Sex stories x mom son vidio

Sex stories x mom son vidio
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This is a little embarrassing to me but i'll tell anyway.

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The girl I was dating was at her college Open House or whatever, and the tour guide was a "cute, charming" black guy with an apparent great body. They were giving each other looks the entire tour.By the time it ended, they were talking about the school, likes and dislikes etc.

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He claimed to know just about everyone in the school and she didn't believe him. So he said "ok, lets make a bet" She said alright, "what kind of bet?" He said."if the next person out of the building door knows me, u have to do something I want, and vice versa.

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Her not believing him said "ok" Then about 30 seconds later, some guy walked out of the building and gave a heads high to the guy and she was impressed.She then became worried as to what he would want her to do.

"Would he want me to run around the school naked or something humiliating like that?" she thought So he said "OK, lets go to my room and i'll think about what to do with u.She reluctantly agreed They got in the room and when he shut the door, he didn't lock it which she took as a sign of nothing happening in that room.but to her surprise, the first words out of his mouth were "strip.take off everything" She was so scared, she didnt know what to do, so she begged for him not to do this, but he laughed and said "I know u want to do this, I saw the look in ur eyes before.

She began slowly taking off her shirt.she hed very nice breasts about 36 C, which is big for a girl who is 5'3".He stared intently at her body in anticipation of what was to, she started pulling down her sweatpants, leacing her in her tight bra and thong He told her to take off her bra slowly and she did, teasing him a bit by covering up her big brown nipples.he pushed her hands away and she was almost sweating at this point from being nervous.He said "turn around and bend over while taking ur panties off so I can see everything.She did and she touched her toes for a bit while he admired her great pussy and tight anus.

She got back up and asked if she could go now and he said she was only half-way there.He told her to drop to her knees and she did.She knew what would come next.She was a great head giver(amazing really), but had no idea what she was about to deal with.He pulled down his pants and she saw the outline of his huge cock(about 10, 11 inches from her perspective.He said "Do what u know ur supposed to do" She nervously pulled down hid boxers revealing the biggest cock she had ever seen.she reluctantly put her hand on it and began jerking it until it became erect.She was so scared, she said it was about the size of a soda can in width.he told her to put her mouth on it so she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and started sucking it After a while of that, she began enjoying it.running her lips up and down his shaft and sucking his balls Out of nowhere, his roomate opened the door.She was so engulfed by the cock that she had no idea.after about a minute, the roomate took out his phone and started recording what she was doing in the nude.He got everything on video Like I said, she was a very good head giver, so it didnt take much time for him to finish.She said it was about 10 min.Her mouth was so tired.He said he was about to cum and she quickly took her mouth off it.He said no, put it back on.sheheld her head in shame and did as told.He blasted 9 spurts of cum in her mouth.she hated cum in her mouth but took it all anyway, she couldnt help but swallow some and the rest she wpit into a garbage can.when she got up after spitting, she turned around and saw the roomate there and started to cry out of embarrassment.she was just standing there in her b-day suit infront of 2 guys and a cell phone Then came the most embarrassing part.she had to dress infront of them.she tried to do it as fast as possible, which made it slower and then left the room hanging her head in shame We saw each other for about a month after that before she told me what had happened.I stopped it but will never forget the way she gave head lolol

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