Emo boy erect movie and sex black emo gay movies first time Riley

Emo boy erect movie and sex black emo gay movies first time Riley
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Round the popular Gang-Bang Bar again I was no-longer in my teens and so I was drunk, I thought to myself as I looked down at the bottle I held with both-hands in-between my tits. My ass was against the wall outside of the women's toilet, where I stood, black high-heeled shoes together. The music was still loud even here, but not as loud as the main rooms. I suppose I would soon be settling down with my boyfriend and letting him get me pregnant and become jaded and bored.

What a dismal thought for a libertine hedonist like me, I groaned to myself. I looked at my half-covered breasts - the black dress I was wearing partly hid them but could not hide the nipple-bumps because I was not wearing a bra on my night out. under the flare of my black dress which came down to mid-thigh (a long skirt for me!); under it was a pair of skimpy knickers that had twisted themselves into a rope and was currently holding my cunt open having entered up my groove, not that I cared much being drunk.

But every-time I moved my legs the so-called panties worked as a clitoral stimulation device intent on frustrating me and driving my cunt wild and wet.

I considered taking them off where I stood in front of people and I might have if I was sober, but I was sure some guy could do it for me. Then I could offer him a blow-job and get a mouth-full of cum to impress Donna but then maybe he would want to fuck me?

And come to think of it, Where was Donna? Where is my friend Donna, the cock-sucking slut? Ok, Donna had said she was 'going to the lav', ie: the women's toilet to join the line of chatting chicks. Well she had not. So where was she? And I needed a pee but fuck-me if I was going to wait any longer for them to stop smoking cannabis and having 'storm in a tea-cup crisis' over ex-guys, or for that couple to stop fucking in stall number 3. each time they stopped we all got hope-full for a time.then they started at it AGAIN !!

and we all groaned. 'I know he's fucking her behind my back!' some neurotic teen was screaming to her friend. 'Do You thing I was raped?' another one asks some stranger. I groaned, and knew if I stayed here any longer then I would go mad. So I would have to go into the beer-garden at the back and piss on the floor in front of the party revelers - and there I would find Donna who would have done the same I now realized.

We did sneak into back-streets to piss sometimes, I recalled as I decided to move my shoes carefully without my cunt-loving knickers bringing me off to a public orgasm. Off to go Into the dark beer-garden of sin and delight "Hi sexy!" some chick says to me. I looked at this possible-lesbian with wonderment and blinked at her. "Its me, 'Glam Gill', remember? My ex-boss if fucking you!" she grinned. I looked again at this dyed raven-haired, dressed in black, heavily made up hooker in front of me!

"Gill?" I said stupidly. "is that you, Gill?" "Yeh of-course It's me Gill you piss-head ! Don't you recognize me Gemma?" Well no, her own mother wouldn't either. I had to look again, but it was her voice and those eyes were Gill, hidden away in that disguise. So I nodded happily at her. "Hi ya Gill, still with.boyfriend." "Yeh.

no. Got a new one. well.I've been though I number recently." and she tells me about her latest hole-poker and what he likes doing to her. handcuffs, strap and anal? "you ok with that?" I asked. She nodded eagerly with manic excitement. "I cum." she informs me intently. "so catch ya later Gemma!" "seen Donna, my Donna?" "Huh? Yeh she's round the back being raped or something. Sucking cocks when I left." Gill informs me, and walks off. Right. ."Hope she's all right, like" Gill calls to me.

oh my! "Gang-bangers are in tonight!" wow. The prospects for a good night were looking up, and my spirits rose as I made my way to the back; some guy held the door open to me and I thanked the bulge in his tight pants with a sly glace up at him. Drunk chicks forced to suck dicks! I stepped into the cool night air and moved away from the door. It was dark and groups of smokers and others were standing around in places as chicks moaned and shrieked. I allowed my eyes to adjust to the sordid gloom and the tobacco smoke Then I noticed Donna over in the far corner, crouched down in-front of some guy and sucking his dick.

Her bare legs were together but one knee raised above the other, which was a sign she made; she only did that when she was being forced to suck cock.

Often the cock-sucker's knees were either open showing off her cunt, or were together at the same level. We were like the free-masons for secret signs, which allowed us to stay away and watch the show, rather than rescue each other and spoil the fun, as normal people might do.

or abnormal people as they usually turned out to be. So I watched as he held her head and pulled her repeatedly along his cock like the play-thing she is, as he was unimpressed with her cock-sucking attempt, the brute! Well, that got my knickers wetter! But I still needed to pee so I went over to a wall, avoiding some group of mean looking guys. Of-course one of them came over to me and took my bottle which was empty.

"thanks" "just so you cant use it as a weapon," he tells me. "Nice Tits!" "Yeh thanks" He reaches a hand to my tits and squeezes my left breast. Then as I watch him playing with my tits - and as I give him a naughty look, he pulls down my top and my tits burst forwards into the cool air for his viewing. "hey!" A noise of appreciation goes up from the gang. "er yeh, well I need to piss" I informed him. "You will suck my dick!" he tells me. "oh. well, can you pull my panties down then?

