Perfekt caning gebunden 2

Perfekt caning gebunden 2
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Otis and Cathy bio - I'm writing this because Cathy can't even keep her lies consistent. Every time she gets the fancy you'd think she was a different person. She just tacks on a new last name and now she's a 24 year old with oversized breasts. Anyway, she's unusual in my experience, a young woman who not only likes porn but also likes writing it. By the way, to me most women are young, even Cathy's mother. I'm 58. I think Cathy's stuff is often a bit tame for xnxx, though some of it's gotten pretty high ratings.

Much of the time I think she's targeting other women. Or maybe not targeting anyone except herself. Cathy's my stepdaughter. I met her last year when she flew here for the wedding. Since then her mother and I have visited her several times but we mostly exchange e-mail.

Her mother spilled the beans, fortunately. Otherwise neither of us would have told the other one about our common interest, one her mother, my bride, doesn't share but tolerates. I think Cathy started writing and saving stuff years ago, but recently started posting the stuff, and of course sent me the ULR to find what she's posted.

Of course I liked most of it. I'm inclined to be biased. Looking back on the comments I posted I realized I never admitted knowing her. So I'm coming out of the closet. Any old comments on her stuff from Otis_IW are suspect.

But I still like the stuff I said I liked. Cathy e-mailed me several stories before posting them, but not that one about the boyfriend. She still likes it but I could have told her it wouldn't be much of a turn on for someone with a dick.

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For fantasy you have to tell the guys the girl is beautiful. Horny by itself isn't good enough. When was a heroine in a story posted here less than perfect? So. Since she's been sending me stuff and has convinced me I should post some of my stories, we've decided we should collaborate.

Assume anything posted here has at least been reviewed by the other one before posting. I'm not sure how this will work out, we'll see. Incidently, if you want to send me stuff use this e-mail address. If you want to send stuff to my stepdaughter send it to "Cathy". But if it's interesting she'll probably forward me a copy anyway. Likewise, don't send me any information you don't want her to receive.

------------------------------------ Cathy - OK, now I get my two cents in. "Otis", my stepfather, isn't really 58 where it counts. I mostly talk to him through e-mail anyway. He and mom live eight hundred miles away. I like to think of him as a randy guy in his late twenties. Like most the guys I like, I fantasize about him.

But I don't talk about it much to my boyfriend. Nor to mom. Anyway, I fantasize about most things, not just guys. That's probably, no, that IS why I like to write. Sort of crystalizes my ideas. I wanted to call the hero in this story "Otis" after stepdad's pseudoname. I don't know why he won't even use his real first name. Go figure. I wanted to call her "Cathy". He refused that idea so we used the usual tear off names. --------------------------------------------------------------- Four Girls --------------------------------------------------------------- So we had this idea, pretend we were making a porn movie and hire girls to be in it.

I had no idea what the low end of real porn pays, but I have heard it's rather low, especially for the girls. I'd also seen videos of invitationals, where girls are invited to strip and be photographed and maybe thereby "discovered". Those girls weren't paid anything. But some weren't all that pretty and no one was fucking. Problem was, to sell the idea we had to be pretty realistic about taking pictures, real cameras, that stuff. Lenny was the first one to suggest that maybe we should actually try and make a movie and sell it.

So we sort of became ligit. I'd even told most of the girls the real story, that we were actually trying to make a movie, our first, but that we'd started out just looking for a great way to get ourselves laid. Because the one thing we still planned to do was use ourselves for the male parts.

Originally for the sex. But now mostly so we wouldn't have to hire any more actors. One thing about being honest, at least the girls knew we weren't paying much. We were up front about that. Two hundred for the weekend, plus expenses, plus a percentage in the unlikely event that we made any profit.

