Long dick guy goes bottom

Long dick guy goes bottom
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After retiring from the Air Force, Joe moved into a gated community, in suburban Atlanta. It was a fairly quiet community, except for some of the kids living there, but they never bothered him when he was home. He had a job as an airline pilot, so he was only home a few days a week.

At 45, Joe had never been married, although he was engaged a few times. The women usually left him because of his air force duties, taking him elsewhere, and them not wanting to move. Almost everyone in Joe's neighborhood knew that he had been in the air force, and knew that he continued to stay in shape, seeing him out running on his days off.

He got along well with his neighbors, watching a lot of their kids grow up. A few weeks ago he was asked by one of his neighbors if he could train their daughter on how to do a handstand, so she could have a chance of making a college cheerleading team. While he found the request a little odd, wondering why she didn't already know how to do a handstand, he agreed to try helping her out.

He didn't have any idea on where to begin the girl's training, but figured building her arm strength first would be the place to start. Joe personally had never done a handstand, so he was kind of at a loss on how to instruct the girl on how to do one, just knowing it took strength and balance to complete one.

*********************** Joe nervously looked at his watch, knowing the neighbor girl, Lindsey would be coming in, any minute. He didn't know why he was nervous, it wasn't a date or anything like that, except for maybe the fact that he didn't know how this training was going to go. He didn't want to fail her, hoping he could teach her to do a handstand.

The doorbell startled him when it rang, causing him to jump slightly. He let out a few quick, deep breaths, before standing up and walking to the front door. He fumbled with the deadbolt a little bit, before getting it unlocked, and opening the door. Outside of the screen door stood Lindsey. She wore a cutoff shirt, that ended just below her chest, a matching frilled mini skirt, and running shoes.


Lindsey smiled at the older man, "hi Mr. Letcher, I'm here for my training." Joe stood there for a moment, taking in the sight in front of him. He slowly looked down her lightly tanned, very slim, hourglass body, watching her shoulder length brown hair sway in the light breeze. He figured her tits were probably a B-cup.

His eyes moved on down her toned stomach, and down her smooth legs. He's seen many young ladies dressed like this before, and never thought anything about it. But with Lindsey standing on his front step, dressed as she was, his loins were beginning to stir. Joe finally looked back up into Lindsey's eyes, returning her smile. "Hi Lindsey, please come in," he said, pushing the screen door open for her. Lindsey stepped into the house, and past Joe, "so where are we gonna do this?" Joe could smell a hint of perfume when she passed him, causing his cock to twitch in his gym shorts even more.

He noticed that she was quite a bit shorter than his 6'2" stature, figuring she was probably only about 5'3" or 5'4". "Um, I was thinking the front room would probably be the best," he said, closing the door and leading the way to the front room. Joe offered Lindsey a seat on the couch, and sat down next to her. "So tell me Lindsey, how long do we have to teach you how to do a handstand?" he asked, looking into her eyes. "We have about 2 months Mr.

Letcher," Lindsey answered excitedly, shifting slightly on the couch. "And why do you need to learn how to do one?" Joe asked, his eyes drifting down to her tits pushing against her tight top. "Well the team I am going to try walking on at requires you to do one at tryouts," Lindsey answered, noticing him looking at her chest, causing her to blush slightly.

"Well that's kind of odd, and you've never learned to do one before?" Joe inquired, looking down at her firm and toned abdomen. Lindsey quickly shook her head no. "Do you like what you see?" She asked, noticing him continuing to look down her body. Joe quickly looked back up into her eyes, ashamed that he had been caught checking her out.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry, you're just a very good looking young lady," he said plainly. "Well thank you Mr. Letcher. So where do we begin?" Lindsey asked, almost giggling at his reaction to getting caught.

"Well, to be honest I have no idea how to perform a handstand, but I thought we'd start off with some pushups, because performing a handstand requires a lot of arm strength," Joe said, looking at the floor in front of him.

"I guess we'll learn together then, and yeah, that's true about needing arm strength," Lindsey responded excitedly.

