Brave gorgeous babe gets anal screwed hardcore and russian

Brave gorgeous babe gets anal screwed hardcore and russian
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The Selection - Cheerleader Sally Ch 3 Originally written by Frankel. This one is far better for Sally than the previous two. Sally woke up to the taste of cum in her mouth.

At first she didn't know how it got there but then she remembered the sleep rape appointment she had had last night. "Christ I really slept through the whole thing," she thought. "I hope he had a good time." She checked her appointment application on her phone.

Her next appointment was with Peter Clarke. He had fucked her in the shower and on the street yesterday. Already he was the one she wanted to be selected by. Although he was rough now she knew he would make a good master. She wanted to do everything she could to please him so quickly jumped into the shower and got herself ready. "Hopefully I don't get raped on my way to the beach," she thought. "But with all these guys raping women from outside their group nowadays, I'll be lucky if I don't.

I wish someone would do something about it." She finished her shower and found a new cheerleader costume had been dropped off for her in the night by the government, as well as her breakfast of toast and cereal. She ate quickly and started off for the beach on foot. Her new cheerleader outfit was even skimpier than the last one, the top a very slender boob tube that was far too small for her and the mini skirt was so short it was more like a belt.

She passed one rape on the way to the beach. It looked like a group of football fans had cornered a nurse at a bus stop and they had her pinned down and were taking turns with her mouth and arse.

"Nurses are blue group, second top, and those guys sure didn't look like they could afford that. Barely a tooth between them." Some of the guys noticed Sally and were running over to her, their intentions clear, when a cop car came screaming to a halt nearby. The cops jumped out and ordered the men to let the nurse go.

She ran off down the street, trying to pull her uniform back over her tits as she ran. "All right fellas," said the cops. "Nurses are blue group. Let's see your cards." Sally heard the men make various excuses as she walked past as to why they didn't have their group passes with them. "You know the law," said a cop. "If you don't subscribe to the group you can't touch them.

I'm giving you each a $200 fine and banning you all from sex with all Selection girls for thirty days. If it happens again you get a one year ban. We're getting tough on this so don't push your luck." "Thank God," thought Sally. "I was going to get it bad then if it wasn't for the cops." When Sally got to the beach she decided Peter might like it if he caught her sun bathing naked so she took off her uniform and lay face down on the sand close to some bushes in case he wanted to drag her somewhere private.

It was a warm day and she felt a little sleepy as the sun warmed her body. There was something exciting sbout lying naked on the beach, waiting for her favourite man to come and take her. She opened her eyes and could see a couple of cops coming towards her down the beach.

They stopped nearby and stood staring at her body. "Look at that arse," said one. "Yeah but look at her uniform next to her.

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Cheerleader. Never going to afford some of that action." They walked on. A group of college boys in bathers came along a few minutes later and Sally was soon glad the cops were around. The college kids set up their beach towels all around her. "Check it out," one of them said. "Are they the finest tits you ever saw? Look how they squash down underneath her. They've got to be double D's at least.

I am getting me some of that." "Forget it," said another guy.

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"She's a cheerleader. That's red group. You're only green group. You get checkout chicks at best." "Who's gonna tell if I just take it? She's asking for it anyway, lying naked on the beach." "Those cops, that's who'll tell. They're getting tough on the group system. You might get banned." "Shit," said the first guy. "Well, if they leave I'm jumping her." Sally decided she'd better go in case the cops didn't stick around. She picked up her uniform and walked away from the college boys, feeling their eyes on her tits as she passed them by.

Up ahead she saw a man standing by the shore and recognised him as Peter Clarke. He was watching her approach. "Maybe he wants to take me in the water," thought Sally. She dropped her uniform on the beach and ran down towards the sea, her breasts bouncing wildly as she ran across the loose sand.

She passed within a few meters of Peter but he let her go and she ran into the low surf. She didn't know how to swim so she only went thigh deep into the surf so Peter could still see her arse and tits.

She turned and was stunned to find he was nowhere in sight. She looked around and thought for a moment she saw a figure dip under the water to her right. "How did he disappear like that?" she thought. A wave crashed into her and she fell to the ground as the water level rose up around her. Suddenly she felt hands on her feet and she was dragged under water and carried out further to sea.

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She tried to sit up but couldn't even get her head above water. Just as she feared she might drown the hands let go and she managed to stand. Now she was up to her neck in the water but could see no one around her. There was a gap in the waves and the water receded a little. She felt hands wrap around her tits then saw the top of Peter's head pop up; his mouth, still underwater, sucked her left nipple. He moved a hand down to her pussy and stuck two fingers inside of her while his thumb circled her clit.

She clung on to his shoulders as pleasure gripped her body and she couldn't help but cry out. He let go of her nipple and came up for breath and started sucking at her neck as her body was shaken by a powerful orgasm.

