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Sdruws hot teen riding dildo on webcam
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Paulette Confusing thoughts and emotions ran through Paulette's fifteen year old mind as she waited in line to pay for the pizza that her dad had sent her to get for supper.

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She felt her face flush when Steve a classmate of hers left the cash register and Wally moved to take his place. This is what she had hoped for, but now that it had happened she was conflicted. She moved closer to the head of the line and she felt a weakness in her knees and a churning in her stomach. She wanted to say something but her mouth was dry and she just quickly paid and left.

She chided herself as she walked up the street towards home, Wally had barely noticed her as he rang up the sale and took her money. When he counted out her change he did touch her hand briefly and hope swelled up in her heart. It felt good to be in the cool air and she felt confident that her face would loose the red coloring that she felt now subsiding.

Often afternoons when she would arrive home from school she would walk to the little convenience store to buy a package of gum as a pretext to see Wally. Her activity was noticed, but not by Wally, it was Steve that noticed her loitering about looking for Wally with moist wanting eyes. The next day at school Steve made it a point to seat himself next to her at an assembly for cookie sales or some such thing.

It was noisy and everyone was talking and having a good time and Steve knew that no one would notice him talking to Paulette. "So Paulette, I saw you at the store the last three afternoons." Steve began. "Do you want me to tell Wally that you are interested in him?" Her face turned crimson and betrayed her as she tried to reply cooly, "I only needed a few things, who is Wally?" "It's not working for you," Steve chuckled and gave here a knowing wink.

"I can see that you have an interest. And I will ask him if he is interested in you, if you like." Paulette felt an almost overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and she was at a momentary loss for words.

Then she had another feeling that couldn't be denied and she overcame her embarrassment and plunged ahead. "What will you tell him, Steve?, Am I that obvious?, He doesn't seem to notice me at all." Steve laughed again, "He notices you, haven't you seen him looking at your tits?, And looking at your ass?" Paulette blushed furiously at Steve's words, but secretly felt elated by this revelation, a tingly feeling spread through her body, and her nipples stiffened against the fabric of her bra and she longed to touch them.

The warmth spread to her belly then lower to her vagina which felt wet and she surreptitiously slid her thighs forward and back and felt the slickness of her labia with the slight motion.

Painfully slow the rest of the day progressed to the final bell. When Paulette got home she wanted to go to the store but now her former boldness had faded along with the slight dampness in the crotch of her panties.

Now she was fearful that Steve had told Wally of her infatuation and if she went there he would laugh at her, after all he was twenty three years old and had graduated college and she knew that this fall he would be going away to medical school.

She diligently spread out her books on the kitchen table and determined to forget about Wally and study for tomorrow. At five fifteen she cleared her books and papers from the table and carried them to the hall table and placed them neatly there where she would find them in the morning on her way to school.

She would now prepare supper for her father and herself, she got a couple of potatoes and peeled them and put them on to boil.

Then she got the chicken thighs from the fridge and coated them with the seasoned Shake 'n Bake and put them on a shallow pan and placed them in the oven.

Soon her dad arrived home and turned on the TV to watch the evening news as she finished up supper. Soon supper was finished and she put away the leftovers and washed the dishes.

She felt a longing that she couldn't explain and she went to the living room and watched TV with her dad. Later she lay in bed feeling restless she watched as the bright fall moon shone through her window. She thought over the words that Steve had spoken to her and she smiled to herself as she thought of Wally and how he had looked the last she had seen him, slender behind the counter at the store in a blue shirt with the white apron tied around his waist.

Her nipples stiffened and she absently brushed her fingers over them and was rewarded with further stiffening and a familiar warmth in her belly. Sliding one hand down her body and under the elastic of her pajama waistband her finger encountered the silken downy pubic hairs that lightly covered her pubis. Pressing her fingers firmly at the top of her mons her breath caught as she felt the tightening of her vagina.

She slid her fingers lower and stroked the puffy lips that were beginning to moisten. She slid her fingers slowly into the moistness and her hips lifted and she pressed her fingers into her vagina and wetted her fingers and teased her clitoris with rapidly circular motions.

Now her other hand was busy fingers pinching and pulling the nipple of her left breast. A shudder passed through her body as the feelings grew more intense and a flood of clear fluid washed from her vagina and she turned her head and bit on her pillow to keep from crying out as the intense orgasm swept her away.

Dreamily she sucked on the slick fingers of her right hand and fell asleep. When she awoke in the morning she was surprised to find that her pajama bottoms were soaking wet. At first she thought she had maybe wet the bed, but quickly realized that this was the result of her masturbating the night before.


"I wonder if there is something wrong," she mused "other girls probably don't do these things." Soon these thoughts left her mind and she changed the sheets and made her bed and took a shower before starting the laundry. This was Saturday and she had chores to catch up on.

Later she would make up a list of groceries for her dad to buy tomorrow.

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Today he was working and would go "out with the boys" after work and would not likely be home until very late. She had grown used to this. It had begun about a year after her mother died. She did not resent her dad for this, but she did miss her mother, wishing she could talk to her about these feelings she was having. She just didn't feel comfortable about talking to her dad about this kind of thing.

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Her mom wasn't there for her when her periods began a couple years back and her dad had been so flustered about that whole deal, but at least he did the right thing and called her aunt, his sister, to have a talk with her.

Unlike her dad she was younger and not as "up-tight" about things, thankfully she had a calming effect along with a matter of fact attitude.

"Maybe I should call her now and ask her about how I feel about Wally, and why I get so wet, I wonder if that is normal, maybe there is something wrong with me, I don't think other girls feel this way about boys, I don't feel this way about other boys, just this one." Then she shook her head dismissively tossing her long brown hair back over her shoulders she put these thoughts aside as best she could and continued folding the laundry and putting it away.