She moved off of the couch, and stood in front of him, "where do you want me to do them at?" Joe pointed at the floor, directly in front of him, "right here should be fine." Lindsey knew exactly how to do a pushup, but she was still a little intrigued by the way he had been checking her out. This made her wonder how he would react if she acted innocent and teased him a bit. She slowly turned around in front of him, and moved to her hands and knees.

She arched her back slightly, wiggling her ass a little, and looking back at him over her shoulder. "Like this Mr. Letcher," she asked teasingly. Joe shifted uneasily on the couch, and nervously cleared his throat at the sight in front of him. His cock immediately growing to full staff, showing a slight tent in his shorts.

"Th. that's a start. but you need. to straighten your legs back. and support yourself with your hands and feet," he choked out, looking directly at what he assumed were her cheerleading bloomers, showing below her skirt. Lindsey glanced towards his crotch, noticing the tent in his shorts. She smiled to herself, knowing it was affecting the man greatly. She moved her feet back, straightening out her legs, still looking back at Joe, "okay, now what?" Joe knew he needed to get rid of or hide his erection before the teen noticed it.

"Ye. yeah that. that's good, n. now bending your elbows, move your wh. whole body down in a straight line," he said, struggling to think clearly. Lindsey looked back forward, giggling to herself at how the man, was talking and acting. She started doing some pushups, arching her back a little more each time, to push her firm ass in the air. "Is this right Mr. Letcher?" Joe watched her ass go up and down with each of her pushups, his cock throbbing against his shorts.

He knew he needed to get out of the room quickly, and try to get his mind off of her sexually. "Ye. yeah that's good, ju. just do like 20 to 30, and then you can take a break. I. I'll be right back," he said, getting up and quickly heading for his kitchen.

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Lindsey almost burst out laughing when Joe left the room. She knew she could have that effect on guys. She has teased many guys in school, but had never had one stumble over his words like that, or leave her until she was tired of teasing them.

She did 30 pushups, and then sat down on the floor, her mind beginning to wander. She thought about the tent she saw in his shorts, making her wonder how big he was. She knew it was wrong, because he was supposed to be teaching her how to do a handstand, but her mind wondered what it would be like to have sex with a much older man, besides she was 18 now, so there was nothing wrong with it. She never came here with the intention of teasing him, or having sex with him.

But the more she thought about the tent he had showing, the more excited and turned on she became. ********************** Joe walked over to the sink, grabbing a glass and filling it with water.

'Come on Joe, you've got to get it together. You can't be thinking about that young girl this way. You're old enough to be her dad for Christ's sake, ' he thought to himself. He tried to think about something else, but his thoughts kept going back to the image of her upturned, firm ass.

He quickly drank the glass of water, and filled it again. He didn't think it would've been like this to help her out, of course he wasn't expecting her to be dressed like that either. Another thing that didn't help, was the fact that it had been quite a while since the last time he had sex. He drank the second glass of water, deciding it didn't do any good to try thinking about something else, because it wasn't going to work.

He knew he was just going to have to deal with it, and resist the urge to do anything with her. Joe moved his erection into the waistband of his briefs and shorts, hoping to conceal it. He set the glass on the counter, and headed back to the front room. Lindsey continued to sit on the floor, thinking about other ways she could tease the old man more.

She looked up at Joe when he reentered the the room, smiling at him innocently, "are you okay Mr. Letcher?" Joe gave her a halfhearted smile, nodding, "yeah I'm fine. How many pushups did you do?" Lindsey looked at his crotch, noticing the tent was gone, disappointing her a little bit, but figured he just got it to go down while he was gone.

"I did 30," she answered quickly. "Well that's a good start," Joe said, sitting back down on the couch. "You know Mr. Letcher, I was looking on the internet, on how to do a handstand. It said that to start doing one you should use a wall and a spotter to practice getting your balance," Lindsey said, slowly getting up from the floor. She had never read anything like that, but figured it might work to tease him some more. Joe looked at Lindsey intently, realizing that did make sense, but didn't think a spotter should be needed.

"Yeah that makes a lot of sense, but why would you need a spotter?" "I know, I thought the same thing, but I guess it's to catch you before you fall," Lindsey said, thinking on the fly, and innocently swaying her hips.

