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Phat Booby Delicious Mature Secretly Pounded
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Heather awoke on this Friday morning ready to begin her daily routine. The 21 yr old beauty had her usual breakfast of juice, fruit and a toasted muffin.

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She then put hair back into a short pony tail and got into her jogging suit and shoes for her usual run. As she began to run; she thought about her day. Heather was a real estate agent for her uncle Don's agency. She was doing quite well in real estate and would be driving about a hundred miles north of there today to show a couple a fantastic mountain ranch valued in the millions.

If she could pull this off it would be by far her biggest sale. Her thoughts now drifted to her steady boy-friend Brian and their date tonight. Brian was taking her to a very exclusive restaurant and had said he had something very special to ask her. She was almost certain he would propose. Brian had tickets for a concert Saturday night featuring her favorite rock group. Heather was on top of the world as she ended her run back at the condo where she lived.


She had a feeling this was going to be a very special weekend. She entered the door and quickly pulled off her shoes, top and pants and placed them in her bedroom closet. Entering the bathroom; she let down the pony tail and unsnapped her bra, removed her panties and socks and placed them in the dirty clothes hamper. Heather lingered for a moment in front of the full-length mirror admiring her well-tanned 5'9"120 lb curvaceous figure.

She wanted to be sexy for Brian; especially tonight. But she had to get going The hot shower felt good as bathed herself all over with the soapy cloth and then shampooed her blond hair. Turning off the shower; she stepped out and dried her body and then used the blowdryer and her styling brush to dry and style her hair. A little more work and she was satisfied with the wavy curl.

Now to get dressed, she pulled out a black lacy bra from her underwear drawer; then snapped it and arranged the cups over her size 36C breasts. A matching pair of black lace French cut panties slid easily up her sexy thighs and over her hips.

Next a short black half-slip and a black camisole. Heather sat down on the bed and slowly rolled her lace-top suntan thigh-hi stockings up her long sexy legs and into place.

She went back into the bathroom and put on her lipstick and makeup in front of the mirror. She put on a white long sleeved blouse and buttoned the sleeves and then the four buttons on the front.

Her short charcoal gray wool blend skirt was arranged into position and buttoned and zipped. Heather stepped into her black high heels. She retrieved a black ribbon tie from the rack in the closet and placed it around the neck of her blouse and tied it in a bow.

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A dark plum blazer with the realty company emblem rounded out her ensemble. She stepped in front of the mirror; not bad she thought. Sexy but not too flashy, she grabbed her portfolio, purse and car keys and locked the door as she went out.

Her small silver Mercedes was parked in front of the condo and she eased it out into the road headed for the interstate. Several miles down the interstate the traffic came to a crawl and then stopped completely. I hope this traffic jam doesn't last long; she thought. Soon an ambulance and fire truck went speeding past on the median.

Heather surmised that there probably was a bad wreck ahead. She silently prayed that no one had been killed. The line of cars continued to sit still. She was boxed in. She pulled out her cell phone to try and contacted the Shanes to tell them she would be late. Their housekeeper told her they had left approx half an hour ago to meet her.

When asked if they had a cell phone; the housekeeper said no, Mr. Shane didn't like those things. Heather began to panic. She wanted this sale so much and didn't want anything to screw it up. After an hour and 25 min; the traffic finally began to move slowly. Heather had to make up some time but how. Suddenly she remembered the Lookout Mountain Rd that went up and over the mountains.

It was curvy but there wasn't usually much traffic and it would shorten her distance considerably to take that route instead of going the interstate until the valley turnoff. She soon reached the exit and was speeding up the curvy mountain road and down the other side as fast as she could take the curves.

There was no traffic and she was making good progress. Heather rounded the next curve at breakneck speed and too late saw two pulp wood logs lying the road. She didn't have time to hardly react before her tires struck the logs and her car was airborne over the short guard rail and down the hill side which was covered mostly in small dead scrub evergreens.

She fought to maintain some semblance of control as the car wheels touched ground and the car bounced down the slope still going in the forward direction. Over halfway down the hill; the Mercedes hit a larger sapling which spun it around and started it to roll.

Even though Heather was wearing her seat belt; she was now being tossed about like a rag doll. The left side of her head now impacted the driver's side window with enough force to crack the window. At the bottom of the hill; Heather's car rolled over a small grove of live Balsams and suddenly came to a stop within them.

The car had stopped on its wheels with the driver's side door slightly ajar. The noise of the crash had caught the attention of Clint Hayes and his dog King as they were crossing a nearby creek. They made their way in the direction the noise had come from to see what had happened.

Clint lived in a cabin with his dog just across the next small mountain. He was a decorated Gulf War Veteran who had come home from the war to find his wife of 10 years had been cheating on him. In the confrontation that followed; he had punched her which had led to his arrest.

They then had a messy divorce and he pulled up stakes and bought the cabin and a few acres out here in the middle of nowhere. The cabin had no electricity. He made a living operating heavy machinery at a paper mill over near the river. King arrived first at the smoldering car and was sniffing at the driver's side door. Clint jerked the door wide open and leaned down to check the occupant.

