Naked guys After taking some preliminaries just to make sure Jimmy

Naked guys After taking some preliminaries just to make sure Jimmy
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This is the story about the submission of a typical white housewife to a submissive black whore. Main characters: Nicole Adams: 38, housewife and mom of Ryan, blonde, 5'7, 111lbs, 32C-23-34, slim and tanned Marcus: 25, coach of Ryan football team, black, 6'2, muscular, 10in dick Ryan Adams: 9, son of Nicole, 5'2 slim, athletic Rachel: 35, housewife and Nicole's BFF, blonde, 5'6, 112lbs, 34D-24-36, slim and tanned Chapter 1 I am Nicole, a typical suburban housewife, married to Daniel Adams for 12 years.


Daniel travels for work a lot and I stay at home to look after our son, Ryan. My typical day is to prepare breakfast for Ryan and Daniel, if he is home, ferry Ryan to school and whatever activities and pick him back. While Ryan is busy at school I would usually meet up with some other housewives and friends and have girls get together.

I would also spend time at the gym working out and keeping my figure. I enjoy this life but I also yearn to go back to the corporate world and working.

Just recently, I noticed that my BFF, Rachel, seemed to be always busy and would hardly come to our meetings. I called her one day and pestered her for a meet. We discussed about various things and when it came to why she was busy, she reluctantly told me that she was having an affair with a black guy and was enjoying herself and I should try it. To be honest, I was not surprised at this statement as she was always the wild girl.

But as she describe her escapades, I was more and more interested and found myself getting a little wet. "Nicole, darling, you should try a black guy yourself. It is really amazing and since Daniel is always raveling, it wouldn't harm." I was taken aback by her comment.

My sex life at home is at best normal and I am yearning a little more. As Daniel travels a lot, the only sex I have are from my fingers and dildos.

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I would masturbate whenever I am alone or when Ryan is in bed. We chatted for a while longer and I had to leave to fetch Ryan from his soccer practice. I got there early and as Ryan wasn't done, I went to the stands and watched them practice. I noticed there was a new coach as he gave orders to the boys. I watched him put them through their paces and found myself staring at his bulge of his tight pants. The training was soon over and Ryan came up to me.

I asked him who the new coach is and he told me he was Marcus and just arrived 3 weeks ago. As we drove home, Ryan was disappointed as he did not make the team for the next game. I tried to reassure him that there would be other games but he was still moody.

It was when we reached home when I told him: "Darling, why don't we ask Marcus over to give you some extra practice? He could also stay for dinner?" Ryan's mood began to brighten up and said "Sure, thanks mom!" I smiled as he was happy. So the next training session, Ryan went and invited the coach for dinner on Friday and he readily accepted. Friday came and I was cleaning the house when the doorbell rang.

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"Hi Marcus, Ryan is at a friend's place and should be back soon. Why don't you come in and have a sit. Let me get you a drink." Marcus thanked me and sat down as I went to the kitchen to get him a drink. Daniel had left in the morning for a 3 week trip and Ryan went over to the neighbor's house to play and would be back in 30 minutes for his extra training.

I was in a halter neck dress with bra and panties inside. As I handed him his drink and sat beside him and chatted.

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As we chat, I mentioned to him about my son not being in the team and he replied: "Well Mrs. Adams there are only 11 players allowed and I can't seem to fit all in at a game. However I could try my best to help Ryan. " I thanked him and noticed that his bulge was growing inside his tight pants and he noticed it as well. He then took my hand and said: "Mrs. Adams, I noticed that you have been eyeing my dick, would you like to touch it?" I was embarrassed and did not resist as he place my hand on his crotch and felt his dick through his pants.

It was hard! And I was getting turned on as it's been a while since I played with myself. "Now why don't you take it out and play it with Mrs. Adams." Still embarrassed, I withdrew my hand and undid his belt and zipper. When his dick was freed, I was taken aback by its size. It was at least 10incher and 3 inches wide. He smiled and stroked my face and spoke: "Mrs. Adams would you like to taste it?" I tried to resist but found myself nodding as I bend forward and started sucking him.

While I sucked, his hands started feeling my boobs and his hands were soon in my dress and were closing in on the treasure.

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As his fingers crept up my thighs, he mentioned: "Hmmm Mrs. Adams you seem wet already. Looks like you enjoying it." He then removed my panties as I was struggling with his dick in my mouth. It wasn't long before he came in my mouth and slid my panties to my knees.