She panted as he maneuvered his cock and plunged it inside of her. She wrapped her legs around him and rode his cock as he thrust it roughly inside her.

She ran her fingers up his back then gripped her fingernails into his flesh as she came around his cock. He pulled out of her and pushed her head down under the water, forcing her to her knees in front of him. In the murky swell she saw his cock in front of her face before a wave crashed into them. They both tumbled in the white water and she came up for air before he gripped her hair and forced her back under water. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock in the salty water.

His grip on her hair tightened as he braced his legs and managed to keep her in place as another waved crashed over them. The water calmed and he started to fuck her mouth. She knew she was completely under his control and could only hope that he would remember to let her breathe.

His grip in her hair was so strong that as another wave tumbled over them her mouth stayed locked to his cock as the white water broke around them sending salt water up her nose. She gagged and bile rose in her throat but as they water calmed she managed to keep it down as he continued to fuck her face. The next wave hit, and just as she was afraid she would run out of air he let go her of her and she was carried away by the wave.

She came up gasping for air and found herself ten meters from Peter. Knowing her place was as prey she started to run away through the water screaming for help. The college boys saw her and started running towards her but fortunately, so did the police. They arrived as Sally made it to shore, the college boys blocking her path. "Move away from the girl," the cops called out.

Peter caught up with her at the tide line and knocked her to the ground, pinning her down by her arms. "How come you don't check him?" said one of the boys. "Because that's Peter Clarke. Everyone knows he is Red Group. He pretty much owns this town. He's the richest guy in the country, so what group do you reckon he is in?" The boys moved away as Peter pushed his cock into Sally's pussy. "Help!" she screamed. She hoped she sounded convincing because she knew Peter wanted it real.


But her pussy was wet not just from the surf. She wanted his cock so badly that her pussy seemed to clutch on to it like it didn't want to let him go.

"The richest guy in the country!" she thought. "If he selects me I will be like a queen." She was glad when he forced her legs to wrap around him because she had been desperate to do just that. He bent down and sucked her bouncing tits as his cock thrust in and out of her tight pussy.

She felt her orgasm build and shake through her body. Her fingernails gripped his back as the pleasure overcame her senses and she could only moan now, unable to cry for help or pretend it was anything other than the greatest feeling she had ever known.

He pulled out and stood before her and she reminded herself to run but as she got up he grabbed her hair and spun her around, pushing his cock into her face as she knelt before him. She cowered as he went to slap her but he stopped himself as she opened her mouth and took his penis back where it belonged. She sucked it tightly between her lips and rapidly flicked her tongue down the shaft, her big eyes looking up at him as she pushed her tits together.

He grunted and spurted cum into her mouth. She smiled up at him around his cock as she let the cum slide down her throat.

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He took the cock from her mouth and slapped it on her face as it softened. She licked the head and sucked down a drop of cum that appeared. "That was perfect," he said. He looked down at her and seemed to come to a decision as she licked his balls lovingly.

"I've decided to do something I have never done before," he said. She took his sack into her mouth and sucked it, knowing it wasn't her place to ask questions. "I am going to select you now." She was so surprised that she stopped sucking for a moment. Her heart beat fast as he spoke, scarcely able to believe her good fortune.

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"It'll cost me a fortune but I'm going to buy you from the government now. You'll enter my harem straight away." His cock was hard again and Sally moved her mouth over the head of his cock and sucked it as he spoke. "There are some conditions the government sets, though.

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Technically, I can only lease you until you are 21. I also have to let any man in my employment or family use you as well. You will still be raped by me, my family and my employees - even the other girls in the harem. But you will be off limits to the general public and you will live in the harem.

You will live well, like all my women do." Sally sucked his cock down to the base, tears welling in her eyes as she realised she was safe at last. No more being raped by strangers, no more doorless apartment and no more government rations for food.

"You're lucky," he said as he began to thrust his cock down her throat. "No-one has ever been selected in their first week before. I hope you remember it." Sally nodded her head and he curled his fingers in her hair and came in her mouth again. Sally quickly put her cheerleader uniform back on and Peter, having dressed himself, led her away from the beach to his limousine in the car park.

His driver opened the car door for them and they sat together on the back seat. "Take your top off," he said. "Women who work for me always have their tits out." Sally removed her top and he pressed her tits together in his hands. "You understand there are seven reasons why I have done this today," he said. "Your tits are the first two.

I've never seen anything that comes close.

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Your arse and pussy are the next two. They are perfect, almost like a mouth the way they suck with a will of their own. Number five is your mouth. I've never had an 18 year old who knew how to suck like you do. I can't imagine how you could do it any better. Six is your face. You are just so beautiful. Number seven is your spirit. You have a will of your own. I like that. Too many girls under selection break too easily.

