Cumming on my girlfriends dirty used panties

Cumming on my girlfriends dirty  used panties
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CHAPTER 5 lias woke late the next day, she hada shower and headed down stairs she pored herself a coffee and went outside, to where kim was again sunbathing naked, lisa sat on the next sunbed opened her robe and laid back, "mornig mommy, or should i say afternoon" "morning sweetie" replied lisa "sorry if i woke you when i came in last night" kim said "no i didnt hear you come in what time was that?".

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"about 12ish" "oh no wonder i didnt hear you i didnt get home till 4". "wow you must have had a good night." "yeah it was fun, twelve is a little early for you isnt it?" "yeah the club was dead." "are you going" out tonight hun" "nah wanted to but no one is about tonight, how about a mommy daughter day?" kim suggested "that sounds nice".

lisa replied "what are you up for doing mom?" lisa paused for a moment, "how about we go out and you pretend im one of your friends and you show me what you get up to?" "brilliant mom i love it, come on lets get going" kim jumped up off her sunbed pulled her mother up and lead her by the hand upstairs, " get dressed mom, dress casual but sexy" lisa went through her clothes and took a guess at what casual but sexy ment, she met kim coming out her room, kim looked her mum up and down "perfect" she said to her mum as she ran down the stairs, lisa grined and followed her down.

lisa had chosen a short denim skirt and a tight pink t-shirt with a logo on it and pumps, kim, had gone with tight denim hotpants that barely coverd her ass and a thin yellow vest top and pumps aswell.

they jumped into lisa convertable and pulled out the drive way "so whats first" asked lisa. "this" lisa turned the cd player on and and turned it up, blink 182 blasted out the speakers lisa didnt mind she liked a lot of modern music and she always played her stuff loud too.

as they drove along the road they past a big rig truck, lisa stood up in the car and and pullled up her top revealing het tits to the truck driver, lisa looked over and giggled she knew she was in for a fun day kim whipped her top off completly and and pulled her hotpants down to her knees exposing her whole body to the truck driver, laughing lisa jokingly slapped her daughter on her naked ass, kim shrieked and laughing fell back into her seat she quickly pulled her shorts up and put her vest top back on, both women laughed, "ok mom top me" lisa still laughing said "what do you mean?".

"you said you wanted to see what me and my friends get up to so i thought i would show you the very best stuff we do, not that we do it all the time mind you, one of those things is one up me, i do something then you have to do something similar but better or more extreme version of what i did, you know, getting one up".

"oh i see, in that case." lisa sharply turned the car onto a narrow dirt road leading away from the main road, kim didnt expect it and slide around in her seat "wooo mom, what are you doing." she shouted with a massive smile on her face, "mom your fuckin cool" a big cloud of dust was being kicked up by the car lisa turned blink 182 up even more and put her foot down lisa bounced around as the car hit and small bumps on the dirt track, kim cheered as they sped down the road.

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after about ten mins lisa pulled the hang break and spun the car around kim held on tightly as the car kicked kicked up a huge cloud of dirt kim was coughing from the dust cloud "holly shit mum that was cool" exclaimed kim, "not bad huh?" said lisa. "very good mom, but that dont count as a one up you had to take what i did and better it" "i know dear thats why we are here" explained lisa "here where?" asked kim not getting her mothers plan.

"just keep lookin up the road" "the road we just came down?" "yep, trust me hunny". kim didnt get what her mother was planning but was very intrigued.

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scanning the road they had just torn down kim couldnt see anything that her mom was planning to do or use, a few minutes past with the women sat in silence listening to blink 182 blasting from the stereo, lisa suddenly spoke "ah ha here we go" lisa stepeed out of the car, kim still couldnt see anything coming up the road, what was her mother doing, she watched as her mother removed all her clothes and climbed up onto the the hood of the car and looked at kim, from her seat kim was looking up at her mothers hot body stareing at her mothers pussy lisa spread her legs and raised her arms up high in a star shaped pose she the nodded her head gestering for her daughter to look behind her kim turned just as a huge train flew by the back of the car not more then ten feet away kim jumped with fright she hadnt seen the the tracks because she had been looking the wrong way and she hadnt heard it coming over the stereo, she watched the train go by and looked back at her mother as she stood tall and confident showing her naked body to hundreds of train passengers, the passed by lisa tuned around and hoped down from the car put her clohes back on got back in the car and looked at kim "ok hun top me" she said with a smile, kim just laughed "goddamn mom, you are good" they both laughed lisa floored the car and sped off back down the dirt road they both cheered and screamed with joy as lisa ralleyed it back torwards the main road.

then kim spotted something through the hedge they wre drivnig along side of,"stop the car mom, its my turn." kim said, lisa pulled over, kim hoped out and peered through the hedge it was a golf course, kim climbed through and looked around, she was on a green it was slightly hidden by some bushes, she saw two golf balls on the green and peered round the bushes and saw two elderly men approaching, to finish thier hole, kim quickly removed her clothes and passed them back over the hedge to her mother, wearing only her pumps kim picked up the two golf balls, sat down on the green facing the bushes the men were about to come round with her legs wide open and quickly pushed the two golf balls into her pussy, two men came around the bush and stopped dead as they were greated by the sight of a young hot naked big breasted girl, her pussy on full view, they were both stunned, kim looked them smiling "looks like you boys got a hole in one" she said cheekily, kim pushed on her stomach muscles and the two golf balls popped out her pussy and rolled on the smooth green, one of the men was so taken aback his cigar fell from his mouth, kim got up and with a giggle skipped off back through the hedge, leaving both the men still stood looking at thier golf balls not sure weather to belive what they had just seen.

kim got dressed in the car lisa had watched from standing on the car,"very good" lisa said laughing, she started the car and began to drive, they were soon in the city and decided to do some shooping, looking around the underwear store lisa and kim both picked out lots of things to try on, they both went to a changing room, as they were about to enter lisa spotted her chance to "up" kim lisa spotted two young lads no older then sixteen,"excuess me boys but my daughter and i need some opinions could you help?" before the boys could answer lisa pulled them into the changing rooms with her and kim, "now just stand there and tell us what looks good please" lisa said to the two dumbstruck boys in an almost school teacher tone, lisa looked at kim and giggled kim winked back they removed thier clothes and began trying on the bras and thongs they had picked out and complemented each other on how they looked in them, as lisa tried on a perticular bra kim looked over, "i wanted that one but they only do it the larger sizes." lisa looked at her daughters breasts, "im surprised your tits are bigger then most" "yeah" she said looking down at them "but yours are way bigger and that bra is only for your size" "they arent much bigger then yours" lisa said as she ran her hands down over them "mom they are almost twice as big" procliamed kim.

