Transsexual asian beauty solo tugging cock

Transsexual asian beauty solo tugging cock
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She was a young nubile beautiful high school student. She enjoyed teasing the young Male students by wearing short sexy clothing and exposing her intimate body parts.


You could count on her not wearing bras or panties and keeping herself clean shaven. She was a petite five foot two inch girl about sixteen years old fit and healthy with firm b-cup breasts. Maybe eighty pounds with a muscular physique she was disliked by her peers because of her looks and attitude. Finally a group of young woman grew tired of her attitude when she was in the school locker room taking a shower after her gym class at the end of the day.

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They gathered together and shoved her out into the gym making sure all the doors she could escape through were locked. The gym began to fill up with the after school freshman class wrestlers. They saw the naked young girl and surrounded herthe young women in the club that had suffered her snide remarks took her down on the wrestling mats holding her down spread eagled and invited the young men to fuck her.

The twelve guys in threes fucked all of her orifices. The other girls recorded her being fucked exposing the image of a large penis filling her abdomen moving up and down in her stomach.

She screamed as they pierced her hymen removing her virginityboth vaginally and anally. The group laughed as the captured her rape for all to watch on the internet. Then one of the guys left for a short time and when he returned he had two large mastiffs with him.


He saidif everyone is finished with her get her onto her hands and knees which they did and the male dog mounted her ramming his very large penis into her pussy. The young man then got the female dog to lay on her back spread her legs so her cunt was under the young girls face and forced her to start licking the dogs pussy.

She brought the dog to orgasm and she had to lick up the dogs cum as the male dog ejaculated filling her womb with its spunk as she orgasmed.

They video recorded this and posted it on the web where it quickly went viral. They left her exhaustedusedabusednaked body laying helpless on the gym floor where she was found by the school janitor who called friends and they came to the school all weekend and fucked her in every way possible.

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She was informed that with her porno on the web she belonged to the teachers and other adults at the school after all who would believe anything she claimed. Monday morning started her new life as throughout the day she was called to different areas of the school and fucked by teachersstudentsstaffand important visitors. By the end of the day she was crying because all of her holes were sore and hurt from the use and her jaw hurt from having so many dicks shoved down her throat.

The school had a real doctor visit the school once a week and once he heard what was happening he brought in some special drugs and administered them to her. After a week the drugs changed her bodyincreasing her boob size and starting them lactating and made them and her pussy more sensitive.

The other girls loved to milk her breasts in class pulling her nipples through her blouse until she had two wet spots on her shirt and a wet spot on her skirt. She was forced by her peers to wear very short skirts and sheer blouses that exposed her intimate body parts to everyone that cared to look every dayall day.

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She usually went home and cried herself to sleepher parent were rich and busy so they never realized what was happening to her. They were usually away all weekend so the school cheerleaders had taken her over and molested her on the weekends bringing dogs and other animals to her home on the weekends and posted on the web so others could watch her being raped by strange animals.

They got very strange forcing unusual animals to have sex with her such as : snakespigssquirrelsponiesan anteaterthey even got a cat to lick her to climax. She eventually took on the nickname beast-girl as people would leave suggestive comments on her web site of what animals she should try getting fucked by next. She began sobbing when one of the suggestions was approved and they gathered everything that was needed for it to happen. The group broke into the local aquarium and stripped her and placed her into the tank with a male octopus and spread chemicals into the water making the octopus horny.


They started streaming her being raped by the octopus as it grabbed her wrists and ankles forcing her limbs apart then it used two of its tentacles to grab her breasts and its suckers latched onto her nipples. One remaining tentacle forced it's way into her mouth and began fucking her throat. The last tentacle invaded her anus while his penis went deep into her vagina.

What no one knew was the octopus was a genetics experiment so she became pregnant and bore a humanoid octopus nine month later. Finding this funny the girls forced her to care for her child and impregnated her over and over again. Her children matured quickly and they released them into the ocean every few years where they raped and impregnated young woman taking them off to an island where the colony grew.

The young woman did get the last laugh when the girls that had started all of this were grabbed and taken to the island where they were regularly raped and impregnated by the octonoids.

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The videos of these rapes were very popular especially in the Japanese culture where they were viewed by thousands and young Asian women were volunteered as subjects of the octonoids to have sex with regularly.