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Tissy is a cum slut
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Part One "Do you love me?" Vey asked, absently running a finger over the pale curve of Zei's bare buttock. "Yes. I love you." Vey put a hand on her neck and looked at him sideways. "You're getting better at that," Vey smirked. "You didn't even flinch that time." Zei pushed himself up, looking over his shoulder at her.

Vey giggled at his expression. "I'm sorry," she said. "You know I'm only teasing." Zei rolled onto his side, bracing himself on his elbow to better face her. His rust-colored hair fell into his glowing emerald eyes and he pushed it back, looping it over his ear. He took Vey's hand in his own. "I love you, Veyornaku," Zei insisted, using her full name. "That has been truth for a while now." Vey looked down at their linked hands and smiled.

"I love you too, Zei, but then you already knew that." At the moment, Vey was a human girl of middling height, with richly dark skin. Her hair was also dark with streaks of violet in it. Her face was round, her lips full, and her eyes large. It was her favorite body, and it was the shape Zei always saw in his mind when he thought about her. Zei leaned forward and kissed her. His lips brushed hers lightly, soft, warm, and titilating.

Vey's eyes fluttered and she forgot to breathe for a second. Zei's lips left her mouth and she made herself take a slow breath. Whenever Zei touched her, it was like the feeling shot straight down to her loins. Even the theoretically innocent contact of Zei riding upon her back when she was in her true form, stirred her.

For a moment, Vey was lost in memory. She remembered one of their earlier journys. Most of Zei's clothing had been burnt off during battle and as she glided through the clouds with his bare chest pressed to her ethereal back and his arms around her neck, she had become more and more arroused until finally, she had taken Zei from her back and held him to her belly with her four paws, and taken his cock into her.

Zei had surprised her when he didn't object. He'd eagerly done his best to sate her even though she had been in her true form at the time and about a thousand yards above ground. Vey smiled at the memory, feeling a thrill run through her.

They'd just finished making love and already Vey felt like she hadn't felt her blood elf lover inside her in days. She pulled him to her, sliding an arm under him and pressing their naked bodies together as she kissed him again.

Zei likewise put his arms around her and pulled her close, squishing her ample breasts against his chest and hitching his leg up over her soft hip. She felt his semi-hard cock, still slightly moist, pressed between her thighs. Zei's hands roamed over the contours of Vey's back, glorying in the feel of her silky bronze-colored skin. She was so warm in his arms. Indeed, a good deal warmer than the human girl she appeared to be should have been. He buried his face in her soft, hot flesh, leaving a trail of kisses down her neck and across the top of her luscious breasts.

Wrapped up in her voluptious warmth, Zei couldn't help a moan of desire as his cock swelled to its full hardness. He rolled onto his back, pulling Vey ontop of him. His cock popped up between her thighs as he wrapped his legs around her ass. Zei ran his hands up her sides, feeling the curve of her soft body. He went to her breasts, lifting the massive orbs in his hands and thumbing her nipples.

She trembled ontop of him, taking a shaky breath. His lips closed over a nipple, squeezing and suckling the way he knew she liked, making her gasp as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Unable to stand it any longer, Vey spread her legs, forcing Zei's legs even higher and wider. She reached behind her and found the sticky head of Zei's cock, immediately pulling it down to her gooey opening. Her own juices were mixed with Zei's cum from their last fuck, and as soon as the head was in position Zei thrust up, easily sliding his full length into her with one stroke.

"Ooouh," Vey gasped, crying out quietly and throwing her arms around his neck. Leaving Vey's breasts on his shoulders, Zei kissed his way back up her neck until he found her lips. With his legs wrapped around her hips, he had good leverage to thrust and thrust he did, slowly but powerfully slamming his full length into her again and again.

With a sexy wet sound, her pussy dripped their mixed juices onto his balls each time he filled her up with his hard meat, making her overflow. Zei knew he probably would be about to cum by now if this hadn't been the second round. As it was, he guessed that he could keep at it for at least another half an hour, based on the way his cock remained hard and sensitive, but he felt none of the building pressure yet.

Zei felt the moisture trickle down the crack of his ass and shivered, increasing his pace a bit almost without meaning to. He grinned against Vey's lips. Throwing his arms around her, Zei clung to her squishy warmth, seeking into Vey's mouth with his tongue.

She met him halfway, her tongue far more nimble than a human's should have been as it wound around his and pulled it into her mouth where she closed her lips and sucked on it. Zei moaned, his hands gentle but firm on her flesh, soaking up the feel of it. Vey bucked, losing the rhythm and releasing his tongue as she cried out.

Her pussy clamped down on Zei's cock, squeezing out more juices that ran down his ass. Her body continued to jerk uncontrollably as little whimpers of pleasure escaped her lips. Zei pressed his pelvis against hers, gently squishing against her clit a little bit, timing it to go along with her spasms, drawing out her orgasm. Leaning down to kiss him again, softly, Vey whispered, "I love you, Zei." Zei smiled at her. "I love you too, Vey." He wipped his brow.

His exertion and her unnatural body heat combined with being samwiched between her and his bed had him sweating. He didn't really mind but it was slightly to hot for total comfort. A residual ripple passed through Vey's loins at the incidental motion of Zei's ridgid cock inside her as she caught her breath. She, of course, never sweated, but most of her torso was slick with his sweat. Vey liked seeing the effect she had on him.

"Put your legs down," Vey ordered. Zei complied, relaxing with his body flat. Vey slipped her legs outside his and lifted herself to her knees.

Zei drank in the sight of her and smiled, sliding his hands over her fleshy hips, up her flat-but-soft belly and under her luscious breasts, lifting the heavy orbs as his hands felt over them. A breath of cool air danced across his bare, sweaty chest, and Zei closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. Vey straddled him, his hardness completely hidden within her, swaying gently. It was unbelievably comfortable. Vey smiled at the look of peace on Zei's face.

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She started to wiggle her hips around, beginning with a slow circle. Zei's cock stirred her insides and before long she switched to a more vigorous unidirectional rocking. Vey put her hands down on his chest and rode him hard as his hands returned to her breasts.

Vey threw her head back, gasping, as her lower body undulated like a flag in the wind, feeling the hard cock on which she was impaled clash with her sultry inner walls. Her graceful undulation broke down into uncontrolled spasms as orgasmic pleasure surged through her loins. Vey paused for a minute to catch her breath. Zei grinned at her, his face flushed. "I absolutely love watching you cum." Vey grinned back, leaning down and flattening her body against Zei's.

She rolled her hips once, feeling his cock slide through her netherlips. Her tender clit squished against his smoothe flesh, forcing a little whimper from her throat. Rocking gently ontop of Zei, Vey kissed him hard, spearing her tongue into his mouth and caressing his face with her hands.

Moaning into his mouth, Vey started bucking her hips again. Zei was beginning to feel a bit of pressure himself from the way Vey curled her hips, engulfing his rock-hard shaft in her boiling cunt with increasing speed as she ground her clit against Zei's pelvic flesh. He wasn't in any danger of cumming yet, but a tremor ran through his body and he moaned softly into Vey's mouth. Zei clung to her, meeting her strokes with small but strong thrusts of his own, forcing his hips upward as Vey swung hers forward and down against him, providing a harder jolt against her clit.

