daisy liked me fucking her and since then she throws her ass at me whenever I come near her." I said Tim (that's his name) I'm so dam hot watching you poll ax that bitch that I need you to fuck me right here and now.

He pulled out of her and stuck his wet cock deep into my ass as I bent over Daisy's dog house. Jason, I was on fire.


I came three times before I felt his hot cum deep in my ass cavity. He keeps Daisy away from the rest of the dogs but still uses her to breed. With the fear of getting caught gone I began to teach all the dogs to fuck on command. I would get so turned on thinking about it that my pussy would reek of cum and it didn't take long for each dog to learn to fuck with that smell, or when I was in my period. They now sell for twice the price a Dane would normally sell for.

The interesting thing is almost all the women want a demonstration prior to buying. Mostly they want to make sure the dog will really fuck on command. I always let Oscar fuck me because he has been doing it for so long.

The women get so turned on when they see how much I enjoy it that that they immediately let the dog they have chosen fuck them right then and there. We take moving picture of them getting fucked and file it with their paperwork in case they try to black mail us.

I had one women from Sweden give us an extra thousand bucks if I would let her fuck four of our dogs one after another. I took her out to one of the pins and picked four dogs including Oscar. I brought out a bench and had her lay across it. I started to massage her pussy to get it ready, but she was so hot she came in about sixty seconds of my probing her cunt. Oscar did the rest.

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He fucked her good. He has a pretty good size dick and when that knot swells it gets as big as a tennis ball. I measure him once and he was nine and a half from the back of his knot to the tip.

After the swelling went down the next dog jumped her and I thought she would go crazy. She was moaning and caring on in a frenzy of passion.


Then the third & fourth dog took their turn. I started to go in and get her when Oscar Jumped back on and fucked her again. Her pussy was a fountain of dog cum mixed in with her own orgasms. I got so turned on I straddled the bench and placed my dripping pussy in front of her face to see what she would do. She reached over and grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled my pussy to her face and began to ream me with her tongue as Oscar continued to fuck her.

My juices were running all over her face and the bench. I came several times before she finished. I asked her if she had had enough? Jason can you believe she just nodded no. I said do you want more and she nodded yes because she couldn't talk she was breathing so hard and I swear her eyes glowed. I said tell me when you have had enough so I let them continue. I kept each on a leash so they wouldn't fight over her and would release each one in turn as the other dog finished.

I lost count how many time she got fucked by those four but I know each one fucked her at least twice more and Oscar 3 times while I was there, I became so hot watching her getting fucked like that so I let the dogs off leash and I went into the training pen and let two of the trainees fuck me, but when I tried to get up to go see if the women was done The biggest of the two jumped me and knocked me over and fucked me again.

I even think he was bigger than Oscar because that knot swelled up inside my swollen pussy and he dragged me about ten feet by my pussy.

I grabbed one of the poles and held on until his knot subsided and I got out of there before the second one could fuck me again . When I got to the women she was passed out, but the dogs kept right on fucking her.

One at a time I took the dogs out. But old Oscar saw what I was doing and jumped her again before I could get a leash on him. I was scared the women was hurt bad but had to wait until Oscars knot went down. I swear Oscar had a smile on his old face when I took him out. I said OH shit, when I looked at her. Her ass was wide open with cum and blood oozing out of her. The dogs must have gotten into her ass somehow.

Maybe after she passed out. The lips of her pussy were swollen to about four times their normal size. I took a bucket of cold water and bathed her swollen pussy and ass. She finally came around and I helped her into the house because she couldn't walk by herself.

After a shot of bourbon she said she had never cum so many times and with such massive orgasms that she just passed out.

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I apologized for leaving the pen, I told her that I had a phone call that took longer than I realized. She asked me how many times she got fucked after she passed out. I said I'm not sure but I think each one fucked you at least three times before I could get control of them.

She said wow and gave me an extra five hundred bucks.

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She told me that was the greatest demonstration she had ever witnessed or participated in. She has since sent me a dozen or more buyers and bought two more dogs.

Three months later two very rich women came at the same time and wanted to get fucked like their friend I just told you about. We went to one of the pens and I pulled a long low table in and told them to lean over the table about three feet apart.

I took a vibrator and got them to cum a couple of times before I brought in six of the dogs. Jason ,they really worked them over.

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Five of the dogs fucked them at least twice, and the biggest of the six fucked each of them four times over about six hours before they cried uncle. Their pussy's wouldn't close for about two hours until I put an ice pack on their pussy's because they were so swollen.

They gave me five thousand bucks for the demonstration, and have since sent me eleven more clients. We bought two more bitches to breed because we could hardly keep up with the demand. Will right again soon. Betty Continued (all rights reserved to the Author