She was cleaned the kitchen and put away the clutter that seemed to accumulate on the surfaces of the counter-top. Careful to put the things that her dad had left into his special drawer knowing that Monday morning he would be looking for something that he had left there. As she was carrying out the mundane Saturday chores wanton thoughts came to her mind about what Steve had shared with her at assembly.

If Wally liked her tits, and her ass, then she would give him something to look at.


She went to her room and took off her clothes and laid them out on the bed. Then she rummaged through her bottom dresser drawers looking at pants that fit her last year when she was slimmer and ten pounds lighter. She selected a pair of red slacks that were not as bright now as when they were new. She pulled them up her legs, a bit of a struggle as she pulled and tugged them over her thighs then as they reached her buttocks her panties rolled from the friction stopping progress.


She removed the pants not as quickly as she could have a year previous. And took her panties off and then struggled into the slacks and went to her bureau that had the mirror over it to see the results.

She could not see unless she moved back from the mirror and found this to be unsatisfactory and pulled a chair from the corner to stand on closer to the mirror to access the full effect of the tight pants. She was fearful of ripping them as she lifted her leg to climb onto the chair seat. From this vantage she turned and looked over her shoulder to see how her rump was displayed and was satisfied to see that the cloth covering was like a tighter fitting second skin.

Turning to face the mirror a blush rose to color her cheeks as she noticed that the slight cleft of her sex was clearly defined in the semi stretchy fabric. Now she turned her attention to her breasts and removed her bra.

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She shrugged her shoulders and felt the cool air on her exposed flesh her nipples stiffening, now what to wear to show them? She leaned forward and her breasts hung to her view and she had an inspiration probably not as unique as she thought. She searched thru her drawers and found a loose fitting sweatshirt that was a bit large and a bit long with a zippered front.

Now she practiced in front of the mirror leaning forward and unzipping to best show what she wanted Wally to see. Her face grew hot as the plan she was forming in the back of her mind was coming closer to being enacted. She knew from past experience that Saturday afternoons were slow at the small convenience store just down the street and she also knew that early in the afternoon Wally would likely be there alone, Steve and Cliff arriving later to prepare for the evening rush just at supper time.

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It was one o'clock and she looked for the last time in the mirror pleased to see that the baggy top she had on fell lower in the front and was higher in the back which showed the smooth curve of her buttocks. Quickly she left the house and walked down the street towards the store before she lost her nerve.

Her heart fluttered when she entered the store and saw Wally emerge from the back room to see who had entered. As casually as she could she examined something on a lower shelf with her back to Wally, bending forward she glanced back and was pleased to see that Wally was admiring her. Selecting a package of gum she walked to the register with her intended purchase. She leaned forward just as she had practiced in the mirror at home and looked into Wally's face.

Joy filled her heart when his eyes shifted down and the dark pupils widened noticeably. She looked down so he wouldn't notice that she knew about her exposure and he could enjoy it for a bit longer. It was then that she noticed the distinct bulge growing in his pants. Looking up she caught him looking down her open front, she smiled as his face reddened at being caught.

"Come with me," Wally instructed and led her into the back room. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach and when she was alone with him he gathered her into his arms and as she looked up expectantly he kissed her gently on the lips.

Now she knew what was meant by "melting in his arms", her heart was beating wildly and she gave herself to her feelings, submission is what she wanted; to submit to his wishes. He stepped back from her and tugged the zipper down the front of her pullover jersey and spread the material to the sides exposing her breasts to his gaze.

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Wally sat down and pulled her to his lap. She leaned her shoulder into his chest and snuggled her face into his neck. He held her with his left hand on her hip and his right exploring her breasts. She was nearly overcome with emotion and her vagina flooded and wet the crotch of her pants, "Ohhhhhhh," she moaned softly fearful that Wally would notice, and at the same time not caring, not wanting these feelings to end.

Wally did notice his lap was soaked with her juices and he reached between her legs and cupped her sex with his hand, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmm, Ahhhhh !" She exclaimed, and would have slipped off his lap if he had not held her. His hand was wetted completely from her intense orgasm.

"Paulette," he breathed "This has been fine for you, but now I need relief." He pushed her off his lap and she stood in front of him not knowing what to do next. He unbuttoned the top of her slacks and pulled the zipper down.

Very soon he realized just how tight they fitted the young girl and how much of a struggle it would be to remove them, and how long it would take for her to put them back on if someone should come in.

"What would you like me to do?" she asked, wanting to please him, to make him feel as good as she had felt. He stood and took off the white apron he was wearing, and unzipped his pants, she watched fascinated as he fished inside his underwear and pulled out his cock. She gasped as she saw how large it was, and the end was slick and wet. Slowly she reached for it, wanting to feel it to hold it, she wanted this part of him to be a part of herself.

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With a finger she traced over the swollen purple head and it jumped under her light touch. She drew her hand back. Wally took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his rigid member, huskily he instructed, "Move your hand on it, like this," And he stroked her hand up and down on his cock.

She was mesmerized by this; fearful and excited at the same time, nearly overwhelmed with new feelings and emotions. Her hand was slick now from the clear fluid that was leaking from the opening in the end of Wally's cock. It swelled up more in her hand and Wally stiffened and groaned. Paulette felt it swell and pulse in her hand and then a whitish fluid spewed forth. She had expected this but was still surprised and let go of him. "Don't stop, please don't stop," he begged. And she quickly grasped his cock again and was rewarded with more spurts that soon subsided.

Now she could feel the rigidity leaving, his cock becoming flaccid in her hand. Her mouth was dry but she managed to whisper, "Did I do that right?" And was warmed and pleased by his affirmative response. "That was awesome, Paulette, just awesome."