Crying out into Zei's mouth, the kiss not breaking only because of how deep it was, Vey's movements once again devolved into invoulentary quaking of orgasm. As she shuddered atop him, Vey caressed Zei's face, softly kissing his lips.

Vey's self-designed body pulsed with residual waves of pleasure, Zei's hardness still within her. She had never told him, but her human form hadn't existed until after she had met him. It hadn't existed until after the first time they had had sex with her in blood elf form, truthfully. That her favored body was hypersexualized was no accident. From the slightly-to-large-to-be-practical-outside-the-bedroom breasts, to her narrow and limber waist, to her firm and plump butt, to her over-lubricated and overly-sensitive hairless pussy, she had tweaked this body to be able to enjoy her blood elven lover to the fullest.

Zei didn't know, of course. He thought that them both favoring her in this human body was a happy accident. She wanted him to think that. Vey hadn't started taking this form for him, afterall, but for them both. Zei tensed his body and a spike of pleasure from her dripping sex shattered her reprieve.

She felt a warm smile spread over her face. Zei's cock throbbed within her. "Ooh, you feel ready," Vey intoned. "I guess its my turn to see if I can make you cum before I do." Zei chuckled, tensing his body and lifting his hips against her again, making her breath catch.

Smirking, Vey, balanced on her feet and, without letting him slid out of her, turned around and sat back down on him so she was facing away from him. She leaned forward a little bit, giving Zei a gorgeous view of the bace of his cock dissapearing into her supple yet jiggly bubble-butt. Her tight little pucker was a barely-visible pinpoint deep between her twin hemispheres.

Vey slid a hand up between Zei's thighs, cupping his hairless balls, slick and slippery from all of her spilled juices, in her palm. She heard and felt Zei's sudden intake of breath as she slid her middle finger down further, going passed his sack and creeping up on his hole.

Like his balls, her dripped juices had it well-lubricated, so the only friction was the tightness of his muscle as she slipped her finger into him. Zei stiffened, but didn't object. He smiled to himself, thinking how Vey was the only woman he'd ever let do that. He supposed that was because she was the only woman he had ever trusted.

With only a little searching, Vey felt her fingertip rest on what she'd been looking for. She pressed lightly, massaging in a gentle circle. Zei groaned as his cock jerked against the walls of her cunt.

Vey pushed her finger in a little deeper to give better leverage and added her ring finger, using the hand position normally used to stimulate the female G-spot. Zei moaned out load, his arms falling to his sides as tremors ran through his body. His seed began to trickle from his shaft, spilling out deep inside Vey's cunt. She massaged harder, swaying her hips a little bit, and the flow of his cum increased until it began to leak out of her. Zei was either in ecstacy or agony, he couldn't tell which.

It felt like he was frozen in time on the brink of an orgasm, or maybe halfway through one. "Oh gods," he moaned. Finally, Vey pressed hard with her fingers, swaying her hips sharply as her loins gripped at his shaft, and Zei was overcome.

He cried out, thrashing around beneath her as the full force of his orgasm hit him without warning. Zei's cock exploded inside Vey's pussy. What cum remained in him shot out with such force that Vey yelped softly as it splattered against her cervix. "Oooh, that was nice," Vey cooed. "By the Nether, yes," Zei panted. Vey wiped her fingers dry on the bedding and turned, crawling up next to him.

Zei's rapidly deflating cock fell against him with a wet slap when it popped out of her. Vey snuggled up to him, putting her back to his chest as he pulled her against him. He pressed his spent and gooey cock into her fleshy bottom, kissing her on the neck as he put his arms around her and taking her breasts in his hands.

Vey "mmmmh"ed appreciatively, wiggling her butt against his crotch. She was already half-asleep. Zei held her as she dozed off, settling in to wait for his own more belated sleep to claim him.

He glanced around, taking in the familiar sights of his quarters in the Scryer's Tier. He was going to miss this room. Part Two It was oddly quiet in the Terrace of Light.

A palpable excitement hung over the dozens of former Scryer and Aldor warriors, now united under the banner of the Shattered Sun. All waited in silence, some eager to see the land of their birth again, others eager to explore what to them was a new alien world. Zei was the fomer, of course, but the woman who's hand he held tightly in his own was the latter. Vey gripped his hand just as hard as he gripped hers, perhaps even more tense with excitement than he was.

Vey's ample curves were only mostly hidden by her volumous indigo robes. She was passing for a mage, today. Zei had been giving her lessons in arcane magic, strange as it was for a mortal to instruct a dragon. Zei himself looked more like a rogue than the mage he was, with his lithe body encased and outlined by intricate weavings of red and black cloth. Only his lack of weapons marked him for what he was at a glance. Suddenly a ripple passed through the crowd, and murmurings broke out.

"Did you feel that?" Vey asked. Zei nodded. "The first touch of incoming portal magic. It won't be long now." A strong male voice cut through the murmurs and drew everyone's attention to the alcove. "Alright soldiers! The portal is forming! Everyone in formation.

Two abreast!" There was a quick jumble before everyone fell into line. Zei maintained his grip on Vey's hand. Exarch Nasuun stood at the head of the line, raising his voice again. "Be ready! The Sunfury will descend on you as soon as you emerge. The battle rages and it is your job to turn the tide!" Zei breathed normally but his heart raced in anticipation.

He stood, gripping Vey's hand tightly, and thought about how they had first met. **Zei crouched, balanced carefully upon one of the many floating rocks that choked the Dragonmaw Skyway. He set his sights on a likely looking fel orc who's course would lead directly under the rock on which Zei perched.

"You're going into the abyss, friend," Zei growled quietly. Zei dropped off the rock. Falling in a graceful dive, Zei braced himself to collide with the fel orc. He readied a teleportation spell to save himself if the orc vered away at the last second. Wind whipped through his hair and stung his eyes, but he held steady. The orc looked up. Too late. Filling his body with magic so his own bones wouldn't snap, Zei collided with the surprised orc, tearing the fel creature from his saddle. He touched his image-capturing talisman to the orcs body, and then Zei pulled his legs up and kicked off the orc's chest with all his might.

Still falling, he spun and was able to aim and Blink to the nearest rock. Zei steadied himself with a deep breath. He turned at the sound of a Netherdrake's roar. The orc's former mount was thrashing around in the air, tearing at the saddle on its back with its teeth. Zei could also sense some sort of spellwork falling off of the creature, like the breaking of shackles. Finally, the Netherdrake was free of both the harness and the spell. It steadied itself, and turned to face Zei.

He readied to defend himself, bringing power to his fingertips, but the Netherdrake stopped before him in mid air, and just look at him for a moment.

"You have liberated me," the Netherdrake said in a disbelieving tone. Zei's eyes widened in surprise at the Netherdrake's young and feminine voice.

"Yes, I suppose I did." "Who are you?" it--no, she--asked in wonder. "My name is Zei," he told her. "I'm an agent for the Scryers." "You're my savior. You don't know, you can't know how much you truely did by freeing me," she said. "I would do anything you asked of me. Anything at all.

Let me carry you to your destination!" Zei smiled at her enthusiasm. "I'm honored. Do you have a name?" "Veyoranaku," she told him. "I used to just be called Vey, though." "Vey," Zei repeated. She angled her back towards him. "Now hop on. Come on, that rock does not feel stable." Zei obeyed, leaping gracefully onto her back. She beat the air with wings bigger than she was and they soared.

