Petite Cristal is getting dicked in a threesome

Petite Cristal is getting dicked in a threesome
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Laura tugged at my jeans as she unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down over my throbbing cock.

I lifted my hips allowing her to pull the stiff material over my hips and to my thigh. My white cotton briefs bulged from my hardened cock. With her right hand, she massaged my hardness as she leaned over to kiss my lips.


I massaged the sides of her soft bare tits as our tongues played games and she squeezed and played with my thickness through the cotton. Her mouth pulled away from mine and then I watched her brush her soft cheek against my prickly three day beard. She kissed my ear lobe and then whispered in my ear, "I need to get off". I whispered back that I need it too. That was the invitation she needed to slide her hand under the elastic band to my cock. Her warm hand on my hard cock made it pulsate with pleasure.

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Moving back over to my lips, we kissed deeply again as she played with my meat in her right hand. My cock was filling with cum as she squeezed and played with it. I felt the pressure build as we kissed and my breathing increased.

She must have sensed that I was on the verge of cumming, so she stopped and slid her hand out of my underwear. A little disappointment came over me, however I thought maybe there is a better way to get off.

Laura got off the bed and pulled down her jeans and underwear making her completely naked.

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I always thought of Laura being attractive but I never imagined I would be seeing her naked. We have worked together for nearly ten years and I have always thought of her as a friend and not as a potential lover. But there I stared at her short 5'2" frame and small B cup tits.

She had lovely blue eyes and curly dirty blonde hair. Not my typical taste but when you are as horny as I was, just about anything would do. She made her way back to the bed and sat down on the edge. I reached over and caressed her leg sliding my hand between her thighs. She moaned a little as I brushed my finger tips against her pubic hair. She reached over and grabbed the elastic of my underwear and then proceeded to pull it down to where my jeans were. She grabbed my cock in her right hand and stroked the entire length up and down a few times.

I reached up and massaged her breasts and I watched the nipples get rock hard under my touch. Laura laid down alongside me, not letting go of my cock.

Laying on her side, we kissed again as I worked my right hand between her legs. She lifted her leg to allow my hand inside and I soon found her pussy.

I rubbed the lips lightly with my finger and soon her lubrication started to secrete onto my fingers. Laura let go of my cock and wrapped her arm around my body.

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She then told me that we can't fuck because she was worried about getting pregnant. I was a little disappointed but before I had time to object, she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. Oh, how magically her warm moist mouth felt on my throbbing dick. I looked down and her lips wrapped tightly around my rod and her eyes looking up at me. Bouncing her head up and down on my swollen shaft made it fill with my cum. Obviously, this was how she was going to get me off and even though I wanted it in between her legs, I wasn't going to argue.

I felt the pressure build deep in my balls as she massaged the sack. I was about to cum and decided I better give her warning in case she didn't want to eat my cum.

Either she didn't hear me or didn't care because her mouth seamed to squeeze tighter around my swollen cock as her head bopped up and down. The pressure built to the point that I exploded in her mouth. She gagged a little at first but her lips stayed wrapped tightly around my cock until it went soft in her mouth. Letting my cock fall out of her mouth, she looked up and I watched her lick my cum out of the corners of her mouth.

She made a noise like it tasted good. I sat up in the bed and told her to make herself comfortable as I stripped out of my pants. I laid alongside her and immediately kissed her mouth. I tasted the remnants of my cum mixed with her sweetness as our mouths were locked. I reached over and massaged her tits, one at a time, with my right hand. I slid my hand down her belly heading towards her love spot between her legs.

She must have known where I was going because she spread them wide open for me to explore. Sliding my hands between her legs, I felt her soft hair around her mound as I cupped the entire thing with my hand. Moving my hand around, I found her soft pussy that my fingers explored. I moved away from kissing her on the mouth and headed towards her tits. Taking the nipple of her right breast in my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could. Laura moaned and quivered from the sensation.

I next moved to her left breast but this time I was slower and licked all around the nipple first. She begged me to take the nipple in my mouth but I teased her. I licked all around and then I lightly licked the nipple. It hardened under the light touch of my tongue before taking it into my mouth. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could as I continued to rub her dripping wet cunt.

She yelled in pleaser as she screamed that if I didn't stop she was going to cum. I figured that was the point so I didn't stop but then she pushed me away.

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"I need that magical mouth on my clit, "she ordered me. So I slid down the bed and spread her legs far open with my hands so I can tastes her snatch. As soon as I got down there the aroma of her juices made me want to taste her sweetness. I dove right in to taste her sweet nectar. Oh, how good it tasted in my mouth as I licked the entire length of her dripping wet pussy. I slid my tongue up to her clit. It was swollen and making sure my tongue was lubricated licked the throbbing head.

