Sexy honeys like sex games

Sexy honeys like sex games
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."This happened in the early fall of 1996 and I was a fill in bassist in my friend Andy's band. He has a really hot sister named Christy and her and I got pretty close(friendship close). I was 29 and she was 17 but we had so many things in common and she has the hottest feet I have seen to this very day and she wears my favorite shoes, high heeled slides.

One time she had me so excited from watching her dangle the slide from her toe that I came in my jeans.

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This one weekend she invited me over because Andy was with his girlfriend and the parents were gone too. As it turned out she had a bottle of Jack Daniels and some pot which she wanted to smoke with me. Needless to say I was there in a heartbeat because it had been a while since I smoked some mary jane.

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When she opened the door she was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, blue jean short shorts and barefoot. Christy is 5'2" 100 lbs, long brown hair and greenish blue eyes and gorgeous in the face and body. She had enough to roll 5 nice joints which she rolled expert like and she had already started in on the Jack which she got Andy to get for her before he left.

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"I'm getting fucked up tonight," she laughed "I can see that Chris," I answered. I figured with her having the whole house to herself that she would have a party but she said, "I am partying and the guest is already here.

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I want to get fucked up but I don't want a crowd either just me and you. Got a problem with that?" I didn't want to jump to any conclusions, she probably wanted just to party with me then I go home afterwards.


We smoked one then she took a straight shot from the Jack she was pretty buzzed already. We had been sitting in the kitchen and she suggested moving to the couch in the living room and watch a movie.

By the end of the movie Christy was bombed and asked me if she could catch a nap with her feet on my lap which I responded yes without hesitation.

As soon as she laid her size 6 feet on my lap my dick grew instantly hard so I tried getting involved in the tv which didn't help especially when one of her feet accidently brushed my erection. I looked down at them, those high arches, those succulant toes and was fighting to keep from pulling out my cock and rubbing it over her sexy 17 year old feet but when I glanced underneath the coffee table and seen her 4" wedge heeled slides there I lost all control.

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Now I liked when she wore stiletto heeled slides but her feet does it for me in those black wedge heels as well and next thing I knew I had pulled my dick out and started sroking myself.

Christy stirred in her sleep rolling over on her stomach exposing the bottoms of her feet, her toes were touching my cock. I rubbed my erection all over the bottom of her feet when a voice said,"I might be fucked up but I know what you are doing was ask." I cleared my throat.

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"You knew what I was doing?" "I knew when you first pulled your dick out. In fact I knew quite sometime that you liked my feet.

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Now enough with the chit chat, you want a footjob or not," she asked. I answered yes of course and asked "Can you wear your heels while doing it?" She laughed, "Do you mean cumming on them too? If so you are buying me a new pair mister," she joked.

She then sat up and bent down and put those slides on and my dick was hard immediatly once again. she went back to putting them on my lap."Looks like you like what you see," Christy said with a coy smile, lifting her foot above my raging hard on and she then trapped it between the heel of her foot and the shoe and began an up and down motion And right away I felt like I was in heaven I didn't want to cum to quick but then I didn't want to stop fucking her feet either but I managed to hold back somehow.


Then she trapped my dick betwwen her wedge heeled feet and began to stroke and stroke on my excited member and just the thought of her feet and shoes covered in my semen made me almost cum but I managed to hold back once again.

"Oh God, Christy this feels so awesome!" She giggled. "I can tell you are about to bust one because your cock is twitching between my feet." She was right and I could tell it was going to be a huge load because my balls were tightening up and kinda sore feeling "Cum for me hun, cum for me please!!!" I kept going for a few more minutes but there was no holding this back.

"Oh God Christy, here I cum!!" I grunted and my dick began firing. Five powerful squirts and four minor squirts. My eyes were closed until I squeezed out the last bit of jizz then opened my eyes.

Christy's feet and black wedge heels were covered with my seed."Holy shit, u backed up or something because hun, that is alot of cum!" I glanced at her feet and she was right, her feet and heels got covered in it.

"I'm not letting that go to waste!" she said taking off her one shoe and licked all of the cum off and she did the same on the other.

I went home happy that night for sure. We did that a few more times but the first was the best!!!! Every once in awhile Christy and I bring it up in conversation to this day!!