He stared momentarily at the young woman who was held upright by her seat belt. Her skirt and half-slip had ridden up to her crotch and Clint could see all of her stocking clad legs as well as her pussy hair through the lace of the panties.

He also noticed Heather's death urine leaking from her panties and running under her toward the back of the seat. Clint checked for a pulse but found none. Heather's beautiful blue eyes were open in a death stare into space. Unsnapping her seat-belt; he carried the leggy corpse over to a nearby clear spot and checked for a pulse again. No pulse. No heartbeat. She was dead. He now looked her over more carefully. There was clotting blood on the left side of her head where she had banged it on the window.

He also noted blood dripping from her left nostril and the left corner of her mouth. No other visible wounds though. She was a looker; what a shame that someone as beautiful as her had lost their life here. Such long shapely legs, he couldn't believe he was this attracted to a dead woman; but living out in the wilderness had taken its toll. He hadn't seen a woman this beautiful in a long time.

His ex-wife had been attractive but this one put her to shame. This one wouldn't object to anything that was done to her now. What a perfect lover! Suddenly Clint decided he was going to take her back to his cabin. He retrieved her purse from the car and then hoisted Heather's lovely corpse over his left shoulder.

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With King in the lead; he made his way back down to the creek and walked in it a ways before heading up the mountain toward his cabin. After stopping several times to rest; he came over the last little hill above the cabin.

It was nestled in a deep forest surrounded by giant evergreens with a creek running nearby. Clint had rigged up a hand pump in the cabin so he didn't have to go down to the creek to have water.

Clint entered the front door and placed his rifle in the corner. He walked over near the bed and gently lowered Heather's corpse onto a large wooden chair. Now to clean her up a little he thought. After filling a washpan with water; Clint began to gently wash the blood from the side of Heather's face, the corners of her mouth and her left nostril.

Once that was done; he washed and cleaned the blood from her hair and dried her face and hair as much as possible. With King watching intently; Clint turned down the covers on the bed and then gently scooped up Heather's corpse and carried it to the bed. He arranged the pillow under her head and kissed her cold unfeeling lips.

Damn; she was sexy!

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Clint raised Heather up from the pillow and removed her Blazer, her ribbon tie and her white blouse. Still holding her upright; he removed the camisole and unsnapped the lace bra and slowly lowered her back to the pillow. He unbuttoned and unzipped her gray skirt and grabbing the hem; pulled pulled the skirt and the half-slip off over the shapely hips, legs and shoes.

The unsnapped bra was easily removed revealing her firm tits. Now for the final unveiling! Clint grabbed the waist band of the damp panties and slowly pulled them down revealing Heather's dark blonde bush.

He pressed the panties to his nose and could smell the combination of perfume, body musk and piss. His big dick was getting mighty uncomfortable inside his shorts so he began to take off his clothes.


Once his boots, pants and shirt were removed; he removed his shorts and placed them on the bedpost. Crawling onto the bed; Clint spread Heather's knees wide apart to have a good look at her pussy. He could smell the same fragrances as with the panties. It was a real turn-on for him. He pressed his tongue to the open slit and began to lick it. Soon his tongue was exploring further and further inside of the dead cunthole. It was cool and clammy but delicious so he continued until his saliva was dripping from Heather's luscious hole.

His finger replaced his mouth and tongue as he stroked it in and out of his necro-lover. Clint couldn't wait any longer; he had to fuck her with his dick. Crawling between her long shapely legs; he lowered himself until his erect organ was at the entrance to Heather's love hole. Slowly it slid in between the lips until, only partially inserted, it contacted Heather's hymen and stopped. Clint couldn't believe it; this beautiful young woman was a virgin. He was going to be her first and only lover.

He wasn't going to be denied this fuck by a hymen; so he partially withdrew his erect dick and then rammed it in as hard as he could. This time it broke through and hit bottom and he began to stroke it in and out of the cool dead pussy. It felt so good as he fucked it; it had been too long since he had a woman. As he pumped; his hands alternately caressed the lovely stocking clad thighs and succulent breasts.

His dick was getting that tingling feeling and soon he could hold back no longer. He felt the ecstasy as his rod exploded inside Heather and shot wave after of hot cum into her beautiful corpse. Spent; he slid off and lay down beside the body and played with her sticky pussy. He had the perfect lover. No complaining, bitching and no running away with other men. Speaking of other men; he wondered if there had been a man in Heather's life. If there was; that man certainly had lost a treasure.

Clint got up and retrieved Heather's purse from the chair, returned and dumped its contents on the bed. Opening the wallet; he counted sixty-five dollars in bills and a dollar seventy three cents in change. Opening the top drawer of the small table beside the bed; he placed the money inside an old shoe box. This young lady had no need for money now. Continuing to look through the wallet; he found a drivers' license with the name Heather Whistnant and noted from the birth date; that she would have been 22 in a couple of months.

Next he came across a picture of Heather smiling in the arms of a handsome young man. So she did have a man in her life. Clint rifled through the credit cards and other items but found nothing of real value to him that he could use and dumped the items back into the purse. He looked at the ring on Heather's finger but decided it wasn't really valuable to him and left it on. Clint rolled the corpse over on her stomach and admired her firm tanned butt. She had only the tiniest of a bikini tan line.