She moaned and bucked with pleasure as I licked her love button. She started to scream that she was about to cum. Sliding two of my fingers simultaneously into her well lubricated snatch, must have pushed her over the edge. Her hips bucked and she yelled with pleasure as the wave of her orgasm shot through her body. Her juices flowed and I licked as much of the sweetness that I could. I continued to lick even though it seemed her orgasm was subsiding.

However, she started to buck and scream as she must have achieved another orgasm. I continued to eat her pussy and as I heard and watched her, I felt the growing erection in my cock. I just had to have my thick cock in her tight hole. I knew it was wrong. We were both married with kids but the strain of being trapped together underground at the secret army facility was too much. It has been two weeks since we were buried.

Luckily we were able to make it to the presidential suite where we found plenty of food and a bed but the growing sexual urges I have been experiencing finally erupted. I got up on my knees between her spread legs. She reached down and rubbed her cunt as I stroked my hard throbbing dick. I told her how I wanted in the worse way to drive my dick deep in between her legs.

I thought she would put up a fight because she was the hold out for why we waited as long as we did. To my surprise, she told me there is nothing stopping me. I did think for a moment but then she started to beg for my cock. She reached up and grabbed for my meat. Looking up at me with her pretty blue eyes, all she said was please. I couldn't resist. I positioned myself between her spread legs. With my hard meat in my right hand, I reached down and spread the lips of her dripping wet pussy.

I placed the tip on the entrance to her and looked down at her to make sure it was still OK. She bucked her hips toward me making the tip slide between the wet tight lips. Oh, how good it felt as I pushed the entire length deep into her.

Oh was she tight. For a 37 year old mother, she felt tighter than any woman I have ever been with. I bent down and we kissed as I plunged by cock in and out of her dripping wet hole.

It felt so good laying between Laura's legs. She wrapped her legs around my body and lifted them up as high as she could, allowing me to plunge deep inside her. She moved her hips meeting my thrusts.

She started to talk dirty and order me to fuck her harder. She moaned and screamed as she must have felt another orgasm. Oh yeah, she was cumming as she screamed and I felt her already tight hole get even tighter.

I was on the verge of cumming as her orgasm ended. She begged me not to cum yet and she wanted to ride me. I pulled out in the nick of time.

She got up and I got onto my back. I watched as she walked around the bed and then stood on the bed above me. My cock was throbbing and she must have known to give me time as she slowly stood above me rubbing her pussy.

Lowing herself down in a squatting position, I watched as she grabbed my cock and guided it into her fuck hole. The moist tightness squeezed my dick as she positioned herself in a kneeling position.


I reached up and grabbed her small tits and squeezed the nipple between my fingers. She moaned and I squeezed harder which made her moan even louder. Bending over me she kissed me on the lips as she squeezed her tits onto my hairy chest. Out of instinct I reached around and smacked her as hard as I could on her ass. She looked at me shocked at what I just did.

Oh my, maybe I pissed her off but she then told me how bad she has been. I smacked her again and she moaned and cried in a combination of pleasure and pain. She seemed to be getting more aroused and really started to move allowing my cock to slide in and out of her dripping wet hole. Oh it felt good but I wanted her to get up and really ride me as hard as she could with my dick buried deep in her hot hole.

I pushed her up and she obliged. Kneeling now my cock was able to penetrate her hole deep. I grabbed up and squeezed her tits. I squeezed the nipples as hard as I could. She bucked up and down on my cock faster and faster. Our thrusts met and I was on the verge of blowing my load.

Harder and faster she bounced on my dick. She started to moan and scream as I felt her vagina squeeze my cock. Her body wanted my sperm and it was doing everything it could to milk it out of me.

I felt my dick swell and soon it was shooting my cum deep into her body. My cock pulsated several times as she continued to bounce on it. My cock went soft and she rolled off me all sweated and exhausted.

We kissed and thanked each other for the fuck. We did get rescued a week later and during that week was like a honeymoon. We sucked and fucked each other so many times I lost track. We were worried she would get pregnant but just figured who cares we will never be rescued.

Even though I was happy to get out, I do miss Laura and all the pleasure she gave me. We remained friends and were soon working together at another government facility, this time above ground. Laura gave birth to my son nine months later and even though her husband had a vasectomy, he raised it as his own. My wife never suspected anything or if she did just ignored it.

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