Two horny babes enjoy a big black cock

Two horny babes enjoy a big black cock
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Life had not been fair to Kirsten, Deanna's mom. That much Dee knew. She didn't know any of the details surrounding her father's suicide, when she was 8 years old.

She did know that her dad was troubled and not well.

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. . and that he went to be with the Lord. Spencer barely remembered him. Deanna's mom had found solace for her grief and her guilt in the arms of her church. Who could blame her? Her own mother was half a continent away and she had 2 young children to raise. She somehow managed to get hold of herself and take care of her children, but she was changed forever and became something of a religious fanatic.

Deanna knew that the Puritan-like view of sex that her mom had developed had something to do with her dad. It made her both sad and rebellious, because she felt that she was missing out on that aspect of life. Her mom had kept things from her. Deanna was ill-prepared for the burgeoning of her body, her own metamorphosis into womanhood.

Her mom had told her that sex was for a singular purpose: to create progeny. Deanna's mind could almost grasp the concept of this train of thought, but her body had been raising its own hand in response, recently. "Why would our God make our bodies enjoy sex if it was only a duty?" Her brother Spencer was apparently masturbating daily. . or multiple times daily.

Dee worked up the nerve that day to ask her friend Natalie, while getting ready for cheerleading, if she knew about masturbating. Natalie's response was enough to confirm what Deanna had suspected: "you're kidding, right?" *** *** *** The light taps upon his door gave Spencer a bit of a start as he read "A Game of Thrones" in his bed.

He knew his mother would not approve so he quickly stowed the paperback under his covers as he said "yes?" "Spence, can I talk to you?" Deanna poked her head into his room unexpectedly.

"Sure, Dee. What's up?" Deanna slipped in through his door wearing her cotton-flannel night shirt, which she often wore around the house after her evening shower. "Hey Spence" she said lightly as she sat on the edge of his bed. "I. just wanted. . to talk, uh, a bit, uh. . about what happened today. . if you don't mind?" "Sure Dee. Are you mad at me?" Spencer asked. "I just have never seen a girl naked and I really wanted to keep looking at you.

Please don't tell mom or anything, she'd be totally pissed." "I'm not gonna tell mom" Deanna assured her brother.

"I asked Natalie today about girls, ya know, uh, doing that too and I think she does it herself. I'd never even tried before this morning, ya know? But, when you were looking at me and doing it yourself. . that kinda made me, uh, I don't know. . excited? Did you already do it again tonight? You said you usually do it twice a day, right?" This was a very strange conversation as far as Spencer was concerned, but having jerked off that morning in front of his sister did bring down some of the barrier between them.

He wasn't used to Dee being so open and vulnerable with him, but he found that he liked it. "Uh, no. I was just reading" he answered. "I usually do it right before I go to sleep, cuz it helps me relax." "Would you want to do it with me here like this morning? You seemed to like that." "That was really sexy, Dee, I came really hard looking at you." Deanna picked up her hips to wiggle her night shirt free and pulled it over her head. Exposing herself shamelessly to her little brother for the second time that day.

"God, Dee, you have got a great set of tits!" "You like to look at 'em?" she said teasingly as she grabbed her 34-C's with both hands and held them up for her brother's inspection. She rolled her hardening nipples between her thumbs and middle fingers, bringing them to full attention.

Little bumps protruded from her areolas as well, whether from the slight chill in the room or just from her excitement didn't really matter. "Oh, yeah, Dee. That is friggin' HOT." He sat further up in his bed and pushed the covers away from his legs. He was just wearing a t-shirt and boxers for bed, which he pushed down quickly past his knees.


His dick was quickly hardening and Deanna got to watch it grow as she massaged her young tits. "It's getting bigger, Spence" she noted. "Yeah, that's what it does when a guy gets excited. You really can't jerk off or cum until it's hard." "Show me, Spence" Deanna said quietly. He obliged her and grabbed hold of his staff with his right hand and began stroking himself, staring at his sisters beautiful globes, long legs, and the crotch of her blue panties, trying to imagine what lay beneath.