"nonsence." her mother replied "seriously mom, how much do they weigh anyhow?", lisa placed her hands under her breast and lifted them up and down to get a any idea of the weight "im not sure to be honest" lia replied. seeing no harm in it kim reached out and lifted her mothers tits she did the same as her mother did and bounced them up and down in her hands lisa didnt mind at all, kim continued to wiegh them "mom these way a ton" she said still with her mothers breasts in her hands, on the last bounce lisa felt her daughters thumbs circle her nipples as she let them go lisa figured kim hadnt even realized she had done it.

"honestly mom yours weigh a lot more then mine" kim said as she removed her bra and picked up another one to try on "there really cant be that much difference" replied lisa. "feel them she said" pushing her chest out towards her mother, lisa turned around and took a hold of her daughters breast instead of lifting them from under them lisa placed her hands on the front of them, she could feel her daughters nipples against her palms as she gripped them and moved them up and down, kim looked down at her moms hands on her tits it was the way men had grabbed them kim liked how this felt, lisa slowly released her daughters tits and said, "they may not wiegh as much as mine but they are still some hefty boobs" lisa turned and carried on trying her bra and pants on kim let out a little grin she had liked how that felt, "lets ask our friends here" said lisa who turned to the two boys who had been so still and quiet kim had forgotten were even there, lisa took hold of one of the lads and placed his hands on her large tits, the lad didnt move just looked at lisas breasts, lisa tok hold of his hands and moved her tits up and down "ok now try my daughters." she said the boy still didnt move so kim came over and repeated what her mother had done, "mommys are heavier arent they." kim said looking into the boys eyes trying to not laugh at the shocked lads "um.

yeah. i guess. a bit heavier" the young lad stutterd and mumbled. "what do you think" kim said to the other lad placing his hands on her tits and giving them a shake, "heavy, right but not as heavy as these" lisa then took over and took the lads hand to her breasts giving them a bounce, "yeah. um. the same as he said really" the second boy said still in disbelief. trying very hard not to laugh the two women got dressed and picked up the stuff they tried on "well thanks for your help guys" lisa said as her and kim left the changing room still giggling to each other, the two boys said nothing both still looking at where both women had been naked infront of them.

"how about some lunch next mommy" "just what i was thinking sweetie" lisa said looking back at her daughter. with bags of new underwear the two women found small restaurant and went in.

they sat down and orderd a salad, as they ate kim enquired about her mothers night around her friends house, lisa decided this was the time to come clean and told kim about her lesbian threeway. "fucking hell" cried out kim, all the people in the restaraunt quiet and looked over, kim covered her mouth, then whispered "sorry". she hadnt ment to shout out but she was stunned, "i thought you were ok with this sweetie" lisa said in a hushed voice.

" i am mom, completly im just stunned how great your adventures are and hearing you saying how you sprayed your love juice into two womens mouth, its, itswell its fucking hot i havent even done that, i mean i have eaten pussy but never like that." lisa kept looking around making sure no one was listening. "i know i have been very lucky these last few days" it has been a great expirence." "i'll say i would kill for an adventure like your having." "well your having one with me today arent you" "yeah its been fun so far" "ok so lets get back out there and have some more fun" lisa excliamed kims face lit up, "cool lets do it, i got an idea, its something that me and jen do sometimes, i need to make a call." kim pulled out her phone and called her friend, "hey you working today?.cool, you bored?.

ha ha you read my jen aint with me my mom is. trust me shes cool with anything. no we are cool around eachother. its not wierd at all its really cool. so is it cool to come rouund?.she'll be cool you'll see.wicked, see you in about ten mins." kim closed her phone "ok mom we are set lets get going" they left the resaraunt and walked through the town, "where are we going?" asked lisa. "to michelles shop" kim said, lisa had heard kim talk about michelle before she was the one who worked in the sex shop kim bought all her toys from.

"are we buying some new toys hun?" asked lisa.

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"maybe mom, after our lock in" kim replied with a giggle. lisa still wasnt sure what kim had planned but trusted her that it would be fun. they arrived at the shop and went it michelle came out from behind the counter and greated kim with a hug, kim introduced her mother to michelle, it was fair to say that michelle had a close resemblence to megan fox only a little more punky, lisa liked the red streak she had running threw her jet black hair. "so hows business been" asked kim. "yeah good thanks been mad busy today i made a shit load of cash" "good good, so your up for closing down early then?" "yeah lock that door lets have some fun" said michelle.

kim went to the front locked it, turned the open sign to closed and pulled down the shutter, michelle turned the music in the shop up and and the tvs that were mounted to the wall around the shop all came back on each with different porn playing "take your pic ladies" michelle shouted, kim turned to her mom, "sometimes michelle lets us play in her shop and try out some of the stuff" "ah i see "lock in" replied lisa.

and smiled back at her daughter. "go ahead mrs jones have a look around and if you see anything you like take it out of its packet and give it a go" michelle added" "what right here in the shop?" "yeah we all just mess around in the shop together" "ok" replied lisa, michelle looked over at kim and nodded with a smile impressed by kims mothers laid back attitude. lisa looked around the shop at all the dilods vibrators and various other toys, toward the back of the shop lisa found the bigger stuff, she didnt know where to begin, "there is so much" lisa called back to the others "yeah its hard to know what to try first, isnt it?" michelle answered.

