Banging a large assed angel

Banging a large assed angel
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Sex Goddess - Part 2 (Stranger Sex) The bus stop was Puduppatti. My pussy was leaking even as I got down from the bus, knowing the stranger I just gave a blowjob to was following me. I had climbed the bus just outside Madurai. The previous fight with Mangesh had left me frustrated!

He hadn't touched me even once in the last 3 months after he had visited his ancestral village Tirumayam. Thanks to a very active sexual life since college I wasn't used to this frustrated period of no sex. Last week he suddenly left for Tirumayam without telling me anything. I had travelled all the way from Delhi to find out what was wrong. And what was wrong?? Mangesh had decided to marry a girl from the village!

I stood there in his house as tears rolled across my cheeks. 16 months of my life I had given to this pig and now he was going to leave me for a bloody village bitch? With anger and tears I left Tirumayam and made my way back to Madurai.

Just outside Madurai I climbed into a bus on instinct. Sitting in the last row of seats I cried till my eyes fell on a decent looking guy two seats ahead. That very moment I knew I had to fuck him if I had to mend my broken heart! The hotel was a cheap one, but the only one in the village. Our room was small with a double bed.

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The kiss started as a light kiss near the bed and then became passionate. He ran his tongue along my teeth and I opened my mouth the let him enter. Our tongues twirled around each other and he sucked my tongue into his mouth. I climbed on him pressing herself into his chest. He felt my hard nipples against his chest. His hands found our way inside my t-shirt and he felt my back.

I broke our kiss. "What are you waiting for?" I asked and again kissed him and pulled him up and sat in his lap feeling his erection poke her. He touched my breasts lightly. He ran his fingers along the underside of my breasts. I pressed my breasts into him. He flicked his fingers lightly over my nipples. I moaned into his mouth and he kneaded my breasts.

He stroked around my nipples in circles. I kept pushing herself into him. He pinched my nipples making me bite his lower lip. I sucked on it as he tweaked my nipples. I broke the kiss and pushed him back. I pulled his t-shirt of and starting kissing his chest.

I ran my hands all over his back and kissed his neck and ears. I took the lobe of his ear into my mouth and sucked it. He moaned loudly as I bit his ear. He pulled at the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

He looked at me for a moment. I was looking so attractive. My ruffled hair fell on my breasts, the erect nipples pushing through the strands of hair. My eyes were full of lust. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss. He pushed me on the bed and kissed my neck. He lightly bit my collar bone and kissed it.

He licked my breasts in circles around the nipples. I arched my back. He took one nipple in his mouth and rolled it with his tongue while his other hand pinched the other nipple. I whimpered as he interchanged the nipples.

Then pinching them he went down and kissed my stomach and licked my navel. He could smell the musky intoxicating smell of my arousal. He lowered himself more and kissed just above my pubic bone. I writhed under him and clenched his hair. He went further lower and smelled my fragrance once more. He saw my pants wet with arousal. He came to my face and started kissing my again. His hands trailed around the waist band of pants.

He again started kissing and licking my breasts. I ground my body against him and pulled him into me. I pushed his hand down and rubbed it between my thighs. "Oh yes!" I moaned as he started fondling my pussy lips. Making circles on my hood with my thumb he fingered me with alternating paces, swelling and ebbing like a wave. " pussy.good." I said between breaths.

He removed his finger and inserted the middle and the ring fingers inside me. With his thumb on my clitoris he clamped his index and little finger under my pussy.

Clasping me like that he started fingering my wildly. Shrills of pleasure started escaping me as small explosions erupted in my crotch.

My hips started bucking in pace with his hand and I pushed myself down on his hand. He pushed my legs back and over me. His tongue shot for my asshole. The juices from my pussy had seeped down the crack and covered it.