Zei had Vey take him back to the Sanctum of the Stars to hand off the talisman to the illusionists. Vey circled overhead. "It's going to be a day at the least," the head illusionist told Zei. Zei nodded and left to find an empty room in the main building. He was a high ranking agent so mostly nobody bothered him.

Stepping out onto the broad balcony that was shared by several rooms, Zei saw Vey still gliding around above. She spotted him and dove, flaring at the last second and alighting gently on the balcony in front of him. "What are you still doing here?" Zei asked. Vey's big dragon eyes blinked at him. "Do you wish for me to leave you?" "No, I just thought you'd have gone to whatever it is you can now go back to," Zei explained.

Vey looked down, her posture somehow sad. "I don't have anything or anyone to go back to," she admitted. Zei stepped closer to the slumped 'drake. "How long were you captive?" he asked softly. "I don't know," Vey replied. "A long time. Since I was a whelp.

I was treated horribly, but now that I'm free I don't know what to do with myself. Also I wish there was some way I could thank you properly. Something I could do for you." "You don't need to feel like you're indebted to me," Zei told the 'drake. "I am, though," Vey replied.

Oddly, the thought seemed to cheer her up a little. Zei smiled. "Well, I would enjoy your company. Would you like to come inside?" "I. uh. yes! But, I'm not sure I'll fit," Vey mumbled. "Can't you shapeshift?" Zei asked. "I thought all dragons could take mortal form." "Well, that's true, but I've never actually done that before," Vey told him.

"I'll try, though," she added hurredly. Her eyes closing in concentration, Vey hunched in on herself. For a moment nothing happened, and then her dark, translucent body began to shimmer.

Slowly, the wings and tail retracted, the face flattened, and the torso shrunk and grew breasts. Elven ears sprouted from her head as she stood up on two legs. Lastly, her ethereal flesh seemed to solidify, and a beautiful elven woman stood before Zei where a Netherdrake had been moments earlier.

A beautiful, naked, elven woman. She'd obviously taken inspiration from the only elf she knew personally, Zei himself. Her skin was the same pale shade as his and her hair had come out rust-red, also like his. Vey opened her eyes with a look of triumph on her face.

"That was easier than I thought it would be." Zei "ahem"ed, feeling his cock begin to stir. "What's wrong?" Vey asked, closing the distance between them. Zei looked pointedly at her bare chest then back at her face. Vey glanced down at herself, then at Zei. "Oh! Clothes. I forgot about clothes. I don't know how to conjure clothing as part of the transformation. I'm sorry." "It's, uh, okay," Zei said, feeling heat in his face. "I'll find you a spare cloak.

I'm sure I have one." "No, wait," Vey said slowly, pondering the now-visible bulge in his pants. "You find me desireable in this form?" "Um, yeah I guess," Zei admitted. "I mean, you're naked and beautiful. Its difficult not to." Vey's face lit up with realization. "Then, this is something I can do for you!" "What do you mean?" Zei asked, caught off guard.

Vey put her hands on his chest and looked up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. "You can have sex with me." Zei gulped. He should refuse. He knew he should refuse, but he couldn't form the words. He hadn't had a woman since he'd been stationed here. But he should refuse, it was only right. "Come on, bring me to your bed and take me.

Penetrate me. Let me cause you pleasure," Vey urged eagerly. "It's only right." It was only right. Zei's will crumbled and he pulled Vey's slender elven body into his arms and pressed his lips to hers.

She went nearly limp in his arms, her mouth opening easily for his tongue. She would have crumpled to the ground had Zei not been holding her. She wavered dizzily, nearly panting.

"Oh my," Vey breathed, her eyes unfocused. "I've never felt anything like that before." She seemed to come back to herself, and before Zei could respond, she had wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another kiss. Zei bent down and scooped her up, carrying her inside. He set her down on the big round bed and palmed one of her breasts, tweaking the nipple with his thumb.

Her fluttering eyes snapped open. "Oh my," she exclaimed again. "I had no idea it would feel so good." Zei grinned. After seeing her react like that, his earlier misgivings vanished. While Vey watched, he began to strip off his clothing. Spaulders and boots joined his gloves on a chair by the door. "Hey, you should try touching yourself," Zei said as he undid the fastenings on his red and black chestpiece. Vey placed her hands flat on her thighs, and then slid them up to he breasts while she watched him for approval.

Zei chuckled. "That's a good start, but maybe I should have been more specific. I want you to massage your loins with your hand." Vey complied, curious to see what would happened.

As soon as her fingers touched her smoothe lower lips, she gasped in surprise and delight. "There are no words for this," she moaned, her hand flat as she massaged her intimate flesh. Zei pulled his shirt off, reavealing his lean, hairless chest. Next he undid his leggins and pulled them down along with his underwear. His cock sprang to attention once freed, and he stepped out of the leggins and went to the bed. Vey saw him approach, her eyes wide as they locked on his bobbing shaft.

"Oh. the sight of you makes me want to touch myself even more," she explained. "Good," Zei said, smiling. "That's good." Vey sat up and folded her legs, one hand still cupping her pussy.

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"Can I touch it?" "Go right ahead." Vey reached out gingerly and gripped his length, learning what it felt like. Her hand was amazingly warm and soft as her fingers explored. "This is going inside me," Vey whispered to herself in awe. "Only if you want it to," Zei told her. Vey suddenly spun around, getting up on her hands and knees.

She pointed her ass at him and looked back over her shoulder. "Yes! Put it in me. Hurry. My mind is breaking trying to imagine what it will feel like," Vey whimpered, wiggling her butt at him.

Her sex was wet and open, beckoning to him. Zei climbed onto the bed, positioning himself behind her and grabbing her hips. Zei took his cock and slid the head up and down through her hailess lips, wetting himself and opening her up even more. Vey whimpered again, her arms giving out. Her face fell into the pillows as she grabbed her own breasts for the first time, moaning.

Zei moved himself a little closer, kneeling between Vey's knees. He ran his cockhead through her netherlips a few more times before aiming for her tight hole. His hands slid to her slender hips and he pulled, slowly sheathing his throbbing shaft in her almost too-hot passage, splitting apart her fleshy walls.

"Holy fuck," Zei whispered to himself as he felt her sultry cunt engulf his length completely. Vey was hyperventilating, whimpering "yes," over and over into her pillow. Zei stayed still, keeping his full length within her, letting her semi-virgin pussy get used to it. Truthfully, he needed a moment as well. He could not believe how warm and tight she was. Especially warm. When remembering sex, the warmth is the first thing that fades.

In the months since his last conquest--a young and buxom orc he'd picked up in the World's End Tavern--it had faded enough that the sensation was new again. And that was compounded by Vey's unnaturally high body heat. Zei had to take a long, shakey breath. Holding her hips firmly so his cock couldn't move lengthwise, he twisted his hips around a little bit. Zei could actually feel her muscles ripple along his shaft. Slowly, he pulled halfway out, then sheathed himself completely again just as gently.

He repeated the move a few times, but then he had to stop. "No," Vey whimpered, moving her hips under his hands, trying to continue. "Keep going." "If I keep going, I'll cum, and I don't want to yet," Zei explained.