"i'll say." she came back to the front of the store and found kim was naked her arms stretched up high above, her wrists were bound in some cuffs that that were screwed into the wall so high up kim was almost on tiptoes, she certianly couldnt move her arms at all they were stretched high up, michelle was on all fours lightly licking on kims clit, lisa couldnt have been less bothered by what she saw her daughter doing although she had to admit she did feel a naughty urge do what michelle was doing to kim, maybe it was the helpless position she was in but she looked sexy as hell espacialy those big tits, lisa looked down at michelle, she had what looked like a horses tail sticking out her ass, "whats that michelle" lisa said, michelle looked back at lisa and said "its a buttplug mrs jones there are a load of different ones over there by the nipple clamps." then turned back and continued licking kims clit, as michelle licked away she thought how bizzare it was to be eating pussy while that persons mother watched and even spoke them both while they were doing it, "kims mum really is cool" michelle thought.

lisa found the buttplugs and looked at tem then she saw the nipple clamps, she liked pulling and pinching her nipples so dicided to give them a try she removed her top and bra and open the box they looked like two small bulldog clips attached by a small chain lisas nipples were already hard and the noise of her daughter moanig as michelle licked her pussy helped too, lisa attached the clamps, it didnt hurt it was like a light squeezing feeeling lisa looked around some more and went back to where she had seen the big stuff, there were lots of different type of sex machines on display lisa wanted to try these, the first one she came across was a small black thing, leather in appearence it looked like a foot stool about two feet long rounded with a flat underside on the top was asmall rubber area with the bit the middle was raised slightly from the bootom of it was a wire that lead to a control with a speed dial on it lisa turn it on and the small rubber bit began to vibrate lisa turned the dial up to full it vibrated so fast that it blurred, next to the machine was the box it came in, it was called the sybian lisa also saw some attatchments in the box, one was a cock shaped on, it wasnt very big only about five inches and quite thin, lisa clipped it on the the rubber part then removed her skirt and thongs, and knelt over the machine she slid the cock piece inside her and sat down on the rubber pad its raised part rested against her her clit lisa turned the dial up and the machine began to vibrate it was already faster then lisa expected wanting to know what the top speed felt like she cranked it up to full, the feeling was incredible she let out a loud moan the vibration rattled her teeth, she knew she couldnt last long at that speed and turned it back down, to enjoy it longer, sitting on it with one leg eitherside and her knees back lisa lent forward to push the rubber harder against her clit, to steady herself she placed both hands on the front of the machine this caused her to push her tits together, they looked even bigger when pushed together lisa loved the feeling of the vibrations running through her tits.

meanwhile michelle had uncuffed kim and the pair were enjoying 69ing eachother the counter kim reached over to the till where some novelty items were and picked up a small cube shapped box on the front of the box it said "edible panties, kim changed postion so that she was sittin on top of michelle kims knees pinned down michelles arms kim shifted her hips back and forth teasing michelles mouth with her cunt before softly lowering it so michelle could lick it easily, as michelle liked away kim took out a pair of the edibel panties they were just strawberry flavored liqurish cut into pant shapes very small and flimsey, kim lifter her pussy from michelles mouth and fed the edible panties into her cunt, michelle lifted her head to towards kims now stuffed pussy, kim pulled away, "not yet" kim said., she got off the counter and span michelle so her legs were now hanging off the edge, kim knelt down opened michelles legs and began to lick at michelles pussy and asshole as she did this she called out "how you doing back there mommy?" "fine darling, im just enjoying this sybian machine at the moment, are you girls ok?" "yeah we're good ta mommy" replied kim., kim reached up and pulled on michelles small tits, twisting her nipples, she rolled michelle over so she was now lent over the counter and pushed her tongue into michelles ass, lisa was builing to orgasm she couldnt hold on any longer, lisa turned the dial to full, and let out a long howl as her throbbed with orgasm, lisa turned the vibrations off and relaxed herself, breathing heavily lisas huge tits rose and fell with each breath, lisa got up and looked at the the other machines she picked out her next machine to try, there wasnt much to it, at the bottom of it was a leather covered box with a motorised dildo that moved backwards and forwards coming out of it, a long leather covered bench was joined to the the bottom of the box and set at a steep dianginal angle with supports in the middle and end of the bench that ran down to the floor to stop it tipping, the bench was about five foot long, coming off it about a foot up were two leather padded bars each pointing diagonaly away from eachother, a little higher there were two more padded bars in the shape of arms, at the end of each were controls, lisa inspected the device, getting the idea of it she laid her back against the leather bench and hooked her legs over the bottom two bars so they were holding her up then supported her arms on the higher two her hands rested comfortably at the controls, lisa looked them, they seemed simple enough, the first two said vaginal and anal, lisas pussy still throbbed from the last machine so she pressed anal the dilod automaticly shifted it position so intead of being an inch or so off the bench it now lay on it, the next part said set start place with an "up and "down" button and a "set" button, lisa pressed the up and the long rubber dildo began to move up the bench it was attached to an extending metal rod that came out the box as the dildo came close to her ass lisa easid her finger on the button and the dildo slowed untill its touching her asshole, she stopped it there and adjusted herself a litttle and pushed her ass against it and lightly pushed the up button, she felt the push its way into her ass and she let go of the up button and hit the set button, next was set stop place again with an up, down and set buttonagain lisa pushed the up button and the dildo began to disappear into lisas ass, lisa didnt stop until the end of the dildo was just inside her then she pressed set, with the the dildo automaticaly set itself back to its start place, lisa looked at what was left on the controls, a start button a plus and minus buttons with the word speed written between them and finaly a stop button, lisa pressed the start button and the dildo began to push and pull itself in and out of lisas ass, the dildo was quite thick and about nine inches in length, lisa took it all, she soon turned the speed up and liad her head back as the machine fucked her asshole.

kim had been eating michelles ass now for a good ten minutes, she rolled michelle back over and climbed back on top of her and stuck her pussy just over michelles mouth, kim reached into her cunt with two fingers and pulled out the the end of the liquirish panties and dangled it over michelles mouth, michelle reached up and with her teeth pulled the panties out of kims pussy and into her mouth the more she pulled out the more wet and more melted it was untill michelle had eaten it all, kim pulled michelles head up to her sticky cunt and michelle licked and sucked all the strawberry taste from kims pussy.

kim climbed off michelle again and began looking at some of the buttplugs, michelle went to the back of the shop where lisa was, lisa was enjoying being ass fucked by a machine laying back with her eyes closed, she suddenly felt ahand on her breasts she opened her eyes to find michelle strocking her big juggs, "hello dear" said lisa michelle leaned in and bagan kissing her friends mom, michelle pulled the nipple clamps off and beagn squeezing and rubbing lisas tits, lisa pushed michelles head down to them michelle sucked hard on lisas nipples, michelle was determined to get a taste of lisas cunt, she wanted to be able to say she ate a mother and daughters pussies, lisa looked at the control panel and increased to speed all the way up, the dildo was almost a blur as it slammed lisas asshole, lisa moaned loudly, michelle took the moment and lent over and began to lick lisas clit her nose was only centimeters away from a speeding dildo.

kim came and joined them as she walked past michelle she quickly stood up and kissed kim, kim could taste her mothers love juice on michelles lips and tongue, she liked it, michelle turned her attention back to lisas clit, kim picked up a small potty looking toy placed it behind michelle who was still bent over licking lisas clit, kim then went and picked out a big vibrator and came back to where she had put the potty looking device, she sat on it and picked up its remote and pressed the go button, from inside the potty a dildo rose up into kims ass and began pumping away, kim took the vibrato in her hand and pushed it up michelles ass, all three women were being ass fucked by mechanical cocks and soon all three were screaming with pleasure.

