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Skinny Teen squirts
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this is the very first story I have ever written. i hope y'all aint too harsh in the feed, back because i plan to try and make this a series. juggalo fo life! "DAD!! WHAT THE FUCK!!" screamed Heather throwing he giant stuffed panda at me "shut the fucking door!" Hello, my name is Arthur.

I am stay at home novelist that is in between writing, though in my opinion, not a very good one. Just turned 35, yay me. I am an OIF/ ODS veteranhonorable discharged. Served 16 years in the army, and just couldn't deal with the stress of the job and having to be away from my family, so I did my best to go out with a bang, doing three tours in Kuwait, Iraq and Iran, becoming air born, sapper, sniper and ranger qualified.

I changed MOS twice throughout my career, from 25U (commo) to 21B (engineer). Finally my contract was up, and instead of re-uping(short term for reenlisting) I left as a staff sergeant.

Walking away from Heather's room, I catch my image in the hallway mirror. standing flat footed at six foot, with a average built (you know, got a tiny bit of pudge at the waist line. not fat, still can see the Ol' six pack. but not what it used to be.), light brown hair down to my shoulders, and the lady killer. glasses! I have had writers block for almost a week now and my editor was pissed at me the last time I checked, so I probably did bout the dumbest thing a father can do.

tried to ask my sixteen year old daughter for tips into a teen's life. Yes, that's what I write, teen novels. Nothing like the crap like gay emo vampires that sparkle, no, I write more along the lines of mystery, and here lately can't seem to get into it.

so with that thought I had tracked down Heather. The fact that her door was shut should have given me my first clue but me not thinking.well. yeah. Got to play that parent no one likes. With my face red as a beet and my ears still ringing I shut the door behind me.

Did I just see that? My sweet baby girl with her panties round her waist and a hairbrush handle shoved inside her? The image played back in my head, In vividly clear high definition.

Really need a past time hobby. Heather and I as weird as it may seem share the same birthday, so as luck would have it Sweet 16. was old guy 35. Here lately she wants everything in black. Black shoes, black clothes, black wall paper, black, black, black.

she swears she isn't a goth, but one has to wonder sometimes. She is about a head shorter than me at five-three with fire red hair and ivy green eyes set into a face so remarkably like her mother that if I'm not careful. well, let's just say there's a tension on my side. My late wife Tracy passed away five years ago after a failed pregnancy with an unborn son. Couple of years went to the bottle and with my editor and heather's help I pulled it out and put it into my recent release.

Though I still sneak some Jack on the rocks when no one's looking. Moving on. Embarrassed behind belief, I head down to my Basement of Solitude (sorry bad pun, I know) to ponder a new twist for my newest writing. Four hours later. I was separating my face from the keyboard from where, In hope that it might jar my brain into gear, I had smashed my head into it several times.

Hopelessly lost, I grabbed the Jack from the hidden stash, drained about half the bottle, and when to the down-stairs bathroom to take a shower and start going to bed. Lost in the haze of alcohol and the steam of the shower, the image of my daughter came rushing back into my head. feeling his cue was on, my happy stick flipped up like a light switch.

Was I really getting turned on by my daughter? the image strong with inebriated force, a vision started in my head.

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My daughter sprawled out on her bed, her milk white skin exposed for the entire world to see, her shirt bunched up and hanging loose around her neck displaying her perky C-cups that bounced ever so slightly with her breath.

her legs wide open with her mound puffing out like a puffer fish. Looking straight at me with want in those deep green eyes, she takes her hand brushing ever so lightly to one of her pointed rose color nipples. "Oh daddy, I want you in me. fill me deeper than I have ever been filled before." the image said as it began to massage her button topped mound with her other hand.

with more and more vigor she tweaked herself until finally her whole body seized up as she climaxed, her cunt spraying juices out like a hydrant. As the image played out over and over again, my own desire took control and I just could bring myself to stop until my seed was sprayed all over the wall.

and quicker than I got on, I went out. Next thing I know, my head is reeling in pain, cold water was freezing my torso, the shower wall had a crack in it, a pane of glass is missing from the shower door, the bathroom doors open and I've got my head in someone's lap.

Someone was calling my name but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who it was. The voice sounded familiar, but from where? Oh would someone shoot that damned bell player stuck on the one note?!!

"Come on daddy, snap out of it. Please!!" the voice said. Why was she calling me daddy? Whoever she was, she was very pretty.

Wait. Why does she look like someone I know? The image flashed through my head, along with everything else. memories screeched through my head with agonizing force.


"Daddy, if you can hear me, I called the paramedics. They should be here soon." I didn't catch the rest as I fell into Oblivion.

Snatches, brief visions of my life flashed like light bulbs in my eyes. Tracy smiling at me, holding tiny little Heather, Heather getting on the bus for her first day at school, my first time buying a car.

Memories played through my decent until, at last, I settled into the soft recess of black. I couldn't move or see when I woke up. My ears felt like I had cotton in them; sounds were muffled as if under water.

". Pressure?" " not that I know of." My god it was bright when I forced my eye to open.

I continued trying to focus my senses, squinting to try and see; My pulse like a drum in my ears. Squeezing my hands, I tried to sit up, only to find dots flashing in front of my eyes. "DADDY!!!" screamed a high pitched voiced that pierced my ears deepest recess. In a swirl of black and white, I found myself in a grip tight enough to make a grizzly tap out "Don't ever do that to me again!" Heather said as she pulled back.