Vey stopped moving immediately. Even in the throws of such new and wonderful feelings, she remembered that she was doing this to please him. After a few moments, Zei started thrusting again, pulling on her hips and bouncing his pelvis off her tight ass. Before even a couple minutes had passed, he had to stop again, but Vey was too caught up and didn't stop with him.

He tried to hold back but it had just been to damn long. Zei grunted, spilling his seed deep inside her. Vey felt it happen. "Oh. Oh. Oh what--what's th--oh, oh my!" Zei's cock began to soften, but instead of pulling out of her, he shifted so he was kneeling outside her knees, then he grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs straight. "I felt it," Vey said. "That was your orgasm, wasn't it?" "Yeah," Zei confirmed, straddling her ass.

Vey now lay prone, flat on her front with her legs only slightly apart. Zei was sitting upright on her butt, his semi-hard cock still mostly inside her. He was already growing hard again. "So what now?" Vey asked. Zei chuckled warmly. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet." This seemed to please Vey. She smiled, arching her back a little bit, turning her bottom upwards.

Zei felt his hardening cock slide a little further into her. "I'll let you in on a little secret, Vey," he said. "When a male ejaculates prematurely, he doesn't enjoy it. It doesn't even feel like an orgasm.

Have you ever had an orgasm, Vey?" "Um, I don't know. Maybe," she said over her shoulder to him. "If you had, you'd know," Zei told her. "It's like an explosion of pleasure, better than even the purest magic flowing through your body. It takes you over. Completely." Vey shivered. "Are you going to make me have one?" "I'm going to try," Zei told her. "Anyway, most males can stay arroused after that first lackluster excuse for an orgasm, because they have not actually achieved release." Vey nodded, eagerly absorbing his words.

Zei was fully hard again by now. He straightened his legs, lowering himself to lie flat on Vey's back, his legs stretched out along the outside of hers. His lips went all over her upper back and then to her neck.

He rolled his hips, thrusting into Vey's incredibly tight cunt, feeling her gripping slippery flesh slide down his length with increasing speed. Vey arched her back to meet his thrust, taking him as deep as he could go. Keeping it up, Zei began to suck on her neck with some force, though not enough to leave a mark. Their bodies moved together, staying in total contact as his cock plowed into her. Zei kept going, and Vey started crying out each time he pounded into her, barely having time to suck in a breath between thrusts, such was pace at which Zei fucked her.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them outstretched above their heads, thrusting even faster. "Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh, YES!!!!" Vey screamed, her spine nearly forming a 'U' as she arched her back, pushing her loins up against Zei. She thrashed beneath him, jerking around in an almost seizure-like fit. Zei didn't stop, continuing to fuck her hard and fast as she thrashed around in the throws of her first orgasm. He felt as well as heard the loud squelches as her juices flooded out of her around his cock.

The copious wetness seemed to simultainiously push against his thrusts and suck him in. Vey still spasmed uncontrollably beneath him, and he felt every little movement with his body pressed to hers like it was. His eyes rolled up into his head. Tremors ran through his body. He felt it build up over several seconds; agonizingly slow on that scale.

Zei moaned into Vey's neck as his movements finally deteriorated, his orgasm exploding through him, flooding his body. When he came down from the high, Zei found himself laying limply on top of Vey, who likewise was limp and motionless except for the rise and fall of her ribcage.

"Oh gods, thank you, Vey," Zei sighed. "I really needed that." Vey didn't respond, and Zei would have thought she'd fallen asleep, but he could see her eyes were open and accompanied by a small far-away smile. He rolled off of her, stretching out flat on his back next to her.

He turned his head to look at her and her eyes focused on him, but her smile only grew.** Zei tightened his grip on his lover's hand. Vey had abandoned that initial elven body long ago, but no matter what form she took, Vey was always Vey.

Behind Exarch Nasuun, Zei could both see and feel the portal now. It was like a twisting hole in the air, growing larger by the second. A blurry image of elven architecture appeared in the center of the vortex. Zei turned to Vey, pulling her into him and kissing her. "Ready yourselves!" the Exarch called. Zei and Vey reluctantly separated, keeping each other's hand.

The portal stabalized. "Move! Move! Move!" Nasuun yelled. And they were moving. Those ahead vanished into the portal two-by-two and then it was Zei and Vey's turn. Not slowing, they charged through. The world itself seemed to tumble and shift as Shattrath vanished. Out of the chaos, the Isle of Quel'Danis formed around them, bringing with it its own brand of chaos.

The noise hit them like a wall. All around Shattered Sun forces clashed with the Sunfury. Zei yanked on Vey's hand, pulling her out of the way as a dead Sunfury dragonhawk nearly crushed them as it fell out of the sky. Demons swarmed below. Zei recognized the all-to-familiar shapes of the Shivarra. He dove for cover, again pulling Vey with him, as a green fireball thrown by one of the six-armed creatures exploded against the wall behind them. From above, more Sunfury Elves on dragonhawks darted through the air, pelting them with wand-fire.

Shattered Sun archers answered with arrows, and a couple with spells, but more archers fell than riders. Vey had her bow in hand. She pulled an adamantite arrow from her quiver, charging it with some of her nether essence.

She nocted the arrow, stood and fired. The arrow streaked upwards like a lightning bolt, striking a mounted Sunfury Elf full in the chest, and when the arrow hit, it exploded in a haze of crackling energy, knocking not one but five riders out of the air.

"Nice shot," Zei told her, grinning. He turned from her, sensing rising magic from the demons below. Another Shivarra had gotten too close and was conjuring a fireball. Zei gestured, his hand making a fist infront of him, his power reaching out to choke off the demon's spell.

The fireball winked out. The Shivarra locked eyes with him, seething hatred plain on her face. Zei threw his hand towards her, feeling arcane power race through his body and out through his gesture. The barrage spiraled downward, blasting the demon off her feet. "Heads up!" Vey yelled over the battle din. Zei spun. A dragonhawk rider was diving straight for him, a wand leveled at his head.

Zei let the rider come, wand-fire spilling harmlessly off his defensive wards. At the last second, Zei threw his hands forward and conjured a mana shield. He poured his power into it, and when the rider smashed into it, she and her dragonhawk crunched like they'd hit a stone wall.

The shield vanished, all its power consumed by the one forceful impact. One of Vey's arrows flew within inches of Zei's face and he recoiled, turning to follow its flight in time to see a doomguard blasted to bits just as it was landing on the platform. The battle was turning. Demons fell before the onslaught of powerful Outlanders. However, the dragonhawk riders were not as deminished. Zei found Vey and pointed at the sky. Immediatly, a dark shimmer passed over Vey's skin, her features distorting as her body swelled to three times its human size.

Cloth tore as she burst out of her robes. Then her total mass doubled again as wings sprouted from her back, spreading wider than her total length, nose to tail. Energy crackled along her translucent body.

"Quickly!" Vey shouted, her familiar voice taking on an ethereal quality. Every Sunfury above them would have felt the sudden surge of energy. Dozens wheeled in the air, forgetting all but this new threat. There were cries of surprise from both sides. No one had expected to see a Netherdrake here of all places. Zei leaped nimbly onto Vey's back and she threw herself into the air. She moved as though dancing, dodging wand-fire and lashing out with bolts of lightning.