"mrs jones will you spray in my mouth?" michelle said between breaths "sure sweetie" replied lisa, kim felt a little sad she had always wanted to be sprayed onto, what was stranger was when she thought about it she always pictured her mother, but she knew that would be too far past the line.

"im ready" shouted lisa she stopped the machine and quickly climbed off, michelle readied herself she dropped on her knees lent her head back, "keep going into my mouth" she said, as lisa moved into postition she caught site of kims face she could see she didnt want to be left out, lisa didnt have a problem spraying her love juice over kim too, but kim hadnt asked to be involved and lisa thought she would have said something if she wanted to so lisa guessed that was too much but what could she get her to do?

lisa was now stood over michelle, she looked back at lisa who was still being fucked in he ass by the pottty dildo, "lisas heart was pounding hard she thought of a way to include kim that wasnt too extrme but would be enough to see how comfortable kim was with getting more erotic with her mom, lisa knew kim was cool with touching her so she would try something, breathing heavy with the feeling of orgasm building and being driven by the lust of what she was thinking lisa called out to kim "kim hunny come here and kneel down behind mommy" kim came over looking happy to be part of it, she knelt down behind her mom, "now reach round and hold mommys pussy open so she can wank" lisa instructed barley being able to catch her breath.

kim was so eroused by this she could feel her pussy drip. kim reached around not touching her mothers body too much as she reached her face pushed against lisa ass cheeks, kims hands met as she found her mothers pussy and pulled each lip back, lisa wanked her clit hard and soon began to spray into michelles mouth little bits of spray coated michelles face, soon michelles mouth was full she swallowed it fast opened her mouth again and let it fill again, lisa wailed as she wanked her clit michelles mouth filled again and she swallowed a second, then a third, then a forth mouthfull, of lisas love juice as lisa reached the climax of her orgasm she took kims left hand and used it instead of her own rubbing it against her pussy as hard and as fast as she could from behind kims eyes grow wide as she felt her mothers wet clit slide across her hand lisa told michelle not to swallow that mouthfull instead she told her to stay like that and keep her mouth open, lisa began to slow the speed she was moving her daughters hand then let go of it completly, kim didnt stop rubbinh her mothers clit, but instead slowed down and came to a gentle stop a minute later by herself, kim had just wanked her mother, her pussy was so wet now, she firmly pressed her palm against her mothers clit with her fingers pointed down then slowly moved her hand up running her fingers over her mothers pussy then brought both hands up to her hips, michelle was still on her knees with her head lent back looking up at the ceilling her mouth still wide open and still fulll of lisas love juice lisa looked down at michele then bent down, as she did this her asshole came up into kims face still wide open from the big dildo that had fucked her ass so hard.

kim didnt pull away she let her mothers ass rub in her face, lisa felt something against her ass then realised that she had had just put her ass into her daughters face, she hadnt ment to but then she also knew that kim hadnt pulled away either and and just helped her wank, so probably wasnt bothered, lisa opened her mouth and placed it over michelles, then began dipping her togue in and out of the pool of love juice, kim was still knelt behind her mom her hands up on here mothers hips stareing into her others ass lisa continued to play in michelles mouth of juice, she shifted position a little more and bent over further, now kim was looking at her mothers cunt, did her mom want her to eat it?" nah, kim was getting carried away again helping her mum wank was one thing, they had touched eachother before and thinking about it her mother was coming so hard she probably didnt even realise that she had used kims hand.

besides if her mom wanted her to eat her pussy she would just reach back and push kims head to her cunt, kim conluded she was just getting to excited, so she just knelt there holding her mothers hips and looking at her asshole and pussy. kim suddenly saw one of her mothers hands appear coming over her pussy, lisa used two fingers to pull her cunt open and the middle one to work her clit, kim could now see deep into her mothers cunt it was only ten centimeters away from kim, as kim watched her mouth watered, lisa still bathing her togue in michelles mouth worked her clit she didnt know if kim was enjoying watching it, if she wasnt she would have moved, michelle reached over and picnched lisas nipple hard, with that lisa came again, she pushed her ass back further right into kims face another last shot of juice flew out of her cunt and across kims face as the spray hit kims face she pushed herself forward into her mother pussy at the same time lisa had pushed so lisa wasnt sure if she had just brushed against her again only harder or if kim had joined in, kim knew she had though, she had a decent spray to the face and rubbed her face in her mothers pussy, she was pleased, lisa straigtend up, kim stood up as she did she ran her hand up her mothers side then right up over her tits then let go and wiped her face off, lisa turned around and faced her daughter she gave her an open mouth kiss with a little bit of tongue.

"thanks for helping mommy im sorry if i got carried away" lisa said to her daughter. "your welcome mom, it was fun being a part of it" kim said with her usual everyday situation voice then smiled at her mom with such a beautiful and happy smile.

"now where did i leave my clothes?" lisa said laughing and wondered off to find them. michelle stood up looking at kim "told you my mom would be cool" she siad. michelle said nothing she just looked at kim for a moment, then she grabbed kim and kissed her as she opened her mouth lisas pussy juice poored in to kims, kim forgot she had a mouthfull of her mothers juice and the two of them shared it kissing passionatly trying to catch it as it dripped down thier chins, as it coverd thier tits they pulled each other close and meshed thier tits together, they kissed unitl all the juice was gone then joined lisa in the front of the shop.

they all got dressed and cleaned up. lisa and kim said goodbye to michelle and went back to thier car. they didnt speak much on the way home instead looked at eachother smiled happily and with a lot of love for one another.