"Okay, but I don't think I have an area in here to attempt it," Joe said, trying to find a way out of this. "Sure you do Mr. Letcher, right over here," Lindsey exclaimed, walking to a large bare spot on the wall. Joe uneasily cleared his throat, "I. I guess there is a spot." "Come on Mr. Letcher," Lindsey said, waving him towards her. Joe reluctantly pushed himself off of the couch, knowing that this was not going to help his situation.

He walked over to Lindsey, looking down at her, "okay, so how should we do this?" "Well I'm thinking I'll put my feet against the wall and you put your hands close to my waist, so you can catch me if I start falling," Lindsey said, turning to face the wall, and pulling her panties up tight. Joe let out a deep breath, trying to prepare himself for this.

He watched Lindsey bend over in front of him, causing his cock to throb against it's restraints. He got a full view of the clothing covering her young slit, her skirt rising further up her ass than earlier.

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Lindsey paused there for a moment, looking at Joe through her spread legs. She thought about just dropping to the floor, doing the splits, and seeing what the old man did. But she pushed herself up with her legs, putting her heels against the wall.

Joe watched Lindsey's skirt fall down when she went up, giving him a sight that almost made him lose control right there. It was at this point, that he realized she wasn't wearing bloomers, but just regular panties, and her pussy lips were almost tearing through them. He quickly looked down at the floor, knowing this was getting worse by the second.

"Okay Mr. Letcher, you need to get your knees and get ready for me to try balancing myself," Lindsey said, looking up at him excitedly, knowing he was having big problems now. Joe knew he should just ask Lindsey to leave his house, but then she might tell her parents that he refused to help her. He slowly moved to his knees in front of her, continuing to stare at the floor. He raised his hands towards her waist, refusing to look up.

Lindsey noticed him looking at the floor, almost giggling at him, "Mr. Letcher, how to expect to see if I'm falling, if you're looking at the floor?" Joe opened his mouth to speak, but quickly thought better off it. He knew if he said what he wanted too, she would think of him as just a dirty old man. He slowly began looking up towards her waist, his eyes going directly to her covered pussy again.

He groaned softly, noticing a wet spot in the middle of them. 'Oh my god, this is so wrong,' he said to himself, unable to look any where else. "Okay, here we go," Lindsey giggled lightly, pushing her feet away from the wall, and balancing herself on her hands.

She concentrated on holding herself up, feeling her arms trembling, and then put her heels against the wall again. "Well that's a start," she said, lowering herself down to her head. Joe nodded quickly, still unable to speak, for fear of saying something wrong. He fought the urge to just reach up and run his hand over her sex. His dick was beginning to leak precum, throbbing harder against his waistbands. Lindsey could see Joe staring at her crotch, knowing this working way better than she expected.

She then looked back down at his crotch, seeing the outline of his cock running up his shorts, towards his stomach.

'Oh, he's trying to hide it from me,' she said to herself. Joe continued staring at her covered slit, slowly licking his lips. He knew he was losing control of himself, and there was no way he was going to be able to think about anything else for a long time.

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"Oh," Lindsey exclaimed. She quickly pushed herself away from the wall, landing her thighs on Joe's shoulders, her covered pussy brushing across his face. Joe was taken by surprised when Lindsey crashed against him, smelling her sweet sex wafting from her, as her ass rested against his face. He quickly pushed against her hips, pushing her back against the wall, not sure how to react. "Sorry about that, I lost my balance," Lindsey lied, almost wishing he would have just attacked her pussy right then.

Joe looked down at her, still in shock, quickly nodding. "I. I think." he started, but unable to continue, suddenly feeling something rubbing against his cock. He slowly looked down to see Lindsey's hand rubbing it. "You think what Mr. Letcher," Lindsey asked seductively, slowly feeling the outline of his thick member. "Mmm, you feel really big Mr. Letcher." "Oh god." Joe groaned, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

He pressed his hips forward, enjoying the attention his cock was getting, not even caring that Lindsey was so young anymore, just wanting release. Lindsey ran her fingers up the outline of his cock, to the head of it. She realized his cock wasn't the longest she had ever felt, but it definitely felt like the thickest. She wanted to tease him longer, but didn't think the old man could take much more of it. She moved her legs to the side, so she was upright again. Lindsey looked directly into Joe's eyes, "can I see that big cock of yours?" Joe looked at Lindsey in shock, surprised by how she was acting and talking.

