Friend with benefits teasing blowjob deepthroa

Friend with benefits teasing blowjob deepthroa
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Cathy again: My second offering of ELG stories was, as I expected, not that well received, except probably by the few girls who read these things. So I wrote this from scratch. It's sort of SF, but mostly sex. Jenny is a horny human female. She is also a figment of Marni's dreams. Marni is a female trying to get pregnant. But for her it requires the ultimate in female delight, getting DP'd by two men, one of each type. The story is about both women, and more about the girl telling the story than about Jenny.

-------------------- Sometimes I'm Jenny Kemish enters the lobby and asks for me. There are two girls seated there who were knitting. The older has only been awake as an adult for five weeks. Neither young woman can ignore the presence of a male.

For that matter, what woman can? Both girls sigh in adoration. Their nipples and clits harden, their orifices soften and self lubricate. It is possible they might even faint with pleasure if he were to turn and smile at them. They are young, barely out of metamorphasis, and have only had sex one time each during which they both fainted during first penetration. It takes about a year of maturity and experience before a girl can avoid swooning long before the male ejaculates in her fanny.

And no woman can maintain consciousness much beyond that point. But more experienced girls can remember the pleasure feeling a lover's sperm penetrate our anal receptor before the delight overwhelms us. At this point in their young lives, more frequent interaction would be too much for these two girls, reguardless of how much their bodies crave it.

Kemish is a considerate man and does not take advantage of them. He is not there to have sex with them and does not want to make them suffer any more disappointment than necessary.

He has done his share of initiation, so he wants me, a woman of two years who can talk with him without fainting. I want him inside me as badly as these girls. But I can restrain myself. And we all know that Kemish wants more than just sex. He will, out of kindness, fuck my fanny before leaving me. But before he gives me this pleasure I will pay for it by restraining myself, spending several pleasant hours in his company, talking if he wishes, sucking his member if he will let me, offering my openings to him for other types of penetration if he is interested.

I can please a man without having to climax immediately. I can even survive graciously the disappointment of not having my lover finish by ejaculating in my fanny.

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But Kemish usually gives me this ultimate female pleasure. I am Marni, a female. Kemish is an alpha male. ---------> Jenny (In my dreams, I am Jenny, a human female of twenty-eight years, recently married and desperately trying to start a family with the help of her new husband Jason. Jason, as human males go, is quite sexy. He's thirty-three, six-two, and georgeous. He has a desk job, but works out in the gym. In bed, those muscles make him the best lay Jenny's ever had. Jenny loves feeling a strong man hold her in his firm grip while forcing his member inside her vagina.

Jenny is afraid to suggest anal sex. She does not want Jason to find out how much she craves it. Nor would Jenny love it the way I, Marni, do. For Marni, anal sex is lust, the door to the perfect climax every time. It's addictive, of course. But no one expects Marni or any other female to show restraint. Men decide what they want to do. Girls cooperate. For a female, life is pleasure. Satisfying male lust is our task in life.) "Jason," Jenny began in her little girl voice.

"Would you like me on all fours?" This wasn't an invitation for anal sex. Though every time she assumed this position she hoped he would take advantage of the easy access it provided.

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Jenny had discovered that Jason did have some interest in doing it in positions other than missionary. They had been engaged in foreplay since supper, and the dishes were still on the table waiting to be cleared. "Later," she thought. "Not now when I could be getting fucked." After he'd finished his desert she got up and walked behind him as if to pick up his dish.

But when her nipples touched his arm she could hardly move. What had started out as a game had become a conditioned response. Jason thought she was still just playing the seductress when in fact the touch left her gasping, incapable of performing mundane tasks. Marni, of course, was often incapacitated by the presence of a male.

In her world, females were all like her. But this bleed over into Jenny's world was causing Jenny trouble. On the one hand she enjoyed this new responsiveness. It was a pleasure giving men pleasure. Most women probably never experienced how much pleasure it could be. But Marni knew, and Jenny was learning from Marni.

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"Ooohhhhhhh" she moaned as she felt his member touch her pussy lips. Even her nipples brushing against his arm through the thin fabric had turned her on. They both knew why she liked to go braless when alone with him in the evenings. Jenny only hoped the "with him" was real. She was afraid her new found heights of sexuality might be a bit more universal. She could no longer risk the presence of another man without her bra on for protection.