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it was late when they got home and they both went to bed as they entered thier rooms, lisa turned to kim and said with a smile "so how are we gonna top today?" kim looked at her moma big smile grew over her face "i dunno but its gonna be fuckin fun finding out", lisa laughed "god night hun" "good night mommy sweet dreams" they both went to bed thier minds fixed on what they had done with each other.

CHAPTER 6 after a nights sleep both women woke up feeling at ease with the night before, lisa, maked some breakfast and was soon joined by her daughter, "morning sweetheart" said lisa "morning mommy" "did you sleep well?" "after last night mom, i slept like a log." kim said laughing, she joined her mother at the table and ate her breakfast "well im ready to go when you are" lisa said suddenly.

kims eyebrows raised, "damn mom your kean" kim said "well i thought if we get an earlier start." "say no more mommy i'll go get ready" as kim ran off up stairs she called back, "but its gonna be hard to top yesterday." the two women decided to go back to michelles to say hello, and see how she was she was happy to see them and thanked them for the night before, her shop was busy, while they were there they bought many of the things they had tried, and some other things they had'nt including some of the machines, lisa spent well over two thousand dollars, they loaded everything into the car, said goodbye to michelle, and took thier new goods home.

"i think we should set up a play room in the basement, what do you think?" lisa asked kim, slid her shades down to her nose and looked at her mom with a wicked grin "absolutley" kim replied. the basement was big and the possibilties were almost endless. "its going to take a lot of work." lisa procliamed looking around the basement, "we need more stuff" lisa knew of another place further across town, and soon they were off again it took a few hours to get there they found some more dildos, vibrators and anal beads, kim picked up some handcuffs and chains, while lisa spotted some pvc uniforms and grabbed a few different pairs, on the second floor they found more sex machines and other sex devices, lisa spotted something in the corner of the room, it looked like stacked bags of cement, lisa went over and looked at them "mud wrestling clay" was stamped on the bags, lisa turned to the store clerk "how long does this keep" she asked, "indefinatly, the man said if its kept inside and not exposed to the elements or pests, it drys out but all it needs is is rewetting.

lisa had a flash in her mind of something she thought would be a great addition to her new play room, she heaved five bags onto a new trolley kim had filled the first one and had lots of big boxes lent against the the counter, as the clerck ran everything through the till he called his work mate over to help the girls put everything into the car. "ok thats 2 thousand five hundred dollars please", the clerk said "wow thats more" then i thought" lisa chuckled as she looked for her credit card "well we do offer special discount" the man said in a dull way, pointing at the sign above the counter "we accept sex as payment" the sign read., the clerck had made that joke so many times he was bored of saying it, it was an instore joke it had no one had ever gone for it and the clerck never expected any one to, "and how much would i get off for that" lisa asked, "i guess that would get you half off" the man said almost sighing at playing along to the same old banter.

lisa looked at kim, kim shrugged her sholders "yeah why not" she said the clerk and his assistant both looked up, unsure as to what they had heard kim walked over to the door and locked it then walked back over to her mother "well come on then boys" lisa said.

the two men looked at eachother and came round the front of the counter, kim and lisa took hold of one guy each and began to kiss them, as lisa kissed the clerk she unfastened his jeans and pulled them down, she reached down and began to slowly rub his cock and balls, kim pulled her top off and the assistant took hold of her tits and began sucking them the assistant pulled down kims jeans and burried his head in her pussy, lisa droppped to her knees, lifted the clercks cock up and licked his balls, she ran her tongue up his shaft then over his head before taking his cock deep into her mouth.

kim hoped onto the counter and spread her legs wide open the assistant dropped his jeans, pushed his cock into kims cunt and began fucking her hard. lisa stood back up removed her clothes and began wanking the clerks cock, he pushed his fingers inside lisa and matched her speed the cleck laid on the floor, lisa sat on top of him and slid his cock into her pussy her tits swung wild as she bounced on the clerks hard penis, kim jumped of the counter and turned to lean on it she spread her legs and the assistant began fucking her ass, it felt tight, he pounded hard, lisa moved of the clerks cock and onto his face grinding her pussy against it, from there lisa moved forward onto all fours, the clerck got behind her and began to fuck her anally, both men pumped hard on the womens asses, lisa and kim moaned loudly enjoying the the cocks, lisa rolled onto her back, she spread her legs wide and raised them up the clerk moved over lisa and pushed his cock into lisas pussy, kim slipped the assistants cock from her ass and climbed off the counter she lay down on her back next to her mother and adopted the same position the assisstant mimiced his friend and moved over kim and began fucking her pussy, kim reached across and touched her mothers tits rubbing them, they had felt eachothers tits before so this wasnt anything to either of them, lisa reached over to her daughters tits and rolled kims nipple between her thumb and fore finger, this excited the men and they both began to speed up as they felt the need to come, lisa looked into the eyes of the man fucking her "come on my daughters tits" she said, kim looked at her guy "cum on my mothers tits" she added, both men pulled thier cocks from the womens pussies, scrambled past eachother and shot the hot jizz over the womens tits, the two men sat back on the floor and watched as lisa and kim stood up and pressed thier tits together, rubbing both mens cum together and smearing it all over thier big breasts "big finish time" lisa whispperd to kim, "you with me?" "all the way mom" kim replied, lisa lent down she licked and sucked her daughters tits free of cum, then stood back up and let kim do the same to her.

after lias put her arm around her daughter and pulled her close kim place her arm around the back of her mother around to her hiplisas right breast was psuhed against kims left, the two women stood infront of the men, "so how much is that worth, boys" lisa said posing with her daughter. the clerk was barley able to talk, "take it" he said.

"well thnaks guys" kim added, slipping her clothes back on. kim and lisa left the shop hoped into he car and headed for home. once there they unloaded thier second load of goods and took them to the basement, "when should we start" kim asked excitedly "not yet hun, i have to get something installed first" "whats that mom?" asked kim "wait and see dear i think you will like it, for now lets pile everything over there and cover it up we dont want anyone to see this yet do we".

they covered it all up under sheets and the women went back up stairs for some food.