Not to be outdone, Zei hurled arcane barrages left and right, blasting the wings off of some dragonhawks and the riders off of others. Together, they wreacked havoc on the aeral Sunfury forces. "Fry, you wannabe demons!" Vey cried as her crackling energy obliterated another rider.

Zei focused on two more Sunfury Elves, balling his hands into fists and smashing them together. His targets were suddenly yanked off course, drawn together to collide with a sickening thud and the snap of bones. A few of the quicker Shattered Sun mages followed Zei's example, leaping from the platform and commandeering several of the now-riderless dragonhawks, and flew up to engage the enemy. In the face of such destruction, the remaining riders turned their mounts and fled. Soon, the sky was empty save for Vey and Zei and a half-dozen other Shattered Sun mages.

Vey roared her victory, and as her shadow fell below, the surviving demons looked up in terror at the fearsome creature wreathed by the sun. The battle was all but over. Cheers were taken up by the victorious. Sun's Reach was theirs. Vey circled the town once, then glided down to the sanctum, alighting on the springy grass near the building. Zei slid from her back and she swung her head around, nuzzling her face against the side of his head. He beamed at her, putting his hands on the sides of her broad head and laughing with the thrill of successful battle.

"You were magnificent," Vey purred. Zei stroked her not-quite-coporeal face. "No more than you were." Vey bared her gleaming teeth in a smile that would have scared the shit out of anyone who wasn't used to reading a Netherdrake's facial expressions like Zei was. To him, it was an expession only of warmth and love, and a hint of pride.

Vey closed her eyes and her body shimmered, condensing and shrinking back into her human form. Once her wings and tail vanished completely, her flesh solidified and the change was complete. "Um, Vey," Zei warned. Vey looked down and realized she was naked. She still hadn't gotten the hang of including clothing in her shapeshifting.

"Oh crap." Most of those who hadn't been to caught up in their own celebration to notice the Netherdrake land, now got an eyeful of her busty human body. Many simply chuckled and averted their eyes. Others leered openly, while the rest politely pretended not to notice.

With a quick gesture, Zei brought the remains of Vey's robe fluttering down to them. Another quick gesture repaired the garment and dropped it into Vey's hands.

She pulled it on, blushing like a maiden. Giggling a little, Vey admited to herself that it was kind of funny. She should really know better by now. Vey forgot all about her blunder as soon as Zei swept her into his arms and kissed her.

Somewhere in the background someone shouted, "Everybody to the harbor and break out the wine!" That night, Sun's Reach partied. Everyone was giddy from the sweeping victory.

They drank and recounted the battle to each other, jumped and danced and sang, and generally had a good time. Zei and Vey sampled the wine and twirled in each others arms to the music a bit. Of course, moving their bodies together in such close proximity had its inevitable effect.

They weren't even the first. Public displays of affection were everywhere. Green and blue and pink and lavender breasts were already visible throughout the party. Vey and Zei left the dancers and found a cushy sofa near a wall where it was quieter.

"Perfect," Vey said, plopping down. "This'll do nicely." Zei sat himself down next to her, dropping his arm over her shoulders. "I don't think I should have had that second glass.

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You know I have a low tolerance." "Oh please, you could down that much drink again and still do handsprings if you wanted," Vey teased. Zei rolled his eyes but smiled at her. With a seeming mind of their own, Vey's hands roamed over his chest, undoing his fastenings while her attention was elsewhere.

"The sky here is so strange," Vey commented, looking up at the stars through the open roof with her head leaned back on Zei's shoulder. "It's so still and serene." "Yeah, I'd forgotten how beautiful it is," Zei mused. "I was too long in Outland." She finished with the fastenings, baring Zei's chest. He slipped his arms out but left the intricate red and black garment draped over his shoulders. Vey swung her leg over him, settling into his lap as she pulled her robes open.

He was slouched so her bare pussy rested against his skin just below his navel. Zei took her breasts in his hands and started to nibble at a nipple.

They were in full view of the party and it was obvious what they were doing, but Vey's robes hid the details from anyone who might be watching and they were far from being the only ones getting intimate, anyway. Two trolls were fucking against the opposite wall. A forsaken and his blood elf dance partner were twirling in what was clearly more than a dance. Two night elf women were completely naked and making out on a fluffy rug. A troll caster had pulled her robes up right in the middle of the party and was kneeling on a table as a male night elf buried his mouth in her exposed cunt from behind while onlookers cheered him on.

No, Vey and Zei's intimacies fit right in; they were even a bit mild. Zei lifted himself slightly and pushed his leggings and underwear down to his knees beneath Vey's robes. His cock sprang up, slapping against her butt as it bobbed.

Running her hands up his chest, Vey lifted up and Zei guided himself into her. Vey sank onto him, enveloping his throbbing cock in her sweltering sex. She bottomed out and began to ride him, grinding her clit against his flesh. Zei slid his arms around her under the robes, rocking to meet her familiar movements. Vey's breasts squished against his collar bone, spilling over his shoulders, as he tightened his hold on her.

Zei lifted his face to her and she leaned down to meet his lips. They kissed softly, touching lightly and moving around. Vey rode him at a steady speed, in no particular hurry but not bothering to draw it out either.

Zei kissed his way down to her breasts and took her other nipple in his mouth. His tongue flicked over the little bud and circled her areola. He bit down gently, rolling the hardened nub between his lips. Vey moaned and increased her pace, undulating with wild abandon. Zei started breathing heavily as he pressed his face harder into her breasts, touching with his hands what he couldn't with his lips and tongue.

Closing his eyes, he nibbled and twisted and licked. Vey ran her hands through his hair, holding her to him. Zei cried out, the sound muffled by Vey's squishy flesh. He threw his hips up and felt his cock burst, pulsating inside her and filling her with his seed. Vey kept riding him, drawing out his orgasm and milking every last bit of cum out of him.

Just before Zei's cock started to soften, Vey's movements became smaller and jerkier. She crushed him to her chest, enveloping his face in her breasts, as she threw her head back and cried out, her own orgasm tearing through her body. Zei kept kissing and licking as he felt her shudder atop him, his face completely lost in her luscious orbs.

He couldn't breathe but Vey regained enough control over her body to release him before that became a problem. "Ohha," she breathed, hunching down to kiss him. "I love you," Zei whispered, his lips grazing hers as he spoke. They continued to kiss softly, coming down from the high. Behind Vey, the party had devolved into an orgy, with the more intimate couples finding quiet corners to make love as Zei and Vey had. "Where do we go from here?" Vey wondered.

"If the Offensive doesn't need us any more, I'm not really sure," Zei told her. Vey smiled against his lips.

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"No tasks or obligations. We can take a vacation," Vey giggled. "A vacation," Zei mused. "There's an idea." Vey giggled again and kissed him some more. Part Three "So, where are we going?" Vey asked.

"I don't know. That way," Zei laughed, sweeping his arm towards the distant eastern shore of Eversong. Vey skimmed the waters, her powerful wings rising and falling steadily. Quel'Danis was already faint in the distance behind them. "This is your homeland," Vey pointed out. "I'm not even sure what direction we're flying." "South," Zei chuckled.