We asked girlfriends, friends, girls, whatever. Our feelers turned up a few dogs who would work for nothing even, and let anybody fuck them. Eventually one of Mark's girlfriends, Ginny, got interested and said she'd do it if we got three others cause she wasn't doing a solo gang bang. We did get three others eventually, friends of hers. So here we were, first weekend in June, at a nudist camp that we don't have quite to ourselves. But the regular members have all gotten notice that pictures will be taken and therefore the camp is closed for normal operation.

Basicly what that meant was, if you come that weekend you take your chances on getting photographed naked. Additionally, clothing would not be optional. We didn't want a lot of spectators in the background standing around in clothes in our "nudist" camp. People could watch and we probably wouldn't get them in any of the backgrounds if they followed directions. Actually we were mostly concerned with spectators talking too close to the mikes.

The video was about a porn movie being filmed in a nudist camp. So we took pictures of ourselves taking pictures. It's been done before because it's a great way to use everything. And when a girl's getting fucked she doesn't have to pretend she's doing it in private. Fucking in front of spectators is really more erotic, more slutty, so why not remind the viewer that there's always the camera men, directors, and such watching this girl spread her buns and scream her delight with a penis in her asshole?

One of the great things is staging these realistic but actually phony conversations where we discuss with the girl details about how she should display her genitals. Ask her questions about sucking a dick that's just been in her fanny. How much prep does her rectum need? Get into really personal details about her anatomy while pretending we need to discuss all this stuff for the filming. Actually we let the girls fill in most of the details.

They suggested questions we should ask them that guys would probably never think of. Letting the girls suggest ways to fill in my outline was probably the most enjoyable part of the whole deal.

In addition to our four female leads and the nine horny studs (us), we were willing to use for non sexual parts up to twenty girls and ten guys. Twenty dollars flat if you could follow directions. And you could have your name in the credits if you wanted. I didn't know if we'd get any cheap extras, but by shooting time we'd had twenty-six women and seven men sign up.


Most of the females were reasonably young and attractive, so we "hired" six more than our original limit. Twenty was only a suggestion anyway. I wanted to indicate that we were mostly interested in naked females.

It turned out females were also more interested in displaying themselves naked while being photographed.

In fact, we could have used more guys in the backgrounds than we had. It turned out that some of the female extras were extremely pretty and willing to do anything, even sex. Since we were only paying them twenty we didn't go that far. Three of these girls pretended they were competing in a beauty contest. The contest may have been make believe, but the bend overs they did were the real thing.

I doubt any one of our thirty-three extras cared a bit about the twenty dollar. We paid them to make sure we got their names on the releases. Some of our extras did a lot of acting, working for hours in front of the cameras for their own amusement. -- scene 1 ------------ First scene: Candy and Max arrive in a car. They stop in a grassy parking place showing the rural aspect. This place is not in the center of civilization.

The camera zooms inside the car. Candy: "When do we undress?" Max: "Now would be fine," he says looking out the window beyond the pretty girl sitting next to him. A short distance away there are some people playing frisbee, others walking around. They are all naked and the camers lingers on some bodies worth lingering on. We use a few of our pretty extras, with close ups of their nipples, and genitals and swaying fannies while they walk across the field of view.

Since this is supposed to be Max looking, we can be as sexist in our appreciation of female anatomy as we want. Max: "The last time I was here I came with Cindy. She said ." Candy: "Max, I don't want to hear anything about your last girlfriend." Max: "But she wasn't my last girlfriend. Molly was." Candy: "Oh.

Ok. What did Cindy say?" Max: "Well, it was my first time too, and we both just got out and went inside to register. But the desk isn't manned full time, and they were serving lunch. There were people waiting to be served and we stood there for a while, the only two people with a stitch of clothing on. So Molly told me." Candy: "Molly?" Max: "No, I mean Cindy. She said a girl is probably more sensitive to being inappropiately attired than a man.

But it was much more embarrassing being the only female clothed here then the time she'd been the only naked girl at a holloween party." Candy: "How did that happen?" Max: "You assume I know? And of course I do! I was even there but I wasn't Cindy's date. The hostess had decided we should have a contest. The girl who looked best would be allowed to take her costume off. Cindy won. "Well, shall we get appropiately attired?" At this point they get out and undress.