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"Fuck you!" I screamed as I shuddered and a shattering orgasm rocked across my pussy and then through my body. He lapped up all my cum and then cleaned my across my asshole, taint and pussy. "You look beautiful." He looked at my from between my legs. My pussy was glistening, my breasts heaving and my face was flushed with grin. "Now my turn." I kneeled between his legs and licked his cock head.


I tickled his balls with my tongue. He pushed his cock in my mouth. I played with it using my tongue. I let my saliva drool over it and let it fall to the floor. Making slurping noises I pushed his cock deeper. Seeing my full lips slithering on his wet cock made him even harder. He clutched my head and fucked my mouth like a piston.

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He felt the strain in his balls increasing. "That's right. Keep sucking." He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock deeper in. I sucked him till he was about to cum and then let go of his cock. Pushing him onto the bed I climbed onto him for a 69.

He lapped at my soaping pussy, sucking the nectar as it covered his mouth and chin. I ground my pussy into his face as I sucked his cock. My slurping sounds were driving him insane. I deep throated him, massaging his cock with my tonsils. Whimpers and moans were emitted as we orally pleasured each other.

He could feel my saliva drop on him as I came up for air. He pushed two fingers into my pussy as he continued licking it. I moaned and arced my back, pushing into him more. Returning my attention to his cock I slurped it again, my tongue playing havoc on it.

He removed his slick fingers from my pussy and pushed it into my asshole slowly. I tensed up and started sucking with a new vigour. Following me he sucked and fingered me to match my pace.

"Lets cum together!" I gasped before taking the cock back in my mouth. Another half minute into it and he came first. He shot ropes after rope of cum that hit the roof of my mouth. Feeling his hot cum splattering in my mouth I too came and clamped my mouth on his cock as well my pussy on his mouth.

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I felt his moan vibrate through my pussy and I too came. Grunts and moans filled the room. He couldn't take all my cum and it covered his face as I rocked. I swallowed his juices. I wanted him deep inside my. In my mouth. In my pussy. In my ass.


Running my fingers north on him, I found a nipple and ran my palm over it. It hardened to my touch, and taking turns I fingered the other one, squeezing it a bit. I took the nipple in my mouth. Flicking it with my tongue I kissed my way up his chest to his shoulder. Lying side by side they kissed. The passion was mounting and I grasped his cock and ran my hands up and down feeling it stiffen in my hands.

Slow yet firm I continued to run my hands up and down; an occasional caress over the tip. "I just want you to fuck me. I don't want to wait, and I don't want you to be gentle." I let out a moan as he grabbed the back of my hair and exposed my neck, kissing me and nibbling my ear lobe. He ignored my and got up. Still clutching my hair he pulled out his cock and slapped it on my my cheek. A glob of precum smeared on me.

"You wanted to fuck, right? But it will be how I want." He pushed his cock in my mouth. I took it in without waiting. The taste of his salty pre cum filled my mouth. He tightened his grip on my hair and started face fucking me.

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I closed my lips around his cock and sucked without abandon. Soon my mouth was filled with saliva and precum. I pushed him back a little and poured all the mixed drool on his cock.

I started fingering my pussy vigorously. He brushed his cock on my lips covering them with the mixed drool.


"How do my lips look?" I asked, my lips glistening, hunger in my eyes. "Like they belong around my cock!" he pushed his cock back in. I gagged as he pushed deeper. Using my tongue I managed to keep on licking in small swishes. I think I looked beautiful-my full lips smeared in juices around his cock, my thick black hair sweaty and dishevelled and bunched in his hand, my big firm breasts juggling as I fingered herself, my pussy juices flowing down my legs, and lust for him in my eyes.

As I thought this I took him out and climbed on him. His cock mashed my pussy like a machine and within minutes my pussy erupted and my pussy clamped on his cock hard. He came into my pussy, his cock thrashing and spasming.

I kept him inside my pussy till his cock became still. We lay still and cuddled till he fell asleep. As soon as he was asleep I got up, dressed and left.

I had left my past behind with him and had walked towards a better future.