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"what shall we do this evening" kim asked. " i dont know" lisa said sounding surprised, " i thought you would be off out with your friends". "nope im having way more fun with you" kim replied, lisa smiled she loved being able to be so open and close with her daughter, doing things no other mother and daughter would, lisa believed kim would happily fuck her and not it not feel odd to her at all, and truth be told so could lisa. "thats very sweet of you" lisa said, "i dont know what we should do, but if you can think of anything, we will do it" kim thought for a while but couldnt think of anything "maybe we should go out for a drive and see what we find?" kim suggested "sounds good to me." lisa replied, "cool im gonna go change first" kim said, kim always changed her clothes everytime she went out no matter how many times it was, while she was upstairs lisa took out her phone and called her friend andrew who she knew through work he designed and built custom bathroom rooms and lisa was in need of his services, she explained what she had in mind and asked him how soon he could come round and give her a qoute, he told her he was free in the morning and would come round then, lisa thanked him and hung up, kim jumped down the stairs, "good to go" she called as she ran out the door.

lisa joined her in the car, "so where to?" asked lisa "dunno how about we head into the hills?" "good enough" lisa said. lisa and kim drove for hours looking for thier next adventure, they occasionaly flashed thier tits at by passsing cars, but ultimatley they found nothing, high up in the hills lisa pulled over, "ready to call it a night" lisa said "yeah i guess so" replied a gutted kim "sorry hun i guess you should have gone out with your friends after all." kim looked at her mom, "dont be silly, i still like to hang out with you, adventure or not".

she said. the two stepped out of the car and admired the view, from where they were they were they had a great view of the city way off in the distance, in front of it they could see the winding freeway that stretched for miles in each direction, surrounded by hilled countryside and forests looking down over the massive hill they were parked on they could see the road they had came up disappearing over hills and then coming back into view kim followed the road to off into the distance she began to pick out buildings and landmarks she reckonised untill she figuered out where her house was, and sure enough she could see or at least the driveway down to her house, she pointed it out to her mum "yeah thats it" she said "how far away do you think it is" "about four or five miles"lisa said.

it was begining to get dark, kim and lisa got back in the car, lisa turned the key but the car didnt start she tried again the engine stuttered but wouldnt fire up, she tried one last time but it was no ues, "better call a tow truck" lisa exclaimed "yeah guess so" replied kim "you will have to hun i left my phone at home." "so did i mom" kim said looking at her mother.

"we cant wait here, another car may not come for hours" lisa said as she looked down the road. "so what then, walk?" "well we dont have anything else to do tonight" lisa said with a chuckle, "we will walk crosscountry all the way home.", kim was about to dismiss the idea when, it struck her.

"ok mom but i have an idea on how to make it a little more interesting" "go on" lisa said intrigued. "we do it naked, we leave our clothes here and try to get home without being seen" she paused "or arrested." she added. "brilliant." lisa exclaimed., she raised the rooof of the car and locked the doors, she and kim went to the trunk of the car, removed thier clothes, placed them inside and closed it, it was a very warm evening and wearing only thier pumps hopped over the barrier and began thier long journey home, the hill was steep and they held hands to try and steady themselves, they edged further down the last part was very steep and although youtried to compensate by leaning backwards they began to pick up speed, they both laughed as they tried to keep ballance, thier tits bounced up and down as they stumbled down the hill, at the bottom they caught thier breath and started to walk across the field, they reached a small fench climbed over into the next field and carried on, it felt very liberating to be walking out in the open completely naked, both women were already enjoying it.

as they reached the end of a the second field there was a steep bank down to the busy freeway, they kept low as they looked for a way to cross, along sdie the feild was a footpath that crossed the freeway via a small footbridge that offered no cover at all, the bridge was just a congrete slab with metal railings on each side, lisa and kim didnt even try to hide themselves hand in hand they walked over the six lanes of traffic, horns began to blast as drivers caught sight of the two naked women above them, kim and lisa laughed and waved at the cars, more horns sounded,as the women hurried off and vanished into the the footpath.

not wanting to be caught on the footpath the girls back across the fields "you know going across country is probably half the distance of driving" lisa said making small talk.

"thats good because im fucking tired" kim laughed. they pressed on and made their way up a step hill, from the top they were amazed to see they were closer then i thought, however they also saw that they were now on farmland and would have no choice but to go through the farm before they could get home, they made their way down to the bottom of the hill, in front of them were lots of out buildings of the farm they snuck up to the first and peeked around the corner they couldnnt see anyone and made a dash for the next building the ground was muddy and the girls legs soon were covered in mud.

soon they had to make thier way up between two long big metal sheds with lots of animal pens sticking out of them they were about halfway along when they heard voices, they quickly scrambled over a gate into the pens, at the back of the pen was a small hole leading into the the big shed, kim crawled through followed by her mother who couldnt help but stare at kims ass, luckily there were no animals in the inner pen, keeping low they looked round, seeing it was empty they climbed out of the pen on to the walkway and headed for the door, they opened it and looked out by a stroke of luck they had emerged at the top end of the farm the road leading towards home lay on the otherside of the hedge in front of them, however the hedge was too thick to get through they decided to follow the hedge away from the farm and hope to find away through.

looking ahead the girls saw a new problem the ground they were about to go across was completley mud soaked, having no choice they started walking through it, lisas feet sank up to her ankles she had to pull each one out as she moved, she didnt get more then ten feet before falling face down into the mud with a splatting sound, kim burst out laughing at the sight of her mother face down in mud so water logged it was almost a liquid, lisa couldnt push herself up everytime she tried her arms just sank into the mud, so she rolled herself over and sat up she was now completely covered head to toe in sloppy wet mud, kim was almost crying with laughter she made her way over to her mum, and held her arm out for kim to help her up, but instead lisa pulled kim over into the mud, kim tried to stand up her legs gave out from under her and she fell backwards and landed in the mud both women laughed uncontrolably lisa sitting up and kim flat on her back, lisa crawled over to kim still laughing, lisa went to pull kim up but couldnt grip her arm and ended up on top of kim laughing even harder the two slipped and slide over each other thier tits slapped against the others as they pulled themselves up still laughing and covered in wet mud they made thier way across the muddy field falling over many more times along the way, untill they finally reached the end and found a way through.

to the road, where the farm road joined the main road lisa and kim looked around and darted across the road into another field, there was only one more field to go after this one but they would have to go to the opposite end of the field from where thier house was then double back a lttle way along a road before they could go down the drive to thier home.

the last feild was a wheat field and the two women walked through the waste high shutes they were soft and golden in colour lisa felt very warm and peacefull here, they reached the gate, climbed over and walked towards home half way along the road they saw the headlights of an on coming car appraoching fast lisa jumped into a ditch next to the road and laid down she grabbed kim and pulled her on top of her, kim laid on top of her mom her face pressed against her mothers there tits squashed togethe as the car passed by, kims muddy body was perfectley camoflarged.


they got up and quickened thier pace and were soon safley home, lisa had managed to hold on to her keys the whole way she unlocked the door the entered the house so tired they just stood for a minute. covered head to toe in mudd, as they walked up the satairs kim picked up the house phone and hit speed dail 5 ordered a pizza hung up and dropped the phone on the floor "mom that was fun but im fucking nakered" kim said.