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I swallowed his cum and sat back up as he removed my panties. I smiled and said: "Please call me Nicole and would this help Ryan to get in the team?" He smiled and said nothing. At this time, Ryan got back and was outside the door.

Marcus hurriedly rearranged his pants as I straighten my dress. He kept my panties while I let Ryan in. Both guys then went to practice at the garden while I prepared dinner.

Over dinner and wine, Ryan talked excitedly with Marcus about soccer as Marcus had one hand on my legs. Marcus was sitting in between Ryan and me and had used one hand to eat while playing with me with the other. We finished dinner and I, being a little tipsy, still cleared up as Ryan asked if it was ok if he stayed over at a friend's house. I let him and he kissed me and left leaving Marcus and me alone at home.

After he left, Marcus came into the kitchen and came up behind me. I felt his erection through his pants as he kissed my neck and sniffed my hair. I put down the dishes and washed my hands, turned around and kissed him back. We kissed for a while as he untied my dress and let it fall.

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I was standing with just my bra in front of him. He put a hand around me and spoke: "Now Nicole, lead me to your bedroom and I am going to fuck you on your bed." I led him to the master bedroom and helped him undressed. Gosh, what a hot body and what a huge dick! I thought as he pushed me onto the bed and removed my bra. He was hard and bigger then Daniel and he was much fitter then him as well.

He spread my legs and placed his erected dick at my pussy. I was scared at the size of it and tried to delay it but was ignored. He started to maul my breast with each hand as he started fucking me.

I moaned as he thrust his dick in and out of me. He soon unloaded another load of cum into my pussy and kissed me. He got me up and made me suck him clean. After I cleaned his dick with my mouth, I noticed he was hard again. He then made me bend over the bed with my ass facing him and without warning rammed his dick into my virgin butt. I screamed as he fucked me anally and this was my first time.

Daniel never had the urge to try it and I think it was gross. "Yes bitch beg for it!

You are my bitch now Nicole." He said as he fucked my virgin butt. He pulled out not long later and made me suck him. I resisted as it was dirty and was slapped.

He yanked my hair and when my mouth opened, he just sticks it in and I was sucking the dick which just raped my butt. After cleaning him once more, I laid on the bed as he got down and started to lick my pussy. It was a great feeling as he really knows how to eat a woman's pussy. I orgasm and he laid beside me stroking my naked body. "Nicole now I want you to tell me how did you enjoy your fuck and would you like me to do it again?" "Well Marcus, I enjoyed it and I would love to be fucked by you again." I found myself saying and to be honest I really enjoyed the fuck.

Although anal sex hurt like hell, I still enjoyed it. I was still surprise that I could take his entire dick in my pussy and butt. "Good girl, now you belong to me!" With that, we went into the showers together and showered. He fucked me a few more times that time as I begged him for it.

We then slept together on the bed where only my husband had been in me up till now.

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The next morning, I woke up and gave Marcus a blowjob as he showered. I put on a robe and went down to pick up my dress and made some breakfast. Marcus was eating breakfast when Ryan got home and we told him that Marcus stayed the night as he was a little drunk. Ryan then went up to his room. Before leaving, Marcus kissed me and said: "Well slut, Ryan will play the next game and you will call me whenever you're free and don't forget I have Ryan's schedule." He then left after squeezing my tits once more.

I smiled and felt happy that Ryan was able to play. Chapter 2 After the weekend, after sending Ryan to school, Marcus would come over and fuck me until it was time for me to go and pick Ryan. I found myself becoming more and more addicted to his dick and now I would not resist as he fuck me anally. I also start to realize that I was becoming his whore as I dressed more seductively whenever he comes and had shaved my pussy upon his request.

Marcus also introduced me into bondage and had bought me various cuffs and collars. I let him whip and spank me as I enjoyed him being rough when fucking me. He also made me give him my house key so he could let himself in to use me.

This continued till Daniel came back and Marcus did not visit. Ryan on the other hand was progressing well within the team and had played in many games.

One week after Daniel came back, he announced that he had to go to Mexico for 4 weeks. Ryan was a little sad to see his dad leave again but was getting used to it. During the time he was home, Daniel and I had sex 4times and felt he was poor in bed compared to Marcus.

That morning, we sent Daniel to the airport and I got Ryan to school. I then called Marcus on the way home: "Honey I missed you so much, would you come over now?" Marcus smiled and agreed. When I got home, I stripped and put on a pink tank and my collar and knelled beside the door awaiting Marcus's arrival. Marcus came ten minutes later and smiled upon seeing me. He attached a leash on me and took me to the living room where he fucked me. The following day, he called me and told me to wait for him at home and be ready as he was going to introduce me to someone.

