Short Hair Blonde BBC Threesome

Short Hair Blonde BBC Threesome
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Every Slytherin were watching the show offer to them by Goyle. In the middle of their common room, was Gregory Goyle with his pants down and Hermione Granger's face buried between his ass check giving him his first and best rimjob of his life.


She was licking him like it was her favorite hobbie. Everyone was watching with anticipation because they all knew Goyle had just taken a full bottle of magic laxative. Empty yourself in 5 minute said the bottle.


Hermione was on her knee, hand keeping her master ass open and her tongue deep in his anus. Draco Malfoy couldn't believe is eyes. How could the mugbitch could be so willingly licking his friend's ass.

Not only that. All that Goyle had done was to say that he wanted to take a shit and the slut began to beg him to shit in her mouth. All the time they had walk back from the great hall to their common room, she had beg him to do it. Malfoy had the impression she would have done anything for a chance to receive his shit.


How could miss book and school became miss toilet and shit. -Oh my god! Said Goyle with a grunt. Ok bitch! Head back, eyes to the roof and open your mouth. What a good toilet. Thought Malfoy, looking at The girl he despised so much. On her knees with her head back, looking at the ceiling with her mouth open. -Please Master!

Shit in my mouth! I need it so bffh. Hermione requested before Goyle sit on her face. Hermiome Grange cute face was gone in a pile of ass flesh.

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Goyle was really siting on her face, his shithole right over her mouth. She was what he alway dreamed. Goyle tense up as he start to push the content of his bowel toward the exit and Hermione tense up expecting her meal.

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Suddenly, Gregory Goyle let out a big moans of relief and at the same time a massive fart. Next, his ass let loose and in 2 seconds, The girl mouth was fill with a 7 inch turd. Drago had clearly seen Granger relax in relief as Goyle lift his ass after the first go.

Not wasting time Drago start taking shot with his camera just in time. After his ass let go the massive turd blocking his poop chute, The massive boy didn't stop.

Now, with more loud farting sound, semi-solid feces begin to erupted from his ass filling any free space in his slave mouth. With her gullet full of shit, the shit has no more place. It begin to overflow as she begin to chew the massive log in her mouth mixte with liquid shit. All the deep inside of Goyle spaltter on her face bringing the most foul and stinky odor Malfoy have ever smell. All the 8 eggs, 3 cans of beans and a lot of corn his friend ate, yesterday,were smear all over Hermione cute face.

Goyle pull his pants up and turn to look at the master piece. Hermione Granger could not be recognize. It was like you had dump a gallon of petrol on her face but now it was clearly shit in a lot of layer.

Stinking out of the mask of layer, Malfoy could see the big log of shit stuck in her mouth. And he realize she was chewing and eating it. Not ever trying to move or remove the rest of the mess on her. Soon, the shit begin to leak from her face down her neck to her shirt. Hermione Granger had finish to eat the 7inch log and all the liquid waste in her mouth.

She was now cleaning her face by scooping as much shit she could and swallow it with delight. As more and more layer of shit change position from her face to her stomach, All the people around her could see her happy smiling face.

-She love this! Declare Blaise , She love shit! -Man Goyle your shit stink so much. We will have to close the common room to air it. Said one girl from the corner. -Hope it will stay longer on her. She will stink for days, reply another slytherin boy. -I hope not since she's in all my class, answer the girl. Hermione had finish to eat all her meal. Her face was still brown but now they could recognize her. -Smile for the camera mudblood!

Order Drago, snapping a lot of picture of Hermione with shit on her teeth. I wish the the entire world could see you like this.

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Hermione Granger was returning to herself again. Having finish eating all Goyle shit, she return to herself. All in one time. She realize what she had just done, begin to smell the most terrible guts crushing smell and the taste in her mouth stop to taste good. She needed to puke but could not. She wanted to run but couldn't.

Wanted the cry but wasn't able to and something inside her kept telling her she had to ask permission to Goyle for all those thing. -Master can I go now? She ask. The boy turn to look at her. He wanted to fuck her ass raw in front of everyone but she was smelling so bad. Fucking her ass would wait.

-Slave you can go now but two thing first. You'll take a shower to clean but only water. No soap. And it's the only shower you can take for the week.

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And no more than 5 minute. Use cold water! He order her giving her no choice but to stink for a long time. Also, he add, every time you'll take a shit, before you flush, take the biggest turd you made and empale it on your wand and suck it like a popsicle for as long as it take to finish it. You won't like it but act like it's your favorite meal. -Yes master, answer the slave girl -Oh and forget all that happened today after your shower but obey the order.

Now go! Hermione ran out of the room, the odor of shit leaving with her.