"go jump in the shower, you'll feel better when you get cleaned up." replied her mom "what about you" kim said "i'll jump in after you" "dont be silly come on theres enough room for both of us" kim took her mothers hand and lead her into the shower kim lifted the shower head off the wall "turn around mom i will do your hair", lisa tuned around and lent back kim held the shower head over her mums hair and began washing out the mud, lisa straighten back up and faced kim, kim began washing the mud off her mother, the dirt washed away to reveal lisas massive tits, then her pussy and legs she turned around and kim washed the mud off her mothers back and ass kim then handed the showerhead to her mum and she retuned the favor, mud removed they both took a big handfull of shower gel and lathered each other up kim enjoyed soapping her mothers tits and pussy she spent alot longer rubbing soap into her mothers pussy then she knew she should have but her mother wasnt complaining so she was happy enough, pretty soon all they were doing was rubbing soap against the others cunt, then suddunley the doorbell rang out "pizza!" they both shouted and laughed, they jumped out the shower put a robe on and ran down stairs grabbed some money on the side opened the door both with thier robes open handed the stunned pizza guy the money took the pizzas and shut the door, they stuffed the pizzas down and layed back on the couch, ten minutes later they were both fast asleep.

lisa awoke a little while later and got up she went and got a cover for kim and left her sleeping on the couch, lisa went up to her room and got into bed, before falling asleep she promised herself one thing, she would fuck her daughter and soon.


CHAPTER 7 the next morning lisa got up, showered, dressed and went down stairs she found a note from kim on the table "jen and michelle have had a argument, gone to sort it out, be back later love you x x x." this was usefull, lisa had wanted kim out the way this morning while her friend came over to discuss the work she wanted done. at that moment the doorbell rang, lisa opened it and welcomed andrew in, she led him down to the basement and began to point out what she wanted, andrew looked around at the flooring and walls, "i can do that he said and it wont be to difficult because the plumbing runs through that wall and there drains in the floors already incase of floods, so really the hard parts already done." "thats great, when can you do it?" lisa asked.

"i got all the parts i need in the the truck except the the tiles, i can quicklt meassure up how many i need, pop into the city and get them, and i could get this done today." "thats fantastic, i wll give you a set of keys and i will leave you to it then, i need to go to the town anyway myself." lisa handed andrew some house keys and left him to it.

lisa drove into town, and went into a toy store, she looked around and soon found the paddling pools she bought three of the biggest one they had and put them in her trunk, her next stop was to a bed specialists, she looked around at the beds until she spotted the perfect one, it was huge, twice the size of an average double bed and perfectly round in shape, lisa paid a little extra to have it delivered the same day then left.

she called andrew to see how he was getting on, from there lisa went to many different stores buying baby oil, having everything she needed she left the city, when she finaly arrived home lisa took the paddleing pools out of her car and into the garage, she then went down into the basement to look at andrews work, she was pleased to see how far along he was finishing up, she waited up stairs for him to finish wrote him a cheque and walked him out, as she thanked him for the job, the bed specialists came down the driveway in thier delivery van, she thanked andrew one last time and he left, lisa stood at the door as the delivery van pulled upas the delivery men got out she asken them to store the bed in the basement, after which she thanked them and showed them out, lisa watched them leave up the driveway then went into the house and shut the door, lisa went immmediatly down stairs to the basement and started work she started by building the base of the bed it took her a long time and she had built up a sweat, she removed her top and bra and continued to work.

she placed the bed in the middle of the floor of the big basement and looked over at the work andrew had done, the basement was a huge rectangle shaped room with two walls coming out from one side where the stairs came down, lisa had andrew build in a open walk in shower on one side of the stairs the walls ceiling and floors had been tiled with some drains added into the floor and connected the the the drainage pipes that were already under the basement, four big shower heads were fixed to the wall each with a hot and clod tap, lisa had made up a story to andrew that she was building a gym in her basement and wanted the showers there for convinience, lisa then went up stairs and got two of the paddleing pools and inflated them in the basement and postioned them at the end of the basement opposite the showers, from there lisa got the bags of mud wrestling clay and poured them into one of the pools and added water until she mad sludgey mud like clay.

in the next one lisa poured the bottles of baby oil she had gotten earlier. lisa was getting tired now and it was getting on into the evening but lisa carried on she built all the sex machines she had bought the drilled some of the cuffs and chains to the wall, lastly she removed all the dildos, vibrators and buttplugs from thier boxes and arranged them in a display on a wooden cabenite, exhausted lisa looked around at her new playroom, it was perfect.

lisa went up to the house and called kim to see when she would be home, kim told her she wouldnt be long and that jen was coming with her, lisa said she would make them all some dinner and decided to go to the store to get some. the store wasnt far away she would easily have enough time to get to the there and back before kim came home.lisa arrived at the store took a trolley and walked through the store picking up items she wanted, it was then she had another one of her naughty ideas, as she shopped she picked up lots of extra stuff, a few cucumbers, some cans of squirty cream, bananas, chocolate syrup and bags of jelly beans and lollypops and some big bars of chocolate, some strawberrys and a few bottles of champaign, lisa paid for the shopping and went home.

lisa arrived home the same time as kim and jen, the two girls went upstairs for a shower while lisa put away the groceries, she wanted to tell the the girls about the play room but decided it could wait a day. lisa began to cook some pasta for the three of them while kim and jen sat at the kitchen table in thier wet robes talking to her.

"so did you guys sort out the fight with michelle?" lisa asked. "yeah we sorted it and had a lock in to celebrate"jen replied. "yeah we called you to see if you wanted to join us mom, but we couldnt get through." kim added.