I did as instructed and was dressed in a tight strapless dress without undies and waited. He arrived and I got into the car and drove off. We arrived at his apartment. This is my first time there and it was a small 2 bedroom apartment. I was stunned when I saw Rachel leashed, collared and knelling at the bed. She smiled and said: "Gosh master, I did not know the other friend was Nicole.


She is one hot babe." Marcus smiled and ordered me to strip. Rachel and I then did a lesbian show in front of him and when we finished he had Rachel sit on my face as he fucked me.

We spent the next 4 hours fucking in various positions and when Marcus shot another load of his cum at us, we laid down on his bed exhausted. Marcus was snoozing in the middle with Rachel and me at his sides. We then spoke about how we turned into his whores. Soon it was time for me to go and I kissed Marcus goodbye after getting dressed.

"You will be needed the next few days so make yourself available Nicole and you as well Rachel." Marcus told me as before I left. The next day as Ryan had a game, he got to leave early to prepare. I promised him that I would watch him play. When I got home after sending him to school, Marcus and Rachel were waiting for me.

We did a 3sum and then went to shower. When I came out Marcus laid my attire on the bed. It consist of a black shirt and miniskirt with undies. I wore it and put some make up on as Rachel wore a dress. He then took both of us to the match venue and instead of heading towards the stands, he took us into a changing room and told us to remain there until we were allowed to leave.

The room was marked "For Referees only"! 45 minutes before the game started, 4 guys came into the room and smiled when he saw Rachel and me there. They then started to grope us and kissing us. Soon, we were all naked and Rachel and I were enjoying their dicks. We fucked for 40 minutes and then got dressed and went out of the changing room to the stands. We were told to return at halftime and full time. I realized during the fuck that Rachel and I were bribes as we enjoyed the game and watched as Ryan scored in the first half.

During half time, we returned for another fuck and when we left the room for the second half, cum was dripping out of our holes. When we returned at full time it was no surprise that Ryan's team won, we were then made to shower with the guys. When we finished, Rachel left as I waited for Ryan and we left together.

Marcus called and told me how please he was with our performance and I was glad. Chapter 3 On Saturday, Marcus called and told me that I was to be ready for him at 5pm and a babysitter would come and look after Ryan.

I settled Ryan and allowed him to have some friends over before getting ready for Marcus 'arrival. I wore a backless dress which exposes all of my back till the top of my ass crack. I did not wear a bra and the cups of the dress were barely keeping my tits in place. I wore stockings and a 6inch heels. I was ready before 5 and waiting as Ryan was upstairs playing with his friends.

At 5pm, the doorbell rang and there was a young black lady. I invited her in and she told me she was the babysitter. I got the boys down and introduced them to each other and the boys went back to their game upstairs. As I was about to leave she held me back.

She lifted my dress and seeing that I was without panties, snaked my bare pussy before saying: "Good bitch Marcus would like this." I went out and got into the car and saw Rachel was there already.

Marcus drove us to his house and told us there was a surprise for us. Before we went in he attached our collars on our necks and a leash. When we got in, there were 6 black men waiting for us.

They looked menacing and fierce. Marcus said: "Well Dominic, here are the bitches I promised. You can use them anyway you like just remember to take some dough off my tab." One of the guys, named Dominic smiled and said: "Well Marcus you outdid yourself this time and I will take it off you tabs. Now boys lets have fun with these two white whores." That night, the guys made me and Rachel dance and perform a lesbian show in front of them before taking turns fucking us.

After they used all our holes, they pissed on us as we struggled to swallow. They let us clean ourselves and rest for an hour before the fucking continued. This time, they tied us together in a 69 and made us eat each other's pussy while they fucked our ass.

We were well used, sore and tired when Dominic and the guys were done with us and left smiling. Marcus then ordered us to clean up and we lay on the bed asleep.

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It was in the afternoon when Marcus dropped me home. At home, Ryan was upstairs when the babysitter made me kneel and eat her pussy in the living room.


I did as I was told and made her orgasm. From that day onwards, Marcus used me and Rachel for his gambling debts and even took us to a strip club and made us strip dance there. To be honest, I am beginning to enjoy the black dicks which love to fuck my holes and love to enjoy a lady. Marcus used us for 2 years before moving away and Ryan was constantly on the team. As for Daniel, he was none the wiser about my secret life.