He thought this girl was just sweet and innocent. First she started rubbing his dick, and now she was wanted to see it. He slowly shook his head, still not believing this was happening. "Oh come on Mr. Letcher, I know you want to, don't worry I won't bite," Lindsey moaned into his ear. Joe tried to move away from her, but she followed him, feeling her hand move over his cock again.

He groaned softly, before saying, "b. but y. you're to young and innocent." "I'm 18, and I'm far being innocent, Mr. Letcher," Lindsey moaned, moving her hand up and pushing his shirt up to his stomach.

It was at that moment Joe realized that this young vixen had been teasing him the whole time. He sat down on the floor, "you should." he trailed off, feeling her hand slide into his shorts and briefs, making direct contact with his cock.

"Oh my god, you are really big Mr. Letcher," Lindsey hissed, trying to push his shorts and briefs down with her arm. Joe straightened out his legs, losing the will to resist her advances. He lifted his ass up, allowing her move his shorts and briefs down, releasing his erection. "Oh my," Lindsey shrieked, looking down at his freed member. Lindsey moved back a little, realizing it was the fattest dick she had ever seen.

She grabbed the base of his cock, studying it. She figured it was only about 6" long, but almost as thick as her skinny wrist. 'Holy shit, how is this going to fit inside of me,' she said to herself, looking back up at Joe in shock. Joe smiled at her, losing every inhibition he had about what was happening, "like what you see?" "Its fucking huge," Lindsey exclaimed.

Joe chuckled, "I've heard that before." Lindsey looked back down at his cock, slowly moving her hand up his veiny member, feeling pussy beginning to tingle even more, seeing more of his precum seep out of the tip. She slowly bent at the waist, moving her mouth over it. She stuck her tongue out and ran it across the head, tasting his salty precum. "Oh god," Joe groaned, throwing his head back in pleasure. Lindsey opened her mouth as far as she could, and slowly engulfed the head of his cock.

She slowly moved down the shaft, her lips stretching to the max around his girth. Joe looked back down at her, seeing she only able to take about an inch of his member into her mouth. "Oh yes baby, suck my cock," he groaned. Lindsey moaned into his dick at his words, sucking hard on it. She loved being talked dirty to when she was having sex, as well as talking dirty to her lover.

She pulled off of his dick, looking up at him lustfully, "do you like having your cock sucked Mr. Letcher?" Joe nodded, moving a hand to the back of her head, pushing her back towards his dick. He then moved his hand down her back, and over her ass, running his finger down her crack.

Lindsey moaned into his dick again, feeling his finger move over her moistening pussy. She started moving her hand up and down his shaft, while sucking hard on the head of his dick. Joe moved his fingers under the narrow strip of her panties, and moved it aside. He sought out her wet hole with his middle finger, sinking it into her. Lindsey moaned more when she felt his finger enter her. She moved her hips back, trying to get his finger deeper.

Joe slowly moved his finger in and out of her, admiring at how her pussy seemed to suck at his finger. He slowly removed his finger, and looked back down at her sucking on his cock. Lindsey flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick, continuing to suck on it.

She finally pulled off of him, with an audible pop, and looked up at him, "I can't wait to feel this huge cock in my tight pussy." Joe smiled at her with a slight smirk. He knew he wanted to feel his cock buried in her too, but he wanted to tease her a little first, make her beg for it.

He pushed himself up, kicking his shoes, briefs, and shorts off. He help Lindsey up, picking her up, carrying her over to the couch, and dropping her onto it. Lindsey looked up at him intently. She wondered what he had planned for her, now that she told him what she wanted. Joe dropped to his knees in front of her, reaching up under her skirt.

