Lets Make Love My Lover

Lets Make Love My Lover
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i was riding my horse one day when a beam of light hit me in the face, before i knew it i was paralised and being beamed aboard a ship after the stun effect wore off i reolised i was clamped to a table of sort and alien beings began to probe me around my chest then around my crotch there was nothing i could do to help myself i was clamped to a table and at thier mercy.

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one of the aliens come to the table and began to cut off my knee high riding boots, he just looked at them and they vanished into thin air. next my skin tight white johdpurs were beamed off my body leaving my pube free dick fully visable they began to play with my balls and my well by now semi erect dick there was a jab in my arm as i turned to look i was injected with something that made me paralized and no matter what they did i couldnt move, then my t shirt was ripped off me leaving me completely naked inf ront of my capters, as i was clamped to the table there was nothing i could do next i remeber they got a scalpal and began to cut my foreskin off "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" i screamed and screamed as it was sliced off, the pain was unbearable i then passed out when i woke i was tied with my legs wide open they had full acses to my tight virgin arse i felt so vounrable especially when i saw one of the aliens dicks.

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it was easilly 2 foot long and about 4 inches wide he rubbed it over my face dripping alien goo all round my mouth and in my hair i had my mouth forced open and he shoved his slimy green rod down my throat making me gag and choke as i took 2 foot of a lovley big fat cock in my mouth he tasted so lovley and sweet i coul have sucked his huge length all day aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ih uh uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh aaaarrrrrrmhiphuih another rammed his cock up my arse i was squealing and crying like a girl another huge dick was up me i was now fully penertrated and crying in pain as his huge girth split my arse tearing me open moreand more with every thrust, i could feell it pushing right up into belly i could feel it growing inside my very sore stinging arse, i screamed as my tight virgin ring streatched with it andd all the while i was gaging on the same size cock that was in my mouth i screamed and cried in pain as my tight ring was torn wide open pump after pump just ripped my arse wide open eventually i could feel his pissing up my arseit wasnt pee he was filling my arse with alien cum then the other who was making me choke pulled out of my mouth and filled my mouth with a simlar amount of cum, i swallowed every drop, alien or not he tasted so sweet i wanted to eat all of its cum they moved away from the table but as the other pulled his cock out my torn open ring a huge gush of cum shot out of my now very sore gapeing arse i could fel the air violating my inside as my arse muscle was broken i knew id have to wear tampons up my butt as there was no fixing my arse now i was then fucked up my arse by at least another 18 aliens who all seemed to enjoy filing my anal passage with thier sticky alien cum when they had all cum up me i was lead away to were my horse was i knew what they wanted and as thier cum was still running out of my arse i obediently crawled under my horse and pulled its fore skin back and took its smelly sweaty purple helmet in my mouth id wanted my horses cock for so long and now i had the chance to fill my mouth with its huge end i licked up and down its musky shaft before taking it bill end in my mouth sucking all of its pre-cum out into my mouth and swallowing it all after a while i was ushered by 5 aliens to let it take me at first when the aliens nuzled its cock up to my broken arse it didnt do anything then all of a sudden my arse was rammed open and my anal passage was filled with my horses dick it hurt so much but id wanted to let my horse fuck my bum for so long i didnt care thrust after thrust it was really pounding my arse, i tried to get off it but its cock was so far up my arse i couldnt even move i was paralised from before alll of a sudden it flooded me with cum, my poor stretched anal passage was now really cum filled as my horse pulled its cock out my arse spunk run out of me and down my legs i couldnt close my ring tight enough it was stretched to wide open i now had a gapeing hole were my arse ring once was before i could do anything i was taken back to the lab were i was used as a lab rat by the aliens.

they cut off my cock and my balls and i was anally tortured for weeks then i was returned to earth naked with a vagina but as i rode my horse home naked i stopped and got underneath one last time and let it fuck me but it just stayed stilll so i had to guide its cock up my arse and slide myself up and dowm its lovley big long shaft all of a sudden 2 men walked by and caught me fucking myself on my horses cock they dragged me off its cock nearly puuling my insides out as they did it and one of them fucked my vagina as the other fucked my arse it felt so good having a real human cock up me but after theyd cum i was tied up and taken to thier home were i was kept naked in a cage and whenever they want they take me out and fuck my arse and my vagina im thier sex slave and i love it mmmmmmmmmmmmm just the thought of it having my cock and balls removed and being a sexually abused prisoner turns me on

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