She wanted to get pregnant and wanted Jason to be the father. But she was almost certain that if she ever found herself alone with another man, unprotected nipples would lead to coitus no matter who the man was. She thought about how vulnerable and willing Marni was with any male. It was a very erotic thought. Jason knew what things turned his wife on.

He was starting to think there was almost nothing that didn't turn her on. He took his member in hand and moved it, exciting her lips, circling her clit with the tip, teasing her cunt hole. For a second he even touched the forbidden opening and was pleased to hear yet another gasp excape her lips.

He slid himself forward, his hands cupping her hips, sliding in unison up her sides, finding her breasts and softly cupping them. She groaned as her teased her. They both knew she wanted him to squeeze them hard, so he did not. His wife, he'd discovered, loved it even more when he held back making her beg for a particular sensual pleasure. While he was paying attention to her lovely, soft tits, he felt himself slid smoothly into her welcoming vagina. With other women it was never this easy. Jenny was a sexual slut, always in heat, sexier than his three previous lovers put together.

It amazed him that he'd managed to land the best one. It had always been the other guys who got the sexy ones. Except this time. This time he'd come off the big winner. He wanted kids. But he loved even more doing what was necessary first. In the middle of sex, Jenny was closer to Marni than normal. She didn't even have to be asleep to make contact.

----------> Marni The two girls will survive their close encounter with a male. But they will dream about him tonight. Or dream about the man they have had. As a mercy, there is always arranged a lover for a girl the first day after she awakens. After she gives herself to his lust she will dream about him.

A girl never forgets the after pleasure of her first heinie, eventhough she was unconscious during the act. When Jenny thinks of the word heinie she usually means a part of her body, her fanny. To me it means the act of getting fucked in my fanny, and feeling my lover ejaculate inside me. I definitely want to feel him ejaculate inside me. A human woman can't even imagine the pleasure one feels when male cume contacts a girl's anal receptor.

Of course, it's necessary for conception, which is probably why evolution has given us this exsquisite pleasure. The only thing that beats it is the combination, another man ejaculating in my vagina at the same time.

But here mother nature gets fooled.

I have to have a beta in my fanny and an alpha in my pussy to become myself a mother. Yet any combination of males feels just as good. Unless a girl is having sex with two alphas, DP is always the beta's decision. If he wants to start a family using me as the mother, he will inform me. Usually he will let me select the alpha. But only out of courtesy. I would gladly give any beta my fanny and accept any choice he cared to make for the third parent.

Kemish has made it across the room successfully, reaching the desk behind which Lenie, a beautiful matron, is sitting.

Having been once already a mother, Lenie isn't exactly immune to male charm. But she can at least perform some simple tasks in his presence. She rings me on the intercom. As much as Lenie loves talking with Kemish, she also knows that it is best if she can get him quickly away from the two young girls. Best for them, that is. It would hardly embarrass him if they attempted physical seduction. Girls are much smaller and weaker than men.

He could easily restrain them himself. But they would be terribly upset afterwards. A little buzzer rings a warning, and then Lenie directs him to a lounge halfway down the hall. I meet him inside, where the younger girls can no longer see or smell him. The smell is important. You really loose it when you get close enough to a man to smell him. Of course, I'm expected to loose it, being alone with him in the room. That's obviously why we are both in here. A girl is not allowed in such close quarters to a male unless he desires intimate relations.

My reaction to his nearness is hard for me to control. His reaction to me is also strong, but he can say no if he chooses. Kemish sits on the bed like couch. I carefully choose a chair about six feet from him.

We have found that at this distance I can still think and talk about things other than what is foremost in my mind. Like the girls in the lobby, my nipples are now engorged. My clit is the size of a grape. Both openings are soft and ready. I can feel my insides yearning for this man.

I love this feeling. I have no particular preference for anal penetration. Kemish will feel just as wonderful slamming into my vagina. I even love to take him in my mouth. But like any female with a male of either sex, I nearly die to feel him climax in my fanny.

I have twice been chosen for pleasure by a beta, a man called Gemric Merit Kalton. Unlike females and alphas, betas all have three names eventhough they too have ID numbers assigned at birth.

Gemric has sampled other women here at the residence, but he has chosen me twice. After the second time, the girls gave me a party. It is not always true that a second choosing leads to bonding, but if often does.