Of course, the camera is only interested in Candy. She does a simple, quick removal of her clothes and throws the bundle inside the car. But the scene has switched to very slow motion, making her undressing into a sensual strip tease. When she's finally naked and the camera has finished admiring her nipples, pubes and fanny, we switch back to regular time, then zoom out, showing another camera man also photographing the scene.

The couple walk past him acting like he's not there and head toward the office. -- end scene 1 ------------ Candy was one of our four stars. But since there was no sex in this scene, we could have also used one of our sexy twenty dollar extras. These girls loved it when we did lewd closeups.

And some of them were even good actresses. For that matter, Candy actually wasn't. She was probably the worst actress of Ginny's three friends. But she was good enough for porn, certainly pretty enough for porn, and willing to do anything, even beyond screwing everybody. Like getting dirty. Actually, with showers available that didn't bother the other girls either. We did a sex scene where the lovers were wallowing in mud.

These included all four girls but only five of the nine guys. Candy did some bondage for us, but we didn't use it. Porn doesn't have to be consistent.

But the bondage scene never seemed to go with everything else.

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All four girls agreed to do DP, but Candy liked doing it, so we only used her. We did include at least two anal scenes with each of the other three girls, and they all claimed to be at least comfortable getting their fannies shafted as long as the guys were careful with their heinies. I guess that's the secret.


Convince a girl you won't hurt her and she'll let you do it. They probably all enjoy anal sex when it's done right.

On the other hand, these girls were probably much more adventurous than they would have been in private. Imagine her thinking: It's not Laura who's taking my dick in her ass, it's only an actress named Laura. But it's still my dick in her fanny and it still feels wonderful from my angle. Laura was my favorite sex partner. She was sweet, acted shy but wasn't, was thin and very sexy. Nicely shaped tits, flaring hips, small waist. And a georgeous face.

Long brown hair. That's why Ginny recruited her. She knew we needed good looking girls. Ginny, Candy, Laura and Molly. All four were dream girls. And I got to fuck all four of them that weekend.

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I could have fucked them more than my pecker could manage, pretty much any way I could imagine. As long as there was a camera going and people watching. Are all women exhibitionists or just our girls? Of course in this movie everyone got naked immediately and stayed naked. That opening scene and a closing one were the only times you ever saw a pussy or nipples even momentarily covered.

Which means for a fuck scene, which most were, the foreplay was always very physical, no mental games about undressing. I didn't realize in the beginning that this would be so limiting for the real movie.

For us, the studs who'd set this up, our erections didn't care. Our pricks loved the idea of having eight love holes always available and out in the open. Twelve! We must not forget fallacio. And boy could these girls suck when they were performing in front of a camera!

You know, when you split the eight hundred dollars nine ways, we weren't paying much for all the sex we wanted for an entire weekend. And the girls knew the score. I think they liked the fact as much as we did. I'm not saying they wouldn't have minded more pay. But I don't think they wanted any less sex. Nor any less variety.

At the end of the weekend they all wanted to know when we could do it again. Laura was my favorite. Ben and Jack's also. But with nine of us there were still plenty of erections for the other three girls. And reguardless of favorites, we still made sure every guy had sex with every girl at least once. The first time I adjusted the script to put myself inside Laura, she at least knew what I was doing.

She's georgeous, but so are the other three, as well as a number of our bit actresses. She was actually flattered by my interest! I guess the situation was making the pussies even more excited than the fuckers. "Shall we practice first?" she asks me as she bends over offering me anything I want.

I guess this was real love or at least lust, because there wasn't a camera going. But I was too conscientious. I insist someone get it on film and asked her to repeat that line. I'm sure it felt just as good with two cameras going and gave us some good footage.