Or I will piss in them." He reached his hands under my dress and his rough hands gripped my knickers and he pulled them down out of my cunt groove and down my thighs. "thanks" I said and I crouched down in front of him. I crouched down and lifted the back of my dress and spread my legs. enjoy the view Mr, I thought. And pissed a big puddle which ran around my shoes. He took out his dick and pushed it into my face as I was still peeing. Just another dick to suck I supposed. He held my hair and told me to open my cock-sucking slut mouth!

I opened my mouth in mock surprise at his language and he pushed his dick into my mouth! His dick slid over my tongue and tasted of piss. I rested my hands on his dirty jeans, which now stood in-between my legs and brushed against my tits.

I sucked sluttishly upon his cock and he pulled my head towards his pubic bush. I was being a slut again, and I didn't care.

In-fact my cunt was getting very wet as I sucked his dick. He began to fuck my mouth and began groaning and calling me 'a fucking cock-sucking bitch.' hot!

I gagged; or rather he gagged me with his cock and I wretched. The fucking idiot i thought. Then hey presto! - a bit of tongue work to bring this joker to orgasm, quick! He unloads a mouth-full of cum into my slut mouth. He pulls his dick out of my mouth and I emptied my mouth of cum over my tits. well, that was ok. And I had finished pissing too, but before I could stand up or pull-up my panties, some of the gang came over and wanted a turn!

oh heck! "Now suck me you slut!" a guy commanded me pushing his dick at my face. Then he was inside my mouth and I gave the tip of his cock some of my tongue flicks. "fuck yeh!" suck suck suck suck suck.just fucking cum you drunk dick! suck suck suck.gulp.gag. I was rewarded with another mouth full of cum which I spat over my leg. "thanks slut!" he tells me. Time to make a dash for it; or be here for the next hour sucking cocks.

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Bent-over the table and fucked like a slut I stood up and bent over, but before I could reach my panties, which were round my thighs still, these guys grabbed my arms and trotted me forwards! "Lets fuck her!" "yeh fuck her!" oh my!

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So they trotted me over to this pic-nick table and bent me over it with a push so that I landed on my tits. They held my arms down so that I couldn't escape. "hey!" I said, feeling a bit put-on. Another one lifts up my dress from the back and throws it up onto my back, exposing my big ass to the cool night air - and my wet cunt. Cold air entered my cunt first. I struggled, testing them, but they were too strong for me which made me feel helpless and at the mercy of their cock lust.

People were watching from the darkness, I could feel it. "Right me first!" a voice says behind me. I looked at the beer on the table and could smell it thick in the air, and the tobacco. Hands were working behind me, prodding my pussy - a finger found my cunt hole and pushed up inside me.

I gasped as someone's finger slide up inside my wet cunt. It vanishes, removed from my pussy. Then a cock pushes against my vulva missing my cunt by inches. He hands hold my ass and everything stops. . "Where's her fucking cunt go?" "you cant miss it!" "try her open hole!" "yeh got it.!" I groaned and felt some cock push up between my labia and slide up my wet pussy. I panted with the penetration of my cunt, realizing that they were going-though with fucking my pussy!

So I hoped I did not look too undignified bent over the table! I licked my lips and got into a comfortable position, accepting my sleazy fate as a slut-hole for the guys. His cock fucked away at me driving me crazy with passion and desire. "oh my fuck, I am going to cum!" I sobbed into the night air as he quickly fucked my wet pussy. And I felt cum, my cunt flapping around his dick.

He began to shoot his jets of cum right up my pussy! Crazy guy, I thought, he could get into trouble for that. "oh fuck, I just cum up her!" "don't do that." "I just fucking did!" "dick" "Its ok, she's called Gemma and she is a slut." "hope so." "could get Trisha to lick it out of her?" "Ha no I don't think so!" I spoke up.

So anyway, he pulls his dick out of my cunt and another guy stands behind me and slips his dick over my ass and into my labia. poke poke.and bingo! His dick finds my cunt by accident and it slid up and up my used cunt as I moan with pleasure. "oh fuck yes, fuck me!" I said for some reason. well if you cant beat them?

His legs were stood either side of mine, as my legs were together with my panties round my legs. This did not stop his dick entering up my pussy, and his dick was big. He filled my cunt and prodded inside me as he fucked me, taking his pleasure with my now willing cunt. I wanted him to fuck me good and drive me over into more orgasms for his fun. "use me!" I begged, like a crazed nympho slut. He fucked me telling everyone that he was getting to fuck Gemma.

I felt honored by that! fuck fuck fuck, he was taking his time or was drunk. "Are you fucking my friend Gemma?" .a familiar female voice asks them.