Some times celebrating is considered bad luck. No one dares ask a beta his intentions, especially the girl involved. The last thing she ever wants to do is discourage him. Any one of us would give almost anything to be bonded by any beta. The party was not my idea. I hope it doesn't bring me bad luck.

I very much hope Gemric does bond me and would be happy if he chooses Kemish as our alpha. Kemish is mildly excited about Gemric's interest. He has been more attentive since Gemric's second visit. Alphas have little to say about a bonding.


They generally have little involvment with raising the triplets. And the fertilization of the female gives them no particular pleasure beyond normal coitus. But there is tremendous status in being chosen. Kemish and I talk for almost an hour. He is nearly as intelligent as I and our conversation is interesting. It is not one sided as it was with Gemric. Gemric is so much more intelligent that I am almost more embarrassed than he is bored. But I make the effort, and Gemric knows I am of above average intelligence for a female.

Most women would bore him even more. He has no interest in an alpha like Kemish. At least I interest him sexually. By definition, my conversations are limited. Jenny talks of politics as if her opinions matter. Mine do not. Nor do those of Kemish. Betas run the world. Not one of the three sexes can imagine it any other way.

I find it hard to sexually compare Kemish with Gemric. As much as we love our alpha lovers, they usually have only one purpose in our lives. Someone to pleasure us and someone we can pleasure. No male will ever provide me support the way Jason does Jenny.

Females and alphas have always been cared for by the community as a whole. In modern times this means the "state". I will live just as comfortable a life if I never have a beta lover, never bond, and never birth triplets. I crave Gemric's indulgence because I want the ultimate female triumph, to feel two men climax inside me at the same time, to know that a beta has ejaculated in my rectum and an alpha in my vagina.

And when I get the rush, feeling semen penetrate my anal receptor, it will be beta sperm which can make its way through my anal tube while alpha sperm is making its way through my vaginal tube as only alpha sperm can. One sperm from each man will find my waiting egg and I will become a mother.

At about one month the egg will split into three, and for another eight months my body will incubate my three children, one of each sex. I cannot say that Kemish is a better lover than Gemric, though I think this might be the case. But sex with Kemish is all about pleasure, while with Gemric it is mostly hope. Of course, there was also intense pleasure. The first time with Gemric was two months ago.

He didn't say he had received a token, permission to reproduce. Even today I do not know if he is only interested in sex, and a single visit is usually only for that purpose. It is guessed that the betas do not repeat with the same female unless they are choosing a potential mother.


But this may not be true. Betas do not tell us how they manage population control. They do not discuss politics with us. A girl never knows for sure that a beta is considering reproduction until he informs her that he has chosen her for bonding.

The event itself is the only time the two of them and the alpha father will ever get together. Any other time a beta male can barely tolerate the presence of an alpha male.

When Gemric arrived and asked the woman at the desk to ring me and have me meet him in a room, I was surprised. He gave me no warning. Sometimes a beta will call ahead. More often they do not. If by chance I am not in, he will simply pick the next girl on his list. He had no particular interest in me personally at that time. I hope he does now, but I think I am only a female who appears acceptable.

I heard that once a girl who was with an alpha actually managed to disengage quickly enough to meet the beta. But it bought her nothing in the long run. Gemric's visit should have not made me nervous. I had given several alphas pleasure, some many times, especially Kemish. Making love with a beta is physically no different, but we talked much less.

As always when I'm with a male, I could think of little other than his member. And Gemric was uninterested in conversation. The amenities lasted about two sentences. His third sentence was a request for oral sex. I pride myself on actually enjoying fallacio. It is a pleasure, feeling your lover inside your mouth. The problem is you so much want him inside you some place more intimate. Girls have a hard time being patient enough to enjoy fallacio.

Gemric's member was not really hard until I began sucking on it. With Kemish this was not the case. Some girls think alphas are almost as horny as we our.

When I first touched Gemric's tip to my lips, the shaft I held was about twelve inches long and an inch thick. It got thicker and developed the ball we love so much a few inches up from the base. Jenny would have found it long and strangely shaped.

Human males have their testicles located below. The sperm sack does not harden up nor does it penetrate the female. To me Jason's member would look small and clearly incapable of locking. I suppose locking is not necessary for conception, nor is it unbreakable during vaginal sex.