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"Don't mind if I do!" I replied. The lines don't have to be good, just the female fannies. And boy is Laura's fanny good! She was bent over a bench, her fanny front and center in the middle of the picture, her pretty face looking back looking eager and shy at the same time. If I didn't know how wonderful this footage was going to look I would not have been able to restrain myself the twenty seconds I managed to wait before taking advantage of the offer, somewhat blocking the heavenly vision.

From then on I have two images, what I remember feeling and what I saw many, many times during the editing. The sexiest video in the world is seeing yourself fucking one of the most beautiful girls in the world. I walked up behind her, cupping her hips, rubbing them, touching her right bun with the underside of my rock hard penis. My erection is almost eight inches long, above average but no record. I have seen porn stars who were no bigger but not many.

Laura, this georgeous angel who can have any man, told me that I was as big as she'd ever experienced and felt fantastic inside her. She may have been just stroking my ego, but she could almost make me cume just by saying something nice like that about my pecker.

Of course, Laura could probably make a rock cume by smiling at it. You had to be careful around her, or in her. She could quickly use up your day's worth of libido. So first I touch her hips with my hands while my penis touches her to the right of her honey hole so that the camera still has a good view of it.

No problem for me because pressing my shaft against her sexy cheek was almost more pleasure than I could stand.

I had to get used to her heavenly body slowly if I intended to last more than a second inside her. Trying not to think too much about how wonderful she felt, I slowly, seductively stroked her breasts. They were firm but soft. These georgeous globes were so perfectly shaped that they had to be enhanced. But they felt totally natural. If this can be achieved artifically, than every girl in the world should go to her surgeon!

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Frankly, I suspect they were just naturally perfect. Laura groaned. The girls were told to be vocal, not to hold their feeling inside.

This didn't sound like acting, just lack of inhibition. It was also the sexiest thing I'd ever heard pass a girl's lips due to my efforts.

And I wasn't even fucking her yet! I happened to look down at her legs and saw pussy juice running down the insides of her thighs. This girl was hot! I spent as long as possible massaging that wonderful body, leaning forward, kissing her back, seperating at times to remind the camera of how lovely her crotch was.

Eventually I could hold back no longer from enjoying that perfect cunt. For some reason her pussy inside felt just as good as it looked outside. I practically fell inside her. But as soon as she realized what I was doing she clamped down giving me the finest pussy massage a prick could hope to die for.

I stroked who knows, a hundred times? She was willing and eager to take it for as long as I could dish it out. I did manage to make her cume by tweaking her clit, pretty much on demand.

And she certainly wanted it! Demanded it. My only problem was trying to avoid that final shared climax that was sure to happen. I couldn't tell how long I was going to last but it was a no brainer that she was going to cume with me.

She was having an orgasm every time I did anything to her. If I said "hold back while I shoot cume in you", she would have disobeyed me. While I still had some stamina left I changed holes, making sure the camera got a good view of me poking myself into her rectum. It was easier than we made it look. With Laura, everything is easy, even anal sex.

And that also felt wonderful. I meant to hold back, ejaculating outside on her back and fanny. But she was just too much for me. Laura, or at least her body, realized I was cuming even before I did.

She was having her climax orgasm while I was trying to get myself out of her fanny and into the picture. What the camera captured was this stream of cum hosing her crack on my way out of her, then dumping several more waves of sperm on her rear end. It could never have been timed so perfectly on purpose, especially being synched exactly with her own massive climax. That was on Saturday.

Late in the day Laura asked me if she could sleep with me that night. We didn't have sex since we had to save that for the cameras.

But cuddling with the sweetest thing on this planet was absolutely fantastic! Laura, by the way, has a regular boyfriend, who wasn't part of this movie business. In fact I've never met him. Nor has she ever met my girlfriend who refused to be an actress and therefore wasn't allowed to come.

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That was one of our strict rules. No non-participating observers. Mary wouldn't even get naked and be one of the extras, while Laura has assured me that if I do this again I can count on her being there.