What a nice ass! His hands rubbed the cheeks and his fingers found their way down into the crack and eventually to her asshole. He remembered one of his girlfriends in high school who loved taking it up her ass. His ex-wife never cared for it though. He pressed his finger against the tight hole and up inside Heather's rectum and began to work the finger around to loosen her up further.

His dick was getting very hard again as he pumped his finger in and out. After awhile he got two fingers inside and her asshole really began to loosen up. It was time to give his dick a try. He grabbed a pillow and rolled Heather over on her side, placed the pillow and rolled her on to the pillow so that her ass was somewhat elevated. He spread her sexy legs wide apart and crawled between them and lined his big hard rod up with her asshole.

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It took several hard thrusts to fully bury his rod in her ass. Clint kissed her cool back and neck as he stroked his dick in and out. She was exquisite and all his. It was starting to get that tingly feeling. His tempo increased and soon afterward he shot his load into her ass. He withdrew and again lay down beside of Heather. He rolled her over on her back and passionately kissed her pale lips.

Clint was suddenly aware of King touching his hand. He had dozed off and it was starting to get dark outside. Clint left the bed and put his clothes on. He had chores to do before supper.

King led the way as he went outside the cabin. After the chores were finished; they returned and Clint prepared supper for both of them. With the meal finished; King lay down over at the fireplace and his master removed his clothes and crawled into bed and pulled the covers over himself and his lovely dead lover.

His arms held her tight as he slept soundly. He awoke the next morning to the sound of King scratching at the door. Removing his arms from Heather; Clint crawled out of bed and went over to open the door and then put some wood on the fire. He picked up Heather and laid her on a large bear skin in front of the fireplace.

She looked really sexy lying there and Clint had to have some more pussy. He dropped between her long sexy legs and began pounding his hard rod into her cold sticky cunt. A wave of pleasure came over him again as his dick erupted into her again. He lay on top her savoring the moment and then withdrew and got dressed.

It was now time to fix some breakfast. King was at the door scratching and howling and his master let him in and closed the door. King walked over sniffing at Heather's corpse as Clint continued preparing the food.

Hearing a noise behind him caused Clint to turn around. He couldn't believe it; even the dog wanted her. King was latched on tight to Heather's stocking clad thigh and hunching like there would be no tomorrow. Clint walked over and kicked him square in the rump dislodging him from the thigh and took him outside with his plate of breakfast and returned inside, closed and latched the door. He gazed at Heather's lovely body as he finished off his breakfast.

After breakfast; Clint strolled over and lay down beside Heather on the Bear skin. He caressed her cold stiffening body and held her close. Over the course of the day and into the night; he kissed and caressed every inch of Heather's luscious body.

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She had a sexy little black mole on the inside of her left thigh. He marveled at her feminine curves. She had more curves than forty miles of bad road and he knew every one of them. About midnight he got up and carried her body to the bed and covered it. He let King back in and noticed that a light snow was falling.

Clint closed and locked the door, removed his clothes and crawled into bed with Heather for he knew would be his last night with her. He placed his hand on her left breast and positioned her cold stiffening right hand over his dick and drifted off to sleep. His sound sleep was awakened the next morning by the daily ritual of King howling and scratching at the door. Clint removed Heather's cold hand from his dick; got up and dressed and opened the door.

King darted out into a light dusting of snow. Clint proceeded to fix breakfast and sat down to eat. His thoughts returned to Heather. He'd like to keep her for a while longer but that wasn't going to be possible. She was starting to look and smell a little stale already.

He had to decide what he was going to do with her corpse. At that moment; Clint remembered a very small cave down the creek a ways. It should be big enough to be able to bury her in there. Clint retrieved a large long thick sack from the tool shed.

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It had contained machine tool parts for the paper mill and they had discarded it. He placed the sack beside the corpse to make sure it was long enough and determined it had a few inches to spare. He retrieved Heather's clothes and slowly redressed her; taking time to fondle her breasts and play with her smelly pussy.

Before placing her in the bag; he kissed her cold lips one last time. He slid the bag over the head and shoulders and pulled and tugged on it until all of Heather's body was inside. Her purse was then placed in the bag beside her feet. Clint now took a large needle and sewed up the sack. Grabbing his shovel; he placed the bag over his shoulder and made his way down the creek toward the cave. Once there he crawled through the entrance and pulled the bag inside and placed it against the cave wall.

With the shovel he covered the bag with dirt, silt and gravel from inside the cave. Now he went back outside and began to carry large rocks and arranged them to block the cave entrance.

He found some dead brush to hide the rock covered cave entrance from view and with King by his side made his way back to the cabin. In the meantime, Heather's wrecked car was discovered and a search was instituted in the surrounding area.

Bloodhounds were brought in and tracked a scent to the creek where Clint had entered it. There the trail went cold and after several days the search was called off. Clint had returned to work on Monday with a smile on his face. He had taken alot of ribbing from his co-workers about his meager and lonely existence. If they only knew about this weekend!

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But he would never tell. Heather's "special" weekend had turned out to be very "special" for Clint. THE END