"I guess it doesn't matter," Vey said, glancing back at him with one eye and smiling. "We can simply wander to our hearts' content. It's a strange feeling." Zei leaned naturally with Vey's motions as she banked, turning to follow the coast for a moment before swooping gracefully through the bright trees and heading inland. Vey didn't have a saddle. Carrying one around had been too much trouble and Zei had long since gotten used to soaring through the skies on Vey's bare back.

It had become completely second-nature. Vey slalomed around off-white, twisted tree-trunks, giggling happily. She rolled upside down and corkscrewed between two closely spaced trees, pulling her legs up so they wouldn't hit the grass. She glided just above the ground, following a small brook.

Vey dove, following the water as it went over a series of falls and Zei felt himself become weightless as she arced downward.

Wind ripped at his hair and tore at his eyes, but Zei was used to Vey's speed so he knew how to ignore the pain and focus on the joy.

The surface of a small lake rushed up at them, but Vey's wings suddenly snapped open, filling with air as she pulled up. Water was thrown up in their wake as she shot towards the opposite shore. She flared, rising suddenly and bleeding off speed as she rose above the treetops. She was laughing. Zei grinned widely from the thrill of the flight and in response to Vey's own high spirits. They drifted almost lazily over the brightly colored trees.

"If we're truly going to wander, we should probably pick up some camping supplies," Zei mused. "I can conjure a lot of handy things but shelter is a bit beyond me." "Good idea," Vey agreed.

Zei pointed down to the east. "There's a village over there. Let's go shopping for bedrolls." Vey dipped a wing and drifted down in the direction he'd indicated. The village was small but lively. Several buildings in the elven style and a number of people going about their day were visible even from the air.

Vey landed on the edge of the village and immediatly began to shapeshift as Zei slid off her back. Once Vey was in human form, Zei dug her robe out of his pack and handed it to her.

She slipped it on while Zei watched. Clad, she paused a moment to consider, then closed her eyes in concentration. Her form shimmered, but the only changes were her ears which suddenly grew long and pointed.

Zei raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know you could blend forms like that." Vey grinned at him. "Neither did I, but it seemed like I could, so I tried, and it worked!" Zei took her in his arms and kissed her, and she clung to him like she always did before pulling away.

"You're still going to stand out," Zei told her, smirking as he ran his thumb up one of her new ears. Vey just shrugged and kissed him again. "As long as the guards don't shoot me, whatever." A short while later, Zei followed Vey out of a shop with a brand new double-wide bedroll strapped to his back. The vendor stared after them as they went, eyeing Vey's exotic appearance. Her dark robe was not revealing, but it was obvious from the way it clung to her curves that she wore nothing under it.

"Think we'll need anything else?" Vey asked, taking his hand. Zei considered. "Probably not." Vey turned and kissed him. Before she broke away her hand darted down to Zei's crotch and squeezed. She grinned impishly at him and kept walking. Zei chuckled as she led him around a corner into the shadow of a building. Vey stopped once they were well off the main road, and Zei slowed up behind her. He slipped his arms under hers and pulled her into him.

She pressed her butt against his crotch, tilting her head to smile at him out of the corner of her eye. "Sure you don't want to head out a little further and christen these blankets?" Zei teased, kissing her along her cheek and neck.

He found the soft hollow just under her jaw and started sucking on her with a gentle sensuality. "Mmmmh," Vey moaned softly, grinding her ass into the front of his pants. "You know how patience isn't one of my virtues." Zei chuckled affectionately at that, running his hands up her body. He grasped her luscious breasts and massaged them through the soft fabric of her robe, pulling her against his chest.

Zei's hardening cock fought to rise against the unyieding cloth of his leggings.


"Over here," Zei said, guiding Vey with his hands. The building looming over them had a sort of lip around the outer wall. It was just the right height to put Vey's crotch at eye-level if she were to stand on it. Zei let go of her and Vey climbed up, putting her hands against the polished white stone of the wall. She stuck her bottom out at him and waited. Zei gathered the hem of her robe and lifted it over her ass.


He licked his lips at the sight. Vey's juicy slit stared him right in the face, framed between the jiggly cheeks of her gorgeous bubble-butt. He began with a gentle kiss. Her soft skin quivered as he pressed his lips to her netherlips.

Zei languidly moved his lips, kissing her so tenderly. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue along Vey's divide but for now refrained from slipping between the two halves of silky skin. Vey let out a long, shakey sigh. The skin of her outer sex felt so incredibly luxurious that Zei almost wanted to just rub his face in it. He kissed Vey's pussy a little more forcefully, still only using his lips, and rested his face against her thigh.

Zei closed his eyes and sighed, running his hands over her hips. Vey moaned quietly, her legs beginning to tremble. Zei smiled against her flesh and kissed her harder. His lips gently opened her up, revealing the hot wetness inside. He burried himself deeply, reaching out with his tongue to poke into her passage.

"Ooh yes," Vey gasped, wiggling around. Her wetness began to trickle into Zei's mouth and he lapped it up, tongue teasing around her inner heat. Zei opened his mouth wider and managed to get her clit inside his lower lip while still poking his tongue down her dripping hole. He gently sucked on her, eliciting another gasp of pleasure from her and making her buck slightly as the sensations shot through her.

Zei withdrew for a second to take a breath, then plunged back in, licking her clit and her hole with powerful flicks of his tongue. Vey squirmed in his grasp, beginning to pant. It never took much to get Vey off and Zei had had quite a bit of practice with her. "Aah!" Vey exclaimed, her legs shaking violently as Zei's tongue brought her over the edge. Her shaking dislodged Zei from her cunt and caused her to slip from the small ledge.

Zei caught her easily and she sank against him, her body trembling from her orgasm. Vey turned upwards and kissed him hard, tasting herself on him.

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Zei reached down passed the hiked-up robe she still wore and fingered her. Vey moaned loudly into his mouth. In the haze of her first orgasm, Zei quickly brought her to a second with his hand while he kissed her.

With shaking hands, Vey fumbled the lacings on the front of his leggings for a moment before managing to pull them loose. Zei helped her push the cloth down to free his cock, which sprang up hard as a rock. Vey turned back to the wall and Zei pushed her robe back up so it bunched around her torso.

She stood on the ground now and had to bend over farther to reach the wall, so Zei held her hips steady with tender hands as she spread her legs for him. He poked the head of his throbbing cock against her wide open sex, getting some moisture on the tip and lining himself up.

He was hard enough and she was wet enough that he didn't even need his hands to guide himself in. Zei slid easily into Vey's tight but well-lubricated confines. She bucked her ass against him and he matched her fervent pace, not holding back as he slammed into her. Her ass bounced off his crotch and his hands on her hips were like a spring that kept them snapping together again.

Vey's pussy squelched as she whimpered in pleasure. Juices dripped from their loins to moisten the ground. Zei fucked her furiously, and the angle had him slamming into her g-spot with each stroke. Another orgasm hit her suddenly, forcing her wetness to splash out of her and get all over Zei's leggings. Zei slowed for a moment so Vey could catch her breath, then resumed pounding her with abandon, though still not quite as fast as before.

Zei gasped and slammed himself into her a few last times as his cock began to pulse. He moaned out loud, stopping with his cock as deep as it would go, and emptied his balls into Vey's depths. As the last few spurts of cum drained into her, Zei caressed Vey's hips, running his hands up her body and back down again.