We always want our male lover to pull out before his climax and finish in our fannies. There he will provide the rush a girl gets when his sperm hits her receptor. In her rectum he will have to finish and give her this pleasure because, while erect, the swelling cannot be pulled out through her sphincter once his penetration has triggered her holding response.

He must loose his erection first, usually after climax.

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I sucked on his shaft. The taste seemed wonderful and probably was. With Kemish I am less nervous. I have time and the presence of mind to sample his pre-cume, the taste of his flesh and the feel of his largeness with my lips around it.

I silently thanked Kemish, the only one of my alpha lovers who had wanted this. I had learned, licking his manhood, what a girl could do with her lips to please her lover. I opened my mouth wider pressing my face into Gemric's lap, pushing his swelling into my mouth. At the same time I swallowed the long, thick shaft deep down in my throat without gagging. Of course, I could no longer breathe. But I can hold my breath long enough.

I would rather have passed out than shortened this pleasure for my lover. I must have more tolerance for this than human females. Jenny is amazed that I can swallow such a large erection at all, let alone so easily. Fallacio is not common, and Gemric is pleased. Neither of us is in any way concerned with the possibility that he might cum in my throat, however. For him it would be unthinkably bad manners.

For me it would be extremely miserable. Even a vaginal discharge is barely acceptable. Yet when a man discharges himself in my womb, I do get a rush. It may only be a tenth of what I experience when he shoots himself into my fanny, but it makes sex worthwhile.

Hell, what girl wouldn't go for a cunt fuck when given the choice of that or nothing? But we all want a single lover to finish up in our glory hole. Our bodies crave it.

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Gemric fills my mouth and my throat. There is a few inches of movement possible, and he slides back and forth, giving us both incredible pleasure without making me open my lips. Eventually he tires of this, lightly tapping my shoulder while pulling back a bit more this last time. I know what he wants. I want it even more. His manhood in my mouth feels great but nothing like the erotic pleasure it will give me in either of the normal places.

I relax my lips and let him extract himself. Actually, not only can I control my lips, but they are not nearly as strong as my anal sphincter. If Gemric pulled hard, my lips by themselves could not hold him inside me. He places me on the couch, face up. Like males of either sex, Gemric is almost twice my size and perhaps four times as strong.

Even in primative times, a man could have easily forced a woman to have sex with him. But neither history nor myth recalls any time when a woman wanted to resist a potential lover. We do not even have a word for rape. The idea of bondage is equally meaningless. A woman is always at a man's mercy, biologically and by choice. There is no need for pretense. I lay there, opening my thighs however much he wants.

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It is obvious he want to use my vagina, another place where, like my mouth, a beta's seed will do nothing to enable conception. A beta might ejaculate in a girls pussy, and she would only thank him, not daring to show a lack of gratitude, though the whole world knows where she really wants him to finish. Fortunately, betas rarely feel a need to fertilize the alpha hole.

I am fairly sure this stranger who is now my lover by his choice, will do me the ultimate honor short of bonding. So I lay there simply enjoying the feel of his penetration.

Like Jenny, I cume when stimulated. But I cume more easily.

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My first orgasm has already happened. But this one feels even better. His memeber in barely inside me, only six inches the first time I water it with my love. A cunt orgasm has a special loving feel to it. Of course my love juices are lubricating both my love holes.

I guess Jenny doesn't secrete into her anus during sex.

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For her anal sex is like foreplay. While for me it's a biological necessity. The really sexy part comes next. Like an alpha male, Gemric is swollen now and has to get his ball through my vaginal sphincter for full pussy insertion. My cunt opening is tight and unselective of direction. His entry will cause a certain amount of pain. For both of us this feels like exquisite pleasure. Alpha males almost always want to use the alpha hole, at least for foreplay.

I have experienced vaginal fucks many times and know how much I will love it. During the battle between Gemric's swelling and my vaginal sphincter I am delirious with pleasure. My orgasm is singular and continuous. I am expelling fluids and will be thirsty for several hours after Gemric is done with me. Eventually and inevitably, Gemric wins the war and I am delightfully conquered. His swelling pops inside me and once again we begin coupling, making use of that erotic few inches that lie between his ball and his belly.

I can make no guess how long this lasts because I am beyond conscious thought. I will remember how wonderful it was, but not how long it lasts.

When Gemric decides it's time he withdraws. His withdrawal causes again that exquisite pleasure we both felt when he entered me.