My heart plummeted when I took a look at her face. Black lines of mascara (?) ran down her cheeks from where she had been crying. Her green eyes marred by red bloodshot splotches and tears still threatening to make her make-up run some more.

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When I finally found my voice, I asked what had happened, but that seemed to make Heather tear up even more. The doctor standing in the background brought my attention to the environment around me. I was confused because unlike what I had first thought, I wasn't in the E.R. I was in the hospital keep. The doctor seeming to sense my confusion answered my question first. "Mr.

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Richards, My name is Dr. Tiberough. Can you remember what happened on the night of you collapse?" Why did he say it like that? How long was I out? why is there cotton in my ears? Is that a catheter?!! oi vie! Trying to recall what happen I regaled the doctor the fascinating story of how after being upset that I couldn't write more than a few words I jump in the shower and couldn't remember anything after that. making sure to leave out the alcohol and the masturbation, I explained as much as I could with embarrassing myself or my daughter.

" you forgot the Jack Daniels you forgot to hide." CRAPITTY CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! Sorry Jack ol' fella "Sir is there a history of blood pressure in your family." Not that I'm aware of. "It's occasional to black out after strenuous masturbation, adding the effects of strong alcohol and hot water thinning the blood. And given what your daughter testifies, this seems to be the case. the concussion from the tiled wall, and the slight-fracture from the glass just add to the problem.

you've been comatose for three days." Well that feel straight through the seams&hellip. Wait&hellip.!!Three days!!! Crap! I missed my dead line! "How soon can I go home?" I asked " we'll draw up the paper work, do some blood work, fill out your prescription and you'll be home free." As the doctor left the room, my daughter laid her head near my lap.

"Sorry daddy, haven't slept much since the accident." "That's fine sweet heart, get some rest, I'll be fine." So left to my thoughts am I? My God she is beautiful.

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Just think, I created that. Something as ugly as I am made the blue prints in the factory that was her mother. Wow. Now what the hell am I gonna do? Fine pickle got yourself in aint it Arthur? Uh oh! that aint good!

Think about something quick!!! Up too late. Quick think cold shower, baseball, something! The problem of my accident came back full force. That beautiful image played again and all I could think about was how close her mouth was to my dick.

Shit on my life! Am I really lusting after my daughter? I need a shrink or something! Hell a pitcher of cold water will do. Don't wake up!


Don't wake up! Don't wake up!

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Don't wake up! Don't wake up! Don't wake up! "Daddy, are you ok?" Heather said, opening those beautiful eyes. Shit! What do I say? What do I say? What do I say? What do I say? What do I say? What do I say? Stop panicking and say something!!!

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, didn't mean to wake you" "its okay, Daddy I wasn't really asleep yet any way." She said sitting up and stretching. OH MY GOD! and boom goes the dynamite. Did I really just…? I check under my sheets and lo and behold I made a pretty big mess in my bed. I didn't even touch myself and I came. Dammit am I that turned on? This needs to end. "Daddy?" I look at my daughter and notice the look in her eyes, questioning my actions, curiosity sharp in her eyes "&hellip.Um… uh&hellip.

Um&hellip." Was all I could get out C'mon Arthur, get your act together! She's your daughter, and even if she wasn't she would never be interested in an ugly lustful creature like you!( really show a high self esteem don't I?) Much to my horror, heather suddenly reaches out, grabs the sheet out of my hands, and pulls back, revealing to the world my pride. "ohmagod! Dad, what the hell!" I'm screwed "someone has to clean those!!" … …wait what?

Heather smiles, grabs my hand that thankfully the nurse had taken the I.V. drip out, and pulls me into the bathroom. Grabbing a wad of tissue paper and wetting it, she proceeds to clean my dick. "Heather? Why are you not freaking out?" "only natural, daddy. You've been out for three days.

First thing you see when you wake up is hot nurses changing your saline bags. I almost creamed myself." Okay she thinks it was the nurses. Good. "I mean surely you're not perverted enough to get stiff looking at me, your daughter." She said, wrapping her hand around my now semi-hard pecker.

As she looked up at me I saw that image again, only more detailed. Wow she had a good grip of things here lately.

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"I thought my Daddy was more sophisticated than that. Popping wood in the presence of a young, nubile, fair skin girl half his age?" I really can't lie. Mr. happy was having the time of his life downstairs. Her grip, the way she was looking at me, the way her skirt was rising just enough to see her black lace panties. My god!

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"Heather, please, this&hellip.oh god…please……has……to……OH Shit!!!" I roared. Grabbing the back of her head I rammed my cock strait into her mouth, and released torrent after torrent of my load down her throat.

Heather never complained, just started sucking with all her worth, swallowing every drop. When at last I thought I was done I let my arms relax enough to let her head go. She never stopped.

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Instead she started humming and sucking my dick with renewed vigor. Damn she looked good doing that. Stroking the back of her hair, I brought her up from her knees and whispered "I doubt it's gonna come back for a minute. I need to sit down anyways." "are you ashamed of me?" asked Ashley, tears forming in her eyes.

"of course not honey. Didn't expect it but I'm not ashamed." "Good because neither am I. Oh daddy I want you to be happy again, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

You never have to be lonely again. " and with that she kissed me full on the lips. as i said first story. suggestions would be grand. and yes i have spell checker, but quite honestly i don't give a rat's ass if it isn't spelling and grammerly correct, this is a fucking sex story.

your reading it to get aroused not learn english. welcome to the army!!!