"oh fuck off Donna you slag" he tells her. "Yeh fuck off Donna unless you want some too!" "Don't worry Gemma" she tells me as I continued to be fucked, " I have a rape alarm in my bag, if you need it.It is in here.somewhere?." "I'm ok" I panted desperate for his cum. "yeh give me that, I'm going to push it up her ass!" "hey give me back my rape alarm!" I felt the fucking thing pushed against my ass! "hey that's my ass, you jerk!" I complained.

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oh shit, my ass opened up for it to be inserted in there! yuk! Donna said the one fucking me grabbed the rape alarm after it was half up my ass, pulled it out of me and threw it as far as he could, which was a long way and Donna never found it again.

"That hurt!" I complained over my ass. Mr Fucker pounded my cunt fast to the slut-slut noises of my pussy, and bellowed a deep roar! And the crazy fucker spurted his cum up inside my cunt, gush after gush. "oh fuck! oh fuck yess!" he roared. I looked over at Donna who was standing there arms folded.

"I'm not leaving her" she says. He pulled his wet dick out of my cunt and wiped it over my ass. Any-one else want a turn fucking me? I waited for a time bent over the table, and realized no one was holding me down anymore! So I looked over my shoulder and no one was there. Except Donna. "They have gone, Gemma. They ran away after fucking you." "well great! But fuck me if they are the only ones who get to fuck me this night! I'm not having this memory end like this!" I told her.

So I stood up, cum running out of my cunt down my legs. And I called into the night, "ANYONE ELSE WANT A TURN FUCKING ME?" .hmmm ahhhh.slut.Gem. came the murmurs.


a good girl. "Yeh I do!" says some guy, so I bent back over the table, tits into the beer-spillage and turned-over ash-tray. "FUCKING SLAG!" screamed some girl as she left. So who ever this guy was, he gets behind me and unzips his jeans, and Donna helps him with his dick. "In There" she says, putting his dick to my cunt. His cock nudges my pussy and slips up the soppy slippy used fuck-hole of my cunt. "ah yes!" I screamed as his dick slid up my wet pussy pipe, making me go crazy for him.

This felt great, and I felt my waves or orgasm drain me of all the tension and stress of the night. "oh Donna I'm fucking cumming again!" I sobbed and panted letting go of my emotions for a time. It was a good thing I had all-ready pissed as that one would have had me spray urine all over his jeans as my cunt convulsed me into silly-ness.


His hands held my hips and his dick rammed my cunt, slipping and sliding around and trying to find some traction in what had become a very wet and loose cum-dump. So like a good girl, I squeezed my pussy onto his dick and hoped for the best. sure enough he signaled with his moans of passion that the fucking was much better now, and he drove his cock hard into me, pounding away at my cunt with his dick, and at my wet thighs with his jeans.

fuck fuck fuck. Donna tells him out of the blue that he can cum inside of me because I was taking the pill. I love Donna, she is great! "I think he is cumming now Gemma" she tells me. His fucking was fast and urgent, and his noises where sounding that he was beyond the point of return. ha! But guys fuck to orgasm anyway! I felt some of his fluid deposit into my cunt as his arms pulled my hips towards him, and my cunt deeper onto his dick. Then he stops fucking me and pants to recover.

orgasm done. He holds his dick in me for long moments until it starts to squirm limp. wild sensations! I cum again just for good measure. Then he pulls his dick out of my very soaked cunt, and pats my ass. After the fucking; My Cousin ; and Donna "Thanks Gemma!" he says, as I get up off the table with my ash-and-beer wet tits.

I turn around pulling up my soaked panties into my cunt-groove, which some of the cum and dripped onto. "No Problemo.CHARLIE !" I almost screamed. There right behind me putting away his wet dick was my cousin charlie. WTF? "Gemma meet Charlie, Charlie meet your cousin Gemma" introduced Donna with dry humor. I looked at her with wonder!

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She chuckled. "Didn't want to spoil it for you Gemma as you were enjoying it" she tells me. "yeh well anyway girls", says Charlie, "I have to go. Thanks for the shag Gemma, I have wanted to fuck you since you became a teen! So I enjoyed watching you being fucked and well, thanks for the fuck!" I stood there nodding with my mouth open unable to think.

I put my tits away back into my dress, show over now. Charlie gave me a big hug and crushed my tits to his chest. And he gave me a big kiss on the lips and wouldn't let me go until I opened my mouth for his tongue. I looked with interest at Charlie over that. He smiled a big beaming grin at me and walked off to go home. "see ya, Charlie" we called to him. "fucking incest fucker, Weirdo!" I swore to Donna. "Have you just got yourself raped again Gemma?" asked Donna.

"cock-sucking slut" I told her. "sperm dump Gemma. Oh don't stop raping me on my account, I'm enjoying it.you dumb slag." "Did you swallow him then?" "yeh" "oh. like him?" "Yeh, he forced me to suck his dick. what's not to like?" Then she slips her arm into mine and walks me away from the fuck site and away from the Gang-Bang Bar as we unofficially called it back then.

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"Time to take you back to Jake as soiled goods - If he still wants you now". she joked. "Don't tell him.keep it hush" I asked her as we went to find a cab in the city of sin.