He grabbed the waistband of her panties, and slowly pulled them down her legs and over her shoes. He tossed them behind him and grabbed her right foot, looking into her eyes the whole time. Lindsey looked at him with pure lust, as he started kissing the inside of her right ankle. She moaned softly, watching him slowly kiss his way up her leg. Joe pecked and nibbled almost every inch of her inner right leg, slowly moving his way towards her pussy.

When he neared her pussy, he kissed all around it without touching it in any way, chuckling to himself when she tried to move her pussy towards his kisses. He then started kissing and nibbling his way down the inner part of her left leg. Lindsey didn't know why, but she was about to go crazy when he kissed around her pussy.

She had never had anyone perform oral sex on her before, but when Joe drew near her pussy, she wanted him to touch it with his mouth. Joe looked back up at Lindsey as he kissed his way to her left ankle, seeing her just watching him. When he reached her ankle, he smiled at her.

He pushed her skirt up, to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy to him, and slowly moved his head between her legs. He began kissing and nibbling at her right, inner thigh, moving towards her slit again. 'Oh yes, please,' Lindsey said to herself, feeling his hot breath run over her overheated loins. She wanted to just grab his head, and bury her pussy in his face, but resisted the urge, hoping he would just do it himself. Joe kissed on each side of her swollen lips, laughing to himself as she began to squirm on the couch.

He kept moving back and forth on each side of her pussy, and then lightly pecked on her swollen lips. He stuck his tongue out, and very lightly ran it up her slit, feeling her jump when he touched her clit. "Oh my god Mr. Letcher, please keep going," Lindsey pleaded, unable to hold back any longer. Joe moved away from her pussy, looking up at her with a light smirk, "what's that?" Lindsey looked at him with a pleading look, "please keep going Mr.

Letcher." Joe chuckled lightly, knowing she was begging him to eat her pussy. "Keep going what?" "Lick my pussy, let me know what it feels like," Lindsey moaned, writhing on the couch.

Joe was almost shocked at her plead, realizing she had never had a guy go down on her before. He moved his head between her legs again, ready to fulfill her request, and let her experience oral sex for the first time. He pushed the tip of his tongue into her pussy, feeling it slide into her entrance, and tasting her sweet nectar. Lindsey sucked in her breath when she felt his tongue enter her, holding her breath and involuntarily arching her back.

Her hands went to his head, trying to pull him into her. "Holy shit," she exclaimed, finally exhaling. Joe wiggled his tongue around inside of her pussy, feeling her legs jump and tremble around him. He resisted her trying to pull him into her, moving his head back slightly, and running the tip of his tongue through her slit, up towards her clit.

Lindsey laid her head back on the couch, enjoying the new sensations she was getting from his tongue licking her. Her back arched more, feeling the tip of his tongue flicking against her sensitive clit.

She ran her hands through his hair, feeling an orgasm building inside of her quickly. Joe moved his right hand up to her pussy, using his fore and middle finger's, he spread her lips apart, exposing her clit to him even more.

He moved his mouth over it, sucking it in, feeling her squirm even more. "Oh my god Mr. Letcher," Lindsey cried out, lifting her hips up, pushing her pussy into him. Her whole body began to twitch as Joe sucked hard on her clit, her orgasm drawing nearer.

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Joe sunk his middle finger into her entrance, feeling pussy clutch at it. He continued to suck and nibble on her clit, feeling her legs trembling even more, as they moved over his shoulders. "Oh I'm gonna cum, you're gonna make cum, yes make me cum Mr.

Letcher," Lindsey moaned, tugging hard on his hair. Her back arched higher, feeling her whole body tingling. Joe pulled his head back slightly, just flicking his tongue against her swollen clit. He finger fucked her pussy hard, hearing her wetness squishing in her pussy.


Lindsey clamped her legs to Joe's head, her orgasm racing through her. "Ooohhh yyyeeesss," she moaned, her whole body shaking and trembling. Joe clamped down on her clit when she started coming, feeling her wetness run out, around his finger. He tried to maintain contact with her clit, as her body convulsed and shook.

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Lindsey continued to writhe on the couch, her orgasm seeming to go on and on. Her hips bucked into Joe's face, feeling a wetness running down her ass crack. Joe slid his finger out of her coming pussy, running his tongue down her slit, licking at the leaking juices.