He really hadn't been able to see her pussy this morning, just her bush and the outline of the slit beneath, but wanted desperately to have a better view of his sister's sex. "Are you gonna rub yours?" he asked, trying to sound innocent, nonchalant. "I was thinking about it" Dee admitted. "I want to have an orgasm, like you said." She brought her left hand down and pressed it into her crotch, feeling the cotton rub against her clitoris and also feeling a release of fluid from inside her.

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The tingles that went through her were delicious and she wanted to taste more. Repositioning herself slightly on the bed, she kept her left foot on the floor and bent her right leg up in front of her, opening up her legs much wider.

She kept watching Spencer rub and stroke his penis as she rubbed and stroked her pussy through her panties. Her labia began to swell noticeably, which was another first for her, she apparently hadn't reached this simple level of excitement this morning. "You're getting wet, Dee" Spencer observed as he continued to stroke himself. He removed his hand momentarily to lick his palm and then grabbed hold of himself again.

"I guess I am" Dee agreed as she looked at the darker patch of blue where her panties had been pushed into her slit. "Why'd you lick your hand?" "It just feels better on my dick that way, sort of like if it was inside a pussy, I guess." "Oh, wow.

So, uh, you would WANT to put your penis inside of a pussy?" "Of course, what guy doesn't?" "Do you want to see my pussy?" Deanna asked rhetorically as she continued to rub herself, pressing the fabric of her panties into her gash and pressing on her clit.

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The close-up camel toe shot she was giving her little bro was priceless, and Spencer couldn't take his eyes off of it. "Oh, god, yes" he breathed out. He was obviously getting very excited so he slowed his stroking considerably and concentrated on the artwork that was his sister's body in front of him. Without thought or asking permission he reached out and put a hand on her breast. No person had ever touched Deanna in a sexual manner before and she felt a surge of electricity from her brother's warm hand, thinking to herself that he had just licked that hand and was pulling his cock with it a few seconds before.

But that made it even naughtier, and more exciting. She leaned into him a bit so that he could hold it firmly and his hand automatically began massaging her and pulling on her nipple. "Oh, yeah, Spence. . that feels gooooooood" she sighed. Deanna knew that her mother would be shocked and dismayed by what her kids were doing right now but those thoughts were overwhelmed by the sensations she was having for the first time in her life. Being naughty could feel really good! "I'm gonna show you my pussy, Spence" she said matter-of-factly.

"I'm going to let you watch me, uh, masturbate" she forced herself to say it aloud, "like I watched you." "We'll do it together, sis" Spencer agreed. He was still clutching her breast and had not touched himself for fear of cumming. His dick was twitching in excitement and pre-cum was dribbling out of the head. Deanna stood and quickly removed her panties, then sat back on the bed.

"Oh. .

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. WOW. . fuck yeah" Spencer exclaimed, quietly so that their mom would not hear anything from her room across the hall. His sister's virginal pussy was opened up 3 feet away from him on his bed and he had never seen anything so sexy and erotic in his life. None of the pictures he'd looked at on friends' computers or phones could compare to a flesh and blood naked girl sitting next to you with her legs spread wide, even if it was his own sister.

Perhaps, especially because it was his own sister. He could feel the heat coming off of her as he put his hand upon her smooth thigh, lightly ran it down her shapely calf and back up to her warm inner thigh, resting it perhaps a foot away from her enticing gash. The fine black pubic hairs above and to the sides fanned out like a feather, her outer lips were bright pink, in slight contrast to the deeper rose color of her interior, which was shiny and moist.

As Dee brought a single finger down and lightly teased her clitoris, then pushed it down between her tempting folds, Spencer knew he would explode.

Without having touched himself for the last few minutes, he began to cum just from the visual stimulation of his sister.

He looked down as he started spurting and grabbed his cock hard, pulling urgently to finish his orgasm. "Fuck wow, sis, that was the best cum I ever had" he said gratefully. "Well, now I've got to see what that's like for myself. Do you like looking at me when I touch myself?" "Oh my god, yes. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen Dee. I can even SMELL your pussy, and that's driving me nuts." Deanna brought her finger up to her nose to savor her own scent and found it heightened her arousal as well.