By now I am so destroyed with pleasure that I am barely capablable of contemplating the even greater pleasure to come. My lover rolls me on my stomach then indicates with a touch to my hips that he wants me up on my knees. I don't know if he wants my shoulders raised as well so I keep my face pressed against the cushion, "presenting". Like a female cat in heat, I present my openings. Like the feline I am not in the least selective about who the male is.

In fact I'm probably even less selective than my animal sister. I will fuck any man anytime any way he wants. My feline sister only fucks when she is in estrus. Like Jenny, I can and will fuck even when I'm not fertile. Unlike Jenny I always know whether I am fertile or not.

For me, pregnancy will never be accidental. I will never be that lucky. My lover touches his tip to my vaginal opening again. He is wet from my juices. In this doggie position I feel him tease my slit and smoothly enter me where he just was until his bulge again touches my vaginal lips.

I do not know whether he intends to again enter my vagina. I know little about beta males, except that being more intelligent they are also more imaginative. This teasing is an example. Kemish would have just cut to the chase. In delightful frustration I hold myself in position, suffering the pleasure and frustration. Gemric slides his first six inches inside me repeatedly, touching my sensitive lips before pulling back and almost pulling out. I am again destroyed.

But without deep penetration my orgasms do not run solidly into each other. I can feel my individual surrenders, sometimes aligned with each half penetration when he fucks me slowly. My vagina is again watering the first half of his shaft with my vaginal love. But it is the touches of his bulge even more than the stretching caused by Gemric's first six inches that excite my body.

My ejaculations inside my fanny from each orgasm seem to be filling the so far unused love cavity with lubricant. But I know that my juices are not filling my rectum. There will be plenty of space to accomodate Gemric when he gets there. I am so much into being fucked that I start to forget my balance. I think Gemric is keeping my fanny up, keeping my hips balanced over my knees. He has my knees almost together so that his member squishes through my lips before the swelling is stopped by my sphincter.

I don't know how much pleasure this extra contact gives him, but for me it is extreme. "Why," I wonder, "does God make a woman so responsive? We enjoy sex far too much. If I enjoyed it a tenth as much I'd still want to do it all the time with every male available. Perhaps this is simply our reward. We don't get to decide when we will have sex or with whom.

But when a man does choose us, we get amply rewarded." Gemric stops playing around inside my vagina. The big moment begins. I feel his entry. At first it is not much different from vaginal sex. There is the same orgasmic delight when he parts me with his first six inches. Forcing his bulge inside my fanny is eroticly difficult, more for me than him.

But my anal sphincter is not direction insensitive. During coitus it easily surrenders to invasion. Still, the action leaves me helpless with joy.

Once Gemric has his ball inside me I can suddenly feel my sphincter tighten. I cannot stop this and would rather die than do so if I could. It is the locking, what ever females lives for. Locking is delightful for the male. He feels my sphincter squeeze him between his ball and the base of his penis where he is sexually sensitive.

He slides back and forth, further exciting this finely tuned part of his anatomy. But every time he reachings bottom, as if trying to pull out, the pressure on the inside of my closed anal lips drives me to an absolute distraction that goes even beyond the orgasms I've already had.

As with vaginal penetration, I loose track of time. Nor does it matter. No activity imaginable is more important than satisfying a male of either sex. I do not know how much a man can control when he ejaculates in my fanny.

All I know is that eventually he must. And Gemric did. I was not surprised when the pleasure became suddenly so great that I lost consciousness. It had always happened this way with alphas. And the two male sexes are not that different. Both secrete a chemical that makes women totally dominated. A woman whose's been fanny fucked will never deny any male anything. And girls are traditionally heinied the first day they achieve consciousness as adults.

When I awoke, probably minutes later though I had no way of telling, Gemric was gently massaging one of my tits. When he could tell that I was recovered, he softly kissed my lips and left. Kemish told me once that alpha males need about a day to recover and recharge physically, but that he could perform normal functions not involving sex a few minutes later.

I suppose betas are much the same. I'm aware that it is theoretically possible for a girl to serve two lovers in sequence. But I knew from my experience with alphas, that I would be incapable of thinking about much of anything else for days. As I lay there on the couch I could have hardly told you my own name. But I could have waxed eloquently for hours about the joys of being heinied.