You submit, but you don't break." He pushed her head down and made her suck his balls as they drove. He didn't want to cum again but he couldn't resist the feeling of her tongue on his sack.


They drove across town to the mansions and manicured gardens of the east side. As they pulled up at the front gate he pulled Sally off his balls and tucked his cock away. Sally couldn't believe the size of the mansion she was being taken to. It was four levels and looked more like a castle than a house sitting on a huge block of well-kept gardens. The car stopped at the front door where a line of topless women waited on their knees. Peter and Sally got out of the car and he told her to get on her knees with the other women.

The surface was gravel and stuck into her knees but she smiled as Peter stroked her cheek. Sally looked at the women beside her and was pleased to see it was true that her tits were the largest and firmest of them all. "This is Sally," he said to the other women. "She is joining us but is only 18 so doesn't have full rights yet. Until she turns 21 she is available for your pleasure as she is for the staff and my sons. When she turns 21 she will become your equal." Two men came out of the house.

Both looked like Peter, although they were only about twenty years old, and Sally guessed they were his sons. "Ah, boys," said Peter. "Good to see you. This is Sally I told you about. Give her a go and tell me what you think." Peter clicked his fingers and the other women got off their knees and followed him into the house.

His boys meanwhile helped Sally to her feet. They quickly bent her over at the waist and the taller one moved behind her while his brother moved in front. Each pulled out his cock. The son in front of her roughly shoved his cock into her mouth while his brother spat on her arse hole for lubrication then guided his cock into her. Both men had large cocks like their father and she found it hard at first to get her rhythm as they pounded her at either end at different speeds.

Each time the cock in her arse thrust forward it pushed her into the cock in her mouth which was being thrust too fast for her to breathe easily. She held on to the hips of the son in front of her and held still, letting them fuck her at either end at their own pace.

She found this made her tits rock back and forth much faster until they were nearly slapping her in the face with each bounce.

The sons seemed to have less self-control than their father, and it didn't take long for Sally to find herself on her knees between them as they came over her face. "God, what a bitch," said the shorter son. "Where does he find them?" "I tell you," said the other. "I am not leaving home until this one turns 21." They watched as Sally scraped the cum from her face and swallowed it. They then got in the limousine and the driver drove them away. "This way, miss," said a voice.

Sally looked up and saw a butler standing nearby. He turned and walked into the house and Sally followed after him. He led her silently through a bewildering maze of rooms, stairwells and corridors until they stopped at a door on the third level.

"This is the harem, miss," he said. "This is where you shall spend most of your time unless instructed otherwise." He opened the doors and Sally could not believe her eyes.


The most beautiful room she had ever seen was before her. It seemed impossibly big and was lined with sweet smelling flowers. There were a dozen luxurious beds scattered here and there and a large central bath the size of a swimming pool from which steam rose.

The steam drifted up through vents in the ceiling. The women she had seen before lounged about here and there throughout the room. They ran up to Sally as she came in. They were laughing, and for the first time in her life Sally was met by people who seemed to be genuinely pleased to see her.

The oldest one came ahead of the others and embraced Sally warmly. "Welcome to the family," she said. "My name is Linda. I am the head of the harem." She pulled away, and holding her by the hands, looked Sally up and down.

"Master has chosen well as always," she said. "You truly are beautiful." Sally blushed and didn't know what to say even though she felt sure this was one place she was free to speak. "Is it true you only turned 18 three days ago?" "Yes," said Sally. "You are truly fortunate," she said. She moved forward and kissed Sally on the lips and held her breasts in her hands.

She moved back and said "You understand, though, that until you turn 21 you remain under selection. You must obey all of us and service everyone within the house." "I understand," said Sally. "Good," said Linda, smiling. "Join us in the bath then." The women sat on the edge of the bath, their legs spread and made Sally get in.

Sally couldn't believe how deliciously warm the water was. "Come to me," said Linda. Sally waded through the warm fragrant water until she stood below Linda who sat on the bath's edge. Linda parted her legs wider and brought Sally's head to her shaven pussy.

Instinctively, Sally licked up Linda's slit until she reached the clit. She took the button in her mouth and sucked on it tightly. Linda's hands ran lovingly through Sally's hair as the 18 year old quickly made her pussy moisten. Sally moved two fingers inside the older woman's pussy and fucked her tight hole.

Linda bucked her hips and Sally flicked her tongue around the clit in her mouth. Linda climaxed quickly and had to move Sally's head away, the 18 year old's tongue too much for her to handle. "Oh my God," said Linda. "I see what Master means!" She pushed Sally along, and as the 18 year old moved to the next girl and dove down between her legs, she knew that at last she was amongst friends.