Brunette MILF Sheena Ryder gets banged in many angles

Brunette MILF Sheena Ryder gets banged in many angles
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Susie sat in the bed as if she was posing for a pin up calendar. A lovely, petite vision with wavy brunette hair, dark almond eyes, a petite and all-natural body clad in pink lingerie and gold, spiky heels.

She was far more beautiful than anything I deserved, although my wife and Susie would have disagreed with that. I stood in the doorway of the master bedroom, unable to move at that given moment. I was rooted to the spot as I took in the view of my daughter, awaiting me to join her in bed and make love to her. Susan we call her Susie most of the time is my daughter, although she is my adopted daughter.

I have a real daughter as well, her name is Courtney and she is 21. She attends university and does not life with my wife and me. Susie is a few months past 18 and we adopted our treasured angel after Kristy and I discovered that we could not have any more children. A friend of ours, who works for Child Services, informed us of a 1-year old who was direly in need of a home. One look at Susie's sweet face and the three of us agreed Susie would come home with us.

Courtney and Susie bonded for life after the first month. Unless it is to explain the circumstances to someone, I have never heard my eldest describe Susie as her "adopted" sister. They are the best of friends and I know they will be for life. I met my beautiful, blonde, crazy wife after my first marriage ended.

I was then 22 and foolish; I married a woman because the sex was terrific. I ignored the warning signs that my first wife was well, let's just say for the sake of brevity that fidelity was not high on her list of virtues. I was 27 and had barely been divorced a month when I met Kristy, a 22-year old, leggy blonde coed who was auditing some of my writing classes.

After several intelligent questions, I made it a point to take note of this young lovely, with almost no ulterior motive after all, I wasn't blind. When she stayed after class, she continued to pepper me with questions that were very on point.

After about 5 weeks of this, she confronted me directly. "Are you ever going to ask me out for coffee, lunch or dinner?" She said, jabbing a perfectly-manicured nail into my chest. "If not, I'm wasting my time by wearing my shortest skirts and best high heels," Kristy informed me. I may have been unlucky in love and seeking tenure, but I was not an idiot. I looked at the blonde beauty in the leather mini and rectified my stupidity on the spot.

A year to the day, we were married. Less than a year yes, I do mean what you are all thinking our wonderful Courtney came along. As well as being a wonderful wife and mother, my Kristy proved to be invaluable as a research assistant. Of course, she insisted on hands-on research. I was / am the author of a series of novels about a female detective who investigates crimes and mysteries that revolve around sex. My bride said that we needed to be accurate and at first, I balked.

I'd been cheated on before and the wounds did not need to be re-opened. Kristy assured me that this was not the case. "I want you to come along of life's adventures with me," Kristy spoke honestly and from the heart.

"I want your books to ring true because they are true. If you write about swingers, let's write with accuracy. The same goes for lesbians, sex clubs, bondage anything. I will never go behind your back and I will always come home to you." Kristy honored her commitment to me.

She always has, through 21 years of adventures. I discovered very early on that my sex drive and libido could not compare to that of my wife. Many of the adventures she has had on her own, but true to her word, she has never gone behind my back.

Some things she liked, some things she loathed, some she flat-out devoured and went back for more. I was the happy beneficiary of each and every adventure. My book's sales increased exponentially, in no small way to the community of supporters my Kristy discovered.

If I wrote something that didn't ring true, I had my proofreader / researcher nearby to tell me it needed tweaking. Because my wife was constantly on the go, traveling, researching and yes, having lots of sex, she kept herself very fit. To this day, my wife, the love of my life and my soulmate could easily pass for a woman in her late 20's. In fact, one of Courtney's few complaints is when her mom borrows some of her clothes although, as I don't hesitate to point out to my equally-lovely and blonde daughter, some of those clothes she originally borrowed from her mom in the first place.

I've even seen my wife and daughter mistaken for sisters and of course, Kristy, having a slightly vain streak, usually doesn't bother to correct the individual making the incorrect assumption. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have indulged most of my vices.

We were cautious in hiding this from the girls as we didn't want them knowing all that mommy and daddy got up to, of course. A few years ago, Courtney more or less muddled it out. She and Kristy had a long talk and it's all good between us. We weren't too sure about Susie, so we decided when that particular ball dropped, we would deal with it. Another thing that arose in Kristy's sexual dalliances was people that pushed the boundaries.

My wife always made dead certain that her partners were consenting adults, that wasn't the issue. It was simply that some of these people lived on the edge. Kristy always took care of herself and "no" meant exactly that. However, on a few occasions, there were times spent with people who had beliefs that didn't jibe with ours at least, not at the time. Some of my wife's lovers were members of the same family people that saw nothing wrong in the practice of incest.