Returning to her cunt she stroked it up and down a few more times and then slid her middle finger inside her hole. "I'm gonna lay back, OK, Spence?" she reclined so that her head was at the foot of the bed, her body alongside her brother's.

She brought her right leg over across his middle, where her thigh ended up against his cock as it got limp again; she could feel a little wetness from where the head brushed against her. Dee then brought her left leg up on the bed to get comfortable, leaving herself wide open to her brother's view as she resumed playing with the new-found toy of her teenage cunt.


The excitement continued to build in her body as she plunged her finger in and out of her hole, squeezing her boobs and nipples with her right hand, then bringing it down to touch her clit. The duel sensation of penetration and clitoral rubbing was an amazing combination and she moaned so loudly that Spencer was worried their mom might here. Deanna was too far gone to care about that as she continued her quest to orgasm.

She added her ring finger and felt the tightness of her young twat, her muscles grabbing onto her fingers eagerly.

Bringing her fingers back up to her nose, she inhaled deeply of her aroma, then without thinking took her fingers into her mouth to taste her own sex. Nothing in her short life approached the dirty, naughty, sexy, exciting act of tasting her pussy juice. It sent her higher as she rubbed her clit with renewed vigor and plunged her fingers back into her sopping gash. Spencer watched in awe as his sister finger-fucked herself 2 feet from his face. His cock had already returning to erect stature as he stared and rested his hands on her warm thighs, lightly caressing her.

She began to breathe rapidly, closed her eyes and turned her head to the side as she increased the speed of her stimulation, finally pulling her legs up and together, her body jerking and convulsing with the power of her cum.

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When she opened her eyes and looked up at him he simply said "THAT was an orgasm, sis." "I guess it was, wow." "You feel ok?" "Yeah, I feel great" she responded. "How 'bout you?" "Well, I'm gonna cum again, if you don't mind" he half-laughed as he began to pull his dick once more.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked helpfully.

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"Just let me look at you sis, you are fucking hot." As Spencer continued to stroke himself, Deanna got up and straddled his legs, facing him. Her pussy was inches from his cock as she flaunted herself to him, tugging on her nipples, pressing her breasts together and rubbing her hand down on her cunt.

For not having any familiarity with sex, she certainly was figuring things out pretty quickly. It was like an instinct had taken over and she was just doing what her body told her to do. It was only another minute before Spencer came again, his second load of spunk pooling with his first on his belly and running into his sparse pubes.

He slumped down after finishing, this was the fastest turnaround he'd ever had on cumming. He was proud, satisfied, and exhausted. Deanna was fascinated by the puddle of semen her brother had produced. His hand was still holding his now-limp dick and had some on it as well. "Do you need something to clean up with?" "I usually just use a few tissues, but this is kind of a mess, plus it's in my pubes. Any chance you'd get me a washcloth and wet it with warm water?" "No problem, little bro, you just helped me orgasm for the first time ever, it's the least I can do." She got off the bed, gave him a peck on the forehead, her tits swinging right in front of his face and padded over to the door, stark naked.

"Dee, what about mom?" he whispered forcefully. "Aw, she's in her room for the night, probably asleep already" she whispered back and opened the door. Walking down the hall naked was another new thrill for Deanna.

She was a good girl, but she was feeling awfully naughty today. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror once again, lights on, door open, naked as the day she was born she got another look at her body.

"You are pretty hot, Dee" she complimented herself. When she returned with the warm washcloth Spencer had actually dozed off, his right hand still holding his sticky dick. Deanna gingerly removed his hand and cleaned off his fingers, then she boldly proceeded to clean off his shrunken dick and scooped up the main puddle from his tummy. Returning to the bathroom to rinse out the washcloth, she came back and cleaned the spunk from her brother's pubes, holding his penis up with two fingers as she worked around its base.

He didn't show any signs of waking at this point so she simply pulled his covers back up, gathered her panties and night shirt and turned off his light. "Night, little bro."