He rubbed his nose against clit, trying to continue her orgasm. Lindsey's orgasm slowly began to fade, her legs relaxing the grip on Joe's head. Her hands fell to her sides in exhaustion, her body continuing to twitch and tingle in the aftermath.

Joe slowly knelt up, his chin glistening with her juices, and smiling wide at the teenager. He knew this was wrong, but he didn't care anymore, pulling on her hips, so her ass was on the edge of the couch. He grabbed the base of his cock, and started guiding it towards her pussy. Lindsey knew what Joe was about to do, and she wanted it too, but she was still unsure if his fat cock would even fit in her.

She started to move her hands to his abdomen to hold him back for a bit, but in her weakened, post-orgasmic state she wasn't fast enough. She felt the head of his dick pushing against her entrance, just trying to prepare herself for penetration. Joe knew her young pussy was going to be tight, and he would have to take slow. But he hoped that by making her cum first would help to loosen her up, and lubricate her.

He looked up at Lindsey, "are you ready?" Lindsey quickly nodded her head, not really sure if she was or not. She started breathing rapidly, trying to relax herself. Joe looked back down at his dick ready to enter her. He slowly pushed forward, watching her labia open up and the head of his dick slowly disappear into her.

Lindsey pushed herself up, trying to watch him enter her. She felt his cock stretching her open, closing her eyes as some pain shot through her. She opened her eyes again, and saw that he had a couple of inches of his dick inside of her. 'Holy shit is it big,' she said to herself, her breathing labored now. Joe could feel her pussy pulsating around around his dick, continuing to slowly sink into her.

He could see that her tiny pussy lips were almost stretched to limit around his girth. "Oh my fucking god, she's fucking tight," he groaned softly, not realizing it was loud enough for her to hear. "That's because your so big," Lindsey responded quickly, feeling his dick throb inside of her.

"Are you doing okay?" Joe asked her sincerely, noticing the pain on her face. Lindsey nodded quickly. Her pussy was slowly getting used to the invasion, and the pain was beginning to subside. She had never felt so full before in her young life, and the pain was almost comparable to her first time. Joe kept pushing into her, until his heavy ball sack rested against her ass crack. He looked at Lindsey, smiling, "well you took it all." Lindsey gave him a slight smile, still trying to get used to his size.

She looked down at their joining, seeing her pussy lips stretched around his member, wondering if her pussy would ever be the same. Joe slowly began to withdraw his cock, feeling her pussy clinging to him as he exited. He pulled back until there was still about an inch in her, and with a slow, but steady motion sank back into her.

Lindsey threw her head when he sank back into her, her mouth opening to scream, but nothing coming out. The pain slowly faded as he steadily began fucking her. Joe had fucked some tight pussy's before, but Lindsey's was definitely the tightest. He knew it wasn't going to take him long to cum with her tightness, and being so long since his last release. Sweat began to form on his brow, slowly building up speed, sliding in and out of her a little easier with each thrust. Lindsey started moving her hips into his thrusts, beginning to enjoy the feeling of being so full, and sensing another orgasm growing inside of her.

"Oh my god Mr. Letcher, yes, fuck my pussy," she moaned loudly, wanting to cum again. Joe started pounding into her, feeling his cum already beginning to boil in his balls. "Oh fuck Lindsey, I'm gonna cum soon," he groaned. "Wait Mr. Letcher, let ride your cock first," Lindsey moaned.

She wanted to cum again, and figured that might help him hold off long enough for her to cum again. Joe groaned at her request, but withdrew from her, his dick glistening with her juices. He quickly moved onto the couch, and helped her straddle him, so she was facing him, her knees on each side of his hips. Lindsey reached down, grabbing his dick, and guiding it back inside of her. She sank down onto him with ease, letting out a long moan of pleasure.

She grabbed the bottom of her top, quickly pulling it over her head, and tossing it aside. Joe looked at her freed tits, noticing how perky they were. Her tiny nipples were erect, sticking out from her quarter size areoles. He moved his hands behind her back, pulling her towards him, burying his face into her cleavage. Lindsey put her hands behind his head, lacing them together. She threw her head back in pleasure when Joe started sucking at her cleavage.

