Horny blonde solo teen Heidi

Horny blonde solo teen Heidi
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Well iv been a friend with molly for about one year. She is about 5'5 has long black hair, pritty nice sized boobs, a great ass, very beautifull and very very very sexy!

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my names nick and at that time i was 14 years old and she was the same. I had dirty blond hair ,about 5' 7a 6 pack, and little musical i guess.

The day i met molly was probaly in the 8th grade i crushed on her best friend for a while "witch pissed her off " and i could never figer out y tho. But after me and her friend broke up we started to hang out alot after school but still in school.

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I never really thought of her as more than a friend while we were just friends. she had always been there for me for things like break ups, hook upsand alot of other things. and being suck good friends her parents totaly trusted me and my mom compleatly trusted her for us when were hanging out to always be just friends. So as friends we went to movies alot or out to dinner and during those times she always acted as me were just friends. One night we suddnly decided to go out to a movie and then she would spend the night at my house.

After a couple of minutes of arguing with my mom she decided it was all right and her arents said the same. So around 5:30 i started to get ready as i usealy did. i took a shower, did my hairguy thingspciked out a some nice cloths and sat down around 6:20 to take a couple minutes to watch some tv. At 6:30 my mom called me to the car and we rode to the movie theater for the 6:45 show. As i got there i walked in the doors and got me and her tickets witch came to about $12 all together.

We decided to c the lake house b/c it was a romantical movie " tho i dont c y i aggred to c it ". But at least i wuld be able to spend time with my best friend! At 6:50 she arived at the theater as late as i aspected her to be she lived in the country so it took her a little while to get there.


We went in and bought some pop-corn and a soda. And then went and found a seat and sat down and got settaled in. Shes not exzactly the girl that watchs movies a lot but she loves to spend time with me when ever she gets the chance and do social stuff like movies.

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So i didnt expect her to pay atention to the movie as much as wisper in my ear! Half way through the movie or so she said to me "nick my legs hurt" and being nice says " well u can put them up and across my lap to make them feel better". So to my amzment she did and wispered " thanx nicky " in my ear. She smelled so sweet and looked so beautifull, so cute and inocent.

noticing this i put my hand on her leg and began to massage her leg lightly she smiles and sighed a little bit and said " ew that feels good". A little while had past and she had put her legs down and started to watch the movie. After a little bit later she yawned and cuddaled up next to me and laighed her head on my shoulder" she wiperd smell nice " in my ear and closed her eyes. The last thing she did befor she fell asleep and had me wondering for the rest of the night.

She took her hand and slowy moved it over mine and i turned my hand over and she laced fingers with me and she drifted of too sleep. She looked so cute liying there. So leaned over and kissed her forhead and sat back up trying not to wake her. As i looked over agin she had a smile running across her face.

******* The movie was soon to an end and i lightly moved my arm to wake her. She sighed a lil and then lifed her head up, looked around a lil and then at me. I said"have a nice nap" She said " yeah thanx" and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

i smiled a little and turned to the screen and got up as the credits started to roll. As we walked out together she said for me to call my mom to come pick us up to take us to my house. We waited outside for about 20 minutes talk as i explained wat happened in the movie to her as she tryed to understad it for witch it was a fairly confusing movie.

At about 8:25 my mom pulled up to the theater and me and her both sat in the back seats i sat on the right side and she in the middal seat. we reached my house in about 7 minutes and i took her bags out of the trunk of the car and we both went into the house together. we set out things down in the liveing room and turned on the tv and sat down next to one another and kicked bakc and relaxed at about 8:55 or so my mom anounced that she would be going out to dinner at 9 and probaly wont be back till midnight or later.

we both said thats sok and at 9 my mom left us home alown just me and her. At 9:30 she said lets make up the beds to lie down on so we both marched upstaires to my room and got two sleeping bags a couple pillows and one blanket.

we towed this stuff down stairs and striped the sleeping bags and made a nice floor mat and we lied down the pillows and then somehting seemed odd i had noticed that we only grabed one blanked and i asked her " molly dont u need a blanket" she smiled and said " naa its fine if i get cold i can just share with u" i said ok and and we both lied down and watched about 5 more minutes of tv when she bonced upand said " o shit" i asked wats wrong ?

and she said that she had totaly forgot her pjs. i laughed i lil and said no problam u can borrow one of my night shirts.

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i ran upstairs and got one and changed into my night cloths witch were jsut a white t-shirt and a light weight pair of shorts nothing more nothing less not even any boxers i went down there staires carrying the shirt and she wistled asi entered the room and said " sexyy" i just blushed and said o stop just fooling around i knew she didnt meen it or at least i didnt think she did.