She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled a satisfied smile. The sun set and Vey went for a swim. Her robe and Zei's armor lay piled on the large blanket next to their sleeping bag.

They'd just finished making love again, and Zei was busy laying weather wards around their little camp. He worked naked, and Vey watched him with a smile from the crystal clear water of the pond they'd decided to camp next to. Vey dove under the surface, spinning in a lazy spiral as she moved through the shallow water. When she came up, Zei was gone. Vey blinked, looking around for him. "Cannonball!!" Something pale and red-haired slammed into the pond next to her, hitting her with an explosion of water.

She fell back, spluttering, as Zei surfaced and grinned at her. Vey started laughing as Zei swam over to her. "Nice." "Sorry, I couldn't resist," Zei said as he took her into his arms.

Vey could just barely touch the bottom on tip-toes but Zei stood flat footed, putting them at the same height, with the water up to their collarbone. Vey rested most of her weight on Zei, and in the water it was no burden. Zei simply held her for a while, their naked bodies pressed together under the surface. They revolved slowly in the gentle current, like a slow-motion dance.

"This really was a good idea," Vey mused. "What?" "Getting away from everything so we can be together as much as we want," Vey said. "Yeah, it was," Zei agreed, kissing her lightly.


Vey grabbed his ass, then grinned and pulled away, yanking Zei with her. He stumbled and Vey dropped under the surface, put her feet against his shins, and pushed off, knocking his feet out from under him.

Zei recovered, laughing, as Vey aimed a splash at him with cupped hands. He dodged and returned fire, hitting the water just right with his hands for maximum distance. Vey giggled wildly as she ducked under the splash and spun away. And so the game went. Vey and Zei chased each other around the moonlit pool, their laughter echoing across the water, until they finally decided to catch each other.

When they did, they kissed tenderly, and Zei felt himself go hard. In the weightlessness of the water, Vey simply lifted her legs up and wrapped them around Zei where he stood, and took him into her. They made love gently, standing in the peaceful pond. About halfway through Zei climbed the shore and carried Vey around to their camp. She hung from his cock with her arms and legs tight around him as he walked.

Zei didn't want to get the inside of their sleeping bag wet, so he carefully laid Vey down ontop of it without opening it. He slid his arms under her shoulders and kissed her deeply and she moaned into his mouth as he ground his triangle against her clit.

His cock stayed buried in her, moving but not sliding. Zei rolled to the side, pinning Vey's thigh between his body and the bedroll and his arm under her torso.

Vey squeezed him into her with her free leg, continuing their relaxed pace. She touched his face then ran her fingers through his hair, sighing with contentment. "I love you, Zei." Zei smiled at her. "I love you, Vey." Slowly but surely, they reached a quiet but powerful twin climax. They closed their eyes and clung together. As the orgasm faded, they remained as they were and feel asleep in each others arms, not bothering to disentangle and cover themselves.

When Zei woke, he was sprawled on his back inside the sleeping bag. Vey wasn't there but as he blinked the sleep from his eyes, he spotted a note.

"Went hunting. Be back soon. Love." Zei smiled to himself and got up. He relieved himself in some bushes then went down to the lake to splash water on his face. That done, he returned to the bedroll and stretched out on his back again, staring up at the sky with one arm behind his head. So peaceful. Something rustled in the underbrush nearby.

Zei turned his head to look in the direction the sound had come from, but didn't see anything other than foliage. He wasn't worried. Even the fearcest predator in these woods would be helpless before even a fraction of his arcane power.

No more sounds came, so Zei went back to watching the sky. Several minutes later, something hot touched his pointed ear. Zei nearly jumped out of his skin, fumbling for mana, but whatever had snuck up on him was faster. Something warm and fleshy wipped around his head, covering his eyes and mouth, muffling his cry of surprise. He reached up to tear whatever it was off his face but the thing was too fast, snaring his wrists and forcing his arms out to the sides.

The limbs were snakelike, devoid of corners, but felt like humanoid skin. Zei tried to think. Of course the obvious answer came to him right away. Some sort of tentacle beast was attacking him. That raised two very important questions. Firstly, what such a creature was doing in Eversong of all places. And secondly, much more importantly, was this tentacle beast of the killing variety or the raping variety?

Either way, Zei didn't want to find out. He did his best to struggle physically. It snared his ankles and thighs too, pinning him flat.

He felt more tentacles slithering under him, several following his spine, and more wrapping around his belly. The texture felt like skin, and despite himself, Zei felt a flush of arousal. The creature reacted, and Zei felt himself lifted off the ground as something hot and fleshy spiraled up his hardening shaft.

Well, that answered one question. Zei supressed a moan of pleasure and thrashed around, trying to get leverage against something, but the creature held him spread-eagle in the air and there was nothing to grab onto. He frowned in frustration, and reached for mana again, but the creature kept him immoble enough that he couldn't gesture, and gagged so he couldn't speak.

Zei considered an armor spell, but the creature wasn't technically trying to hurt him the way those spells were designed to stop. Zei groaned, half in angry frustration, half in pleasure as the tentacles slithered all over his body and the one around his cock started squeezing it rhythmically. He fought against the tentacles that snared his arms and legs, but they simply gave a little and snapped back.

It was like being tied up with elastic cables. The creature flipped him over in the air so he was hanging face down. It let his knees drop a little, then the tentacles around his thighs pulled his legs open and Zei felt another limb gently caressing his balls and anus as the one wrapped around his cock milked him furiously.

The creature was probably just below him, ready to consume his seed, Zei thought. Zei shuddered at the sensations assaulting his body, struggling not to moan desirously. The creature was taking him against his will, but allowing himself to enjoy it still felt like he was somehow betraying Vey. Unfortunately it had him at its mercy, and despite his best efforts, he couldn't come up with a way to escape in time.

Zei shook with pleasure, unable to do anything to stop the orgasm that tore though him. His cock rained cum down on whatever was below him and Zei cried out against the gagging tentacle across his mouth.

Warm, fleshy tentacles still slithered all over his body, and it felt so good Zei had to struggle to think. The creature lowered him but to his surprise, didn't release him. Still breathing hard from his orgasm, Zei struggled futiley for a few moments before giving that up and just hanging there, tense and waiting. To his very great surprise, Zei suddenly felt breasts press into his back. Familiar breasts. Very familiar breasts. Vey's breasts. "Guess who," she teased, removing the tentacle around his face and giggling evily.

"Vey?!?" Zei gasped, twisting his neck to see. "Holy fucking hell. You scared the living daylights out of me." Zei sagged with relief. Vey's tentacles still caressed his body, and Zei sighed, suddenly able to enjoy the sensations as he tried to slow his heartrate. "I just came up with this hybrid form," Vey said. "What do you think? Do you like it?" Zei laughed. "It has possibilities, I'll admit. Let me get a look at you." Vey lifted him to hang a few feet off the ground in something closer to a standing posture.

She relaxed her grip on his wrists, not releasing him but allowing him to move his arms. "Where did you get the essence for a tentacle beast?" Zei asked in wonder. Vey was a perfect hybrid. Her torso was still human, with the face, neck, breasts--cum covered from Zei's orgasm just a moment ago--and belly Zei knew as well as his own body, but she had no arms or legs. Five tentacles sprouted from each shoulder, and five more from each hip, totaling twenty.