They believed that family knew you best, so why not enjoy them as lovers and sexual partners? Over time, my wife enjoyed the company of sisters, mothers and daughters, daughters and daddies and other various combinations. She came to see that some of their points were valid and decided that members of the same family should be free to have sex together IF everyone agreed to it and IF all were above the age of consent. At first, I didn't share Kristy's viewpoint, but then, something happened to change my mind.

She brought home Erin and Nicki, two identical, 19-year old blonde twins who just so happened to love swinging with older couples. By the end of the night, I had fucked both girls and yes, I watched them have sex together and with Kristy. It would be hypocritical of me to say this behavior was wrong, despite my upbringing.

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I just decided it was something unusual, perhaps a bit of a fetish, and as long as no one was being coerced, so be it. I never gave even the slightest thought to my own girls, although both of my daughters are beautiful young women.

I supposed that they just thought of me as their old daddy and not as a man with sexual appetites and a few fetishes of his own (I love lingerie and high heels on a woman, for example).

Courtney in particular never made any untoward moves on her father, despite her being sexually active. My wife could talk to our eldest about anything and she had learned Courtney had been enjoying sex for a while now and had indulged herself in at least two experiences with other girls.

She assured her mom that she was being careful and that was that I thought.


Courtney had a good part-time job and she presented both her mom and I with lovely Christmas presents. Her mother got a Spa Package (as did Susie) and her daddy well, he got tickets to the newest Star Wars and a script autographed by George Lucas himself. Poor Susie, with her part-time job at the bank couldn't match that and honestly, we didn't expect her to. Anything our youngest gave us would be from the heart and special that's what we all thought.

We were right, but I wouldn't have imagined it possible that Susie would top her sister's gift. She did though in a way I never would have imagined. A few nights before Christmas, after consulting with her mom, Susie told us what she intended to give us for the holidays. She kept mum about what she had given to Courtney, but she talked it over with her mom before telling me what her gift was. Kristy walked into our bedroom and to say she was at a loss for words was an understatement.

She just shook her head and muttered "I can't believe it, not our Susie, I can't believe she would ever even go there," and other things that made little sense to me. It had to be something beyond the pale because my wife doesn't do incoherent. I finally managed to drag it out of her. "Susie wants to give us get this, sweetheart - herself!" Kristy finally sputtered out.

"She wants to share her body with us, first you and then, me and then, any time we want," she concluded. "She's putting you on," I replied as I kept a level head. "I guess that our youngest has finally figured out what her parents get up to and she wants to put one over on us," I said as I tried to rationalize this scenario. "No, no, she wasn't kidding," Kristy said as calmly as I had just argued.

"I wasn't, daddy," Susie said as she stood in the doorway of our bedroom. Her hair was tousled and she was wearing her usual jeans and crop-top combo. She most certainly didn't look like a young femme fatale capable of committing incestuous deeds with both of her parents.

"I'm entirely serious. I'm not a virgin I've had some experiences on double dates with Courtney.

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But I've always had this thing for older, more mature men and a while back, I realized that a lot of the men I thought about in that way reminded me of my own daddy. I also can't imagine a woman who could teach me as much about loving with other women as my beautiful mom. I want to be with you, intimately, and learn from your experience. I want to offer myself to you as a lover and playmate, if you'll have me." This one time only, it was me that surprised Kristy.

"Yes," I answered plainly which caught Kristy and Susie completely off guard. "I can't imagine anything that would bring us closer. I can hear that you've thought this through; it doesn't seem like a rash decision on your part. You obviously have learned about some of thing things your mom and I have done, so okay. If this is something you would like for us all to be involved in, I will allow this.

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Of course, I can't speak for your mom." Susie and I turned to face Kristy, her face stunned from my acceptance and our daughter's entreaties. She didn't seem to have quite wrapped her head around all of this or perhaps, it was my quick acceptance. Either way, she was thrown for a loop.

"Mom?" "Yes, yes, I'm here," Kristy spoke and waved her hands about. "This is all just so much to take in. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at your being a sexual young lady Susan, you were raised by two crazy parents and a hot big sister," she laughed nervously. "Your father well, you could have knocked me over with a feather with his answer." "Mom, you don't have to ." Kristy put up her hand as she shook her head, her blonde hair falling around her still-lovely face.

"Baby, this is just all so very much to . I know, I'm rambling . of course, you're beautiful, sexy even and I . yes, of course, yes, I'm going to say yes!" Susie embraced her mother and as if to surprise us a little more, she kissed her mom. It wasn't exactly a hot and steamy kiss, but it wasn't the kiss a daughter gives to her mom, not at all. It was more like a kiss of promise and I got one as well.

It hinted that Susie had hidden depths her mom and I had been completely unaware of. What's that they always say about the quiet ones?