I handed her the shirt and she stood up and took off her shirt that she had on. i said " whoa rnt u going to change in another room" she said its fine u dont mind do u ? " i said no its fine and she continued. She was wearing a lacy pink bra witch was really sexy on her i might add i though she would just put the shirt on but noooo i was wrong she actualy felt comfertable around me enough to take her bra off in front of me as she did this she tured a round tho and i kinda saw i little bit of the side of her boob she putthe shirt on and turned around and said how do i look?

i said " way sexy" she smiles and said " i kno i am and giggled a lil" so i excepted her to lie down then but then she really sureprised me she took off her pants from under her long night shirt. this turned me on and u could deff see my boner through my shorts so i putthe blanket over it so she would not noticed. then she got her shirt off the ground and tured around and bent over to pick up her pants. as she did this she didnt kno but her shirt hiked up a lil to show off her fine ass i staired for the sec or two that she did this and it almost looked like she wasent wearing any painties.

she lied down next to me and a re-ocuring thought came to mind about how she held my hand in the movies. i lied down next to her and staired into her eyes she seid " wat" in a sexy lil voice and i told her "molly i have a ? " she said " o wat is it " and i said " molly during the movie do u rememebr holding my hang?

" she nodded and said yepper so i asked "y did u hold my hand?" she smiles a little and said " well nicky maybe i like u more than just a friend" i said " o " in a slightly excited voice and said "thats kool b/c i kinda like u like that" [witch i guess is tru b/c i was starting to like her more and more]. wat she did next compleatly caught me off gaurd.

molly slowly leaned in and started to kiss my lips. i had been told i was a good kisser by ex-girlfriends and she thought so too i guess. i kissed back feeling my toung massage hers. i started to feel around her body in different places ; rubing up and down her sides and stomac ; and then she broke the kiss when i had felt my way down her back to her ass.

i then relized that she hadent been wearign any underwear andi i got really excited then but did show it.


she smiled at me as we sat up and i pushed her over and she fell back opening her legs showing me the full view of her pussy. it was so nice and wet looking i just had to have a taisted but not yet i would wait a little while. i got on top of her and started to kiss her geantly. started to slowly grind her hips against mine and i put on a little pressure with mine. She stoped me for a sec and took off her shirt fully to let me see her nice round breast with her sexy little pink nipples in the middal of them.

i kissed her for a sec on her lips than slowly kissed her neck down to her sholder and than to her nipple i sucked on that while i grasped her other breast with my hand and lightly massaged it.

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She cooed and moand as i did this saying " uueeww thats good nicky ". i then took my shirt off and kissed slowly down her chest to her pussy. a looked at for a sec befor going in. than within a sec i started to like it and she wiggled around an moaned loudly.

it taseted so good so sweet and i kept on sucking and licking her dry tho she seemed like she wasent going to run out any time soon.after a little bit she anonce the she was going to cum. she moaned heavily and cam right into my mouth and some squrited onto my chin i licked it all up and fell back on my back faceing the celling. she climbed on top of me and i felt my dick rub against her pussy a little not penatrating it but just a touch.

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she said i loved that let me return the favor. she lowered herslef down to my cock and she started to lick the shaft and slowly make her way up the head she make a swirly motion whit her toung at the top and then stuck the hole thing in her mouth it felt so good i knew i was going to cum wihtin a few minutes.

she started o get faster and i knew that any sec i would cum. she felt me twitch my dick and she started to put on some fianly touches and as soon as she did this i cam right into her mouth. She said ew that sweet and swalowed the hole thing right in front of me.

she liyed on the sleeping bag right next to me and said ur welcome. i looked at her and siad thanx babe and kissed her lips gentaly. we liyed there for a sec or two and then she poped the ? " nicky can i fuck u " i was wondering the same ? and i said yes of course to her and she imeadatly said ok but ur on top first. i smiled and said ok baby and she rolled under neath me and sat there.

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thsi is the moment iv been waiting for this hole time i thought to myslef i took in one breath and moved forward to her. i guided my thick cock right into as she gasped and moaned slightly. it felt so warm and wet inside it felt liek thats exzactly were it belonged. i started to pump in and out and she enjoyed every sec of it.

she started to really get into it yelled OOOWWW YEAH O CUM ON YEAH LIKE THAT this turned me on ever more than i already was tho i didnt think it possibal. she continued yelling "OOO YEAH NICKY HARDER HARDER IM GOING TO CUM BABY DO ME FASTER" i had relized as she said that she was about to arive that i was too.

but i was extrealy tired from this so i quickly took her by surprised and fliped her up on top she cooed a lil and sais " o baby i like it like this" and started to gring my cock up and down getting faster and faster untill she let out a tight moan and i felt her pussy wrap itself tighter around my dick as she leaked out onto my chest so doing this set me off and i cam right into her tight little pink pussy. she colapsed right on top of me and sighed as i looked at the time it said 11:25 and i relized that we should wash uup and get to bed so we did this and climbed into bed we kissed good night and crawled under the blanket together and i wraped my arms around her and she cuddeled right up next to me " i said i lov u molly " she wipered back i lov u too nick" and we both fell asleep