Mom and son night xxx badr

Mom and son night xxx badr
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She walked downstairs, a white cotton towel barely covering her tanned thighs. She headed toward the kitchen to collect a drink. She was staying with her father. Him and her mother had divorced recently. But she didn't care and hoped he'd be out all day, as she'd planned to do her own thing for once this Saturday.

She was sixteen years young, beautiful and innocent. Her name was Cherry, and she was just as tasty. Dark blonde hair hung damply over perfect C-cup breasts and she had full lips, hips and toned limbs. She bent down to the lowest shelf on the refridgerator and giggled at the brush of cold air that slid past her pussy. She became quickly excited and ran upstairs, completely forgetting about her drink. She threw her towel onto the floor and hurriedly shut her bedroom door.

Laying back down onto her covers, she spread her legs open and began to rub her clit gently. Sucking her index and middle finger on the other hand, she moaned. With her fingers lubricated and her pussy wet and waiting, she thrust into her hand, letting out a long sigh with every hip movement. She moved onto her stomach as if to straddle her fingers and started pumping with more energy and speed.

Soft gasps of pleasure left her lips and she began to pinch her nipples lightly with her spare hand. She closed her eyes as she could feel herself orgasming.

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Her thighs twitched and her clit exploded with heat and pleasure. She breathlessly laid back and smiled to herself. Until she head someone walking into her house. Her dad had just came home, forgetting a file he needed for meeting later that evening. He stumbled upstairs and heard a door behind him open.

Cherry looked around the door, covered again in just her towel. "Hey, sweetie. Just take a shower?" He asked, forbidding himself to look at his daughters inviting thighs. "Yeah, dad.


What're. what're you doing here?" She was still recovering from her orgasm, but managed to keep her sentances steady. "Just forgot that School Board file." He replied. As his daughter's grip on the towel loosened, the bulge in his trousers tightened.

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Cherry noticed this, and seemed to enjoy the positive attention. She smiled devilishly and allowed her father to get back to finding his file. Cherry signed on to her favourite porn site. It was 10pm, and her father shouldn't be back for at least another hour. She searched up "hard, fast fucking" and clicked on the first result.

She watched as the helpless red head was pounded hard by a man who looked strikingly like her father. Cherry's hand began to fumble her trouser button open and threw her hand under her panties. She opened her legs and helped her fingers insert into her tight little pussy and moaned under her breath.

The man spanked the redhead, who screamed in pleasure. Cherry imagined her being in the redheads position, but with her daddy dominating her. She tried to shake this sick image out of her head, but the more she thought about her daddy's dick, the more turned on she became.

Before she could finish, the door slammed. Hurrying, she turned off the computer and tidied herself, awaiting her fathers figure to appear at the door.

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"Sweetie?" "I'm in here Daddy." She called out. He wandered into her bedroom and noticed her bra poking above her top. He looked away and sat on her bed. "What's up dad?" She joined him on the bed, staring up at her father. She was still horny, mid-masturbating and she wanted it badly. Her mind started conjuring a plan that she had full intention of carrying out. "The school board wants to know about sexual activity in teens." He said awkwardly "But I have no idea how to get that information out of kids.

You know how weird I'd sound right?" She laughed and touched his shoulder, "Yeah you'd sound real creepy." He began to feel rock hard in his groin as he looked over at his daughter. She bit her lip as she chuckled and seemed to press her breasts into his arm.

He stood up before he could control himself. "I have to go to bed.


I've had a hard day." He mumbled. Cherry smiled wickedly to herself.

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"Dad! Can I sleep in here with you? I just watched a horror film. and I don't feel safe alone!" David looked up to find his daughters shadow cast over him. He sleepily pulled open the cover and she slid in. He began to drift back into sleep when he felt on his bare back, hard nipples.

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Although, he didn't move. Cherry moved her hand down to her fathers boxers and slipped her finger inside. David turned to her, "Cherry, what the hell are you doing?" But the erection he grew let Cherry know that they both wanted this.

She licked her lips and turned on the light beside her, baring her shaved mound and beautiful boobs to her father. He stared longingly and instinct took over. He pulled her down for a messy kiss, and she began to pull his boxers down. He pulled his daughters head up to his own and worringly asked, "You won't tell y our mother about this." She shook her head in response, "This is our little secret Daddy." And with that, she put her lips on the tip of his dick.

He shivered from how soft her lips were. Remembering her porn films, she licked his shaft slowly from tip to head. Her fathers hands on the back of her head, helping her keep rythym. She put his cock in her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it, sucking and pumping his dick with her hand.

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He moaned and began to hump toward her mouth. "That's it baby," David groaned "suck daddy's cock. ooh yeah." She stopped suddenly and he looked up at her. She layed beside him and spread her legs open. "It's my turn now, daddy," He grinned and put his head between his daughters legs. She trembled under his tongues touch. He tasted all of her juiced, and ran the tip of his tongue over her throbbing clit. She moaned loudly as he inserted two fingers into her.

Keeping his tongue's attention on her clit and lips, he thrust his fingers faster in and out of her. Her breath began to speed up and he could feel himself building up slowly. He stood up and pulled her legs toward him and spread her lips open.

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She looked him in the eyes and nodded. He pulled his cock out of his hands and put the tip of his head into her. She writhed in pain, but as he slowly slid into her, she gasped in pleasure. After a few slow, feeble attempt he began to let his animal take over. Cherry realised her porn star dream had come true.

She had her pussy beaten by her daddy. She screamed in pleasure. "Fuck me Daddy! That's it. Fuck me right there!" He moaned back "You're a bad little girl. Daddy's got to teach you a lesson." They swapped positions, and she was being ploughed from behind.

Her ass cheeks spread by her fathers hands, as he plunged into her pussy. She felt so nice and tight and wet on his dick. He couldn't hold it back anymore. "Baby, baby, Daddy can't hold it anymore." She pulled out of him and cupped her breasts. "Come on my tits daddy. I want all your hot spunk all over me." David masturbated his cock onto his daughters breasts, spraying her as she fingered herself to orgasm.

They lay breathless on the bed, and she collected her clothes before leaving his room. David looked up at his newly popped daughter. "Hey, Cherry?" He said "Yeah, daddy?" She turned to him, still naked. Heart beating hard through her chest. "If you ever have another bad dream, I'm here to comfort you." "Here's hoping I do." She giggled, as she walked back to her bedroom.