We talked a little further over the next few days. For now, we decided we wouldn't let Courtney in on the family secret, in case she freaked out OR in case she got jealous. Our little adventurer is a spitfire in so many ways; we didn't want to upset the apple cart. Susie and Kristy managed to act totally natural and I'm sure that I came as some kind of lunatic. Fortunately, writing is a solitary profession and whenever I got a bit nuts, I secluded myself in my study on the premise of getting some writing done.

I actually didn't write a solitary word. Susie consulted with her mother about what kinds of things her daddy liked, I was not privy to these consultations. The two of them met Courtney and went lingerie shopping oh, wouldn't I have liked to be a fly on the wall in the lingerie store!

I know nothing untoward happened during the trip, because I was to be given the gift of going first. Still, it did fuel a few fantasies. We didn't make a specific date for it to happen, because we wanted it to be right and feel natural, not something that was being overthought. As it happened, the big day turned out to be a few days into the New Year, once Courtney had returned to her own life at university. Kristy walked into my den, where I was actually writing at last and said simply "I think our daughter would like to speak with you." I didn't say a word, I just closed my laptop and went upstairs to take a shower before well, you know what before.

My feet finally moved of their own accord and I made my way to the bed where Susie was waiting for me. Of course, I knew that my daughter was pretty, but in a different way than Courtney or her mom.

Both of them are sexy blondes with overt personalities, while Susie is demure and cute.

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Now I would have to rethink that. Susan looked incredible in her sexy pink ensemble. The beautiful young woman that reached for me was as sexy as any woman I had ever been with, taking a back seat to no one!

"You haven't said anything, daddy," Susie spoke up as I sat beside her on the large bed. I had never been near her in this way before, never seen her look this way before. It was quite a lot to take in all at one time. "For the first time in my life, I'm at a loss for words," I said as Susie leaned her head on my shoulders. She smelled of sweet perfume and for the first time ever in my life, I wasn't seeing her as the adorable sprite I knew.

"You're different from your mom and sister they're both blonde bombshells." Before she could possibly interpret my words as an insult, I clarified them. "You're like a petite, exotic little flower with mysteries and beauty all of your own. I can't believe that you want to experience something so unique with your old man." Susie spun me around and she kissed me, full on the mouth, with tongue and with passion.

"You aren't old, daddy," she explained to me. "You're mature, well-seasoned and virile and you have lots of experiences to show me. That's what I need from you and later, from mother." My daughter then began to pepper my face with sweet kisses and they got more intense as she pushed me on my back on the bed.

Where this aggressive little minx had sprung up from, I had no idea but who was I to question my good fortune?

I was also, quite frankly, taken aback by her burst of aggression, her willingness to let go of her inhibitions. My normally-sedate baby girl was working me over, her body was atop of mine and where she wasn't kissing, she was touching. I had worn pajamas after my shower and the tops were already unbuttoned as my petite honey kissed my broad chest.

As I just tried to relax and take it all in, I wondered if perhaps her mom was lurking around the corner, peeping at our newly-liberated baby girl. I took both of my daughter's hands and brought them to my face. I kissed her sweetly, not too intensely, not just yet. "We don't have to rush," I smiled at her and she nodded. "We have as long as we need, you can explore me, I can explore you.

Don't worry, you don't have a curfew tonight," I joked, which got a tiny laugh from Susie. As important as this step was to our future, I had to keep it light. Now that we had taken our first tentative steps, I didn't want Susie to be enveloped in a momentary step of panic. I let my daughter explore while taking great care to touch her gently. I didn't want to paw at her slender young body; I wanted her to feel as if she was a treasure to be handled with affection.

She seemed to appreciate that as she continued kissing me and every so often, a breathy little sigh would emerge from her lips. Her body was still on top of mine, but her lingerie had long slipped away from the delicate buds of her breasts. She was possessed of a totally different beauty than my wife or Courtney, but it was still having a profound effect on me, as Susie delighted in noticing. "Am I responsible for that, daddy?" Susie asked meekly as she referred to my burgeoning erection with a tiny giggle.

"I don't see anyone else around, do you, young lady?" I said as I continued to keep things light and playful. I thought that it was very important to keep my first time with Susie light and breezy, focusing on all the pleasures we could share together and not the unwanted consequences of our actions. Susie reached out her hand and moved towards my boxers.


She stroked my cock through my underwear as she made little cooing sounds. I think I had impressed my youngest child. "Oh God, daddy," Susie breathed as her tiny hand stroked my dick. "I imagined that you would be big, just not this big.

You will be the biggest cock I've ever had, daddy," Susie informed me. The emotion and the sexiness of what we were doing was almost enough to make me cum. I had to focus all of my energy on not losing my control with what Susie was doing and how she was acting. Knowing that some kind of action would be my best recourse, I set about exploring Susie with my hands. Her body was so sensual and exotic, so petite, so sleek and she was in such good physical condition. What also struck me the more I touched her was how different she was from the Susie I had helped raise.