She rolled her hips forward, slowly lifting them up at the same time. Joe continued to suck between Lindsey's tits, groaning when she started riding him.

He moved his hands to her hips, wanting her to go faster. He held onto her hips, holding her in place, lifting his hips up into her hard, their skin slapping together. Lindsey moaned loudly when he held her in place and started fucking her from below. "Oh yes Mr. Letcher, make my pussy cum all over your fat cock," she moaned.

Joe could feel her pussy contracting around his dick, making it a little harder for him to penetrate her. He pulled away from her chest, looking up at her with lust, "that's it baby, cum for me, come on you naughty little cock tease, cum all over my cock," he groaned through gritted teeth.

He moved a hand in front of her, finding her clit with his thumb, vigorously rubbing it. Lindsey slammed down onto him, grinding her hips into him, focusing on her impending orgasm. She lifted her hips up until just the head of his cock was still inside of her, her whole body beginning to tremble.

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She slowly moved her hips up and down, feeling his fat cock rubbing against her g-spot. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned, over and over, feeling one of the most incredible orgasms building inside of her. Joe looked down at their joining, feeling her pussy get even tighter and wetter.

He continued to frig her clit with his thumb, as his dick was forced out her, followed by a spray of juices, coating his cock, balls, and thighs. He tried to hold onto her, her whole body convulsing over and over, and more of her cum shooting out of her. Lindsey almost passed out with the intensity of her orgasm, in complete euphoria from it. She fell against Joe, her body still trembling in the aftermath. She felt Joe guiding his fat cock back into her super sensitive pussy.

She wanted him to wait a minute, but was to weak to stop him. "Its my turn now," he groaned, slamming into her hard. He started fucking her limp body hard and fast, grunting on each upward thrust. Lindsey moaned as he fucked her, continuing to lay against his chest. "Cum in my pussy Mr. Letcher, fill me with your hot load," she whispered into his ear, feeling his dick getting even bigger inside of her. "Is that what you want, huh, do you want my hot load inside of you?" Joe groaned, feeling his cum preparing to explode.

"Here it comes baby, I'm gonna explode." he proclaimed, slamming into her as his dick surged, firing deep inside of her. Lindsey felt his dick throb hard inside of her, followed by the warm rush filling her. She felt his cum splash against her cervix, and the warmth filling her completely.


Joe remained buried in her pussy, his dick continuing to twitch and unload into her. He felt it beginning to seep out, and run down his balls. He laid his head back on the couch, completely spent, his dick lightly twitching inside of her cum filled hole.

Lindsey slowly pushed herself up, looking at Joe sincerely. "Oh my god Mr. Letcher, you really filled me up, I can feel it leaking out already," she said with a giggle.

"Yeah." Joe replied breathlessly, still trying to recover. "I may never be able to walk right again after taking your big cock, but I loved every minute of it," Lindsey said softly. Joe lightly chuckled, lifting his head to look at her. He still could not believe this happened. "But you know this should've never happened," he said, slowly catching his breath. Lindsey looked at him sternly, "why not? I wanted it, and you seemed to enjoy it too." She could feel his dick slowly beginning to soften inside of her, feeling more of his cum seeping out.

Joe knew she had a point, he had enjoyed himself, but knew this couldn't happen again. "Okay, but we can't make a habit of this, or you won't learn how to do a handstand," he said.

Lindsey was a little disgruntled by his remark, but kept her mouth shut. She looked down at her pussy, slowly lifting herself up, off of his wilting member. She watched a large dollop of his cum drop out of her gaping pussy, when his dick fell out of her, splashing down on his lower abdomen.

"My god, it's just dripping out of me," she exclaimed, watching even more cum drip onto Joe. Joe chuckled at her comment, "yeah, well I had been building that up for almost a year." ************************* After they were both dressed, Joe walked her to the door, and opened it for her.

"Okay we'll see you next week then," he said. "Yep, you betcha," Lindsey said with a wide grin.