Teen Fickt schwarzen Mega Schwanz ab

Teen Fickt schwarzen Mega Schwanz ab
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Hi my name is Zack Martin. I go to a school on a ship called the S.S. Tipton. I go there with my brother Cody, London Tipton (owner's child), Bailey Pickett (Cody's Girlfriend). They all are my good friends of mine. One week end we all got a lot closer but you wont see this on are tv show "Suit life on Deck". here is what happened.

We were docked in Paris. We all were really happy that we were to be in the city of love for a week. I hit on a bunch of French babes. Cody and Bailey were up in the Effile tower. The past couple of weeks Bailey was really sad but Cody couldn't tell. Cody seemed to be into the famous places they were going to and not Bailey. The only time they really seemed to be perfect together is when they are out at sea. London didn't seem to know any thing.

She really didn't need to because she was really rich. Her dad owned a large chain of 5 star hotels. She was pretty hot. She was 18. She was full grow tits they were at less D cup. She was in her cabin putting on her solid gold bikini. She was going to the hot tub as I pasted her on my way to my room. We said hi and asked if I was going to the hot tub. I said yes I had to change out of my work clothes I will be out in 15 minuets.


I had to work at a smoothie stand because I blow all my and Cody's money on girls. I was hard on by London's great body.

I went into my room rubbed my 7in till I blow. I quickly throw on a bathing suit and ran to the sky deck were everyone hung out. As I got in the water I saw cody and bailey walk up in there bathing suits.

Bailey was hot to. We was at less 32c. She was not rich like London but she had some money. Her parents live on a farm. As they got in I could tell something was bothering her. He could always tell how people felt but I didn't really say anything. We were talking about Paris and school. Cody and London left he had a project to finish and put my name on. London went to count her endless piles of money to bad she can't count to 5. Now just me and Bailey in the hot tub so I asked her what was wrong.

She said nothing but I didn't believe her so I keep asking. She finally broke down after a few hundred times. She said Cody is starting to drift away. She went on and I conferred her and then asked if she wanted to continue in my room. She said sure and we went up.


I didn't share a room since Bailey pretended to be a boy since there was no spots for girls left till London bribed her roommate to leave. We were talking for an hour till she said she wanted to go to the party on the deck but Cody wouldn't go. I said why don't we go down to the party as friends.

She agreed and we left. I quickly had bought vodka while in Russia. I had already spiked servile punches. When down there I pour twice what I usually do because room inspection was in two days. I didn't tell Bailey because I knew she wouldn't drink any. I got both of us a cup and she thought it was great.

Hour and a half and 10 cups later we were both drunk. How I got her to my room was a blur. One thing leads to any there and we are making out on my bed. She told me that she always wanted to do it with Cody but he always said no.

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this made me horny knowing where this is going. I said I would never say no to a pretty girl like her. She laughted and she said she could never do that to Cody. I said well I see your point. Then I pulled the vodka out it had at less three or four shots left. She said well were did that all go.

I told her I spike the punch to loosen you up and get Cody out of your mind for a night. She then grabbed the bottle and drank all that was left. Asked if that chanced her mind or was she still thinking of cody. She said cody who ripping my shirt off.

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I said well then and ripped off her shirt. Her perfect boobs were just hanging there with a little spring.


She had no bra on. Then in a minute we were making out with just her thong and my shorts on. As I pulled off her panties I always wanted have a blow job. I asked her and she said only if you eat me out after. By now I was sitting on my bed with my brother girlfriend's face inches from my cock.

She rapped her hot wet mouth around my toll. Her head was bobbing up and down and couldn't believe I was finally getting a blowjob.

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I blasted in her face some landed in her mouth some on her tits and some on her checks. Now it was my turn to return the favor I stuck my face right in between her legs.

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I had my tongue at the front of her opening. I pushed right through and felt around licking her little pink clit.

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She rubbed the top of her cunt as I ate her out. She went in to her orgasm and fell back into the bed. I climbed up on her and she was smiling. It was her biggest orgasm she ever had. I said now it's time to go in and start to really fuck.

She said go ahead I'm on the pill. I slowly started to push in. I told her that this might hurt. I popped her and she screamed. I started to pump and she was in perfect rhythm in seconds. She was rubbing the top of her cunt and I played with her boob and sucked the other one.

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I started to faster and she told me she was about to cum I told I was to. We faster and she screamed I'M CUMMING. The tunnel tightened and that throw me over the edge and I blasted right in her. I rolled off her and we laid there and just breathing heavily. She laid down and we fell asleep. The next morning we woke to the intercom in every students room wake us up it was time to get ready for class in an hour.

We dressed with out talking and she left.

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I could barely believe want happened the night before. We went the whole day with out saying what happened. An hour before curfew she asked me to come over to her room. I got there in ten minutes. We talked about what happened last night. I didn't even knew London was there and Bailey said she told London and she wanted to do it with the two of them.

As they all striped they started to admire each other. As they got in a trisect (London gave me a blowjob while I ate out Bailey while she ate out London) we herd a knock and Cody walked in with Flowers Chocolates and a condom not seeing us he said Bailey I got a surprise as he walked in… Plz rate leave an idea for another story or part two