That Susie was almost a wallflower, dressing down, quiet and casual in her attitudes. The hot little thing in bed with me was a perfect little miniature doll done up in silk, lace and sexy accessories.


Every mood she was making was driving me insane with desire, whether she knew it or not. Now that our exploration of each other was mutual, I could see Susie's subtle expressions, the changes in her persona as she became aroused.

The looks on her face were equally arousing to me, her daddy. When Susie assertively pushed me on my back and tugged away my clothes, I was suitably impressed. I guess being raised by Kristy and myself had more of an impact on her than I would have originally believed. Seeing my daughter's sweet, sexy face, her dark brown eyes and soft lips working on my cock was something out of a perverted erotic fantasy.

Few men could have resisted such a scene and I wasn't one of them. Before I knew it was happening, I was cumming in Susie's mouth. I tried to give warning and pull away. To my astonishment, Susie didn't heed the warning and she didn't let me move.

She swallowed it all and licked her lips clean of my spend. "I told you I wasn't a virgin, daddy," Susie giggled with a naughty little flourish. "I know what I'm doing, I just need more experience in doing it!" I reared back a little, still in total disbelief at how naughty my youngest actually was.

I had empirical evidence that Susie was sexy, but it didn't jibe with the image I had of her. I decided that I had to erase my assumptions and deal with the new Susie and I knew just how I was going to do that. I decided that two could play her game, so now it was I who shoved Susie on her back and went to work. I love my wife, I love Courtney, but my first few touches and licks of Susie's naked body were among the most erotic of my life. It was almost as if my daughter was made to be worshiped orally and perhaps, she was.

Susie flailed around the bed like she had been shocked by an electric eel. It took almost as much presence of mind to hold her in place as it did to service her sexy young body and tight, horny little pussy. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh daddy, daddy, DADDEEEEE!" My beautiful Susie cried out as I gave her the first orgasm of the night. I didn't stop, despite her howls and protests for me to do so. I knew that if I kept going, she would ride right through another one and I was right.

She rolled away from me, panting, with tears clouding her dark, exotic eyes. "You fucker, daddy," Susie smiled, her words arousing me more than she might have realized. "I knew you were going to be incredible in bed, I just knew it." "If you liked that, your mom is going to blow your mind," I laughed as she hugged me. "I know, I've heard from ." Susie stopped as if she had been about to spill the beans on a secret I was not meant to know. Her face got serious for a minute as she moved back towards my midsection.

"D'you think you can get hard enough to finally make love to me?" She questioned. In response, I flexed my cock a bit and laughed. "You could inspire a eunuch, young lady," I grinned. "Yes, I can make love to you and probably still have enough stamina to fuck you as well, if that's what you want!" "I have such a smart daddy!" Susie proclaimed. "He figured out that is exactlywhat I want him to do!" She slithered her tight young pussy up and down my cock a few times, the friction was a turn-on.

Susie had great sexual instincts and just as I was about to put an end to her teasing, she slid her cunt down and around my cock.

It felt as if my dick was now being held by a velvet fist. Slowly, with great precision, Susie began to move her body. Back and forth, side to side, with sexy twisting motions and then, up and down.

She took her time at first and I reveled in kissing and exploring her nude little form. Then she informed me by her actions that I should not underestimate her. Susie began to give me the kind of fuck many older women can't provide. My sexy daughter fucked me with 150% of the passion a girl her age could possess and about twice the skill. Susie wasn't going to take anything less than my best, so that is precisely what I gave her my best.

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Suffice it to say that I had a tiger by the tail as I got the full erotic treatment from my daughter. She rode me with a ferocious appetite, taking all that I had to give and still wanting more. I held on and concentrated on not cumming too fast or too soon. I must have done okay, because after a number of climaxes provided by yours truly, Susie told me that I was okay to cum. Just as I had the first time, I let go in my daughter's mouth. That was about the time that Kristy entered the room and shared the mouthful with our newly-slutty daughter.

The sight of them doing that actually made me cum a little more which they also shared. I then left the room and let Susie and her mother have their time together, which is another story for another day. When I returned a few hours later, coffee and dessert in hand, I was attacked by two sex-crazed nymphos. We then fucked for several more hours, the beverages and food forgotten.

We re-heated the coffee in the morning, a glowing Susie sitting on my lap while her mom and I teased and played with her. That was a few weeks back and we're still at it. Susie is as much a sexpot as her mom and she has hinted that she still has more gifts for her mommy and daddy, which includes a Valentine's Day we won't soon forget.

I don't know yet what Susie has planned and if Kristy knows, she's keeping mum. All I wish for is that I just hope I make it to Easter vacation in one piece!