Each tendril was slightly more than an inch in diameter and tipped with a vaguely cock-shaped tip, only more pointy.

Her pussy was still where it always was, but it bulged like it was hyper-engorged. Vey saw him notice and said, "Check this out." The lips of her pussy suddenly split wide and Zei blinked in amazement. Her clit had grown to match the other tentacles in girth. It snaked out of her crotch, paler than the rest and glistening with wetness along its entire length.

Just below the clit-tentacle, Vey's pussy lips opened even wider and a ring of puffy pink vaginal flesh began to push outwards forming a tube. "Cool, huh?" Vey said to Zei's wide-eyed stare. She giggled. Zei just started laughing and shaking his head.

Vey pulled him against her and let him put his arms around her. She kissed him, smiling. "You've outdone yourself, Vey," Zei chuckled. Vey grinned. "I got the essence from that thing we fought in Zangarmarsh. I only used a tiny bit of it though. I've still got human skin and human sensations, and my tentacles can't ejaculate." "And you couldn't resist springing it on me like that, could you." Zei said.

"Could you have?" Vey asked him. Zei laughed. "Probably not." He felt himself start to grow hard again. Vey was in his arms afterall and her tentacles were still absently massaging him pretty much everywhere. "Oh and there's one more neat thing this body can do," Vey said, idly wrapping a tentacle around Zei's rehardening cock.

She held him away from her so he could see. She looked down and her clit tentacle bowed upwards with the head pointing down, while her vaginal-tube tentacle bowed down and pointed its opening up. Vey thrust her clit into her own vagina and in mere moments was gasping in the throws of an orgasm.

Zei wobbled in the air, her grip wavering. Zei watched the bizzare sight with fascination. Vey looked at him and grinned, pulling her clit out of herself. It dripped with her juices. "Okay, you've officially just blown my mind," Zei teased. Vey laughed and pulled him against her again so she could kiss him.

He was still almost completely covered by her winding limbs. From his neck to his shins her tentacles slithered in spirals around his body, holding, supporting, caressing. It was wierd, no doubt, but it felt amazing. And it was Vey. How could he not like Vey touching him? Inconceivable. "I love you," Zei murmured against her lips. "I love you too," Vey murmered back and then broke the kiss with a smirk. "And I'm going to make you cum like you've never cum before." A tentacle covered his eyes again and Zei chuckled.

Vey moved him to a sort of reclined sitting position with his legs raised slightly and spread wide apart, but not so much that it was uncomfortable. The tentacles that held him were constantly moving so it was hard to tell when Vey shifted her grip but she appeared behind him, her breath on his ear. Something hot, wet, and meaty touched his cheeks--probably her vaginal tentical--and then proceeded to writh all over him, coating his whole body and her other tentacles with her juices.

The full-body massage her tentacles were giving him became slippery. Zei sighed with pleasure. "You're amazing, Vey." "Shush," Vey replied, and Zei felt something hard and wet probe at his lips.

He kissed it and started to lick it, and judging from the way Vey gasped and shuddered, it was her clit tentacle. Zei let it wriggle into his mouth and suckled on it, enjoying the sounds it was causing Vey to make.

She shifted her grip again and was infront of him once more. Vey slipped her limb-tentacle off his cock and it bobbed in the air for a moment before Zei felt the familiar sensations of his shaft sliding into Vey's molten pussy.

Zei moaned around her clit, his head falling back against the support of Vey's limbs. The tentacles that supported his bottom wiggled his asscheeks around, pulling them apart so the outside of Vey's vaginal tentacle could rub against his balls and ass, getting them extra wet, while the end bent in an upside-down 'U' to consume his cock.

The inside of the vaginal tentacle squeezed and stroked, moving as if Vey were riding him in human form. She cried out in another orgasm as Zei sucked a little harder on her clit, timing it with her strokes on his cock.

Zei felt one of her tentacles prod at his tight pucker and made a noise that even he wasn't quite sure was of protest or anticipation. Either way, it only supurred Vey on.

There was too much wetness down there and the tentacle wriggled its way inside him. It didn't exactly hurt, but it took a few moments for him to relax and the sudden invasion to start feeling good. When it did, though, Zei couldn't help a groan of pleasure as he was overwhelmed by sensations. Vey worked him over, slick tentacles winding over every inch of him and massaging him with sensual motions, her clit shoved into his mouth, a random tentacle wriggling in his ass, and her tube of vaginal flesh engulfing his cock.

Zei was in a haze of bliss. Preorgasmic waves of pleasure radiated throughout his body, but somehow Vey managed not to push him over the edge just yet. Her rhythm held him at the precipice, nudging him closer and closer. Time seemed to drag on. Vey probably could have stopped completely and Zei would still have cum after several moments, but she didn't stop, so it just built and built.

Zei's body jumped with each heartbeat, his breath coming in gasps. He writhed in Vey's hold, the sensations taking over him completely. Everything went hot.

Zei convulsed, crying out as orgasm thundered through him with mind-shattering intensity. Vey's prehensile limbs squeezed ecstacy from every inch of his body as his cock geysered glob after glob of cum into Vey's tube.

It lasted almost a full minute before Zei let out a long breath and went limp. His spent body swayed in Vey's tentacles. She slowed and stopped as he went soft, lowering them both to the bedroll and pulling him close as she retracted her loins.

Brasile ntilde_a con buen rabo

Zei was still dizzy and sighed with gratitude and love when Vey pillowed his head on her big, jiggly breasts. His body was cradled in a nest of tentacles that held him lovingly and touched him the way Vey's hands would have if she'd had hands at the moment. Zei rolled his head a little to look up at Vey and smile. She was watching him with a soft little smile of her own. She hugged him closer and Zei reached up to touch her face. A tentacle idly stroked his hair, brushing strands off his face and petting his head.

"You're as good as your word," Zei said with a smirk, still slightly breathless. Vey grinned at him. They cuddled for a while longer, but eventually Vey's unnatural body heat and the rising sun had Zei sweating and feeling a bit thirsty. With a sigh, Zei pushed himself up and conjured a skin of cold water for himself.

Vey's form shimmered, turning dark and translucent, and her skin lost its texture. The tentacles melted and reformed into arms and legs. With another shimmer, Vey resolidified and was human again. She sat up and Zei pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "I'm so going to keep the tentacle body," Vey mused. "That was just way to much fun." "I am so in favor of that you have no idea," Zei laughed, handing her the waterskin.

Vey took a swig. "Concentrating enough to keep track of all those limbs is exhausing, though, and look at you, you might actually make it a whole hour without getting horny again," she teased. Zei laughed at that. "We'll save tentacle sex for special occasions then, I guess." Vey nodded and leaned over to kiss him again.

They were both sitting cross-legged, facing opposite directions with their left thighs touching. They got up and packed their camp. Zei dressed and then slung their rolled blankets onto his back. Vey stood, nude and radiant in the morning sunlight, before shimmering darkly and resuming her true form.

Zei hopped onto her back and she spread her wings, throwing them into the air with flourish. Together, elf and drake soared over the land, following nothing but the wind and their whims.