"oh thats a shame i missed that, but i was very busy, i had a lot to do around the house, but i would have loved to have been there." "well maybe we can all have some fun tonight?" kim said, she looked at jen who nodded, and back at her mom. "sounds great." lisa agreed. the three sat down and ate the pasta, lisa listened as kim and jen told her about thier afternoon of sex with michelle, as lisa listened she slipped a hand under the table and rubbed her pussy over her jeans.

lisa enjoyed listening to her daughter explaining the details of licking her friends pussy. "i have an idea on what we can do." lisa said.

"just wait here." lisa went into the garage and got the third paddling pool and inflated it in the back yard, she then came back in and went into her room and fished about under her bed and pulled out her digitl cam corder. she came back to kim and jen with the camera and said, "how about i make a film of you two for you to keep and watch when you fancy it, i have a paddling pool out the back filled with stuff for you to use if you use your imaginations." jen looked at lisa and said "ok mrs jones but at the end you gotta spray on me and kim like you did with michelle".

lisa looked at kim "is that ok with you hun" "sure is mommy." kim replied. "ok then lets go." lisa followed the two girls out, lisa sat down on the sunbed in front of the paddling pool and watched through the cameras flipout screen as she recorded. kim and jen took there robes off and began touching and kissing eachother they looked down in the pool and saw all the things lisa had given them to use, jen picked up can of squirty cream and sprayed some on her tits, kim lent over and sucked the cream off jens nipples kim then took the can and sprayed some on her pussy, jen got down on her knees an licked the cream away, jen crapped a handfull of lose jellybeans that were scattered across the paddling pool floor, she stood up and began passionatly kissing kim, she pushed the jelly beans into kims pussy and then rubbed her clit jen still had some jellybeans in her hand, she bent kim over and pushed the remaining candy into kims ass, jen sat under kim with her mouth open, kim pushed the beans out of her pussy and ass, as jen caught them in her mouth and swallowed them, kim picked up a strawberry and held jens pussy open, she rolled the strawberry across her wet pussy meat then placed it in jens mouth, jen tock another strawberry and pushed it inside herself kim kissed her way down jens body then sucked the strawberry out of jens pussy, kim picked up some more strawberys ans mashed them up over jens tits and licked at them as hard as she could, jen reached down and picked up the two cucumbers, she forced kim on to her hands and knees, then pushed the cucumbers into her asshole and pussy jen then got on her hands and knees and backed herself on to the cucumbers and pushed them into her ass and cunt as well, both girls were on all fours joined by the cucumbers they both pushed and pulled against the cucumbers enjoying the feeling of double penetration, lisa was getting extremley turned on, as she recorded her daughter her daughters best friend banging eachother with vegtables she slipped her clothes off and began fingering herself, jen slid off the cucumbers and them pulled them out of kim,she then handed one to lisa who slipped it into her pussy and with one hand slowly pushed it deep into her cunt, kim picked up the two cans of squirty cream and covered jen in it kim rubbed the cream into jens body, pushing it into her pussy and ass, jen did the same with the choclate sauce all over kims body, the two girls pulled thier bodys together rubbing the cream and chocolate sauce over the other, jen handed kim one of the two bananas, the girls peel them then insurted them into the others pussy and began to fuck each other with the fruit, soon the bananas were just mush jen squatted down and ate the mushy melted banana out of kims cunt, as she did she scooped the mashed banana from her own pussy stood up and smeared the banana all over kims mouth and face, still feeling the ugre to be fucked the girls picked up the lollypops and pushed them into eachother again taking them out occasionaly to stick in eachothers mouths the gilrs soon sucked the lollys down to nothing both girls waked the others clit as hard and as fast as they could, kim then reached down and picked up and long bar of chocolate and using it like a dildo pushed it deep in jens pussy then thrust it in and out faster and faster, the chocolate bar melted inside jen, kim brought her mouth to jens cunt as the chocolate trickled out of her, jen picked up some more jelly beans and and pushed one up her ass so just a little was sticking out, kim pulled it out with her teeth into her mouth then used her tongue to push it back into jens ass, jen took the rest of the handfull of jellybeans and put them in a class that was next to the pool, jen and kim were both covered in whipped cream, chocolate sauce and mashed up fruit, they rolled around in the paddling pool, kissing and fingering eachother, jen took hold of a bottle of champiagn and pulled off the cork kim sat back and spread her legs jen inserted the bottle and rammed it in and out of kim then pulled it out as the champaign exploded out of the bottle all over kim, kim took the bottle did the same to jen, both girls were sucked the champaign frrom the others tits they both sat together licking the champaign bottle and rubbing each others clit, jen reached over and picked up the class of jellybeans, "i think we are ready for you mrs jones" lisa stood up and walked over to the paddling pool, and started rubbing her clit hard, kim and jen both put thier hands behind them and lent back with thier legs wide open thier haeds tilted back with thier eys closed and mouths open, looking down at her daughter waiting to swallow her squirt, lisa knew that she could and would fuck her, lisa bit her lip and began to come her spray shot out on to jens stomach lisa adjusted herself her spray hit jens face and into her mouth, it poored out her mouth down over her tits then down across her clit, splashes were hitting kims face and she stuck her tongue out desperate to catch some, lisa saw it and turned her body at kim, lisa spray soaked kims face kim kept her tongue out feeling it running down into her mouth, lisa saw her daughters mouth fill with her cum, and watched as kim swallowed all that lisa was firing into her mouth, jen held up the glass of jellybeans as it filled with lisa cum, lisa finaly stopped coming and sat back down still recording, kim turned to jen and spat what love juice she had left in her mouth into jens face jen took a mouthfull of the glass of jellybeans and love juice she chewed of the jellybeans and kept the pussy juice in her mouth then swallowed it all together.

kim took the glass and took out the jelly beansthat were dripping with her mothers love juice and pushed them all up jens ass, kim then tokk the glass of love juice and downed it all with her mother watching, she then layed on her back and got jen to squat over her jen forced the jellybeans out of her ass they came flying out with spirts of lisa juice directly into kims mouth, the two girls feel on to thier sides absolutly exhausted and aand covered in a mesh of cream chocolate sauce mashed fruit champaign and lisa love juice.

lisa stopped recording, and the two girls went back into the house to shower again.

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kim shouted to her mother, "we are going to bed now mommy" "ok sweet dreams you two". lisa replied. lisa decided that she too was going to bed. she took the camera with her, plugged it into her tv and watched her daughter drinking her pussy spray. lisa fell asleep with her fingers insdie herself.